Coming For His Crown

anthonyjohnson Apollo just does a better job in creating the fantasy lol. The verbal, the moans, the kissing, the position, that damn arch n quick sexy stares into the cameras. He makes you believe in the passion in the moment he brings you in to experience it all with him no matter who he’s gonna scene with. Dec 18, 2023
emiliano69 Apollo made love to Bandit's dick and ass with his tongue. Bandit was deep in Apollo's ass. I know he was all up in that 2nd hole. Apollo put some work in on Bandit's ass too. Definitely one of the all time best scenes.

Jun 17, 2023
turner95 This video is legendary.. should definitely go in the hall of fame Jan 18, 2023
cocopop Apollo should package that arch he has, for a supposedly straight model, he arch that ass better than the bi/gay models. Bandit was loving that dick like never before, "dam that shit feel good". This was by far his best scene bottoming, Apollo tore that ass up, like no other model did. Oct 13, 2022
nbrown1210 Apollo will always be number ONE in my book: personality, looks, equipment, performance, He is the TOTAL PACKAGE for me!! Jul 10, 2022
Nastynut This was a flawless scene! But given that this was a 🆚 match ima have to give it too APOLLO!!! That arch was something serious and he maintained it the entire time he was getting hit from the back! On top of taking ALL of bandits dick & them moans he couldn’t hide if he wanted to bc it felt too good! I’m talking about he had chest to bed ass to air lol and I loveddddd it!!! Such a good job. Bandit did good as well just not as good as Apollo and I LOVEEEE me some Bandit I’d drop down on my knee in court and suck that man dry if he told me too Jan 30, 2022
mduarte43 Best vid they both are so hot and bandit looked like he was loving it Nov 6, 2021
ICeeIt21 This is flip-flop at its best, from two of BBA's best. Apollo should get 1,000 likes for that arched back alone LOL. Oct 21, 2021
cocopop @MarkDC, Not sure which scene you watched, Bandit took Apollo's dick better than any past model. Not only did he take it best, he actually enjoyed it. He kept saying "that dick feel good". Aug 9, 2021
poppycock Apollo!!!! U are simply the best in my opinion! U are so well rounded at everything. Thanks for ALL U do here, but most important for Ur Service!!! U are one hell of a decent man! I salute U Young Black King!!! Aug 3, 2021
cocopop Out of all the gay4pay models, Apollo the only one thats learned to arch that back, and throw that ass up. He does it better than most of the gay models. Jul 14, 2021
joeman This fan loved it! So many times and I never get tired of seeing these beautiful men fuck and get fucked. Giving and receiving dick they enjoy it all and love that meat served up. Cum shots are sensational too. Thanks. Apr 8, 2021
dionys12 Bandit seemed to enjoy giving and receiving. Feb 1, 2021
MarkDC APOLLO!!!! Bandit can't take dick LOL Sep 5, 2020
terbernt Damn, revisiting this as I rewatch some Bandit stuff, that position Apollo had Bandit at the end where he has Bandit's legs up and he's in between is divine. Seeing Bandit's face while he's being fucked is beautiful. Aug 2, 2020
cocopop Bandit almost seems surprised that dick could feel so good, after years of struggling to take much bigger dicks. I find it amazing, and enjoyable to finally get to see him experience the thrill of pleasure. His moans have always turned me on, to hear him moan now knowing he's enjoying himself, is an even greater turn on. Apr 19, 2020
Duchess Apollo took the BDB like no other!!! Feb 2, 2020
mrwhitley1 Had Bandit Not have bottomed for Mike with a hard dick he would’ve gotten the #1 Spot!!! Oct 15, 2019
mdcarmichael I’m a total BDB fan, but Apollo was hot AF in this scene topping Bandit! Fun to watch and both seemed into it. I’d love the addition of Justice to round out the chemistry...I like cum shots with volume and Justice can deliver the jizz! Sep 24, 2019
cocopop I see why Bandit fell in love with Apollo's dick, after Bandit unable to take all those thick, fat dicks Apollo has the skinniest dick out of all the models. Bandit was loving that dick, even Justice, as he stated "I love that dick", Apollo laid a fucking on both, neither will soon forget. Sep 11, 2019
khcham I would really like to see Blake Bishop & Bandit double tag Apollo when he's bending over and on his back, making sure the cam is directly behind Apollo's ass so we can see it gape open. Y'all don't show enough of Apollo's beautiful ass and dick together especially when his asshole gapes open. When the cam is close enough to get all of Apollo's ass and dick, his asshole will be right there for us to drool over. May 31, 2019
jahmekeal Apollo hands down Apr 12, 2019
rosndave Great scene, both Bandit and Apollo HAF. Apr 1, 2019
cocopop That kissing scene at the end was hot, Bandit had gotten him some good dick, probably thinking to his self? this is what taking dick is suppose to feel like, Apollo encouraging him on, he laid several passionate kisses on Apollo, that shit looked real for Bandit. Mar 22, 2019
11luvme2u I don’t know if people really realize how AMAZING this scene really is... I just had to get that out. Mar 18, 2019
damon8 ~ Whose BUTT PLUG is that on the night stand? 😳 LoL Mar 12, 2019
pt98898 Michael this video is a Ten Plus between Bandit and Apollo. Mar 2, 2019
pt98898 Michael would love to see Bandit and Apollo Fuck Jahan Ace in his Beautiful tight Asshole. Mar 2, 2019
ChicagoMED They need a raise on baby jesus cuz bandit went crazy on this good shit yo Feb 13, 2019
shockers I never leave a remark but I got to say Apollo is fucking hot. He makes you just want to be fucked by him and I am a strict top. They both did a great job its just Apollo does it in such a way where it just looks like it feels good. If Bandit could learn that he is more than just a Giant Dick then He would be #1, the passion doesn't come thru on the screen. Apollo just looks so damn good!!!!
please tell me you have Apollo and dominic?!!!!!!
Feb 8, 2019
nolajay this was a hott scene. they both did well but bandit tore that ass up!!!! Jan 30, 2019
dlscbttm Need somebody like bandit. Jan 23, 2019
supreme I'm sorry but this pairing was somewhat disappointing, as there was very little chemistry between the BBA director and its two top models ....We enjoy both models but it was up to Apollo who out of everyone tried to save the scene. I give it three *** out of five nuts ! Jan 22, 2019
11luvme2u I think Bandit is awesome. I just want him to do one more thing. Make more eye contact during sex. Besides that He’s really evolved into a great actor. Jan 21, 2019
daedaeg I loved this scene. Definitely one of the best scenes for both Bandit and Apollo. Anyone who can take Bandit's dick the way Apollo did deserves my respect. This will go down as a classic. Jan 20, 2019
bnasty24 I wasn't a fan... these two are great but with other ppl Jan 20, 2019
cocopop "Ah shit" Bandit fell in love with that Apollo dick, never been fucked like that before. Team Apollo will always be remembered for delivering the fuck of Bandit's life with BBA. With all the other big dicks trying, none gave him the satisfaction he got here. Great scene Mike. Jan 17, 2019
Memphis1325 WOW this scene made me bust several times, they are both very handsome guys. This scene was the best ever!!!!! Jan 17, 2019
h1lda74 They went ALL the way in on this one. Both guys brought their A-stroke and wore this scene out!! Great job, guys!!! Jan 17, 2019
blktop2002 When I say I can’t wait to see Apollo and Dominic let me be clear. I can’t wait to see them in a scene doing what they are most comfortable with. Not something they have been enticed into because we keep bitching and moaning about it. Particularly Dominic. When he is ready if ever I’ll be here as well as all of his true fans. Jan 17, 2019
champse550 finally bandit gets smashed!! i wanna see him and blake flip!! and also bandit and justice. Jan 17, 2019
wolfkno Honestly... I think this is my favorite scene with Bandit bottoming besides the one with him and Michael.... which never ceases to amaze me how turned on I am by watching an old white guy get off. Lol. Jan 16, 2019
wolfkno I have to confess I'm biased. Bandit is so fucking sexy to me. But... I will say that the scene shocked me. Apollo is sexy but not someone I would watch in porn. I prefer to watch slim dudes. Just my preference. But Apollo was so good in this scene. It seemed they really had chemistry. It could be they were faking for money. But... it SEEMED like they both got off. Either way.... extremely sexy scene. Every minute was sexy. But... like I said... I'm quite biased. Team Bandit all the way for me. Jan 16, 2019
cocopop What was sexy was when Bandit was pounding Apollo's ass he pulled Apollo's shoulder, pulled him closer laid that sexy kiss on Apollo passionately three times. I believe Bandit was better able to take Apollo's dick cause Apollo's dick is skinny, unlike the other monster dicks he's tried taking in the past. Jan 16, 2019
blktop2002 I have to admit this wasn’t so much gay for pay this time. This one has the true essence of two men enjoying each other sexually and emotionally. It felt that way at least. A threshold was crossed. That is not to say they have become gay but comfortable in their own skin. 👏🏽 I look forward to Apollo and Dominic. Jan 15, 2019
da1ndet This scene was 🔥🔥🔥. I am Team Apollo! Both of these Bros did their thing! Bravo, Bandit! Mike I enjoyed this scene (grateful fan) and I am patiently awaiting Apollo/Dominic flip/ flop scene....👀👀👀Go Apollo. Go!!! Jan 15, 2019
11luvme2u @man12345 I’m hoping it’s a strategy to build anticipation so viewers will keep watching. I’d be shocked if they wouldn’t pair those two together. Be patient. 😀. Jan 15, 2019
damon8 ~ I want to leave a one word comment but it won’t let me. If I could leave a one word comment that word would be “WOW “ 😀 Jan 15, 2019
papatiggger Can I refer y'all back to 'Detroit After Dark: Episode Three!'
🔥🔥🔥I think Bandit was enjoying dick then🔥🔥🔥
Loved this scene though ❤️❤️❤️ 🔟 🔟 🔟 🔟 🔟
Jan 15, 2019
WSteven The pairing is one of the most requested ones.. Thank you for making it happen.. No. 1 vs No. 2.. BANDIT “The smooth operator” improved a lot.. But there are still opportunities.. i.e. oral/bottoming
My take;
Penetration: BANDIT
Bottoming: APOLLO
Overall: APOLLO
This is just the beginning of 2019..!
What’s next in store, Michael?
Jan 15, 2019
man12345 Nice scene, very nice scene. However, at the last update we were teased about a match up with Apollo and Dominic, looking like Dominic was going to give it up. You have done this before and left us hanging with this these teasers. So I am a little disappointed and frustrated with you guys this week. Jan 15, 2019
MichaelGalletta Your comment is a perfect example that no matter what we do, somebody will always find a reason to be negative and complain lol.
leech10x Yoooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥Y’all are NOT playing around in 2019!!! Instant classic I can’t stop 💦💦💦💦😂
I’m scared to ask what’s next - we’ve just seen Isaiah, Apollo, and Bandit do their historic BEST bottoming scenes to date... feels like Christmas ain’t over yet cause we still gettin gifts in 2019!! 😂
Jan 14, 2019
blacktopde9 first time I have seen Bandit look like he was enjoying being fucked. one of the best scenes ever. knew it was gonna be hot with these two if it ever happened. Jan 14, 2019
blklvr this is a very hot scene. I like the portion where Bandit inserted back his dick after cum shot. Wish Apollo did that too. BTW, can u possibly bring back Staxx for a raw flip-flop with Jay C? Jan 14, 2019
cocopop @Rachel8145, You're right, this is what it looks like, sounds like when Bandit enjoys dick. Finally Apollo brought some good dick to satisfy Bandit. In his last 5 years he's only been going through the motions trying to take those monster dicks. You could tell he wasn't enjoying it. He shows moments of enjoying Mike and Isaiah's dicks. Love his unique sexy way of moaning. Bandit, you gave me great satisfaction taking that dick. Jan 14, 2019
eyeluvblack5 Black men are just so beautiful. Jan 14, 2019
Bellyboyblues MICHAEL!!! This scene was everything! I'm most definitely Team Bandit damn it! Jan 14, 2019
jreecen here here, great scene. gotta go bandit. he seemed to be horned up and it showed. That long pipe was swinging heavy throughout the performance. Luv when models deliver with more than just their bodies. Keep up the great work bandit! Jan 14, 2019
illtown22 This scene will produce multiple nuts👌🔥🔥 Jan 14, 2019
Rachel8145 This seems to be the first time Bandit looked and sounded like he was loving the dick Jan 14, 2019
bigray09 Team Apollo!!!! love this scene Jan 14, 2019
kidon7700 Very nice. I love seeing Bandit naked and flip fucking. One of BBAs best models and Apollo was amazing. Jan 14, 2019
downtofuck Team Bandit!!!!!!! yesssssssssssss Jan 13, 2019
debattx77 This was great!!!! But if I had to choose, Team Apollo hands down. He took Bandit's dick like a pro and gave Bandit a good dick down. Jan 13, 2019
blksexi Team Apollo on this one but barely. Jan 13, 2019
peterj09 I will always be #TeamApollo.... I personally don't get the hype behind Bandit he lacks passion but that is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinions lol! Jan 13, 2019
crazyface11 I LOVE that you were able to make this into a flip flop scene. BBA definitely needs more of that!!!! Jan 13, 2019
11luvme2u BRAVISSIMO!!! This scene was hot!!! The actual sex was very good. They both bottomed well👍🏿, kissed, showed emotion, and looked great together. The background was nice as well. I think Apollo gets the victory because of his moans, great acting, bottomed like a Apollo!!, and gave sexy sex talk. Apollo had a perfect arch while bottoming. I know someone had to bust to that. 😀. Michael, you’ve done it again. 10s across the board !!! Thanks and can’t wait until next weekend. Jan 13, 2019
Docteur It is too bad that Scotty, Shaun & Trapp can't stay free long enough for my other bucket list wish: an all out threesome with everybody fucking, sucking and kissing each other. After that my next wish is for Stylez to be gangbanged by all the ones he has topped that haven't gotten to get their revenge: Bandit, Isaiah, Apollo, Shazeer and Manny Killa. Jan 13, 2019
Docteur This is one of the most pleasing BBA eps ever. I have wanted to see #1 & #2 square off since Bandit overtook Apollo for the top slot. This did not disappoint. Bravo Michael! Jan 13, 2019
Jayden27 Whew...still recuperating after watching that one! So the final question that needs to be answered is who won this one?

My final answer: #TeamApollo

Apollo was able to take in all of Bandit’s piece, and he did it like a champ. He used his oral skills to keep Bandit hard. Lastly, he was also able to handle Bandit’s merciless fucking.

Bandit is exciting and awesome too (and I love seeing him completely naked), but this one is a win for #TeamApollo.
Jan 13, 2019
Jayden27 Yo!!!! I see you guys are trying to top 2018 already! BBA, y’all came out the gate swinging! You guys are NOT playing! This was straight 🔥🔥!! Bandit and Apollo—two BBA kings, unite to create this amazingly epic duel that we get to enjoy! Damn!! *still recuperating from scene*

Like everyone else, Bandit and Apollo are two of my favorites. Great beginning to the scene in this hella nice bathroom! Glimpses of Apollo and Bandit in the shower were great too. I even loved Apollo looking toward the camera. Loved when they faced off in the bathroom. Didn’t realize Bandit was that tall compared to Apollo. Music was lit too.

Then, we have the action. I think this was probably the best head game we’ve seen from either of these models. Bandit CLEARLY loved Apollo’s head skills as he got hard FAST, and remained hard when Apollo was eating him out. Loved the fact you slow the footage down to emphasize Bandit’s erection when he turned over for Apollo. That shit was 🔥🔥. As for Apollo’s tongue-fucking, Bandit enjoyed it, and so did I! Props to Bandit. He CLEARLY hates eating ass. LOL! He did it for the fans. For that, thanks bro!

The fucking was 🔥! Kudos to Apollo! With the exception of Spice, I think he probably handled Bandit’s monster the best! He’s a true champ because that damn sure would not have been me! Hell naw! Once again, Apollo went hard for the fans, thanks bro! Bandit and Apollo were sweaty toward the end—they put in work, and the scene was completely worth it! Again, thanks fellas! Good shit!
Jan 13, 2019
faulknerfan While I am usually less than thrilled when I know an upcoming BBA update will feature models I’ve seen many times before, I was greatly anticipating the Bandit/Apollo update even though there’s no centimeter of either model’s body that BBA hasn’t already explored in great detail many times in the past. I was looking forward to this scene because Apollo brings something to a shoot that's extra special: full-bore sensuality. This on top of a near-perfect body (this size queen gives his body 9.99998 out of 10, wishing he had two more inches of dick length and a bit more girth). But that volcanic sensuality Apollo brings, whether it is faked or not, raises every scene’s sizzle factor by an order or two of magnitude.

He did not disappoint in his scene with Bandit. But before you think I am advocating for Apollo to be named the hotter of the two in this scene, let me turn to Bandit’s contribution.

Bandit, as you have noted, has come a looong way since his BBA career began. For one, he’s lost that goddamned hat, the losing of which signifies, I think, his acceptance of the discovery of the wider horizons of his sexuality. And although his body is not classically perfect like Apollo’s, his body is perfect for those of us who like finding the proverbial diamond in the rough: it is lean, whippet-strong, and marked with just enough imperfections to make him a bit more interesting than someone with a Michaelangelo’s David body. And then there’s that dick!! In this scene Bandit responded to the heat generated by Apollo with his own less sophisticated but nevertheless genuine passion, which made his work I think on a par with Apollo’s.

So if you really are going to have a vote, as was suggested at the end of the scene, I could not in good faith choose one over the other. This scene would not be as burningly compelling as it is if one or the other of Bandit or Apollo was substituted for another model. So I say you need to contact BBA’s jeweler to the stars and order a second, identical crown, so that both of these fine models can reign as co-monarchs in the BBA kingdom. There’s no other fair solution.
Jan 13, 2019
lionel555 Wild!!! Excellent Excellent, l luv both of them what great performance ever on BBA....bandit happy for really enjoy yourself, I know who I'm giving the crown to Lol. Jan 13, 2019
boyette damn this was a hard one if i had to pick one uhhhhh bandit got this one Jan 13, 2019
terbernt Absolutely envious of Apollo at the end for being able to enjoy Bandit like that. I want more Bandit videos. Jan 13, 2019
terbernt Damn, Bandit came pretty good too. Jan 13, 2019
terbernt Bandit = automatic purchase Jan 13, 2019
mocombo The boys looked great and performed beautifully but why the poor lighting, shaking video hand and awful editing of the fanfare music? I know it's "amateur" but...... Jan 13, 2019
mauricio1234 This was a great scene. I loved it. Apollo is the best ever!!!! Jan 13, 2019
tjm133 Great video. I love bandit eating sperm and Apollo taking some sperm in his booty. I have a hard time choosing but bandit eating sperm is the greatest and Apollo taking sperm. Jan 13, 2019
malik64 My vote is always for APOLLO and DRAGON.. haha Jan 13, 2019
princexxchar BANDIT, fucked him just right, n jus how i wanted him to! Bandit was getting tired and running outta breath!! How it should be!! he was fucking like he got something to prove, and does!!! both yall bravo yo. i didnt even finish the video yet!!!!! this my second time nutting jus watching apollo get plugged! Jan 13, 2019
princexxchar OMG YES! yes yes yes. Bra Fucking Vo!!!! This is what im talking bout, leave it for Apollo to put on the best performance i think i see on this site!! Perfectionnnn. He always performs to perfectionnnn every timeeeeee. Like got damn. THE SECOND i saw that arch in this preview pic i was like okay this is bout to be hotttt. Lemme tell u something, that arch was EVERYTHING. Jan 13, 2019
cookman Damn bandit has officially been turned out and likes it..his dick stayed hard even when taking dick...damn michael you da goat🐐 brush ya shoulders off Jan 13, 2019
ACTION7 Now Dominic and Isaiah can flip flop and bring the passion Apollo and Bandit brung; they love dat shit! Jan 13, 2019
ACTION7 NO. It was a tie, u both were into it; it looked like a honeymoon. Jan 13, 2019
jujan35 Wowwwwwwww this is the first time I ever seen Apollo or Bandit take dick without running. They both enjoyed themselves it hard to choose who outdid who they both took the dick without running, I really have to give Apollo a Big thumbs up for taking Bandit without running . And a Big thumbs up to Bandit for throwing that ass back, I can't choose who outdid who they both surprise me I was not expecting them to take dick the way they did without running, They both a 10 in my book I can't choose. Jan 12, 2019
cookman Apollo is consistent in his effort even doe bandit stepped it up sensual wise #apollo Jan 12, 2019
WeatherMan This new scene is already legendary. It was a scene of two BBA greats coming together to deliver something that most fans have been waiting on for quite some time and it did not disappoint at all. Everything about this scene is going to make it a BBA classic. Seeing these two beautiful black men making passionate and sometimes aggressive love to each other was thrilling and BBA and Michael have done it yet again. Kudos to Bandit and Apollo on making this a TWO for (number) one special. Jan 12, 2019
daddyohoho Whoever shot this scene needs to teach all the other cameramen his technique. Extremely professional as are Apollo and Bandit! Looks like you had a blast! Jan 12, 2019
truebluefreak1 Once again Bandit gives a bangin' performance. He is cute as hell, huge dick and just got swagg like no other. I loved watching Bandit take dick in this scene as well as give it. #teambandit all day long here. Apollo is great eye candy, and handsome. But he needs to learn how to throw that ass back. His muscle ass, chiseled body, and winning personality are definitely his strong points. But, AGAIN #TEAMBANDIT. His lil slim sexy ass always gets my vote! Jan 12, 2019
mrwhitley1 Apollo def takes this, Bandit gets points for allowing himself to enjoy the dick like he did in his first bottom scene, but they both aren’t really #1 material, others...Straight Guys like Jahan and Jay C have already outdone them, and as I think about it, Jahan Ace is the Performer I think Mike was expecting Freaky J to be, and these 2 are similar, they could be greater but are at Standstills. Apollo gets it cause he definitely has a better stroke and led Bandit to pleasure. Bandit did good too. Jan 12, 2019
MrMann1998 I'm going to go with Bandit he put that pipe on Apollo real good. I love Apollo sexy ass but Team Bandit my favorite. Jan 12, 2019
sexygmoney great scene from 2 of my favorite models however if i have to choose a winner i pick Bandit. He stepped up his game Taking & Giving Dick in this 1. Hats off 2 both of you. We'll be cummin 2 this for years. An instant Classic. Bravo! Jan 12, 2019
pooce31 oh yes, I can't get enough of seeing bandit getting fucked! more please! Jan 12, 2019
stldiscreet1 Wow! I am definitely team Bandit.. I'm loving this scene and am about to bust 2 or 3 GOOD nuts. I love the REAL kissing btw. Jan 12, 2019
smokey The Missionary positions were hot and passionate. Good shit. Jan 12, 2019

We're proud to kick off an exciting new year with one of the most requested scene pairings in BBA history.

It was only a matter of time. After trying to make this happen for OVER TWO YEARS, we finally succeeded in bringing together BBA's two most popular models of all time for this long overdue and historic encounter.

Anyone who's seen the recent BBA Christmas Party already knows that one of its highlights was the hilarious and playful trash-talking between Apollo and Bandit about Bandit knocking Apollo out of the #1 spot early last year.

Apollo seemed eager to prove to Bandit as well as his fans why he deserves to reclaim his crown. So we decided to take this rivalry to the next level by FINALLY pairing together these competing fan favorites and letting them settle the score once and for all.

See for yourself what happened when we brought together these two strikingly handsome and irresistibly sexy straight guys - both with girlfriends and kids waiting for them at home - for an epic encounter that includes lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating - plus Bandit shocking everyone by _________ for the VERY FIRST TIME.

Even better, both Bandit and Apollo prove just how far they have come in their "gay for pay" journeys here at BBA by giving up their tight, RAW asses to each other in nearly a FULL HOUR of unforgettable FLIP-FLOP action that you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Flip-Flop, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Jan 12, 2019 54 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Bandit

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