The Tyga's Den #2

HeyNwkat160 Hakim..fine as hell. i want to see more of him..Love his uncut dick too. Sep 6, 2021
mdcarmichael Jazz must’ve nutted several times while Hakim was pounding his amazing, tight hole. My ass would have been dripping wet! Oct 2, 2020
mdcarmichael I want Hakim to fuck me just like he did Jazz...Hard dick down! Jul 11, 2020
mdcarmichael I LOVE Hakim! Nice big, curved prick... Nov 12, 2019
ljb2005 #HakimForPresident
Nov 17, 2017
vic2456 that top bruh is fyn as hell Oct 20, 2017
cam3121 This scene was definitely lacking in mutual dick sucking. That would've made this scene awesome but it's far from that. May 5, 2017
emmyfan The ass eating is hot!!!! Apr 20, 2017
princetahji Bring these two back. Let's see if they can handle BDB or Lil Scrap Apr 14, 2017
delraytp Jazz def bring back....... Apr 13, 2017
simplet omg @donell55 wish to c Murda and Chippy can mike really get them on here it would b great I would take a year subscription please bring them good idea donell55 don't cancel it will get better Apr 13, 2017
kingkendrick both are sooooo cute! especially eating ass is the best... he knows how to eat ass deliciously! :) Apr 13, 2017
Donell55 Getting ready to cancel...boring...bring in Murda and Chippy...I'm sure they are ready.. Apr 9, 2017
Perriason Mike I need for you to go back to your roots. I need a fine ass, broke ass hood boy with a big dick & a phat ass that ain't never had gay relations or can at least act & play the part that I believe it. Lol. I can't with these Tyga's Den Vids. Love Tyga & Hakim is a cutie, but no. We need to get back to your original addiction I ain't with some of this new shit. Apr 9, 2017
matt796999 The ass-munching was kinda hot, but the rest...not so much Apr 9, 2017
lilmellowyellow About fucking time! I enjoyed watching this scene. Both models are attractive and seem to be enjoying each other. Great job to each model. Kudos, Lil Tyga. I liked the closeups of both models big asses and Hakim's dick pounding Jazz's asshole, making his asshole juices overflow. Apr 9, 2017
Jaylo27 Jazz needs to come back more Apr 8, 2017
lilron2 Damn Michael. Another hot vid. Hakim is a personal favorite. Not sure if that's 9 but that fat, curved uncut dick is gorgeous. He's a very sexy dude with one of those phat jiggly booties. Jazz is a keeper, he made love to that dick. He's really cute and that hole is nice and tight. Only critique is I wish Jazz removed the socks. You know I love feet. Apr 8, 2017
amd3479 Hakim is amazingly Sexy and I'm glad you brought him back. This scene was hot but wasn't as hot as the scene with him and his lover. Apr 7, 2017
Damon7 - Snooze Alert - zzz Boring. Apr 7, 2017
oxigyne I LOVE IT, this is the type of relationship I'm talking about... Apr 7, 2017
kapukan2 Not into this update either....4th in a row. Not into gay guys. Time to cancel again. Check back later this year maybe. Apr 7, 2017
simplet fine ass brother loved it mike o am talking bout JAZZ Apr 7, 2017
Docteur Boring. Bring back the great fellas like: Bandit, Apollo, Stylez, Isaiah and Ross. Apr 7, 2017

We're returning to Lil Tyga's apartment (aka "the Tyga's den") this week for another installment in our new series of scenes filmed and directed by the BBA models.

It's another rare and intimate peek into Lil Tyga's personal life with his real-life boyfriend Hakim, only this time there's a bit of a twist. It probably won't come as any big surprise that these two are freaks in the bedroom who occasionally like to spice things up by watching each other fuck other people.

See for yourself what happens when Lil Tyga decides to surprise his sleeping boyfriend with a special treat in the form of a slim, light-skinned dreadhead named Jazz. Some boyfriends bring their significant others breakfast in bed, but of course Lil Tyga's version involves serving up some sloppy-wet head and fresh ass for Hakim before work.

Enjoy over thirty action-packed minutes of hot homemade porn that includes dick-sucking, finger-fucking, ass-eating, and best of all, newcomer Jazz bravely taking all NINE INCHES of Hakim's big uncut dick!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Lil Tyga, Finger-Fucking, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Apr 7, 2017 31 min
Photo of Hakim
Photo of Jazz

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