Training Day (Part One)

BBA has recently teamed up with the DL Chill Spot to bring its members and fans a different style of urban amateur porn.

The DL Chill Spot specializes in what it calls "homemade 'hood porn" starring straight black boys and "DL" thugs fresh off the streets of Brooklyn, New York. The DL Chill Spot CEO is a black guy several years younger than me who invites these young guys over to relax and hang out, then captures on camera every spontaneous, unscripted moment of their sexual exploits with him and each other! In many cases, they are experimenting with guy-on-guy sex for the very first time. Sometimes he "turns out" these hot straight guys himself, and other times he recruits the help of other gay and "DL" boys.

The guys in his videos are exactly my type - slim, young, and masculine - the kind of straight and "DL" black boys you rarely ever see in gay porn. It's truly amazing what even the straightest young street thugs can be talked into doing when they're feeling horny or the price is right! If you like gritty, authentic, unscripted amateur porn featuring hot young thugs pulled straight off the streets, then I think you'll enjoy this guy's work!

I will be offering these original and exclusive videos from the DL Chill Spot as an occasional change of pace from my own homemade videos. Until now, the DL Chill Spot's full-length videos have only been sold in the New York City area. But thanks to this new partnership with BBA, their videos will now be viewed and enjoyed by a worldwide audience for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Murda and Bigga Rief are back for more in this two-part special that includes their "training sessions" with the CEO and each other.

In Part 1, the DL Chill Spot CEO gets his own horny hands on Murda, finally sampling the young straight thug for himself!

Since Murda had so much difficulty trying to take dick in his debut scene, we decided to bring him back for some special one-on-one "training" to help prepare this sexy young thug for his next attempt at being fucked in the ass.

"If a female can take it, you can take it," the CEO explains to the skeptical straight boy.

"I ain't no female, dawg!" Murda replies with a scowl. "That shit hurt!"

The CEO begins by thrusting his thick, eager fingers in and out of Murda's near-virgin ass, stretching open that tight thug "pussy" with some hot finger-fucking....

Then he turns this young gang member into his personal "bitch" by making him get on his knees and start sucking his dick!

Once again Murda proves that he's willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get paid - even if that means sucking an older cameraman's dick and letting him bust a huge, messy "nutt" all over his face!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, DL Chill Spot, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 4, 2012 23 min
Photo of DL Chill Spot CEO
DL Chill Spot CEO
Photo of Murda

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