Ross: Raising The Stakes

turner95 I definitely didn’t start checking for Ross until he did that recent scene with justice.. now I find myself going back to appreciate all of his earlier scenes Aug 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad to hear that Ross's recent "redemption" earned a second look and reevaluation from you! He's delivered some true classics over the years, that's for sure.
JezeroCrater This is the first time I watch this and I nutted so hard!!! Now I see why Ross is a fan favorite. He’s definitely mine. He nasty. lol But ah yeah liked him before but now I’m loving 🥰 him. I love his tone of voice and that ass is scrumptious. Jan 14, 2022
ICeeIt21 In addition to being sexy and freaky af, this guy is incredibly flexible. Dayummm! Whether he ever returns or not, Ross has left us one helluva body of work to enjoy for years to come. Oct 2, 2021
Whitney Unfortunately Ross ain't coming back. He been gone too long. He was BEAUTIFUL tho. It'd be beautiful if he did come back. Aug 29, 2018
kapukan2 What happened to Ross? He was a rising star. We all want him to come back. May 18, 2018
texasbugg DAMM ROSS your asshole look just like a diamond fuck when i get high i fucking love to bust r jack off on a sexy diamond asshole damm mike please bring ross back he is super hott/fine as fuck l know ross will do something he is too fucking fine and he knows he got a body that was blessed by the gods ross babyboi damm u r so fucking hot i see why the fans want u back so bad i will wait u out i just know u will be back u sexy ass young thug my weakness is a sexy young thug take all my money. Feb 24, 2018
andre491 Please bring him back. His moans are so hot, he is so hot! Aug 26, 2017
justin2100 i want to see ross get fucked... mike please find a big black dick for that ass.. Jun 29, 2017
Moses1999 I'm in love, HE WAS RIGHT, I do want my tongue to take the place of his fingers Apr 14, 2017
man12345 What ever happened to Ross? I thought he was going to give it up! Apr 6, 2017
Lalafavors Well Ross Is Definitely A New Yorker I'm A Native New Yorker And We Have Accent That Can't Be Confused With Any Other. With That Said This Scene Would Definitely Land Him A Role On Broadway This Scene Was Academy Award Nomination Worthy ....Yasssss Ross Trust And Believe Me He Is True To His Craft Which We Can See Is Dramatic Arts...Denzel Washington Move Over Lol We Have Ross Now! Oh But It's True! Mar 28, 2017
texasbugg damm this fucking thug is a super baby who ever hit that is getting pure gold. Mar 22, 2017
jaywill700 Sexiest model on BBA hands down. Mar 11, 2017
jaywill700 Bring him tf back rt. Mar 11, 2017
cocopop Dam, how I love the emotions this guy shows, the moans, the way his eyes roll back when he's enjoying sex. It was my prediction that he would be the one to give Apollo a run for top model as he advanced. This brother was a star in the making, even today I still miss him. Jan 18, 2017
texasbugg that asshole is priceless fuck i busted three nuts back to back to back i could not even put my underwear back on i was so fucking weak. thank u ross for a great show man u r super baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd and hot as fuck u r too hot to handle and too cold to hold. please ask mike to pair u with bandit. Jan 14, 2017
texasbugg ROSS aka your royal badnesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. damm this freak is the new freak of 2017 this freak got it all i am so much in love with ross i really hope mike pair him with bandit. please mike let ross meet bandit. i hope all the fans write about that pairing. Jan 14, 2017
texasbugg ross this is 2017. getting fucked do not make u gay u r just a super freak. Jan 14, 2017
texasbugg mike pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pair ross with bandit damm ross needs bandit to hit that hole. ross was also blessed with a body from the gods watch out apollo here comes ross he got the looks also he a baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd boy he has a pink ass hole. Jan 14, 2017
oralking1914 WHERE THE HELL IS ROSS????? Oct 24, 2016
kingtawan20 i love the way Ross talks Oct 22, 2016
jokehb One beautiful show Ross is not only a good looking guy but along with a great body he has a sensational ASS. He says some people think pain is pleasure and he is one of those people in that case I think he is due for an otk spanking followed by a missionary position ( legs in the air) fucking.
This is said with much love for Ross being what I think he will enjoy. Happy times and expectations Ross.....regards jokehb
Aug 21, 2016
man12345 So when are we going to see him finally do a bottom scene? Jul 29, 2016
adr1229 Okay, this video clip went totally south for me when the camera guy started participating. The camera guy was already irritating off screen with all the talking before, during and after video clips with the nice looking black guys performing - now he putting his apparent ill-favored looking body parts in the scenes too. Not good. I am so done with this video clip. The camera guy completely messed it up. Hello camera guy - STAY OUT OF THE SCENE. Jul 17, 2016
jaywill700 Plz bring back Ross. In any capacity... top, bottom (preferably), group it doesn't matter. Just get him back in front of the camera please my guy. May 25, 2016
cocopop @goodtimes1, he says that himself, "pleasure from pain", the question is will he ever give into his curiosities and allow someone to fuck him. I think he knows he can't control his emotions what little he's doing now. Can you imagine him taking dick, eyes rolling back in his head, the way he would be moaning. That's something I can't wait to see happen. I'm sure by now he's curious as to what it would feel like with a dick instead of a finger in his ass. That bro. go crazy. May 21, 2016
Aquaman500 Would love to see Ross teamed with Bandit. May 6, 2016
cocopop @curious3397, Ross "I felted him trying n, he motions with finger (finger fuck me)" Blake "you liked it, your dick got super hard" they both laughed, Ross looks off embarrassed. He makes no mention of his dislike, he does agree to a reunion, why you trying to preserve Ross's booty, that brother needs some dick, it's been a long time and overdue. Then he can stop playing with toys/finger fucking himself, he showed no pain, in fact he enjoyed it. Sorry to disappoint you. Apr 30, 2016
cocopop @curious3397, well we see Ross wasn't too clear on disliking getting finger fucked by Blake. What he meant to say was I loved it. When will he be coming back Mike, rematch with him and Blake? and where is Rico? Apr 25, 2016
goodtimes1 Ross is so damn fine. That perfect, short stacked, muscular body is to die for. He has a very genuine aura about him and tries so hard. I know for a fact that he likes his ass played with. He looks like the pleasure from pain type. Love how he looks like he is on the verge of crying, yet he keeps going. Definitely one of my favorite models. Keep up the good work Ross Apr 22, 2016
cocopop When will there be a rematch between these two? Next time with Ross reciprocating on Blake, if you notice from the time he seen Blake's dick he couldn't take his eye off it, he seem fascinated with it. Blake took that hand and guided it, Ross knew he wanted to touch it, and he happily played with it. Blake had him so hot finger fucking him as Blake told him "your dick got even harder" he knew he loved it being accustomed to finger fucking himself. Apr 18, 2016
KMiller25 I absolutely loved Ross! That ass looks very juicy. He's adorable. I couldn't finish the whole scene without bustin'. I want to see more of him, maybe with Staxx or Saint. Apr 18, 2016
cocopop @supreme, I agree with you on both counts, Blake and Ross had an instant chemistry, and the way Ross moans is like no other, and those facial expressions are priceless. When will he be coming back Mike. Mar 19, 2016
lilron2 I don't know what's more beautiful, Ross's face or that pretty hole. It was almost a shame to see it stretched out by those toys. I totally lost it when he was pushing them in and out. Ross is one of the sexiest men on BBA. His body is ultra sensitive. His willingness to play with and in his ass makes him much more adorable. I know he might not be able to take dick now, but I would love to see him paired up with Bandit. Mar 18, 2016
supreme he's ready ...bring Blake back to break him in !! No one moans like Ross ** Mar 17, 2016
curious3397 @cocopop: oh ok, yeah I went back and watched. But he did mention his dislike of the fingering, though... And he said it pretty clear too at the end. He seriously doesn't want to do that or go that far. Mar 12, 2016
cocopop @curious3397 Ross never said such, it was the way he couldn't seem to take his eyes off that big Blake dick for the first time. Even after both nutted, Blake's remained hard, and Ross continued staring as if fascinated at the fact Blake was still hard as a rock. Mar 11, 2016
curious3397 #TEAMROSSONTOP: this was ok. He's very sensitive like me, but in all honesty, if Blake Bishop can roll up in here and ONLY top, what's wrong with Ross being just a top. Come on, seriously, Lil Tyga (in my opinion) should also be just a top, but, he's a flipper. If Ross is in such high demand to get dick, we should share the wealth, and bend Blake over too. If he's not down, then leave Ross alone. @cocopop Now I want to know what scene was that that Ross says he likes Blake's dick???? Mar 10, 2016
cocopop If my boy Ross gets that much of a thrill from a finger, getting use to taking/taking a dick would turn this brother out. I've had fingers up my ass before and didn't get that much of a thrill from it. I can't wait to see that little pink ass take a dick. Mike we need to see this happen as soon as possible, can you make it happen. Mar 4, 2016
pimusique Excellent and awesome on all levels of erotic. Love the toy play. Mar 3, 2016
jowilf ROSS @5'6" and BLAKE BISHOP @5'7" are the perfect pairing of BBA. Mar 2, 2016
peterjf sizzling hot - loved the scene Mar 1, 2016
tori478 I would love to see Ross with Blake with lots of oral kissing and eating with Ross doing the same things done to next wish is for Ross to be paired with Apollo. each scene one on one on him not group sex Feb 27, 2016
cocopop Ross needs a dick in that ass, that all it is to it, give it to him Mike. Feb 26, 2016
jowilf As what APOLLO said; "STAY TUNED."🤓 Feb 24, 2016
cocopop @jowilf now that sounds good and wouldn't mind seeing that, but a scene with Blake taking it to the NEXT level would be hot too. Ross had a fascination with Blake's dick. Either scene would be amazing. Feb 24, 2016
jowilf On my assessment to ROSS, the NEXT level will be an oral scene... kissing, ass licking and sucking dick. The most awaited REVENGE coming from APOLLO will be the penultimate scene of ROSS in 2016. I hope my recommendation will be granted. "Stay tuned!" Feb 23, 2016
retrokid562 I'm glad Ross was up to doing this...he loves his fans, truly! We love him back...such a nice guy with a colorful can tell he might like it but not really lol...just need to experience it more on his own time to explore that...I'm sure we'll get a revenge fuck from Apollo to Ross. Feb 23, 2016
zuniboy60 Omg That sweet pink ass. This scene was awesome! Feb 22, 2016
tyanbo Ross is better than fine. I love that voice too. Apollo, Ross, Saint, Lil Dav would be a hot scene with lots of kissing, touching and no holes barred. Feb 22, 2016
cocopop Damn if the brother enjoys toys and fingers in his ass that much, what will his reactions be with a dick up there. This guy wears his emotions/feelings on his face and I love the way he shows them, either getting his ass eaten or a finger or toys in his ass. I can't wait to see someone put a dick in that pretty little tight hole, that little brother gonna go crazy. Been a fan from first time set eyes on him, keep up the good work Ross, and of course Mike. Feb 22, 2016
jowilf An APOLLO-ROSS Part 3 is in the making... WILL ROSS RECIPROCATE? "Stay tuned!" Feb 21, 2016
wzupkanye21 #RossApollo for next scene I really enjoyed this scene with a passion. Apollo and Ross next! Feb 21, 2016
cam3121 Y'all worried about Ross taking a dick up his ass, why don't you get him to suck a dick first? At this point, that more important than him playing with his ass. Feb 20, 2016
cocopop That why he was reacting to Blake so when he was sucking his dick, it was the finger fucking Blake was getting him hot with finger in that ass. Feb 19, 2016
candyman He is extremely good looking and that sweet ass. I really enjoyed it! Feb 19, 2016
lilmellowyellow Thanks Ross and Michael. I came before the end of the scene. When Michael placed two fingers in him, my warm sticky white babies swam all over me. I want to watch Blake taste Ross' ass and asshole and make his dick open Ross' asshole up too. Then, Saint and Blake can flip flop. I enjoy Saint swallowing warm cum. Feb 19, 2016
kapukan2 Ross is hot. Love this dude....I would have preferred he taste some dick, kiss, and eat some more ass from a model but I am very glad he is back. Keep coming back Ross. Feb 19, 2016
cocopop Oh that ass, that ass, Ross has the most beautiful hole I've seen on here, Apollo once held this belief in my mind. To see him with those legs up in the air with fingers and toys playing in it was amazing. I can tell the difference in a hole that's been played in (fingers, toys) and one that's never been touched. It still looks tight, old Freaky Ross....loved it. Feb 19, 2016
dainnoc1 definitely a coming of age for sexy ross i love how he's really willin to just do whatever he wants for the fans and i definitely look forward to more from Ross definitely an unexpected scene......... Feb 19, 2016
tori478 WOW, I enjoyed it, excuse me while I clean myself up, lol. Mike you got to get him and Blake Bishop together with lots and lots of kissing, ass eating and ROSS DICK SUCKING. well worth the Ross, Mike he seems very willing for a challenge ..I love what you do but please do not be the one turning him completely out... Feb 19, 2016
vuittonlyfe Best scene to date mike! We need to get Ross paired with a model with a smaller dick that can really work it to take Ross out of his element. I vote Saint for the win! For maybe a revenge scene with Apollo..... RAW! 😜 Feb 19, 2016
Jakethesnake64 Ross is quite handsome Feb 19, 2016
jalinxavier Damn, I lost it once he pushed the beads out! Best solo to date!!! Feb 19, 2016
illtown22 Mike, this one right here.....smh
I was done when he laid on his stomach before the damn draws even came down. This dude is straight fire! You will need an experienced top to stuff him tho. A rookie would ruin it. You doin it in 2016 got damn it! Great job Ross! I love you lol
Feb 19, 2016
Woopshocker86 The best solo scene of bba history Feb 18, 2016
jowilf This is a great scene...!👍👍👍 Feb 18, 2016

Like most of BBA's “gay for pay” models, Ross is still very much a work in progress. He has been extremely obstinate and resistant about some things, but refreshingly cooperative and open-minded about others.

For example, unlike most of the straight guys I've worked with, Ross is surprisingly candid about his love of ass play. He admitted during his solo "audition" that he'd been turned on to it by a freaky ex-girlfriend, and anyone who's witnessed his unforgettable encounters with Blake Bishop and Cordell already knows that Ross clearly LOVES having a tongue and finger inside his ass!

Ross is still very reluctant to try an actual DICK, but I suspect that is probably more psychological than anything else. And after several months of persistent pursuit, I was finally able to talk this sexy straight boy into showing us the NEXT BEST THING by at least exploring ANAL PENETRATION with fingers and toys....

"I know that you like my ASS!" Ross addresses his fans at the start of this scene. "So I'm going to play with my ass for you guys today."

He kicks things off with a tempting tease in which he generously shows off his cute muscle-butt, allowing his horny gay viewers to pay more attention to it than ever before.

"Y'all like how my ass look?" Ross seductively asks as he smacks, grabs, and even spreads open his firm brown cheeks to expose his pretty pink hole. "I know many of y'all been out there waiting to see something PENETRATE this!"

Watch in horny suspense and amazement as Ross squirts a generous amount of lube onto his tight, winking hole and proceeds to plunge one, then later TWO, fingers in and out of that tight virgin ass as his eyes roll hilariously back into his head like some sort of possessed creature straight out of a horror movie!

Even though it isn't part of our original plan and agreement, I get so turned on and caught up in the moment that I nervously ask Ross's permission to reach out and touch his beautiful asshole for the VERY FIRST TIME. Of course touching it only ends up leading to MORE, and next thing you know I'm eagerly thrusting my horny white fingers in and out of that fresh, straight-boy ass....

See for yourself what else happens when we RAISE THE STAKES and Ross RAISES HIS LEGS to plunge a variety of butt-plugs, anal beads, and dildos up his cute muscle-butt in this nearly full hour of SIZZLING-HOT ANAL PLAY!

Categories: Big Dick, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Feb 18, 2016 50 min
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Michael Galletta
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