Straight Boys Taste Better

nastyscorp10 This was lit! I wasn't leaving comments when this came out, but a classic scene I'm glad to have revisited! Nov 10, 2022
emiliano69 The teasing in this video was so fucking hot and sensual. Top tier! One of the sexiest scenes in here. Sep 8, 2022
demanding Ross and Blake Bishop are the best models on BBA don’t get me wrong I like the other models as well Mar 13, 2022
mdcarmichael ROSS...’nuff said! I’d suck his 9.5 until he cums any time he needs it. Aug 29, 2020
MrBrown19942 Oh my! I had to visit this video again. Ross and Blake are 2 of my favorites, for sure. Jul 7, 2020
emiliano69 blake is a motherfucking BEAST! one of the greats at bba Jun 13, 2020
markus2424 At the 20:56 mark, had Ross opened up his pretty-ass mouth and let Blake tongue the shit out of him, I would have busted all over myself, lol. To see them two dudes tongue would be...heaven. Jun 3, 2018
markus2424 Ross must have 2% body fat because when he be squirming while Blake sucking his dick, his muscular physique flex like crazy. His chest, abs, and them calves drive ME crazy when they flex like that, lol. And Blake? Blake is king, baby. Jun 3, 2018
baddest22 can you make a part 2 with Blake and Ross Feb 27, 2018
cash121 Wanna see this again! Part 2!! Oct 18, 2017
andre491 I would love to see them do a part 2. Or just bring Ross back period if he's interested! Aug 26, 2017
ShyG93 Mike you gotta do more scenes like this I really love scenes like this vs the regular j/o solos this scene is better then all of them. I have been watching this scene over 40 times. I hope Ross comes back and him and Blake Bishop can have that reunion this time they flip-flopping. I would love to see that . Thank you Mike please have more scenes like this it's very hot and interesting. Sep 21, 2016
cocopop Blake finger fucked the hell out of Ross and he loved it. These two should do another scene the chemistry between them is off the hook. Feb 19, 2016
cocopop From the time Ross laid eye on Blake's dick, he couldn't take his eyes off it, watch how he continue staring at it even after they both nut. And so began his love for a man hard dick in his hand. I love watching him, he's a true freak already, now another side of his freaky personality has just been born. Feb 18, 2016
yoooooo mike blake is the one you should use when the straight model gives up their ass. he knows how to please. Feb 13, 2016
tyanbo Ross is hot, even that voice. Wow Feb 9, 2016
cocopop Ross with his sexy ass, was getting off on being finger fucked, those expressions were priceless. when he brought it up in the after interview he mentioned it, blake came back with you like it your dick got even harder, ross was embarrassed, he knew it to be true. he a freak, ross his wife probably have dildoed him. I love the way he moans and those expressions are amazing. Dec 28, 2015
tori478 On ross solo shoot he talked about his many experiences with females.. hey as he see we male gays are better bc we know each others body..blake do I need to say you are always sexy and ross your sexy innocence and good looks has stole my heart!!!!!! Dec 28, 2015
Jake64 Blake gives some crucial, sloppy head.... Dec 24, 2015
Jake64 this is the hottest non-penetration scene I've run across on BBA..... Dec 22, 2015
sexyboy513 That was hot and sexy as hell. love both of them moaning was out of this world. Dec 18, 2015
Bigboi I LOVE ROSS AND BLAKE BISHOP!!! Next time let it go ALL the way! Dec 14, 2015
Cobra This is one scene where the "gay" model stole the show from the "gay for pay" model. Nice Update. Nov 18, 2015
matt79699 Ross is hot, but Blake Bishop is positively scorching!!! Nov 14, 2015
lilmellowyellow I was very disappointed with this scene. The fantasy created initially was great. Most of the time was watching Blake Bishop slobbering on Ross dick and lower area. Watching Ross get fingers fuck would have made me cum. I believe the models should take some of the blame when a scene is not working. However, some of the blame has to go to the director. The director should give input to the models to make the scene better. Several fingers and large dildos never complain or go soft. Nov 2, 2015
lovethomas1 hey ross the man need to meet him in person to say hello but he really made the facial expression that made me cum what a nice scene blake bishop u a sexy guy love your style u suck dick and eat ass professional Oct 11, 2015
Montez Oh how I envied Blake while watching this lol. Ross <3 Oct 2, 2015

There's nothing quite like the thrill of putting a straight boy's dick in your mouth, knowing that just a few hours earlier that powerful piece of meat was probably plunging in and out of his clueless girlfriend's wet pussy. Or even better, burying your face in some fresh straight-boy ass, knowing that it's the most private and protected part of his body.

Blake Bishop recently experienced this firsthand when I asked him to help out with a very different kind of shoot than he's done for us so far, and show our newest straight recruit Ross what messing around with a guy's all about.

Ross had initially told me that he was only open to doing solo and guy⁄girl scenes. But with a girlfriend and young son back at home to support, he didn't need a whole lot of convincing before agreeing to give our better-compensated "guy-on-guy" option a try. Believe it or not, his girlfriend even gave her approval!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the hot show as Ross takes his first "baby steps" into "gay for pay" porn by letting another man touch his naked body, suck his dick, and even LICK his tight, virgin ass for the VERY FIRST TIME!

"My hands ain't never been this sweaty before!" Ross confesses at the start of this scene.

Luckily, he's in good hands with our new star Blake Bishop, who despite being a bisexual "top" has proven that he not only doesn't mind but clearly ENJOYS sucking dick!

Taking a seat next to the nervous straight boy, Blake Bishop begins tentatively touching Ross's smooth, defined chest and rippling abs. He slowly unbuttons Ross's shorts and begins groping the straight boy's sleeping dick, eventually pulling it out and putting the entire thing in his mouth....

Ross's facial expressions are both hilarious and fascinating to watch as he reacts to feeling his dick in another guy's mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME.

At first it looks like we might have another Caesar situation on our hands when Ross's dick remains limp even in Blake's talented mouth. But Blake refuses to back down from the challenge and eagerly slobbers all over the sexy athlete's big dick, licking and slurping and even DEEP-THROATING that fresh straight-boy meat.

It's not long before Ross's eyes are rolling back into his head as he curses and jumps and squirms all over the couch - easily one of the most animated and expressive reactions that I've ever captured on camera!

Viewers looking for hardcore fucking from Ross will not find it here in this scene. Unfortunately, Ross wasn't quite ready for that just yet.

But if you're turned on by the idea of watching every unscripted, unpredictable moment of a sexy straight athlete's first blowjob and rimjob from a guy, unfolding in close to real time toward an unplanned and unforgettable climax, then this is a "reality porn" exclusive you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 11, 2015 37 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
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