Young Spazz Loses His Manhood

iLikeFr let me hit that he sexy af Oct 13, 2021
Prime2021 That’s so wrong making that young dude have sex with him to make it in the industry!!!! Jul 15, 2021
Dualex That was haaat... Nice ass Apr 19, 2020
cmebillyc That ass look good! Mar 6, 2019
Musta0000 Best ass ever, too bad he was with such a tiny dick Dec 23, 2018

"I'm 18 years old and I just experienced GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS!"

These are the shocking words spoken near the end of this scene by Young Spazz, a cocky black teen from the Bronx who is always looking for ways to make some quick cash.

A mix between Jamaican and Panamanian, this handsome young thug has a slim, athletic body with a big teenage dick and tempting BUBBLE-BUTT that will have you salivating the second you see it!

This is authentic, unscripted, amateur 'hood porn at its best! Everything that happens in this scene is unexpected and unplanned. The CEO simply turns on his camera to capture every suspenseful, spontaneous second as he tests this reluctant teen's boundaries and unleashes the boy's freaky side for the whole world to see....

See for yourself how this skeptical young thug goes from bragging about his skills with the ladies to "losing his manhood" (as he later puts it) in less than an hour!

When Young Spazz first showed up at the CEO's apartment, I doubt he had any idea that before his "audition" was over, he'd be slobbering on the cameraman's dick or bending over to TAKE IT IN THE ASS!

Categories: Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Condom, DL Chill Spot, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Older/Younger, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 12, 2012 31 min
Photo of DL Chill Spot CEO
DL Chill Spot CEO
Photo of Young Spazz
Young Spazz

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