Miami Swim Meet

cocopop Mike, when will Justice get his revenge scene with Dominic? Now I just know that would be a hot scene. Justice looks like he's got some good dick, not too big, though its thick, Dominic probably would enjoy it. Feb 3, 2020
emmyfan Redd giving Justice the rim job he deserves May 30, 2019
Jahanfav Yall need to stop 200views stop it fire start to finish fire Mar 1, 2019
blkyn1911 Hellz Yea more justice 4 real!! Feb 24, 2019
marj1030 more from justice please! Dec 30, 2018
goFish2 God Redd looks like Morgan Freeman in that baseball cap, and Dominic has the most beautiful and sexy body. I think he is grow'in on me. More! More! More! Oct 17, 2018
SanFran12 This video clip is alright...maybe it's alright. I guess it is alright. I wish that Luh Redd dude let his natural ass hair grow rather than shaving because natural hair in that area would make his body look like a regular nice looking brutha, instead of an online amateur gay porn-guy body appearance. Aug 2, 2018
lucasamazing Any scene with Justice is hot! He lowkey needed a manicure though lol. But Loved their chemistry, especially with Luh Redd being fem. Not always into it, but it works here! Aug 2, 2018
kcb394 Great scene, I really loved the pool. The underwater stuff is awesome. I would love a scene that takes place entirely in the pool, so hot! Jul 27, 2018
princegwa I do have to agree with the others on this video. I liked it but, it’s time for Justice to go to another level. His videos are starting to repeat themselves.
Luh Redd however has always been hot to me. I would like to see him in a solo video. So we can learn more about him.
Jul 24, 2018
Yepzzz Luh Redd is very attractive, but the hair is doing him no justice. Justice has done a few scenes now, and he isn't doing anything different. It's like Justice is afraid to suck dick or something. Jul 21, 2018
pt98898 Luh Redd and Justice is too Feminine for me do not like this video. Jul 19, 2018
blackforest I love luh redd, but this wasn't one of his better scenes. Great foreplay, very boring sex scene. Only one position and just lacked the passion that the stage was set with the foreplay. Jul 18, 2018
Justen Am I the only one that still wants to see Stylez get fucked again? Jul 17, 2018
aluckett03 Luh Redd should do a underwear scene like that dark skin dude did, that was so hot. Shax should record it. This is so hot. Please Do more of it. I came twice and didn't even get through half the vid. Jul 16, 2018
pt98898 These two mens are not Masculine enough for me. I don't like this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 16, 2018
crazyface11 I see you Mike with that Ultra HD camera lol. The colors are so vibrant - looks GREAT. I'm realizing that we haven't seen fan favorite Isaiah in MONTHS! We need to bring him back please!!!!! Jul 15, 2018
MichaelGalletta I can't take credit for the phenomenal photography in this scene. That's all Shax Carter, the guy who shot and directed this scene! His cameras and equipment are obviously a bit more fancy than mine lol. Glad you like it.
Jayden27 I’ve got to say that I LOVED this scene!! Justice and Luh Redd were great together. I was excited to see both of them again—they are great performers. The oral action between the two of them was porn GOLD! They seemed really comfortable with each other, and they seemed to ENJOY each other. I enjoyed the hell out of both of them. Watching them eat ass was the best. To tell you the truth, both did it so well I can’t tell who did it better. LOL! Just out of curiosity, does Justice need to use straight porn for his scenes? I may be wrong, but he seems like he doesn’t need it.

Shax is so awesome! This scene was nicely filmed. Everything from the angles, music, and location. The underwater shots were nice. 👍🏾

Back to Justice...I think that he and Manny Killa need a scene together (or Blake or King Ant). I think that would be hot as he seems to work well with gay/bi models. I don’t know if he is ready for a g4p model yet. I noticed that Justice eats groceries, kisses, and tops. However, it may be time for him to go the “next level”. I know that it is still early, but I would love to see him give head and hopefully, one day, *crosses fingers* surrender to a top. Only time will tell.

To you, Shax, Luh Redd, and Justice...👍🏾👍🏾 #twothumbsthefuckup! Thanks for another classic!
Jul 15, 2018
3606tsb72 can't win em' all. Justice has a nice lil' rice dick with a lot of personality, so THE CAMERA HAS TO BE PHYSICALLY CLOSE TO IT to compensate. Zooming close from a distance to it is obviously a recipe for disaster b/c it lacks depth, making his vienna-sausage appear one-dimensional. That bro deserves better, but his cum scene was epic. The rimming - ok; the shower scene - so so. Luh Redd is fine, as always, and I'd rather see his beautiful dick take center stage here. But no. Bye. Jul 15, 2018
wander Thanks for bringing Justice back. I love the passionate, continued kissing and the ass-eating especially Luh Redd feasting on Justice's hole. It's my most favorite part. Justice is a great fucker..... and his cumshots ....AWESOME !!!!!!!!!. Looking forward to another Justice appearance, and hopefully with Jay C. Again, much thanks. Jul 15, 2018
jrummi luh redd was soooo sexy until he ruined it with this hairstyle. Jul 15, 2018
badizm66 nice scene , very hottt, they seem to have good chemistry, didn't care for the under water scene, justice has a very nice hairy body. Jul 14, 2018
princexxchar the camera positions and quality is amazing good job on that. we been waiting for justice to come back, but not in this way. didn't really care for the pairing. we wanna see him take some dick. and then its like all this good ass eating was going on and he was clearly loving it. i was thinking okay, maybe this wont be the cliche type of scene where the more masculine guy tops!!!! but..... yeah. let down. i mean it was cool though. Jul 14, 2018
Blackncute The best yet. Hot cum shots. Jul 14, 2018
oneloveme2u Creative scene. Justice looks great. I'd like to see Justice with Apollo. They're both passionate. Jul 14, 2018
Lexxnh2016 Hot, Sensual & Sexy! This is a Classic! This is one of Luh Redd and Justice Hottest. I enjoyed the long hot kissing, eating, sucking scenes. Jul 14, 2018
CARMELBONE Luh Redd is the most sensual model I've seen on here. Justice looks like he could be the brother of LeBron. This combination put on one of the best shows in BBA. Jul 14, 2018
peterj09 Wack! I hardly ever comment, but I love BBA most of the time and then there's other times like these when I'm yawning. Jul 14, 2018
Manpower1010 Justice and Apollo would get 10000000 views real talk !!!!!!!!!!! Jul 14, 2018
Theone5 hot ass scene not the biggest dick in town both men are hot as hell Jul 14, 2018
Manpower1010 Justice is the best at all he does more justice more justice more justice more justice Please Jul 14, 2018
bbsndc Justice is sooo hot! love the foot worship! Want to see Justice get his feet worked on. Would love to see Justice with Manny Killa, King Ant, Jay C and Blake. Jul 14, 2018
cam3121 This is such a HUGE letdown from the last couple of weeks. A new standard has taken over with Jay C & Jahan coming in like gang busters & already sucking dick, eating ass and fucking so to see Justice STILL not suck dick is a travesty. If he can feel comfortable sucking a man's toes, he should be comfortable sucking a dick by now. Anything less is unacceptable. Justice needs to step up the program or go away. No more of this half stepping with these "straight" guys. 👎👎 Jul 13, 2018
jreecen kudos for creativity! Nice work. Ps. Shazeer whats good. Its always nice 2 c u. Jul 13, 2018
emmyfan The rimming is hot! I love watching Justice get rimmed! Jul 13, 2018
texasguy77 Wow! it's not often I take the time to leave a comment on the vids, but when I do it means that I was truly "moved" in more ways than one :) Just when I thought you couldn't post an update hotter than Jahan Ace and Manny, here comes a new hotness...WOW!!! You can really tell these two had some major chemistry, I kept wanting Justice to kiss Luh Redd as he was holding on to his throat. Mike, you've done it again. Bravo!!! Jul 13, 2018
Magic0re0 #LuhRedd and #Justice def did their thing in this video. . . .Truly learned some new tricks from #LuhRedd thanks . . . .I enjoy learning from the youth. Jul 13, 2018
DisciplineU I love watching Justice get his ass ate. He loves it SO much, he is literally aching to get fucked. It's time for him to get it and get it good. Jul 13, 2018

This weekend we're taking BBA on the road to sunny Miami for a sensual and steamy poolside encounter featuring the much-requested return of fan favorites Luh Redd and Justice.

Sitting side by side in an outdoor jacuzzi on a hot summer afternoon, Luh Redd teases Justice about not wanting to swim, and offers to give the handsome older "straight" athlete a free swimming lesson.

Well, not EXACTLY "free" since Luh Redd also has his eye on the tempting bulge in Justice's swim trunks. Their flirtatious teasing quickly turns into tentative kissing and a uniquely sexy UNDERWATER blowjob from Luh Redd.

Day turns to night and the two continue with an intensely sensual encounter that includes lots of kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, toe-sucking, and of course Justice eagerly sinking his hard RAW dick deep inside his younger co-star's fresh teenage ass, easily delivering one of his most passionate performances so far.

Looks to me like Justice is slowly but surely beginning to embrace and enjoy his newfound craving for the kind of freaky guy-on-guy sex his clueless girlfriend just can't provide!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 13, 2018 50 min
Photo of Justice
Photo of Luh Redd
Luh Redd

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