Middle School Reunion #2

pilsener Fucking sexy kissing and both guys HOT! Great scene Jan 1, 2019
juan2424 Honestly, I think D is straight as an arrow, just like Saint. Which is kool with me. This yung god D don't get hard when he kissn or when he gettn fucked. Sounds like he straight, and he did say way back when that there aint no labels no more... Still, I enjoyed both brothers. And I miss both of them. Btw, Saint dik was rock hard and long when he fuck that girl along with Stephon. didn't know his dik was THAT long, lol. Jan 16, 2018
texasbugg mike u should have paid them both five bucks. cause that was a waste of time........................ Jan 9, 2017
lilmellowyellow I like Dee Weezy's sexy smile and awesome body. Usually, I enjoy watching Saint. However, his performance was terrible. Dee Weezy should return to make Saint submit to Dee's dick. The camera closeups were great. Dec 14, 2016
oralking1914 PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!!!! Oct 24, 2016
kapukan2 Love Dee Weezy's body, hot legs and ass...nice dark skin. Wish he would come back. Oct 19, 2015

This is one of those scenes that started off with a lot of potential, but unfortunately failed to turn out like I'd hoped and expected.

Nearly a year after being reunited for their first scene together, Saint and Dee Weezy meet up again for the very first time since their unique and unforgettable Middle School Reunion. The idea behind this "sequel" was for them to flip the roles and let Dee Weezy fuck Saint this time around.

There's a playful but also passionate chemistry between these two childhood friends that is fun and entertaining to watch, and as you'll see in this previously unreleased footage, they really seem to enjoy getting to know each other in ways that would have been unthinkable back in their middle school days.

This NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN footage shares with you some of the hottest moments from this second encounter, including lots of passionate kissing, dick-sucking, and even a spontaneous "69" initiated by Saint!

Dee Weezy also dives in for his very first taste of his long-lost friend's ass.

When it finally comes time for Saint to try taking more than just his friend's probing tongue, he makes a brave attempt but simply can't take Dee Weezy's big dick. Saint is usually one of the most cooperative and open-minded "gay for pay" models I've ever worked with. He'd swallow a hundred "nutts" if that was what his fans wanted to see! But for some reason, getting fucked is still a big struggle for him.

Facing time constraints caused by Dee Weezy showing up late and another video-shoot scheduled for later that day, I finally had no choice but to give up on what had started out as a promising shoot. But not until Dee Weezy takes a hot, messy "facial" and Saint gulps down every drop of his boyhood friend's "nutt"!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Condom, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 15, 2014 34 min
Photo of Dee Weezy
Dee Weezy
Photo of Saint

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