Taming Lil Tyga

Phuryous RIP, Citiboi, you were one of the best Jun 28, 2020
bobminny Is it true that City Bwoy is gone, it must not be true? Aug 1, 2016
jclove RIP City Bwoy. The scene was great. Lil Tyga can get it Mar 2, 2016
dainnoc1 RIP!! Great person great smile and my condolences to all who know him personally including Lil Tyga and Jovonnie!! Nov 7, 2015
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We've seen Lil Tyga in his "natural habitat" as an aggressive and insatiable "top." We've watched that tempting "top-only" ass and wondered if we'd ever be lucky enough to see it split open and enjoyed by another man's dick.

Lil Tyga has stubbornly refused to get fucked for almost a year. But for my first scene back after several months, I wanted to film something memorable and hot that many of BBA's viewers have been begging to see. With that in mind, I approached Lil Tyga again and offered to pay a very high price if he'd GIVE UP HIS ASS! It still wasn't easy (or cheap), but after several weeks of thinking it over, Lil Tyga finally agreed to surrender his tight bubble-butt to another man's dick!

See for yourself what happens when we tempt a famous "porn star" out of retirement to TURN THE TABLES on this cocky young top!

Not willing to let just anybody "on his back," Lil Tyga came up with the idea of recruiting his favorite "porn star" City Bwoy to "take him down"!

He and City Bwoy have actually been long-distance friends for a couple years, and even though City Bwoy admits to having stolen a few quick glances at his homeboy's off-limits ass (which always seems to be popping out of his sagging jeans), they both claim that this will be their first time messing around.

After a brief introductory interview, Lil Tyga wastes no time dropping to his knees between City Bwoy's legs and cramming his friend's big dick in his mouth. There's a generous amount of hot oral action as Lil Tyga worships City Bwoy's beautiful dick which slowly grows to full hardness in his warm, wet mouth.

While Lil Tyga bobs up and down in City Bwoy's lap, the older "porn star" reaches around to grab and grope Lil Tyga's firm, round ass - no doubt looking forward to the thrill of sinking his hard, eager dick in its tight, untouched depths!

But what would a Lil Tyga scene be without some hot and hungry ASS-EATING first? Lil Tyga flips City Bwoy onto his stomach and dives in for his first eager taste of his homeboy's ass!

He buries his face DEEP in that dark, upturned ass, licking and slurping and tongue-fucking City Bwoy's tight, tiny hole like only a true ass lover can! This is something that City Bwoy rarely ever does in his scenes, so seeing him bent over the couch while Lil Tyga eats him out is a special treat.

The action later moves to the bedroom, where City Bwoy pushes Lil Tyga down on the bed and spreads open that cute bubble-butt to get his first look at his friend's tight, pretty hole.

"All that ass and you ain't been usin' it!" City Bwoy teases as he smacks and squeezes Lil Tyga's fleshy twin globes. "Selfish-ass motherfucker!"

But all of that changes when City Bwoy rolls on a condom and prepares to plunge his hard dick into the forbidden ass he's been wanting to fuck for over two years....

Lil Tyga curses and groans as City Bwoy's big dick pushes against his stubbornly tight hole, slowly stretching it open until it sinks all the way in!

"I thought I was ready!" Lil Tyga exclaims as he tries to adjust to the overwhelming sensation of his ass being split open by such a huge dick.

But it's too late to turn back now, and the cocky young top has no choice but to surrender his ass! He buries his face in the pillow and pounds his fists into the bed as City Bwoy begins plunging in and out of that tight, "top-only" ass with increasingly aggressive thrusts....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Special Guest, Tops Taken Down
Details: Nov 12, 2012 61 min
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City Bwoy
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Lil Tyga

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