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BluGod12 Zeke is just it! I noticed his model page doesnt say “Present”; does that mean he’s done? I hope not 😭 Feb 24, 2024
LngstrkeMike88 Speaking as a freak and a wrestling fan, I personally enjoyed this video; it was 🔥 despite Zeke being the one carrying the scene! Zeke my type of thick and understands the assignment as usual. Kilo however, baby I think you sexy but you got work to do. I would love to make money by sticking my wood in other sexy ass dudes on camera attempting to overcome fear of being camera shy of this magnitude if I still was Kilo's age. IMO, he still camera shy and needs to step out of his comfort zone. Perhaps in one future upload, Kilo will surprise us all Feb 18, 2024
floris82nl Kilo is keeping the much stronger Zeke down. I like how he is acting in this video. The spanks are great. Maybe a bondage scene next time? Jan 10, 2024
floris82nl Kilo should show more that he is into this kind of sex. Zeke is a great bottom and I think he is a great person even more. Friendly face. Dec 25, 2023
mrbates Kilo? more like ounce! he looks so damn bored. color by number. Oct 8, 2023
Shirly223 can we get regular bts scenes. Id love to see what happens in between cuts for this scene and a few others Oct 3, 2023
bigred4 Better than I thought it would be. Kilo need to suck Dick and get fucked or hit the door cuz he just ain’t giving what needs to be given for top. Zeke made this scene and honestly if it were anybody else in this scene besides Zeke it would have been complete trash. Sep 30, 2023
blackforest BBA, very respectfully !!. I will keep this as simple and clear as possible. We are not paying to watch reluctant, unresponsive, non-reciprocating, boring egoistic people who are trying to get into their shell or trying to figure it out. We are paying to watch hot scenes that provide us with multiple nuts ! - This is definitely not one!! Sep 27, 2023
TyQuanCajun This was a great scene, Zeke is my favorite of the new guys Sep 24, 2023
scrappydoo123 You can see that Zeke surely loved getting fucked by Kilo. Zeke was enjoying all of that dick. Good job Sep 21, 2023
MichaelGalletta We have some exciting new content coming your way soon, but this week's update won't be ready until LATE tomorrow (Thurs 9/21/23), not *EARLY* like the past few weeks. We're working "hard" 😉 around the clock to have it ready for you to enjoy as soon as we can! Sep 20, 2023
001reg Zeke pretty hole finally got Kilo to come out of his shell. You could see he was transformed by that nut

Good job guys!
Sep 16, 2023
rog9989 Kilo is not conventionally attractive enough to be as unenthusiastic as he is when he performs. The people can appreciate stoicism from a *Ten* who would realistically have it like that, but Kilo is not that man (physically nor charismatically). Not ugly by any means, just not conventionally attractive enough to be this boring as a man employed to perform sex Sep 16, 2023
shayeblack Can we get Scotty back? Sep 15, 2023
ef8432 Any chances of Lil Jake or Maleek coming back? Sep 15, 2023
sexydemon101 Kilo is a chop. Stop trynna make him work. He not cute, and he does nothing. NEXT. Sep 14, 2023
man12345 Hello, it seems my comments were deemed offensive or something because they are not here. Anyway, all I would like to see is Kilo giving up the booty since he is such a reluctant top. I always like to see them get to that point. Sep 14, 2023
jaypablo ICeelt21 your comment made the most sense BBA has a nice catalog of many different models from many different angles so there’s always a good video to watch, now all this hate for Kilo, he actually reminds me of myself when I first started off with males from females, It took me time to get into it and start doing stuff with other males as I did with females, but I would like kilo to return and do a little more, I wanna see that nice tight hole of his be played with and penetrated eventually, Mike you should do a come back and do a scene with Kilo, coach him slowly through everything like the old Fulton days, he will open up eventually, he just needs the right one to get him there or maybe find a model for him to get him to open up. Sep 13, 2023
Carryd2 I thought it was Saint in the thumbnail. I was about to be all over that Sep 13, 2023
ICeeIt21 In this "off week," let us all pray for the bts/outtakes from the Jay C and Jahan Ace pairing. Sep 11, 2023
ICeeIt21 I believe everything negative that could be said of Kilo has been said. The title of this scene suggests to me that THIS was for and about Zeke. Apart from his consistency in delivering unadulterated passion, he truly enjoyed himself and this opportunity to satiate his obvious lust for Kilo. The silver lining for Kilo (and us fans) is that perhaps the more he is exposed to that kind of energy, the more likely he will show up, show out, and show (I mean give up) his ass. If we focus on seeking things to criticize with these scenes, the more things we will find to criticize. I don't subscribe to BBA to be critical. I subscribe to jack off and be entertained while doing it. If the likes of Kilo (or anyone else for that matter) is not working for you, then I offer a really cool suggestion: BBA offers a very extensive catalog of "black boys" that whet many a variety of appetites. Before jumping ship and cancelling the subscription, peruse the annals of BBA's archives until the new crop presents something that piques your deepest perversions. Too much is at stake and on the line to just throw it away because one model has not progressed "fast enough". There are just too many other BBA options to hold us over while the stoicism of certain models slowly wanes. Boring, no energy or whatever, Kilo's skinny physique is banging. And that hole of his just might be more ready than any of us may believe. I am hopeful for him and remain loyal to this site. May we all continue to bust many more nuts because BBA IS on top of the(ir) game. Sep 11, 2023
MichaelGalletta Just wanted to let everyone know this is an "off" week. We hope to return next Thursday 9/21 with the first of our two remaining promised updates for September. Sep 11, 2023
trealistone10 I may be the bad guy here, but I rather enjoyed it. If people really paid attention to the video, they'll see that Zeke was enjoying the dick. This was the first time I ever seen anyone on this site enjoying dick so much that they actually squirts precum continuously for two minutes and then bust a really good nutt. So, in hindsight, people talking bad about Kilo but he gave Zeke what he wanted, which was T.R.A.D.E dick. Sep 11, 2023
Seekingbootee I forgot to add: kilo is not unattractive. Stop talking about him in that way. Sep 10, 2023
Seekingbootee Why is everyone ganging up on Kilo? People really do want too much.
To be attractive, one must be masculine but likes effete/trans men, straight but also gay, handsome but ruggedly ugly, very young but prefers old people like you. What you're really seeking is an Atlanta Top. Those only happen in Atlanta and the minute you run out of money, they'll become their real selves before disappearing.

And if that's what people are waiting for in real life outside of Atlanta, fine. But to berate a pornstar for not being passionate enough? This site has always had dispassionate straight dudes. It's just part of the allure.
Sep 10, 2023
ronny_beardz I vote Zeke and Stallion! Both their sexual chemistry would be hot! Sep 10, 2023
supreme I am an original fan , I only have one question; which one on the production team is fucking Kilo off-camera ? Poor Zeke, once again not even one of the best BBA stars could save this scene. Sep 10, 2023
miffyb I have nothing against - hot slim reluctant straight thugs - they’ve always been a turn-on. That’s why I subscribed in the first place… years ago. Hope Kilo grows and gets into it. Like soooo many have done on this site. I’ll wait, and look forward to that moment if it comes. If not, I’ll appreciate the journey and continue to watch the beautiful men who have made that step in their porn careers. Sep 10, 2023
19852010 I only thumbs uped this scene because of Zeke. Kilo seemed disinterested and he was very boring. Sep 10, 2023
Sageking3 I'm just going to twist in mine and bba sometimes y'all seem to know what I want more than I do. I like kilo arguably he's done alot for only having 3 scenes compared to other bba g4p models. Keep up the good work. And it's always a great to see Zeke. Sep 10, 2023
KNG5TNFN Mike, maybe if you all had introduce "Kilo" with some solo scenes, where the fans had seen his body in different positions, might have made him more desirable to them. That oil down wrestling scene you did with "Trapp" and "Saint" , and them two boyz ( "Shaun & Scottie") would've been the perfect set up to introduce him to another model. His reaction would tell if he was ready for full on sex scenes? I dont know just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️. Right now I'm still seeing "justice" or "Staxx" as his next scene partner for getting into that cherry, they'll be patient enough with breaking him in, also they' ll be perfect for all newbies as well " Stallion" , "JuJu", and " Legend"( now he's the one I really see taken down)🔥🔥🔥😎😎 Sep 10, 2023
JKing3303 I won't comment on the scene directly because it seems as though you and your team were also maybe not as happy with the results. The confusing part to me is when you release it anyway. On one hand I get it, maybe some people will like it. On the other hand, based on trends you can predict that the majority of people will hate or skip it. It begins to feel like quantity (gotta hit that 3 updates per month quota) over quality, which I know us fans will eat y'all up about that too lol.

The most popular scenes on this site (and I get the thumbs up are not historically accurate), are the ones with models that have a fan following outside of this site. But, if you remove those, the #1 scene is with Scotty and Trapp, and they only (barely) kissed and sucked each other's dicks. Yet, it was still entertaining all while they complained and let us know how disgusted they were lol. I think someone said it was like we were a fly on the wall. We still haven't seen Scotty go as far as we would like him to, but to this day people are eager to see him at the next level. That journey is what's captivating and I get that's not always easy.

Anyway, I just didn't want the feedback from the comments to be taken as specific to Kilo (as in get rid of him). I'm reading the comments as BBA staff needs to catch these issues during production and fix them (help them step their game up). If they are still not up to quality during editing, then maybe don't post or save them as bonus off week content.

I appreciate you all. Hope this is taken as constructive criticism. Thanks.
Sep 9, 2023
dlfreakyone To me the difference between Kilo and the other models who grew into it is they at least looked like they was trying. He really might as well be a dildo. The other ones even Kingston at least tried to be engaged. He cute for sure, but not particularly Hot. He would be better as a still model not video. My opinion. I think the video kills the fantasy of him. Just the pictures would allow the viewer to imagine the best version of him. I don’t even think he would be a strong straight porn actor, but get him in still photos, you got something Sep 9, 2023
tyscore Mike I support what u r trying to do with opportunities for the guys to open up, however you are wasting Zeke's talent. He's your new top flipper. Juju and Zeke, Stallion and Zeke...He would be the perfect 1st verse scene for the both of them. Zeke is masculine yet submissive enough to turn them out...Let Zeke star in the next "House of Whores" Sep 9, 2023
joshma77 If Kilo ain't willing to bottom and take some nut. Get him out of here. He's boring and waste. Taking up too many updates. Sep 9, 2023
FreakTeach I think where some of the disconnect is, is that the video quality doesnt give "im new to this" energy. For scenes like this, a more raw and amateur video I think would translate much better. It needs to not feel so produced so that fans aren't expecting professionals. Give the more seasoned guys the high quality, produced vids and give the newer guys(specifically the ones who profess to have never been interested in men or even curious before this) a raw, amateur, gritty situation and the response might be different. Thoughts? Sep 9, 2023
loydstar Kilo is cool to me, I prefer people be themselves!! I don't care for the fake role play type BS ....tbh!!! I'd prefer seeing him bottom though!!! Sep 8, 2023
bhoop22 Kilo needs to go, he’s boring asf Sep 8, 2023
Dualex Speaking of being uninterested and having a limp d***. I'm sure when one watches the BTS footages of Apollo/Dominic, Ross, Stallion and so on... that is allnone is seeing: the disgust, eyes rolling. I'm also seeing many on their phones trying to get stimulated. So, LEAVE KILO ALONE! At least he is not FAKE!!! He's quite dominant and real, masculine which is what BBA is about.... Hopefully he'll turn all the negativity to his advantage... Sep 8, 2023
dlking93 I'd beat all yall in 2k22 lol I don't have 23 but hey ill work it out...zeke is so sexy I hope he can meet Bandit, Sax, Ross, Scuba, Lil Jake, Luh Red, Blake and more Kilo reminds me of Shyne but it took tht one good dick down and he showed some emotion in the best position lol. Back was arched but kilo will come around he just gotta find the right one who will make him submit top or bttm Sep 8, 2023
Dualex People don't like Kilo but his vids get quite a lot of comments. He'll step up, he's young and taking notes, I'm sure.. Sep 8, 2023
king2019 I really hope Kilo will step up his game!!! Sep 8, 2023
turner95 Kilo sucks. This should definitely be his last scene Sep 8, 2023
pbomb95 It seems to me Kilo would be better as a bottom He is obvious uncomfortable with topping maybe solo scenes with him slowly opening up such as dildo play or like the exam series with Rico Sep 8, 2023
texasbugg It’s time for the 2 power houses to meet juju/ ZEKE there will be a lot of fire coming from that I think Mike is afraid to do that scene right now because he knows he got to pay some firemen to be there in case the fire gets out of control lol. Sep 8, 2023
aw4567 Honestly one good Montez scene getting his toes sucked and / or enjoying one of the models by a lap dance or a truth or dare scene would be the remedy to so much. Sep 8, 2023
man12345 So, when is Kilo going to get that ass fucked? Sep 8, 2023
hamonlife22 The difference Mike between Kilo and those other models you mentioned is that the fans were attracted to them. Not many of us are attracted to Kilo as is. If this was around the casting of his old scenes then you could've released around that time and got it outta everyone system. We just don't like him as that's ok. Unless he coming for a flip flop scene because his ass is prolly the only thing I like looking at on him. Sep 8, 2023
texasbugg Let me tell some of u members a lil story 1 day I was in a pet mart store picking up something for a friend’s dog a lady was standing by me with her dog I saw something and I made a statement saying that’s ugly that lady hurry up and covered up her dog ears looked at me and said sir please don’t say that around him he might think u r talking about him that’s a dog u all talk about kilo like he has no feelings he is a human I can’t tell u all what to say but damm the more u can spent is 20 a month I watch onlyfans this is jay make 500.00 on live just for jacking his dick so u all be there cause a few have said he should do a scene for bba I’ve been with bba for years 20 a month jay will never fuck with a guy it’s cool some still tip him sometimes the most important words is the ones u leave unspoken just look in the mirror sometimes would u want someone to be so cruel to u I can’t tell u all what to say just think about it. Sep 8, 2023
chucke1 "My philosophy has always been to film what turns ME on & trust there are others who like the same things. BBA's success grew out of this approach. But recently, we've catered to the masses more than ever before, for better and/or worse depending on your POV. Will continue striving for a balance between listening to our fans & staying true to the models/themes at the core of our brand." Nailed it! "some of our most popular recent models and scenes not being my personal cup of tea." NAILED IT AGAIN!!!!!! Sep 8, 2023
paphos7878 Seems like a waste of production time and payroll for a scene which your viewers have repeatedly said they do not want. No offence to Kilo maybe he can be in a threesome scene but he is not strong enough on his own as a top. Ultimately BBA focus is to make money this looks like a bad investment from the start so check how many purchases of this scene there will be.
i can understand models having request but why honour them if it's going to be bad for business?
Sep 8, 2023
Beyy88 This was so bad. ZEKE did his thing & job but please fire Kilo. It’s 4 scenes in & still no growth. No passion or even acting is what he’s giving. Damn I’m mad ZEKE wasted his time. Sep 7, 2023
KNG5TNFN "Kilo" will get there, in time, just maybe a little longer..... I mean look at "Kingston" who would've thought after all that rampaging eh 😉 (I knew he was always freaky) and you're right Mike "Kilo" is really one sexy dude. Where is that guy "Tyson" ?? He may not be handsome enough for some but any straight guy that will allow another guy to rub their hands all over them, and cum from it is freaky enough for many more scenes in my book, especially with that toned body he has mmn hmmn😋 I think he'll be perfect with "Stylez" or "Scuba" 😎 "Kilo's" conversion needs to take time , it has to be a vet and two guys come to mind..... "Staxx" or "Justice" these guys would be patient enough to get him going eh. Sep 7, 2023
Leonides I’m so confused as to why Juju ain’t fucked Zeke , or why Juju , Stallion , and Zeke haven’t had a Chocolate overload threesome 🤗 Sep 7, 2023
lpc02c @Michael -- After reading your response below, this is what I think the disconnect is between you and most of the commentators about Kilo and others of his ilk: It's not that the original premise of the site should be abandoned. And yes, balance is important no matter what, but I think the issue is even though Kilo is not performing like a "gay power-top porn star after 3 1/2 scenes", that's not the expectation of the viewers necessarily. But early BBA used to take us on a more intimate journey of opening up a straight model: mentally, emotionally, sexually. What you guys do now is put these straight-curious models right into fuck scenes. But what about taking us more intimately through their pleasure journey (guided by their more experienced scene partner or by another just-as-curious partner). BBA is missing SENSUALITY which doesn't always have to lead to fucking. What brings Kilo pleasure? what are his pleasure spots? what happens when he's kissed here or licked there? What does his journey to touching dick look like, or stroking a dick, or fingering a male ass look like? Tasting ass or dick for the first time? How does he like to he held, rubbed, caressed in order to turn him on? BBA used to take us on this journey thus delivering satisfying, intimate scenes that were super enjoyable even though there may not be actual sex. Alot of the current scenes feel very "conveyor belt". And THAT's where I feel BBA has lost it's way. There's no intimacy anymore, BBA doesn't take it's time anymore, it just goes straight for the fuck scenes with pretty much any model to very polarizing results. If each model is on their own individual sexual journey, SHOW US THAT!! Ya'll used to do that. Romance us, torture us, make us, the audience, feel like we're a FLY ON THE WALL, BBA used to be SO GOOD AT THAT lol! As long as it's hot it almost doesn't actually matter what each of the model do in each of the scenes. BBA has gotten away from the slow burn. Take two models and really work to capture them finding out what makes each of them get super hot, and then let them take each other to ecstasy in front of your camera. That's what missing. Two much wam bam thank you ma'm. I personally want models that are paired, to do scenes that capture the electricity of linking up for the first time and discovering your partner, for the first time. Like what happens when you have a great date and you both decide to take it back to the house. The adventurousness of that first exciting, awkward, nerve-racking but powerful and pleasurable encounter; made even more exciting when at least one of the partners doesn't fuck around with dudes often if ever. Capture the excitement and adventure of that more and you will get everyone back on your side. Trust me! Sep 7, 2023
xDavidK Kilo always seems to be going thru the motions and never has that acting face on but I’m not gonna bash the update tbh! Zeke is always a pleasure! Sep 7, 2023
shikahijones230 I’m trying to figure out how my comment is disconnected from reality when we can clearly see a limp dick and you keep trying to say it’s all the way hard but it’s not !!! We literally all can see that ! Even when he nutted it wasn’t all the way hard ! But I’m not gonna say too much because there are plenty of movies up here that are amazing . I just know you’re gonna film what works for your taste rather than the fans , and that much is clear. It’s ok to be a slight narcissist, it’s your website Sep 7, 2023
hcs1220 Lol kilo gotta be fukkin someone passionately to come back. Lol
Maybe it’s not the models. Maybe it’s not on film. But he gotta have some magic. It feels to me like most of the guys would’ve been kissing or suckin or something by now. I think he can be the camera guy or fluffer behind the scenes tho. That would make sense.
Sep 7, 2023
vled26 Not sure why you guys keep bringing Kilo back. He is a constant dissappointment to viewers . I only purchased the video for Zeke. It's like he is why keep letting your viewers and performers down. I'm not going to purchase anymore with him in it. Sep 7, 2023
CoolDaddy Mike, you can make all of the excuses you want for Kilo, but I have been a fan and member off and on since the Futon Days, and your Boy KILO is a BIG FAT DUDDDDD! You wasted poor Zekes enthusiasm and beauty on this clown. Nobody cares if his Dick stayed hard, SO WHAT! He sucks and that’s IT! You waste OUR MONEY on this fucking guy! Sep 7, 2023
MichaelGalletta Trust me, nobody is making excuses for Kilo and I only mentioned his hard dick because I hate when fans just make shit up in the comments. I've been disappointed by Kilo's last two scenes as well and agree he needs to step up his game in a major way if he's going to stay on the roster.

But I also think some people seem to be having some kind of weird amnesia about the BBA brand. Go back and watch the earliest scenes from guys like Isaiah, Stephon, even our #1 model Bandit, and you'll see they were just as silent, stiff, stoic, reluctant, etc. as Kilo, arguably even more so! All I'm saying is let's keep things in perspective.
MichaelGalletta Just a few thoughts in response to some of this scene's feedback so far:

1) To all the "why did you bring Kilo back?" questions, this was filmed as part of the same production trip as his previous scene. Thought that much would be obvious. It's not like we said "fuck the fans" and brought him back for more of the same after seeing his last performance & the understandable backlash to it.

2) I still don't understand the comments from long-time fans that sound like they just joined BBA last week. Scenes with reluctant and inexperienced straight guys have ALWAYS been a part of the BBA experience, so it's puzzling to see people demanding that we fire Kilo for not performing like some gay power-top porn-star after only 3 1/2 scenes lol.

3) Balancing fan service vs. creative inspiration/integrity will always be a challenge. It's something I've been discussing with Montez a lot lately, in response to some of our most popular recent models and scenes not being my personal cup of tea.

My philosophy has always been to film what turns ME on & trust there are others who like the same things. BBA's success grew out of this approach. But recently, we've catered to the masses more than ever before, for better and/or worse depending on your POV. Will continue striving for a balance between listening to our fans & staying true to the models/themes at the core of our brand.

4) Every guy's pace & overall BBA journey is going to look different. Obviously Kilo has a LONG way to go to catch up with some of our other new guys. Maybe he never will. But if we got impatient & cut off these guys as fast as some of you are demanding, we'd have never seen guys like Isaiah, Dominic, Bandit, Stephon, etc. evolve into the BBA legends they are today! Please keep this in mind when judging these new models & their early scenes.
Sep 7, 2023
A123 Kilo has got to be the most uninteresting model on this site. The fact that he keeps being used is so disappointing. He appears to not like gay sex, and if that is the case, go away. I can’t imagine how anyone finds him desirable. Sep 7, 2023
dv6000 I'm extremely disappointed to be presented with another scene with this Kilo dude as top. Please listen to your fans and do not have him return unless he is willing to bottom or try something new. Watching him is quite painful. Zeke was awesome as always! Sep 7, 2023
chorton2020 Zeke great job ...kilo I keep saying u going get better but I need for u to get more verbal or eat some ass or suck a dick cause u don't have no energy in your scenes it's like u just going through the motions ....if your going to do porn do it cause a big dick don't mean u can fuck .....this week video was a true bore sorry Michael thumbs down 👎 on this one Sep 7, 2023
partyboyest82 Kilo is a constant no for me. Sep 7, 2023
colormeblk OMG... why did you guys call this dude Kilo back?? He is so damn boring and nonchalant acting! You can tell he don't even like guy on guy sex... he won't suck dick, kiss, eat ass, or even touch any of the models he works with! He don't even have a sex mode or sex energy!! He just lays there like some dead fish out of water... no one can even hear what he is saying, he just mumbles his words out like a shy little boy! All he got is a nice dick but you need to come with more than that! He is the WORST TOP you guys have hired! If a man has to watch porn on his cell phone to stay hard then he should not be trying... to be a gay porn star!! Put Kilo on the shelf where he belongs and don't put him in front of the cam until he is willing to do more in his scenes! Hats off to Zeke he did an excellent job in spite what he had to work with... He is a sexy hott brother and his sex energy is though the roof and he carried the whole scene! Sep 7, 2023
Dualex Gotta love Kilo. He just does not care lol... I quite like him. I really enjoyed him in that particular scene cause he actually made some effort. Zeke was, well, Zeke. I still believe Kilo will surprise us all, well, if he still gets back for more. I see no difference between him and the likes of Stephon, Isaiah, Kingston, Shaun and his friend, Trapp when they first started. One last thing: don't try to recreate the Denzel and Diez scenes. It won't work. They set the bar to a level no-one can touch. I see the last position was similar to last week, the D dripping, the face come shot, the chat at the end lol. Very enjoyable scene and I love Zeke arching... Sep 7, 2023
Sexxyme I like Kilo he is matched with good models but it does show real chemistry. His best scene was his first with Kavii. i'm hoping that he gets a good match again. however in Kilos defense he is playing the straight role and comes off like a straight curious guy that is open to the sex scenes but reluctant to show just how much he enjoys it. Kilo I wish you the best step it up with more energy to show the fans you are worthy of better review. Sep 7, 2023
Docteur Zeke, yes; Kilo, no - he is the worst of the worst on here. After the stupid amazing fantastic pairing last week of Denzel and Diez, now this. I hope to see Zeke with Diez and Bandit in an all out threesome; hope that Maleek and Rush come back. Need a Ross and Rush tag team with Apollo; and for Stallion to bottom. If Ace Rockwood aka Mr Yum Yum (John Johnson) can bottom for the first time on cam with Yardiestyle, then Stallon can take some phallus lol. #nomorekiloplease Sep 7, 2023
esquire93 Love these slim dudes going to town on a big juicy muscle ass. Sep 7, 2023
RobbySan29 How come Zeke hasn’t gotten those sexy ass toes sucked yet? Sep 7, 2023
kennyg Kilo, the "human dildo" !!!!!!!!! Somebody put a dick in his ass, maybe that'll spark his performance LOL Zeke gives it his all in spite of him. Sep 7, 2023
nutordye Why do yall keep calling him? Sep 7, 2023
djv1234 Wish it had been a flip flop as that would have been be Hot, but also would have helped improve Kilo's BBA fan base. Sep 7, 2023
4walls Honestly would like to know why Kilo was brought back... he's incredibly disinterested and boring... pairing him with Zeke was an odd decision considering he is the polar opposite. Sep 7, 2023
GoodPuzzyBihh I love Zeke energy. He’s like a firecracker and very sweet and looks like fun to work with. Kilo was lacking in excitement and energy like maybe he smoked before this or some but threw the scene off for me. Still enjoyed watching Zeke get his life with his sucking in the beginning. Sep 7, 2023
aw4567 Somebody needs to put Zekes toes in they mouth. ASAP Sep 7, 2023
cartel08 Zeke is SO hot but PLEASE stop forcing Kilo on us. He always looks disgusted & turned off like he doesn’t really want to participate. We pay too much for this subscription to watch models who don’t even look like they’re enjoying themselves. Sep 7, 2023
MaxMuney Baby hell naw, Zeke is way too good of a performer to be paired with someone who’s lack luster Sep 7, 2023
godzilla1984 He has a nice dick but you can tell he doesn't enjoy it so it makes the video not enjoyable. Zeke did his thing. Nice fat juicy booty Sep 7, 2023
rj982272 Zeke deserve better!!! Sep 7, 2023
davids Kilo is so boring that he even brought Zeke energy down. Please retire Kilo. Zeke is a rising star. I love watching him in action with the right person. Sep 7, 2023
smfh09 You acknowledge that Kilo isn’t what we wanna see and still release this… ok. It’s a hard pass. Try him with a tranny cause it’s obvious he don’t want dudes Sep 7, 2023
mocombo Kilo is great and always enjoy seeing hum, but Zeke stole the scene! His combination of good looks, great body and willingness is wonderful! Sep 7, 2023
Deathking2011 I be wanting people to get paid here at bba. I’m all for black excellence but I swear kilo rolled his eyes at one point in the video. @32:45. Lol. Maybe this man doesn’t know how to get the energy needed for these scenes. He’s too nonchalant man haha Sep 7, 2023
smhard03 Kilo is Okay. He just got a big dick. I am not a fan. 3/10 Sep 7, 2023
Meatlover It’s official: Kilo has got to go NOW. How dare y’all mix treasure with trash? Why would you put Zeke with someone who isn’t even pulling half his weight? This was a terrible pairing, confirmation that Kilo isn’t gonna do anymore than what he’s doing and it all adds up to a terrible scene. Epic FAIL. Sep 6, 2023
Dualex I like Kilo. He's what BBA is about. Are people forgetting? Not everyone is Denzel or Diez. I like his determination in spite of all the hatred. He is one to watch imo. Sep 6, 2023
king2019 The scenes with Kilo are predictable!!! No interaction and no foreplay!!! He is still boring!!!! Sep 6, 2023
brandonbjr nahh zeke ate this!!!!! Sep 6, 2023
badizm66 what a waste of time , kilo is still the worse , bad match up Sep 6, 2023
thabiggest Please fire kilo HE IS BORING! Sep 6, 2023
shikahijones230 It’s the fact that y’all keep using kilo , after people have said 100 times that he isn’t good . I’m trying to see who likes looking at a limp dick , and no type of energy whatsoever . Michael if that’s your fantasy guy , maybe you should start doing videos again and do one with him , because we the people don’t like him at all . So many other models to pick , and every time , y’all bring this average looking man back , because he’s a “thug" Sep 6, 2023
MichaelGalletta Did you even take the time to watch this scene before complaining? Because 1) Kilo's dick is NOT limp for most of this scene, just the opposite in fact. 2) Kilo was very much ZEKE'S fantasy scene partner, not just mine. And 3) Nobody has ever described Kilo as a "thug" LOL.

If you don't like Kilo, that's fine. I can respect that and like I said in the summary, he definitely has a long way to go to catch up with our other new models. But it's hard to take your feedback seriously when it's so completely disconnected from reality.
chucke1 KILO IS HOT!!!!!!!! I enjoyed this as well! Sep 6, 2023
gimmedat13 Imma keep my mouth closed because the scene last week was so good it covered the cost of this one lol Sep 6, 2023
sexyguy Now I don’t comment much but I had to on this one. Zeke is my damn favorite and I love him. He is all in and puts on for us. However y’all pair him up with Mr. BORING Kilo. Not even a kiss, or no sucking dick. This scene was not entertaining because kilo just dead and boring. At least he can make the scene fun but he didn’t. I’d rather see Rico and Zeke which two verse bottoms would have been more entertaining. Kilo has no passion. I love BBA, but this scene don’t worth my two cents because of boring kilo. I hope you can get kilo to be more passionate Sep 6, 2023
cam656914 Zeke is a star and deserved better. He should have been in a flip flop. Sep 6, 2023
MrBrown19942 Their chemistry is amazing, in this scene! An awesome scene (as always). Thank you, BBA! Sep 6, 2023
Beyy88 Y’all did not waste ZEKE on him. MIKEEEEE!!!! Sep 6, 2023
TennesseeBator Zeke deserved better, that is all I have to say. It's time for Kilo to suck some dick and actually act like he enjoys filming the scenes. Sep 6, 2023
Tydixon20 Should have been Zeke and Diez Sep 6, 2023

Kilo may not be a favorite yet with most of BBA's fans, and we're well aware that he still has a LONG way to go as a "gay for pay" performer, especially compared to the unusually fast progression by some of our other recent new models. But there's no denying the man is still SEXY AS FUCK. What can I say, some of us still have a weakness for those stiff and stoic straight boys who occasionally need some help from the hetero porn on their phones and still fuck with a little bit of guilt and reluctance.

Turns out that Zeke shares this same "type," and it was hilariously obvious from the moment he first laid eyes on Kilo just how badly he wanted the painfully reserved straight boy with the slim, toned body and seductively deep, sexy voice.

The two guys are hanging out at the house and playing each other on WWE2K23 when Zeke seizes his chance to satisfy these new Kilo cravings. Kilo is whooping his ass in the game, so Zeke decides to distract his opponent with some playful crotch-grabbing that quickly escalates into a very DIFFERENT kind of sweaty man-on-man entertainment....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 7, 2023 42 min
Photo of Kilo
Photo of Zeke

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