Introducing: Stallion

Toofreak86 IMAGINE: Stallion topping Shameeks, Manny Killa, Freaky J....Oh, And Trapp would love him....And He should definitely dick down King Ant Jan 9, 2022
trance Man this dude is the sole reason I returned to BBA....that color lawd Oct 24, 2021
mdcarmichael I want Stallion to fuck my throat and then shove that big, two-toned dick to the balls up my ass. Best new model! Oct 16, 2021
iLikeFr Let me link up wit this sexy piece of meat Oct 3, 2021
natedog89 His hole looks good af! We want more trade looking guys like him! Sep 30, 2021
derrick Sexy black brother, I luv it! Sep 30, 2021
11luvme2u I know it's damn near impossible. But for fantasy's sake imagine a scene with Stallion and Tarzan! I'd call it, "This is Between Us Bro!" Hey, I can dream, can't I? lol Sep 24, 2021
MrBrown19942 @MichaelGalletta - Absolutely! You all have brought great videos to BBA, especially since returning during a pandemic. I’ve enjoyed every video; Continued success to you all, as you continue forward. 🙌🏿❤️ Sep 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta @jairQ: Thanks, that means a lot. Sep 16, 2021
MichaelGalletta @20kane: That's an unfair comparison. SeeHim features hot straight guys in SOLO and STRAIGHT scenes. If that was the kind of entertainment we filmed, we could easily feature models like theirs every week too lol. But getting those same guys to take the gigantic leap of doing "gay for pay" content....ON CAMERA for the entire world to a difficult and expensive endeavor. Exactly why it's not a theme we're able to feature every week lol.

But I'm happy you like what you've seen of Stallion so far, and I love love LOVE the Stephan James comparison! 🙌😍
Sep 16, 2021
MichaelGalletta @MrBrown19942: Thrilled to hear that Stallion has already won you over lol! Also appreciate you letting us know how much you enjoy getting to know the guys through these interviews. Sep 16, 2021
lablue I really like what u guys are doing. I was so happy 2 see Michael back behind the scene maybe he'll be back in front 1 day. Sum of my favorite scene Michael in it like Freaky J which is my all time the best video. I am black n love his scenes 4 the simple fact cause how he work with the models. I do b reading the blog just 2 let u all kno the bandit beach house was the best. Sumtimes the people that didn't or couldn't make u kno the rest. I hope u all do another trip u kno make miniseries from time to time cause this one was a good one. Sep 16, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I'm flattered to hear that your favorite scenes are the ones between me and the guys. I may still hop in front of the camera from time to time, you never know. If anyone can tempt me out of my recent semi-retirement, it's Stallion! 😍🤤😅
721718mgm i like.. I hope to see him do more Sep 13, 2021
Queengohma15 Seems like a cool guy, hope we see more of him. I get a little bit of a Saint vibe, which is a very good thing in my book. Sep 13, 2021
kcb394 I have been a member of BBA for over 10 years and was getting worried that you were transitioning to a professional porn site. Stallion is the kind of model, and this was the kind of scene that has kept me coming to BBA for over 10 years. I'm so glad to see a scene like this again and so look forward to seeing Stallion with another model testing his boundaries. 😀 Sep 13, 2021
Godfather07 The real test is how he does with another male, have him watch a lot of Apollo, Trapp and Dominic so he has a good understanding of how straight males do gay for pay, If he does not kiss he lost my support, just saying Sep 12, 2021
smokey1984 SHIIIIIIT! Now you’re back on track. Not only is homeboy chocolate, but he’s personable and has personality. This is the reason why we subscribe to BBA. Raw untapped talent in the making. He’s very very likable. 🔥 Oh yeah, did I mention he has a BIG DICK! 🤣 Sep 11, 2021
scrappydoo123 @Terbernt all the people that you mentioned have one thing in common. And you know what that is. SMDH Sep 11, 2021
maxkev1 Your interviews with new models are the BEST and an important part of the BBA brand (in my opinion). Sep 11, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you appreciate and enjoy my interviews with the new guys. Felt like I was a little rusty with this one, but part of that might just have been my being dizzy and tongue-tied in the presence of Stallion's oozing sex appeal lol.
mcchaz He is super handsome. I can’t wait to see his development on this site. This is the first scene I’ve been interested in since the return. Yay! Sep 10, 2021
Jayden27 Wow. You all asked about goin' for a swim with Stallion huh? I think I can do that. As long as Stallion is naked..we got a deal. Loved this one. Let's get into it.

I. The Interview- "You just made me hot with that one..let me take this shirt off"

Shit. Stallion made everybody hot with this debut. The first thing I notice in the interview is that this Stallion gives off great vibes. He seems MAD cool, energetic, and the type that will keep you laughing the whole time. Great personality. At first glance, I would have guessed that he was no more than 25, but we come to learn that he is 29. Damn..time has been good to him. Aside from his beautiful chocolate skin, the first thing I noticed was his smile, very beautiful. After some interesting convo, he takes his first dip in the pool with his shorts on. The wet shorts allowed us to see his nice print and beautiful ass. I did watch the rest of the interview; however, the temptation to fast forward for nudity was strong, very strong. I held on though, and Stallion was worth the wait.

II. The Reveal-"It's not fair to keep teasing you guys...are you ready for the reveal?"

The answer is HELL YEAH! Stallion drops his shorts to reveal the rest of the chocolate goodness his anatomy holds. Having a weakness for dark skin, I found myself in a trance. The dick was every bit as nice as the print he teased us with; however, his ass was the highlight for me. DAMN! Watching the water beads drip down his ebony build was beautiful. Stallion body is nothing short of beautiful. Loved watching him skinny dip. For a minute, it seemed as if he didn't even want to leave the pool. The shot of him walking up the stairs was hot AF.

III. The Shower- "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"

The shower scene is always my favorite part because it's a great way to get a 360 view of the model. You can view every inch of their anatomy in a sexy way. Stallion in the shower was awesome. Starting things off with a sexy dick swing as he smiles at the camera during his seductive tease. We see that Stallion is pleasing to the eye in ALL directions. Watching the water cascade down Stallion cheeks was an amazing shot. Can we make a gif of that? Stallion continues to give us a treat in the sunlit shower as he soaps himself down. The suds dripping all over his body is enough to make any BBA fans fiend for more. I laughed at the computer when Stallion said "Keep your hands to yourself!" Well, if he continues with BBA, that's definitely not going to happen! LOL! I know the journey is just beginning, but I am already hoping for the moment when he get taken down.

IV. The Finale- "This is where I'm going to need somebody's help"

Stallion had the audacity to use oil on his skin, seductively rub it on his back and work his way down to his cheeks. Once it reached the cheeks, he slowly rubbed the oil on and spread them apart. *biting lips* FUCK! I wanted to lick the fuck out of my screen! DAMN!! That shot was so beautiful! I'm not gonna lie. I watched that part over and over again for a good 10-15 minutes. SHEESH!! This man hasn't even had an action scene yet, and he's already causing trouble! "Batter up" he says as he swings his dick toward the camera. Nice shot BTW. We end with a sexy dick dance, and oozing cum shot.

Special thanks to Mike, Montez and Stallion. This feature also took us back to BBA's classic style--loved it. I do hope we continue to see both editing styles. Don't exchange one for the other. All in all, the solo scene was a stunning, impressive debut. However, we all know that the BBA journey is a process. Therefore, the question remains, "How gay will Stallion actually go??". I'm VERY interested to find out. Good shit y'all.
Sep 10, 2021
MichaelGalletta So it's fair to say you like Stallion??? 🤔😂

The porn gods were DEFINITELY smiling on us when they sent Stallion our way. Like I said in the summary, I got the same excitement and positive vibes while meeting Stallion that I remember experiencing when I first met Apollo and Ross, guys who went on to become BBA legends. Fingers crossed that the universe will give us time to let his journey play out without too much disruption. Because he certainly has the potential to become the next BBA star!

I share your weakness for dark-skinned guys, so you know my heart was pounding and I was doing everything I possibly could to keep the drool from spilling out of my mouth lol. Definitely one of the most stunning and exciting new guys I've filmed in a very long time! Thanks as always for the in-depth review.
shoeman59 His stage name is very fitting for him. Stallion...thats exactly what he is! As another mentioned...he should be paired with Ross, or Trapp, I agree wholeheartedly. However, like another mentioned, Saint should be the one to introduce him to this new found entertainment. Either way would be Good! Mike, Please try to make it happen with Speed. Sep 10, 2021
jairQ Additionally, I prefer when you film the scene...This scene is classic BBA Sep 10, 2021
h1lda74 DAMN, I haven't been this excited about a model since Apollo and Dominic came on the scene. Looking forward to what Stallion is going to bring to the party! Sep 10, 2021
MichaelGalletta Ditto to all of that! 😅
scrappydoo123 For some unknown reason, I think stallion may have mess around before. We will see where this goes. Beautiful specimen of a man. Sep 10, 2021
20kane I luv this guy! He reminds me of the actor Stephen James. He has a beautiful smile and I love his confidence. He’s hella sexy all around and could potentially top Isaiah as my favorite BBA model. Please get him to come back Mike.😩 Sep 10, 2021
Jamale051994 Lawd! Chocolate men are my weakness! That's why I fell in love with Trapp (where he at btw?). Anyway, Stallion is very comfortable, I concluded after viewing the video. I enjoyed his personality and smile! Then when he gave us a teaser of the “treasure chest” (booty). I can't wait to see more of him! GREAT WIN, MICHAEL! This was a remarkable COMEBACK‼️ Sep 10, 2021
MichaelGalletta Awww, thanks for the rave review! I share your weakness for "chocolate" men too, so you know I was instantly smitten lol. Glad this was everything you've been hoping and waiting for.
princegwa Can't wait to see more of him. So happy BBA is bringing in more guys to the table. Sep 10, 2021
terbernt Read the comments after being reluctant and I appreciate that others dig Stallion but just skimmed vid and bodily not my type. Thicker but not shapely like my D-REL from the past. I either like long and toned like Bandit/Manny or D-REL or TaetheDoug looking. If a guy has to be thicker his musculature to me has to be on point and I'm staring down Stallion's abs as incompletely sculpted. Oh well, de gustibus non est disputandum. Sep 10, 2021
20kane Now this is more like it. Wasn’t a fan of the updates these past few weeks. Especially after such a long hiatus. SeeHim has had you beat as of late, Mike. Hopefully you can start bringing in more models like this. This site is supposed to be mostly “gay for pay” and it’s been looking like “Thugboyz” and “RawRods” as of late. I'm hanging in there with you but I need a good bang for my buck. I ain’t buss a nut to your work since you’ve returned. Sep 9, 2021
jairQ Michael...back on to see it Sep 9, 2021
cam6594 On point! Can't wait till next go through the levels. Sep 9, 2021
maybelater Wow, reminds me of Isaiah for some reason. He keep coming around that ass will be got! I'm here for it. This gives me hope. Nice addition, I enjoyed this solo. Sep 9, 2021
flylikebird1 Ok not a fan of solos but it was interesting to hear his the pairing is what's going to make his 1st scene hott..yeah I know he's str8, but how many times have we heard that..mike so make it go team bba..I've only enjoyed 1 scene so far..bandit & ross.. Sep 9, 2021
VikingKing YES! Can not wait to see more of Stallion in action. Def the freshness I was hoping for! Hopefully more newbies like Stallion to come. Sep 9, 2021
davids Stallion gets an A rating. He has what it takes to go far in the adult entertainment industry. This dude is horse-hung with a nice ass too. Keep him around for a while. Sep 9, 2021
wolfkno Damn! Very nice catch Michael. I’m hoping you convince him to do a scene with another guy. That dick. Wowzer. Sep 9, 2021
MrBrown19942 His beautiful chocolate skin, amazing teeth, beautiful lips & body, (along with his fat ass and enormous dick), will be greatly received, in future scenes at BBA. 🙌🏿❤️🔥🔥 Sep 9, 2021
MrBrown19942 I’m definitely one that loves to watch the entire conversation. It brings a new appreciation for these models. ❤️❤️ Sep 9, 2021
MrBrown19942 The fact that he’s a dominant, sensational type of lover, will bring great energy into his future with BBA. I LOVE his energy, even through the screen- he seems very genuine and amazing! Thank you, BBA, for continuing this record of consistency. ❤️ Sep 9, 2021
Docteur Just a matter of time before he will be back paired up with someone. Hopefully it is not a femme bottom. I noticed he said, "I've turned it down quite a bit... I let 'em know it is not normally my speed." Sep 9, 2021
swamp96 Hes sexy. Now if he does come back to do a scene with another model, pair him up with Kavii. He needs someone fem to make him more comfortable and Kavii will put in the work. Sep 9, 2021
N2muscleguyz69 Now this is what I signed up for four plus years ago! Great job Michael! Now work your legendary skills of persuasion on getting this self-confirmed straight dude to like boy ass and film a scene with Ross and/or Trapp reluctantly taking his monster dick up each of their tight, phat asses! 😈 Sep 9, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad this one reminded you of the old-school BBA that you love. And you know that win or lose with these guys, I'm always going to try my best! 😁
alerion13 That’s why I am here. Authenticity is king. Sep 9, 2021
juan24 I worked out this a.m., then went right to BBA, and lo and behold...Stallion. He fyn asf (aint no other way to phrase it). Crazy good looks, nice athletic physique, with that toned, bubble butt. I aint never been much into penetration sex (tho i LOVE to watch it, hahaha) so it would be kool to see Stallion WRESTLE Justice...with lots of oil, hahaha. That would become a downloadable video to me, hahaha. Sep 9, 2021
MichaelGalletta Damn, I LOVE your idea of filming Stallion in a hot, sweaty, oiled-up wrestling match with Justice or others! Thank you.
Trix101 So is this the new Big Dick Bandit …you know it’s only a few models that can take this dick and that’s (Isaiah-Kavii-Slim) anyone else is just a waste of time. I wanna see if Stallion keeps his word bout being passionate and ruff ..Please say its another video coming along with this one Sep 9, 2021
KNG5TNFN Saint 2.0? Niiiiiice 😎 Sep 9, 2021
MichaelGalletta You and a couple others have compared Stallion to Saint, and I guess I can see that. For me personally, he brought more to mind the confidence and charisma of guys like Apollo and Ross. But regardless of which fan favorite he reminds viewers of most, I think we can all agree he has a lot of potential! 🏆😍
deboer85 hmm this is not my type Sep 9, 2021
jrummi i dont usually like these kinds of scenes, but that was kind of hot! he kind of resembles a darker version of jah in my opinion Sep 9, 2021
MichaelGalletta Hmmm, I don't really see the resemblance to Jah, but I'm glad you like him!
11luvme2u What a sexy chocolate treat! Great personality, smile, physique, and has dick and ass!! We shall see if he stays around. I sure hope so. He'd be a perfect match for Saint to break in. Great choice. Sep 9, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you like Stallion as much as we do! He's truly the entire package, right? Fingers crossed that he'll stick around for many more scenes to cum. 🤞😉

Stallion is a strikingly handsome and outgoing new model from the Midwest who enjoys traveling and meeting new people.

A self-described "people person," he exudes a confidence and charisma that reminds me of my first times meeting BBA legends like Apollo and Ross. He's THAT sexy.

As a way to earn some extra money while pursuing his career as a carpenter, Stallion recently began dabbling in the world of amateur straight porn. That's how he met a recruiter (and BBA fan) who immediately recognized his BBA potential and wasted no time sending Stallion our way.

Stallion was quick to let us know that he's "100% straight" (with three kids waiting for him at home), but he's also an exhibitionist and natural flirt who doesn't mind teasing an audience of gay men just as long as we keep our horny hands to ourselves.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for Stallion's impressive "audition" as this muscular, dark-skinned Adonis introduces himself to BBA's viewers for the VERY FIRST TIME....

We begin with an in-depth outdoor interview by the pool to get better acquainted with our newest straight recruit shortly after meeting him for the very first time. Stallion shares some hot and hilarious stories from his many sexual exploits since losing his virginity when he was only 14 years old.

When he's ready for a quick break to cool off in the pool, he treats us to one of the sexiest teases I've filmed in a very long time as he slowly steps out of the pool with his wet swim trunks clinging revealingly to the tempting unknown treasures beneath.

"It's not fair to keep teasing you guys!" Stallion says seductively in his deep, sexy voice. "Are you ready for the REVEAL?"

Watch as Stallion slowly slides off his swim trunks to expose a breathtaking body that you truly have to see to believe. Let's just say he chose his model name well!

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Outdoors, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 9, 2021 42 min
Photo of Stallion

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