Bandit's Beach House: Fresh Meet

davids Kavii is a gorgeous guy. He is sexy from head to toe. I wish he were more masc. I hope he will come back to BBA. Oct 14, 2022
oldskool34 This was phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 20, 2021
Nastynut I Loveddddd EVERYTHING about this scene‼️ Not one complaint!! It was as if cameras weren’t there and they knew each other on the streets type of sex. My entire BBA world would be complete with, well halfway lol if Kavii bottomed for Stallion OMG I feel that chemistry would be off the charts‼️ & then the other half of my BBA world completion is when Blake gets a revenge scene with Stallion and he finally bottoms 🙌🏽 I think that’d be an EPIC and intense scene😍🔥😍🔥🥰🤪 Nov 19, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed this one. Makes total sense that this would be more up your alley than the House of Whores gangbang lol. We definitely hope to pair Stallion with Kavii in the near future, and Blake Bishop getting his revenge on Stallion's flawless muscle-butt would be an epic porn dream cum true! 😈🤞
mrsmith2 Kavii is hot asf ! That ass, that body, that face ! Def one of my fav scenes and one of my fav models. Oct 17, 2021
Meatlover I’m not feeling this one. I love Scuba and he brings it with the films he does but I’m not thrilled with Kavii. I’m down with bottoms but I love watching bottoms get their dicks sucked too & I was very disappointed that it didn’t happen here. If Kavii is the freak he says he is, he needs to be it and I didn’t see it here. It was a dud for me. Sep 3, 2021
MichaelGalletta Some bottoms don't like getting their dicks sucked or played with, and can't get hard or cum while getting fucked. Clearly Kavii is one of those bottoms. Sorry to hear that this prevented you from enjoying the scene.
knightrider This scene was ok, Kavii is definitely the star here. I would love to see him in a Thrown to the Wolves scene with Bandit & Blake Bishop. Two big dick tops that will really pound those cakes for him. This bottom loves dick please feed his desire. Sep 1, 2021
emiliano69 A star has been found in Kavii. The head game, he sexy, and he throwing that ass back. Aug 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta @Cumalot: We literally kicked off this series with two of our most popular "gay for pay" models of all time lol. But we like our cute gay bottom twinks too. It will always be a mix, but rest assured we're working hard behind the scenes to bring you some hot new straight and bi models too. Just not a part of this series, sorry. Aug 23, 2021
Cumalot This is not the BBA I fell in love with , all the new models and some of the old are 100% gay bottoms , where's the straight gay 4 pay this is not it Aug 22, 2021
Shirly223 It’s a no for me dog Aug 12, 2021
charlieboyy This scene was decent , Kavii is certainly handsome but the Moaning was too much for me and y’all needed more of an aggressive top because Kavii Was fucking Scuba the ENTIRE time and he only was in control at the end with the missionary position… Kavii Needs someone that can handle him and pin him down and give the right pounding he was looking for Aug 10, 2021
ken1jim A little too soft for me. I like the more masculine models paired up. Aug 8, 2021
Cumalot New guy too gay for BBA vibes Aug 7, 2021
Horny202 The moaning was a bit much... couldn't enjoy it because it seemed so fake. Aug 7, 2021
haroldanderson Kavii is cute but that girlie moaning was a bit much I love all the other things when I get straight boy fantasy taking dick for the first time not a Feminine bottom who acting like a girl Aug 5, 2021
zebrasex4567 I never review scenes, but I have to say that Kavii is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you guys plan on keeping him around and active on the site. I really enjoyed the moaning especially and the faces he was making that smile is everything. Id love to see him in a scene with Lil Jake I feel like those two would have amazing chemistry. Aug 3, 2021
kevin343 I gotta give it to Kavii that solo shower scene was hot ! And the moaning .......... ! Aug 2, 2021
twizzle20111 I wrote a review on this scene on the blog but after re-watching this scene I've changed my mind. Kavii looked amazing and I think he has a bright future at BBA. I still don't think the pairing was the best choice but that's neither model's fault. Kavii's ass looked amazing and he knew how to take dick so I would love to see him with a more aggressive or dominant top. Scuba is still one of my favorites also and I hope y'all have him coming back in the near future. I'd rate this a 8 out of 10 which is great for a newbie! Jul 30, 2021
davids I absolutely love Scuba. Please keep Kavii around. He is so handsome. Jul 30, 2021
smhard03 Love a more feminine bottom - the moaning felt a bit fake but Kavii is SEXY AF!!!!!!!!! If I see you on the street Kavii I wanna taste that ass!!! Jul 29, 2021
demereowoodward I think you should put the new faces together for a hot scene. Kavii, Lil Jake and Jah. And maybe throw Shameeks in there to coach them. But Kavii would def be exciting to watch with Lil Jake and Jah. Jul 29, 2021
stmarks13 Kavii is beautiful but needs to stop acting. I love seeing guys be natural and not try to play it up, or at least not poorly. Jul 28, 2021
dv6000 Kavii was great. not a huge fan of scuba as a top. keep him as bottom. overall fair! Jul 27, 2021
ef8432 I’m giving him a chance, I’d love to see interact with the str8 guys like Trapp, Dominic, Ross & especially Bandit. Bandit works good with the more feminine models I.E. King Ant & Spice Jul 26, 2021
lucashill1111 The moaning was a bit much Jul 26, 2021
DisciplineU Unlike some, I don't mind seeing a young bottom boy get it good and love it, but I'd prefer a big dick aggressive top give it to him. Oh, and I've wondered for years if there will EVER be a BBA scene without the phrase "that ass is so tight." This should have been the one, but no. Maybe it's a rule. Glad you all are back. Jul 25, 2021
Jayden27 You all switched it up and served something different for the masses this week--not bad. In the review for "Last Call", I mentioned that you all had some CUTE new faces. I now have a name. Hey Kavii! Let's discuss.

I. Shower Solo...or Stalking?

Y'all know I love the shower scenes right? LOL This one was no exception. Kavii naked is a view that I am not mad all. His body is on point, and skin is flawless. As always, I love the shower portion. Viewers get a full show to every inch of his anatomy drenched
and decorated with beads of water with a sexy, seductive ass soundtrack. However, a change comes when we see Scuba easing into the frame as he spies on Kavii. I laughed as he creeped his head slowly over the shower wall. Gotta admit, it looked great on the scene, and it was funny.

II. Sloppy Toppy...

I enjoyed watching this part. The head looked like it felt great. The endless spit trails that came from Kavii only added to the richness of this oral experience--he clearly didn't come to play. Scuba's dick was completely soaked with spit from the head all the way to the base of the ballsack. I like how Kavii took his time, and he did not spare his DNA. This was definitely a moment I enjoyed--possibly my favorite part.

III. The Sex

Kavii, aka, "Mr. Throw Dat Ass" definitely knows how to bottom. At one point, he was throwing it back so much to the point where Scuba almost didn't have enough room to put in work! Of course, sound effects during this part from the models brought about a change too. Instead of the models cursing out of pain, grief, agony, or frustration, we had a model that did the complete opposite--he gave loud sounds of pleasure. It did seem to be a lot at times; however, it wasn't out of context, and it was nice to see this model enjoy his BBA debut.

IV: The End?

Scuba released a nice cum shot after the scene; however, I was left hanging because we didn't get one from Kavii. However, I also know that, at times, it can be hard to cum when you bottom.

Kavii reminded me of several BBA models of the past. His mannerisms remind me of HollyWood. He reminded me of Royal and Rory, and sadly, we only saw them for one scene and that was it. I hope Kavii will be different. All in all, most of the viewers are used to the BBA offerings of the masculine, straight persona sexin' with other guys for their displeasure and our enjoyment. However, just like everything, it's important to switch the perspective once in a while. Otherwise, things can get stagnant and boring. Fresh Meet did exactly this.

The reviews appear to be mixed, and I have to admit this scene was a different experience for me as well. However, it doesn't change the fact that this was a GREAT scene filled with AWESOME moments--No shade given. Both models are well deserving of their props. Congrats to Kavii for a stunning debut, and I do hope we get to see him again. Welcome to the BBA family cutie!
Jul 25, 2021
princegwa The scene was okay for me not the best but okay. I just think the chemistry was off. Scuba is the fire for me. I do want to see more of what Kavii can do. Jul 25, 2021
Qbabykp03 This scene gets a 9/10 for me. I love the addition of Kavii. If you don't like this scene you have hyper masculinity issues. Jul 24, 2021
wolfkno I guess a lot of people come here for their dl obsession. But this scene was awesome. Kavii is so sexy. I hope you keep him around also. The messed up part is that a lot of the people who don’t like his femininity are prob big ole femmes themselves.

The scene was hot. Both parties seemed to be into it.
Jul 24, 2021
Bellyboyblues This scene was just okay for me. I love Scuba, but Kavii should’ve been paired with a more aggressive top IMO. Jul 24, 2021
maui1one Love this site but couldn't watch this scene. Turned it off after a few minutes. Jul 23, 2021
mrwhitley1 You know He looks just like Bandit & Knockout!!!!
Maybe Kavii can give them some pointers.
He was Gliding on that dick..well 20min of foreplay he better be open.
Make all the guys watch this scene. they need to practice. Maybe not the moaning, but the body movements.
Make him BBA Power Bottom “Captain”
(cause thankfully this site has bred many power bottoms) 👏🏾So the “Captain” title is necessary.
Scuba is HOT 🥵 as weird as he looked out on the deck…it was still hot. I do miss his youthful fro tho.

Yo he rode the fuck out that dick NO LIE!!!! 😦👏🏾🤣
Make the models watch this video!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 23, 2021
extreme7 Damn Kavii is super sexy. I loved the wet sloppy head. I'd wife Kavii in a heartbeat. Great scene. Scuba was hard right through. Jul 23, 2021
2Sexy4Words it was alright i like the gay for pay guys, nothing like a str8 guy taking dick and moaning, waiting on Apollo, Justice, Dominic and that freaky ass Jake and Lil Scrappy. Still keep up the good work something for everyone. Jul 23, 2021
swamp96 Kavii needs to be kept around. Scuba just aint it for me. Jul 23, 2021
Kevinjamal This was really boring Jul 23, 2021
11luvme2u Please keep Kavii around. Keep the variety. I wish people would see the beauty in sexy men who are in touch with their feminine side. Everything is not about the hyper masculine, DL, thuggish, "I'm doing this just for money but I ain't really with this shit" type dudes. Kavii is stunning and has so much potential. I hope he doesn't let the negative comments discourage him. Yes, BBA please keep the interviews because that is what connects us to the models in ways the other sites don't give. Yes, I want to know about their favorite color, favorite food, freakiest thing they've done, etc. No this scene was not perfect but I enjoyed this way better than Ross and Bandit (no shade). And I loved the moaning! And all the spit! And the music in the shower! I give this scene a solid A- ! Jul 23, 2021
2allain The moaning… really? 🙉 Jul 23, 2021
texasbugg scuba i had to look again u had that hole wet love that's how u know u r making love to the hole when u got it wet. Jul 23, 2021
texasbugg scuba was feelin that young asshole he fucked kavii better than he fucked trapp he was all the way in damm i busted after 4mins scuba got a big ass dick i hope bandit get to fuck scuba that fatt sexy ass. Jul 23, 2021
damon8 Siskel, Ebert and Damon give this scene two thumbs down and a middle finger.
Jul 23, 2021
11luvme2u I really enjoyed this scene. I love the variety. BBA needs more than just the "straight" boy going gay for pay. It also needs gay men who know what they like and show it sexually. Kavii and Scuba are great examples. Kavii is the perfect addition to BBA. He's beautiful, sexy slim body, full lips, and experienced. I LOVE the feminine energy and sexual confidence he showed during the scene. Strong bottoms are so important and Kavii is one of them. He made consistent eye contact, kissed, sensually moaned, arched his body perfectly, and stayed engaged throughout the scene. I am thoroughly impressed!! I really hope he stays around because I can see models like Bandit, Manny, and other masculine big dick tops really enjoying him. Scuba seemed to enjoy the fresh meat. I laughed when Scuba stared at him on the balcony because his eyes were bulging like he'd seen a ghost. This was a good scene with a good starter pairing for Kavii. I really look forward to a scene with a strong masculine top paired with his submissive feminine energy. GREAT JOB! Jul 23, 2021
haughtona2 Why y’all made Scuba a creep? Lmao Jul 23, 2021
HeyNwkat160 Beautifully shot scene. Want to see more scenes with Kavil. Good to see Scuba return. The best best part is there was no interviews and asking dumb questions. I don't need to know the models favorite color or when was their first time.... Jul 23, 2021
drakegay4real OMG fine ass Kavii showing out out the gate... this scene is 🔥🔥🔥 Jul 23, 2021
ACTION7 I want to see SCUBA give up the goods Jul 23, 2021
getdickhoe Y’all have went from bad to worse. I just knew with all this time off y’all would come back with some fire. This scene is trash. And Scuba is another one of my favorites. Mad AF. Jul 22, 2021
MrBrown19942 This scene is amazing! 😍 🔥 Jul 22, 2021
Docteur This was not good to me at all. What a waste of Scuba. After Bandit v Ross, this was a bad pairing. Waiting for more Bandit, Stylez and Scuba with someone better than this. I really hope we see Bandit fuck Stylez since Stylez has fucked him two times. Jul 22, 2021

To celebrate our much-anticipated return after a long and difficult pandemic year, we're bringing back BBA's #1 model in his very own series starring more returning fan favorites and even a couple fresh faces.

We recently reunited with some of our favorite guys at a tropical getaway that we nicknamed "Bandit's Beach House." Our goal was to celebrate a return to "semi-normal" and enjoy some good, old-fashioned BBA fun.

Kavii is a strikingly handsome 18-year-old from the South with a slim, youthful body, sensual lips, and a spectacular bubble-butt that quickly caught the eye of every other guy on this trip. Of course his hilarious habit of walking around naked and flaunting his tempting teen body in front of everyone else didn't exactly help with that!

A self-described "freak," Kavii has always dreamed of becoming a "porn star," but never tried anything more than mostly solo amateur clips on his OnlyFans before joining us for this trip.

It's not too often that we add an eager new "bottom" to the BBA roster, but when we do, the rest of the guys are usually quick to show their appreciation, and Kavii was no exception!

When Kavii slips away from the rest of the guys to enjoy a hot shower and play with himself, returning fan favorite Scuba can't resist the temptation to sneak into Kavii's room and spy on the hot private show.

With everyone else still hanging out by the campfire and pool, Scuba knows this might be his first and only chance to make a move before the other guys get their own horny hands on the tempting young newbie.

Enjoy this multiple-"nutt"-draining session that includes lots of slobber-soaked sucking, award-worthy DEEP-THROATING, hungry ass-eating, and noisy, "wake the neighbors"-style fucking as Scuba gets to be the lucky first of the BBA boys to enjoy Kavii's juicy-thick lips and tight teen ass for himself....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Finger-Fucking, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath
Details: Jul 22, 2021 47 min
Photo of Kavii
Photo of Scuba

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