The Return of Young Spazz

Sexxyme The best masculine rim job in 2013 and still my favorite in 2021. Jul 19, 2021
Sexxyme Where these two now, we need a 2020 session. Nov 20, 2020
emmyfan This is one of the best rimming videos that I have seen! Nov 14, 2017
bigb1023 POST MORE DL CHILL SPOT. 😍 May 24, 2017
adr1229 This is a good video. Very realistic! These bruthas are very hot too. Not too much talking either, so I didn't have to fast forward a lot. I like this video. Aug 4, 2016

When we last saw Young Spazz, the cocky black teen was accusing the CEO of "stealing his manhood" and swearing he would never come back. But I think he enjoyed that first visit to the DL Chill Spot more than he would like to admit, because just a couple months later he was returning for more!

See for yourself what happens when the DL Chill Spot CEO - with the help of his sidekick Smokey - tries to push the handsome "straight" thug's boundaries a little bit further....

Unfortunately, this scene didn't quite go according to plan. Young Spazz got his nickname for a reason, and he ended up "spazzing" out and storming off before the shoot was completed.

But even though things didn't turn out like we'd hoped, it's still hot as hell seeing this street fighter's flawless bubble-butt hiked high in the air while Smokey dives in for a taste. I honestly don't think I've ever envied anyone MORE than while watching Smokey bury his face in that fresh street-thug ass!

Better yet, we get to see the cocky young thug with his mouth stuffed full of dick - this time WITHOUT a condom! - literally choking and gagging on Smokey's raw dick in a generous amount of nasty, noisy, sloppy-wet action.

It's fascinating to watch Young Spazz go from being extremely tense and reluctant in the beginning ("I should have smoked a blunt before I came!"), to gradually letting down his guard to indulge and expose his inner freak, even if only for a brief moment.

Where else but the DL Chill Spot can you see a scrappy street fighter like Young Spazz throwing gang signs to the camera with a mouthful of DICK?!?

Categories: Ass-Eating, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Condom, DL Chill Spot, Straight Boy
Details: Dec 22, 2013 33 min
Photo of Smokey
Photo of Young Spazz
Young Spazz

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