Introducing: Zeus

zuniboy60 Perfect I need to see him in a scene. Apr 23, 2016
lilmellowyellow I enjoyed watching Zeus perform. He has a nice hairy asshole. Thanks for the closeup shots of his ass and asshole. Dec 10, 2015

Zeus is a handsome and outgoing straight guy with a girlfriend and three kids. He was given his nickname by an awestruck ex-girlfriend who told him he's "a god in the bed."

"Right hand on the Bible, everybody I ever had sex with said I was the best!" Zeus boasts in his introductory interview.

It took several months before Zeus would even agree to this solo "audition." He was skeptical about having a man behind the camera, and said he'd feel more comfortable with a female in the room. But I finally talked this cocky "sex god" into taking off his clothes and sharing his body with the rest of the world for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Zeus's "audition" begins with an entertaining interview, filmed less than an hour after meeting this funny and outgoing new model for the very first time.

Even though Zeus is proud of his body and eager to prove his (straight) porn potential, he gets extremely nervous when it finally comes time for him to reveal what's under his clothes.

"This is WEIRD!" he exclaims as he reluctantly begins to take off his clothes with another man watching.

This sexy straight dude might have a big ego, but he also has a BIG DICK to match! (The ladies call it his "third leg").

If you like short, skinny guys with big dicks and tight asses, then Zeus's toned little body will be a treat for the eyes! ESPECIALLY knowing just how long it took to convince him to show it off!

Zeus lets us follow him into the shower and seems to grow more confident as his "audition" continues, talking directly to the camera and even teasing his gay viewers with a seductive sneak peek at his cute little butt. Don't miss Zeus's hilarious reaction when I ask him to bend over and show us his asshole!

Zeus eventually heads to the other room where he relaxes on the bed and strokes his big dick while watching straight porn.

He still seems really uncomfortable with me in the room (and no females present), so I decide to set up the tripod and give him some privacy....

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 15, 2013 37 min
Photo of Zeus

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