Schoolboy Confessions

jokehb Dragon you are one cute guy with a babyface and an ass to match.You do seem to have a bit of an attitude but I am sure Michael could cure that by taking down your pants and giving you a firm over the knee spanking!!!! Aug 30, 2016

As I reported on the BBA blog awhile back, Dragon moved out of state last year. Even though I've stayed in touch with him since then, I haven't been able to film anything with him since his scene with Eureka last summer. He just moved back, however, and to welcome him back to town, I invited him over to chat with his fans and answer some of the questions you've been e-mailing me lately.

Join Dragon as he visits a nearby park on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, soaks up some sunshine, and offers his fans a rare and intimate glimpse into his private life. He begged me to let him read your questions beforehand, but I refused, wanting his answers to be as spontaneous and honest as possible. Some of his responses end up being introspective and deeply personal - it's obvious that Dragon has matured a lot in recent months. Others are surprising and hilarious.

Questions include: What REALLY happened between Dragon and Shyne? Are he and Eureka still "fuck-buddies"? What are the chances we'll see Eureka get fucked in a future scene? Who wins: "The Fuck-Buddy" or "The Thug"? Is Dragon into females at all? What's the freakiest thing he's ever done?

Dragon also addresses the topic of people who judge him for doing porn, and shares his mixed feelings about appearing in future scenes.

This scene is a special treat for all of the Dragon fans out there, as well as those of you who share my feeling that getting to know a boy's personality and interests only makes watching his hardcore sex scenes a thousand times hotter.

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Details: Apr 3, 2009 45 min
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