House of Whores #2: The Afterparty

cocopop For a straight guy, Stallion sure suck a mean dick, and he love kissing. He's done everything but give up that sexy ass. Oct 13, 2023
luv2cporn Stallion is my absolute favorite. So handsome and masculine. it was hot when he told Bandit "let that spit drip on me" while Bandit was sucking Zanders dick. Stallion gave the best wet sloppy head! Spit drippin while he was sucking both of them. I busted every time at that scene!!! Oct 9, 2023
ACTION7 Stallion and Zander for a part 2 man to man freaky deaky show Jul 6, 2023
Shirly223 I would be mad as shit if I was Stallion and I couldn't top Bandit lol. Just cheering from the side lines. I would love to see that pairing, Bandit and Stallion or Bandit and the New guy. Or all three Nov 14, 2022
Granene123 Has Zander had enough bottoming practice yet to get topped by Stallion? Their chemistry is off the charts! Sep 28, 2022
ACTION7 Stallion had the best head game, so intimate, arousing Aug 18, 2022
misterblack I loved the way the shots were framed, angled; Zander stroking Bandit; their reflections in the window; Zander fucking Bandit from below; Bandit's ass glistening with lube while Stallion sucks Bandit's dick; those hair-adorned balls and pubes gliding through the air. The varying hues of these beautiful men were lit perfectly; strikingly sensual. Jun 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your encouraging feedback to this scene! This is one of those scenes that wasn't exactly what we'd originally planned, but ended up evolving into a surprise little instant classic of its own. I also remember the lighting conditions being less than ideal for this shoot, so I'm glad to hear that our angles and lighting impressed you.
Granene123 I would settle for them kissing and sucking each others dicks. They are so hot together!!! Jun 4, 2022
Granene123 When can we see Stallion and Zander do a scene with just the two of them? Jun 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta When Stallion is willing to bottom and/or Zander has had more bottoming practice lol.
rj982272 I was not expecting that ‼️‼️ May 31, 2022
Dope88 6 months later, the replay value of this scene is through the roof 🤌🏽 May 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! And SAME! This is probably my most re-watched scene from last year. So many great nutt-worthy moments.
katrinamoses That part at 3:36 though 😍 when bandit leans in for a kiss with stallion , but stallion sucks his dick instead 😩 Apr 28, 2022
scrappydoo123 Love seeing Zander playing with Stallion hole. Apr 21, 2022
jerome9 I can tell stallion loves Zander Mar 4, 2022
bklynred Great scene.. great chemistry.. refreshing to see Bandit bottom without the usual pretending, in my opinion, it still hurts or is uncomfortable that we get from most of the other models.. it's played out now, in my opinion.. Feb 5, 2022
ssmith06 I want to see zander get fucked Jan 19, 2022
Leonides Zander + Stallion = 🔥🔥
One of them need to bottom in their inevitable scene together one day , just saying … food for thought 💭.
Jan 15, 2022
Soulkitty Great scene, Michael: Caramel; dark chocolate; and white chocolate on a couch, dicks going wild. And it's pretty clear that Stallion and Zander are in lust over each other. Bandit's cute little ass was the proxy because those two want nothing more in life than to stick some dick in each other. Jan 10, 2022
freddy222 Beautiful fat dicks. Dec 31, 2021
11luvme2u I really loved when Bandit was beating his stallion (no pun intended) Zander said, "Oh he wants to cum so fuckin' bad right now..." That's all the motivating Bandit needed to burst a nice load. And Stallion's smile showed how much he loved watching every second of it! He snatched that foot long dick out of Bandit's hand like it was a piece of candy. Moments like that is why this damn site has been getting my money for years!!! GREAT WORK! Dec 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta I'm glad you brought this up, as I'd completely forgotten about that hot and hilarious moment. The funny part is that Bandit had been insisting on using his phone and saying it was probably going to take him awhile. I directed him to put away his phone and I remember him scowling at me like, "Okay, but don't be mad if it takes me two hours to cum" lol.

Fast-forward less than five minutes later to the moment you witness in the scene lol. I swear sometimes we know these guys better than they know themselves. 🤷‍♂️😈
Dualex Whose gonna top Stallion? Zander or Apollo? BTW, did not know Zander was already in the porn scene. Dec 26, 2021
MichaelGalletta Try reading the scene summaries, like I keep trying to tell you on Twitter lol. You'll be amazed by how many of your questions are addressed in our summaries.
blue11111 Hola ! amazing threesome gracias guys 👌👍 Dec 24, 2021
200water Maybe Zander could give us the scene with Stallion that Ross couldn’t 💦💦💦 Dec 13, 2021
Readyruk1 Seriously one of the best features yet. I've been a fan of B B A for over 5 years now and subscriber too and I have to say you really out did yourselves with this sexy-ass trio. Would love to see a one on one with Zander and Stallion soon...its all I want for Christmas ! Dec 4, 2021
khorkino Great video! Awesome job cameraman for capturing this scene; you were not too close on the models which is a turn off for me. Nov 27, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks! This was a challenging one to film due to lighting issues and space limitations, so I'm glad you enjoyed the angles I was able to get.
gigante2 Every time i watch this i see something new (yea, i done replayed it a few time it was the seductive looks between Stallion & Zander!!! now how will that one on one play out??? just a thought.... Nov 27, 2021
MichaelGalletta I LOVE the kinds of scenes where there's so much going on that you don't notice certain things until subsequent viewings. Glad you're able to experience that with this scene!
Dualex Zander and Stallion are hot together. Something tells me Zander will be topping him soon... Nov 25, 2021
megamindporn This was so sexy and beautiful. Bandit bottoming is always a sight to behold, and him being topped by Zander was something else.

I would love to see Bandit and Lil Scrap in a video together.
Nov 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta @emiliano69: Thanks for always being a reliable voice of common sense in these comments lol. I think a lot of viewers leave comments from a place of fantasy, without any consideration of the real-life context in which these scenes are filmed. Appreciate all of your encouragement and support! Nov 21, 2021
MichaelGalletta @sally2222; Sorry to hear this one didn't work for you. Can't speak to the action or filming, but I agree with you that the lighting was definitely a bit off. The place we were filming, while perfect for the Haunted House theme, didn't have the best lighting conditions to begin with. Then to make matters worse, one of my main lights stopped working right before this shoot. We did the best we could, but I agree that the lighting here wasn't ideal. Nov 21, 2021
felix84 Okay Mike, this was great. Good job directing this. Bandit was beautiful. This was his best "bottom" movie along with the Saint and Apollo movies. Keep up the great work. Nov 20, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thank you! Watching Bandit's evolution and progress (especially as a bottom) over the years has been one of the highlights of my entire BBA experience.
MichaelGalletta @cam6594: OMG, you do know this is BBA, right? "Disrespect" is what we do best lol. If THIS scene has you clutching your pearls, please do yourself a favor and stay clear of "Bandit's Bukkake." We disrespected THE FUCK out of him in that scene. Sorry, not sorry. 😜😂 Nov 20, 2021
MichaelGalletta @terbernt: We're flattered and grateful that you continue to make room in your over-extended porn budget for BBA lol. And thrilled to hear that you still love Bandit as much as we do! TaetheDoug was sexy AF maybe five years ago, but haven't seen him around in awhile and last I heard, he was long retired from porn.

P.S.: THANK YOU for actually reading the scene summary lol.
Nov 20, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad to see that many of our viewers are liking Zander and enjoying this hot threesome. Just a couple general reactions to some of the feedback:

1) PLEASE READ THE SCENE SUMMARIES!!! I'm still shocked by how many viewers don't bother to read the scene summaries before watching our scenes. The vast majority of questions that get asked in the comments are answered in our scene summaries. Including why Stallion didn't top in this scene.

2) To those saying that including Stallion was a mistake, I have serious doubts about whether you actually watched the scene before commenting lol. And if you did watch and still feel that way, I have to question your judgement about what makes good porn. Because seriously....Bandit and Zander both did their thing here, but Stallion brought so much passion and verbal energy to this scene and it would have been a very different and far inferior scene without his sensual presence.
Nov 20, 2021
chrisgoins33 Yah be on here writing essays just say thank you for the videos and can’t wait to see more. Yah argue with these directors and criticize them, how about yah apply to model and let’s see what yah have. Thank you Mike, Montez and BBA models for your work. Nov 19, 2021
MichaelGalletta LOL!!! I welcome constructive criticism, it's really just the dishonest and sometimes flat-out dumb comments that annoy me the most, the slanderous stuff that is provably false. Thanks for your encouragement and support!
smhard03 STALLION SUCKING DICK!!!! He can be #1 easily Nov 18, 2021
11luvme2u @Docteur. I definitely would like to see Bandit and Stallion alone with each other too. Stallion is very unique, in my opinion, because he can be paired with almost anyone and it would work. I REALLY want to see Stallion with Justice because I believe that would be a super intense and passionate performance. Who can forget Justice cum showering Shameeks and Travis, him picking up Apollo while kissing him and laying him on the bed, or that excellent role play with Stylez. Can you imagine Stallion's first facial on BBA being with the super soaker Justice himself? I sure hope to see that one day. Justice is going to give you that eye contact, sexy verbal, submissiveness, calling his scene partner's name, etc. in a way that many other models don't to his level.
And also, I mean who wouldn't want to see Stallion with the likes of Trapp (that good dual chocolate masculinity together), Apollo (to just see two beautiful black men making love and connecting), and to be honest Kavii (a sexy, young slightly feminine twink who would be so attracted to Stallion that he'd do whatever Stallion wanted). We shall see...
Nov 16, 2021
Docteur The most anticipated pairing will be Bandit and Stallion one on one with all out kissing, sucking, fucking each other, jacking each other sixtynine style, ass eating and bring each other to full climax. The pairing needs no script other than them being in a setting and one goes to the other and starts petting with intense foreplay, and then they do all the things that they know male on male sex can do. #2 desired scene is Shaun, Scotty & Trapp in an all out threesome sucking, kissing and taking turns fucking one another #3 desired scene is Scuba gangbanged #4 Ross gangbanged and he has to kiss everyone #5 Rush comes back and he has sex with Stylez, sucking, fucking and kissing #6 Stylez bottoming for Bandit, Ross and Stallion Nov 16, 2021
cam6594 @cocopop ,what it was is Bandit is #1 and the other two should have bottomed. Nov 14, 2021
gigante2 Great afterparty!!! this one was SEXXY ASF!!!! can't wait to see the sequel to this one...YES YES YES Nov 14, 2021
jakedasnake Pretty good scene. Well my favorite scene of the new material that has been release so far. Stallion is becoming the new trapp, cant wait to see him bottom and swallow some nutt. I wouldnt mind seeing zander bottoming as well and bandit, there's a reason why he's one of the top models he's a damn good performer. Nov 13, 2021
TMT_DMV Some of these comments confirm a lot of peeps have not had real experiences like this b4. The whole scene was authentic as fukk. Keep in mind they had a camera in their faces. All of them played the perfect part and it reminded me of some past situations. Good job on this one. Now keep the release schedule consistent and drop them new twinks y'all tried to sell us on. Nov 13, 2021
Kevinjamal I wish stallion got some bandit ass too. zander 1 sexy motherfucker Nov 13, 2021
Nastynut I really don’t care for the new model Zander I’m sorry. I was able to still get off but I don’t like his fucking bc it seems amateur especially being he’s done porn before it doesn’t come off like it. IE: “It slipped out 😳” 🗣WELL PUT IT BACK IN MF‼️🤦🏽‍♂️ That happens when it’s wet & tight/right 🙄 & there were many equivalent comments he made like that during the scene that annoyed me. Other than that Bandit did good but could have did more and yeah I see Stallion be readyyyy to toot that ass up, he needs an entire ass up scene w/penetration 🥰😍🤤 Take it easy on him when y’all do at first please so he can come back for more lol Nov 13, 2021
maybelater This was good! Bandit you got fuck good and right. You took that dick so nice. And Stallion the way you eat dick is incredible! You slob them dicks like a pro! Zander you fuck that boi! Great video brothers. Nov 13, 2021
emiliano69 Some of yall be typing without thinking. 1. Stallion made this scene. He had the most sexual energy and was damn near directing the other two. 2. Bandit aint ready for Stallions dick. But it will be amazing when it happens. 3. Zander does not have the usual bba look but he has good energy and will warm up in time. Nov 13, 2021
emiliano69 Bandit is still the king. I cant wait until the other 2 take dick. Nov 13, 2021
Prime2021 Too much dramatic ..doesn’t seem natural, acting basically Nov 12, 2021
wolfkno Awesome scene. Bandit didn’t seem like it was too much and all the foreplay was sexy as hell. Zander is a sexy addition. Nov 12, 2021
ACTION7 I expected bandit and stallion to do steamy fucking.......what happened? Nov 12, 2021
rawwar21 Stallion is this 🤏🏿 close to taking some dick. I actually think he wants to try it... all love for BBA Nov 12, 2021
DjbiATL Bandit and Stallion need a do over 1-on-1 scene. Different storyline — homies fucking around on the low. More Old Bandit gay4pay a DL top taking dick energy. Stallion , less eager for dick. (Start sober then get lit as scene goes on Lol) Nov 12, 2021
sally2222 Three cute guys but the action, filming and lighting was off on this one. Previous new releases have been hot. Nov 12, 2021
maxkev1 That shot of Bandit’s hole after Zander pulled out is MONEY IN THE BANK!!! Nov 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta Isn't it, though??? The sight of Bandit's freshly fucked asshole is one of the most spectacularly beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. And that's coming from someone who's seen the Canadian Rockies and the Grand Canyon lol. Somebody should make a gif of that moment for Twitter.
Partduece They could've been kept in the drafts.... Nov 12, 2021
tgray7718 Michael you should do a video with stallion next; miss seeing u in action Nov 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta Awww thanks, it's nice to be missed. Can't make any promises, but let me just say that if there was ever a model to tempt me out of semi-retirement, it's Stallion. My god, that man is just oozing sex appeal from every pore of his body lol.
Beyy88 I’m really feeling Zander! He’s like a perfect version of Kingston. Bandit, my baby did his thing! He seemed to enjoy himself in this scene bottoming. Still taking time to get into Stallion but I’m glad he’s opening up more. Great job to all three. Bandit I love u. Zander boy u grew on me already & Stallion great job. Can’t wait until Stallion & especially Zander start bottoming. Bandit going to go crazy in there. Nov 12, 2021
bbound I don't think I'd let those sexy lips of Stallion's back off my dick once they were on there. Nov 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta DITTO! 😈😅
charlieboyy I want to see Stallion and Zander together just them two… they have a thing for each other Nov 11, 2021
scrappydoo123 Not sure about this scene at all. Didn't do much for me. Not really into Zander at all. Nov 11, 2021
cocopop @cam6594, Frankly, I didn't see Bandit do anything in this scene, he hasn't done before in other scenes. Just what was "disrespectful" to you? Whatever he did, he agreed to do, and got paid well I'm sure. Mike never seen Bandit this relaxed bottoming, since he and Apollo' scene, like that scene he actually seem to enjoy it. Has he been practicing at home, or did Scuba and Ross open that ass back up? Those last two scenes, I could hardly watch. He seem in such pain bottoming. This was a great scene guys, Mike where is Dominic? Nov 11, 2021
shoeman59 Great scene! I read Mike where you said Bandit was the only willing to take dick. I suppose it was fair on the one hand, on the other hand, Zander, should've been willing to receive after giving. On another note, Stallion is gradually getting more and more involved with every scene. As soon as he's ready, Please let Trapp be the lucky one to break him in? Don't make us wait too long, Mike. Nov 11, 2021
Dah0995 We NEED isaiah & ross.. Just throwing this in here. Nov 11, 2021
sexydemon101 Okay yeah this is what we wanna see !!!! I love seeing bandit take dick and ughhh stallion sucking dick made me bust sm omg ugh Nov 11, 2021
flylikebird1 This scene is 1 of the best thus far (2021) Bandit/Ross the other..chemistry on pt.. Nov 11, 2021
TennesseeBator The chemistry in this scene is off the charts, each model brought an element that made this scene work and POP! Nov 11, 2021
Dope88 The only negative thing I have to say is why didnt they eat bandit's ass? 🤔

The scene was great bandit really took 1 for the team. I never seen him relaxed that much. The #1 status is so deserving.

Aye @michael i smell a redo with Bandit and Ross.
Bandit can take dick again
Nov 11, 2021
MichaelGalletta The reason they didn't eat Bandit's ass is because neither Stallion or Zander are open to doing least not yet. Eating ass is frequently the very LAST thing our "gay for pay" guys are willing to try. Strange as it may seem to you and me, they'd rather put a dick in their mouth and even take one up the butt before putting their face in another guy's ASS. 🤷‍♂️😩
Kingmi20 Zander needs to get fucked...that is all lol Nov 11, 2021
cam6594 I thought the scene was disrespectful to Bandit. Nov 11, 2021
11luvme2u This was a Halloween afterparty we'll be talking about for years! I really enjoyed this threesome (even though in the future Bandit and Stallion need a versatile scene). I remember HOUSE OF WHORES PT 1 when Bandit bottomed for Trapp and that portion was the highlight of that scene for me. Similarly, he did a really great job and I must say I do enjoy seeing Bandit bottom. In my mind I said why didn't Stallion fuck him too but then I said to myself that type of epic sex needs to be 1 on 1. Stallion is consistently delivering quality work. We FINALLY got to see those thick chocolate lips kiss and it was hot! They could have used more tongue but it was a good first start. If Apollo hasn't moved on from porn I'd love to see them kiss or maybe kissing the tornado tongue that Shameeks has. Stallion has so much ASS! Watching him arch his back and get eaten out would make any porn lover crave seeing more than a tongue penetrating that tight hole. But as Mike says, "Be patient...these things take time." Zander is a cute addition to BBA. He has a nice body and a different aesthetic than many other models. I'm here for the diversity. This was a great treat for a Thursday morning. Thanks!! PS- And I know I'm going to get A LOT of shade for this comment but I think BBA should recruit a SUPER SEXY BLACK transman for a scene just to see how the fans react. Yes it's different but I think it's worth the chance. I have seen some off the wall sexy black transman on Twitter. If you guys can have bisexual scenes in the past with women and white men I think you should try it. Just my opinion. Nov 11, 2021
MrBrown19942 Bandit is always a joy to hear, see and experience! I love him. Stallion is incredible, too! Zander is incredible, too! Amazing scene as always, BBA! I’m never canceling, my subscription. 👏🏿❤️ Nov 11, 2021
loverboy02 Super sexy.... so glad I signed back up.😏🤭 Nov 11, 2021
woodbba I’ll never get tired of watching Bandit take dick. And it seemed like he enjoyed it too. Reminded me of his scene with Apollo. Zander is sexy & Stallion… oh he does something to my soul. I’d love for him to nibble & talk dirty in my ear. Nov 11, 2021
terbernt Shoot, if I know more Bandit scenes are coming I'm going to need to up my credits again soon. Ya'll at BBA have no idea how extended my purchase habits are (I literally like everything: Asian, latino, black, white/twink, straight), but if Bandit is doing his thing I need more BBA creds in future. Wanted to see Bandit take Stallion but I see by the description ya'll already on to my tastes. Same page. With Bandit its not just bottoming or topping, he has such an endearing personality too, his manner, all perfect. If ya'll have broken the only new amateur models thing with Zander then hint hint Tae The Doug pls, hint hint. Nov 11, 2021
damon8 ME.
I would not like to see Anthony Ramos doing gay porn. 🤮 YUCK!
Please make it stop.
Nov 11, 2021
terbernt Saw Bandit meant instant buy to me. Barely even read the title. Hope it's good. My beautiful Bandit bottoming, so nice. Nov 11, 2021
1988raven one of your best videos Nov 11, 2021
mjhawkin All 3 are hot; no doubt about that. But the trio didnt seem to click with me. I think it would've been much more effective with either Bandit and Stallion or Bandit and Zander. Zander seems to bring different and refreshing energy, which just doesnt work with others. Nov 11, 2021
getdickhoe It was pointless to add Stallion to this scene if he wasn’t going to fuck or get fucked. Nov 11, 2021
jamila122012 Loving this bandit being Sandwiched between two hot men lawdddd this is amazing Nov 11, 2021
MichaelGalletta I know, right??? What a beautiful sight to behold! 😈💦
Godfather07 This was what BBA is all about loved it Stallion is a fast learner loved the kissing Zander is very good but Bandit was excellent with his sexy self a real freak. I hope Rush will be making his debut next week looking forward. Should we stop waiting on Scotty and Shaun to return? Nov 11, 2021
MichaelGalletta In case you weren't aware, Scotty and Shaun have been locked up for the past several years. They were scheduled to get out next month, but unfortunately their release dates have recently been delayed by several months due to them getting into fights, etc. Right now it's looking like the earliest we can expect them out is March 2022.
twannu50 If stallion didn't have penetration, you could've kept that 1. What was the point to add him and not use him, what a waste of footage Nov 11, 2021
august829 Decent scene...a little disappointing that Zander and Stallion didn't take turns giving it to Bandit. Nov 11, 2021
Whitneyy Stallion literally wasn’t needed Nov 11, 2021
ktatwcc20 I am going to need a scene between Zander and Stallion. They have hella chemistry. It has to be a verse scene for sure. Nov 11, 2021
ACTION7 dis some passionate shit right her' Nov 11, 2021
malkezie0 I wanted Stallion to fuck him so bad Nov 11, 2021
Myke305 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I've never seen Bandit look like he enjoyed taking dick like in this scene. Couldn't take my eyes off the chemistry and heat between those two. Bandit impressed here👍🏿👍🏿 Nov 11, 2021
haughtona2 Stallion and Bandit CHEMISTRY is omg!😩🥺🔥🔥🔥🔥 Nov 11, 2021
Duchess 🗣A-1 Sauce!!! That Sloppy Toppy Tho 🤤 By The Stallion. This Is Top Shelf Porn Right here Like The Henny, Remy and Casamigos Great Job Bro Bros keep up The Good Work 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
*Sidebar Mike Make The Stallion And Trapp Flip Fukk Plz ✊🏾
Nov 11, 2021
zebrasex4567 Y’all should do a shoot with Slim, Kavii, Stallion and Zander. It would be nice to see Kavii and Slim again. And I think Stallion and Zander would have fun with both of them. If you can’t get everyone at least do Stallion and Kavii because those two are def the most sensual of your new models and would make for a good scene with some hot chemistry. Nov 11, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the hot suggestions! We definitely hope to work with Slim and Kavii again soon.
Docteur This gets an A -. The only thing missing is Bandit and Stallion flip-flop fucking each other. This is the best fucking Bandit has ever had done to him. At one point his dick was bone hard while being fucked and sucked/jacked at the same time. It was good to see Stallion finally kissing and he does it with experience and passion. Next we need Ross to start kissing. I am sure in the future we will see Stallion take some dick and hopefully whomever fucks him will fuck him as fierce as Zander fucked Bandit. To Michael, how soon will Scotty and Shaun be free from prison? The ultimate is the 3 some by Trapp, Scotty and Shaun with no hold barred, no holes left unfucked and eaten and all dicks sucked. BTW you can tell Stallion really enjoys male to male sex. Nov 11, 2021
chucke1 EXCELLENT A TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 11, 2021
mcchaz I think Zander is very cute. Curious to see how he progresses. Enjoyed this scene. Thanks. Nov 11, 2021

Making his debut BBA appearance in last week's epic Halloween scene, Zander is a muscular, light-skinned new model who recently left the Army to become a straight porn star and stripper.

An exotic racial blend of Black, Italian, Native American, and Asian has blessed Zander with unique good looks that often get him compared to the actor Anthony Ramos. Well, who wouldn't want to see Anthony Ramos doing gay porn?

Like we're seeing happen more and more often these days, Zander recently began exploring his bisexuality and decided that he wants to be a "porn star" representing BOTH sides of the adult industry.

When a recruiter sent him our way, we knew he'd already appeared in several straight scenes, but were under the mistaken impression that he was a true newbie to doing gay porn. We later learned that he'd worked with several other studios in the weeks leading up to his visit with us. Despite this disappointing departure from the usual BBA brand, Zander really seemed to hit it off with the other BBA guys (as you'll see in this scene), and fit right in with his laid-back, masculine demeanor and obvious newness to guy-on-guy sex.

Now it's Zander's turn to take the spotlight along with Stallion and Bandit for this fun and freaky "afterparty" following our big Halloween scene. Still horny from the night before, all three guys were eager to get better acquainted & explore each others' bodies in ways they couldn't when their sole focus was on slutting out Saxgotem.

With two of the guys still being brand-new, there were unfortunate limitations to what this scene could include. For example, Bandit was the only one willing to give up his ass, and even he wasn't brave enough to take on the least not YET!

But trust me when I tell you that Stallion didn't let these limitations stop him from once again stealing the show with several seductive surprises up his sleeve.

Highlights include: Stallion finally kissing another guy for the VERY FIRST TIME; Stallion and Zander dropping to their knees and slobbering on TWO big dicks at the same time; and of course my personal favorite, Bandit getting both of his holes stuffed with RAW dick like a pig on a spit!

I swear I will NEVER get tired of watching this sexy straight boy take dick. In fact, this scene finally broke my long streak of not prematurely busting any nutts during my editing process.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this action-packed "afterparty" as this blossoming three-way "bromance" explores the kind of freaky, forbidden fun that only guys can enjoy with each other.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Nov 11, 2021 41 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Stallion
Photo of Zander

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