In The Flesh

emiliano69 Cordell had so much potential.

May 21, 2023
chgohydeparker Where is CORDELL???????? Nov 9, 2022
mmseventy7 I like seeing Blake in the missionary position. He’s making Cordell submit and that’s so sexy. Sep 23, 2021
markus2424 I agree with all above comments. Blake be sexy-looking when he topping. Cordell got a tight body and is sexy too. Hot video, for sho'! Jun 2, 2018
derrick I love to watch Blake. He is sexy and all that to me. Hmmm, We need more of him doing scenes like this. Aug 8, 2017
texasbugg blake parked his car in that ass hole now that's the right size dick to fit in that hole. he was not doing no faking that was pure painnnnnnnnnnnn. Feb 6, 2017
DellKell Very HOT scene...bring Cordell back and have him do a 3sum with both Apollo and Blake. Nov 13, 2016
cocopop @guerosxs, I agree with you, Cordell grew on me, he actually sexy love to see he and Apollo do a flip scene now that he's taking dick now. They had chemistry together, a bromance. He hasn't been back in a while, bring Cordell back. Love him better than all the other ready made bottoms (twinks) that came after him. Love me some Blake too. May 23, 2016
guerosxs cordell is definitely a hot guy, all his scenes are perfect we need to see him doing top also, he's a gorgeous guy, sexy, I love him Mar 26, 2016
cocopop Blake's booty hole looks like someone has been there before. or he has had something up there before. Jan 9, 2016
RudeMitch Absolutely love Blake Bishop. I'm a huge fan. This is amateur porn at its best. Cant understand why this is not in the top 5 rated. I love this scene. Love this dude. Nov 4, 2015

This scene brings together two of BBA's newest and sexiest stars in a sizzling-hot summer encounter.

Fresh out of the shower and wearing nothing but a towel, Blake Bishop gets horny, pulls out his phone, and starts stroking his huge dick to one of BBA's most unique and unforgettable scenes so far this year. He wonders how Cordell's tight ass would feel and wishes he could "dig in them guts" like Apollo.

Next thing Blake knows, Cordell is there IN THE FLESH, knocking at the door and offering to make the bisexual top's porn dream come true.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this passionate encounter that includes tons of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating - plus Blake Bishop's first time fucking another guy RAW!

This is one of those scenes where the foreplay comes close to stealing the show.

With very little background story or introduction needed, the focus here is on the simple intimacy between two hung and horny black boys as they discover and explore each others' bodies for the VERY FIRST TIME.

There's nothing quite like a sexy, hung "top" who not only doesn't mind but clearly ENJOYS sucking dick, and if you can make it past watching Blake Bishop's SLOPPY-WET head without busting at least one or two β€œnutts,” then you’re a far stronger person than I was while editing the footage!

Blake Bishop also face-fucks Cordell and even lets him enjoy a tempting taste of his tight, "top-only" ass before taking the fun to the bedroom.

That's where he plunges his huge, RAW dick deep inside the Caribbean boy's smooth bubble-butt and (according to Cordell) ends up OWNING that ass before the afternoon's over....

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Jun 30, 2015 39 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Cordell

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