Beno Rides D-Rel & Other Outtakes

Kelly5000 Beno has one of the most beautiful ass in bba Oct 6, 2022


Enjoy this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN footage from one of the most unique and unforgettable scenes I've ever filmed!

Highlights include:

* D-Rel and Beno in a hot "69." Beno thrusts eagerly in and out of D-Rel's mouth and streams of saliva run down his dick as D-Rel's cute "baby brother" kneels right beside them, jacking his dick and watching the action.

* Lots of sloppy-wet oral action that didn't make the final cut: The brothers sit side by side while Beno drops to his knees between D-Rel's legs and worships the boy's beautiful dick. D-Rel later returns the favor, slobbering all over Beno's hard dick while his younger brother kneels right beside him.

* D-Rel and D-Solo reluctantly show off their cute asses while Beno and I discuss which brother's butt is our favorite! Then it's Beno's turn to put HIS ass on display for the brothers. There's lots of nervous laughter and joking around in one of this scene's more goofy, lighthearted moments when Beno rolls onto his stomach to show D-Rel what he'll be lucky enough to stick his dick up inside a few minutes later!

* D-Rel's first attempt at fucking a guy! Beno was so excited about doing a scene with D-Rel that he surprisingly agreed, for a little extra pay, to give up his ass to the cute straight boy! Beno helps D-Rel slide on a condom, then slowly and patiently lowers himself onto the boy's dick....

Unfortunately, this part of the scene didn't quite turn out as we'd hoped. I don't know if D-Rel was freaked out by the whole idea of fucking another guy, uncomfortable and embarrassed with his little brother watching, or simply worried about giving up his own ass a little bit later. Whatever the reason, he was far too nervous, tense, and passive to fuck Beno in the way that I wanted, and I chose not to include this in the edited version!

There's still some hot bonus footage of Beno gasping and grunting as he rides D-Rel's dick. At one point he even leans over to kiss the nervous straight boy as he bounces up and down on that dick with increasing intensity!

Enjoy the hot close-up shots of Beno's cute muscle-butt being split open by D-Rel's big dick! And don't miss D-Solo's hilarious reaction when he first sees his brother's dick disappear into Beno's tight ass!

The scene concludes with some additional footage of Beno fucking D-Rel while D-Solo watches.

D-Rel gasps and moans in pleasure and pain as Beno plunges in and out of his tight, near-virgin ass in an effort to fuck that ass until he cums!

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Details: Feb 26, 2012 37 min
Photo of Beno
Photo of D-Rel
Photo of D-Solo

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