Introducing: Dragon

emiliano69 oh he fucked samuel, i just didnt care for the scene. he is definitely the king of bottoming tho Mar 27, 2020
emiliano69 dragon should have topped somebody... or did i miss that Mar 27, 2020

Dragon is a gay ''schoolboy'' with a wholesome, boy-next-door appeal. He came by on a Friday night to film his very first solo scene for me. He has these large, puppy-dog eyes and a boyish innocence and energy that made filming him a lot of fun. He also has a bit of a country accent that I thought was kind of cute.

Like most of the guys I film, Dragon seemed really nervous at first, but grew much more comfortable and confident as the evening progressed. After a brief interview, Dragon strips slowly out of his clothes and shows off his young, athletic body.

He might have an adorable baby face, but Dragon's DICK leaves no doubt he's a MAN! And this kid's ass is no joke either! It's one of those plump, round asses that only a black boy could have. The kind that pops right out of his jeans, just BEGGING to be touched and licked and fucked!

You get to watch as Dragon lies back on my futon and strokes his thick dick until he pumps out a creamy load on his stomach.

Since filming this scene, Dragon has quickly become one of my most popular models. I knew I'd stumbled upon something special when I first met him, but even during this "audition" I don't think I had any idea just how many guys would fall head over heels for him! Witness for yourself Dragon's amateur porn debut as he gets naked for the first time ever on camera!

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Solo/Auditions
Details: Mar 31, 2008 17 min
Photo of Dragon

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