His First Straight Boy

addict88 As religiously as I've watched this scene over the years... I just noticed that Isaiah came, at about 52:30 when he started licking his lips. Wish you guys asked about it during the solo scene he did with Montez. His body certainly responding in this scene. He actually appeared to be trying to hide his erection when he stood up from the couch... May 3, 2024
emiliano69 πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
May 23, 2023
cocopop Truly hot, but this the first time I've ever seen Isaiah have problems keeping that dick up though, Knockout! I've loved him from first sight. Dec 31, 2022
emiliano69 I was sleeping on Isaiah for a long time bc of his low energy, but he definitely has the goods. Knockout always does his thing. Amazing! Sep 9, 2022
Redbone76 Bandit needs to dick down Knockout!! Feb 7, 2019
pilsener FUCKING AMAZING!! One of BBA'S all time BEST!! ISAIAH is unbelievably HOT moaning and taking that huge dick!!! KNOCKOUT did a great job! Jan 1, 2019
blackspice505 Shout out to Mike for coaching, encouraging, and teaching these young performers, without your dedication and hard work it wouldn't be possible!! Jul 18, 2018
blackspice505 Such a hot scene!! I read people's opinions about who "is not so Str8" etc, to me not important. A guy who is comfortable in a sexual situation with a guy and girl is not "weird" or "acting" , why don't we say "open-minded" If Isaiah or Bandit or Saint or Apollo learn to be comfortable and enjoy guy-to-guy sex, to me that means they're maturing and growing!! Jul 18, 2018
blackkboyy1 luv this one especially the ass eating n kissing Sep 4, 2017
Lalafavors These Kissing Scenes With The Around The Way STR 8 Brothers From The Hood Are So Unrealistic The Dudes Look Like A Deer In Headlights When Doing Those Awkward Kissing Scenes... Believe Me The Scene Will Be Just As Hot Without It Their Brothers From The Hood Not Hopeless Romantics Feb 6, 2017
Cobra Isaiah has the most amazing body. Yea Apollo does too and that's why they are two of my "all-time" favorites. When you throw a "gay" model in the mix I love models like Knockout with an equally nice body and look. I know Tyga also helps with production and some of the "soft body" young guys appeal to you Mike so when I get a block buster like this I can ride out some of the other models you like. Sep 18, 2016
Justen Second time watching this video and my fantasies are comming back again. I wanna see some more videos of knockout taking some dick! (Maybe by me :)). Can't wait to see it possibly happening. Jul 2, 2016
kalani ... 😱 Them boys stretched each other's butt holes out. I likes dat. Good job boys. πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸΏ Jun 10, 2016
cocopop I never seen Isaiah precumming so much, we need to see more of Knockout Mike. Apr 29, 2016
cocopop Isaiah getting so compatible taking dick, his dick while getting fucked now semi or hard, so there must be some enjoyment to getting fucked. Apr 25, 2016
cocopop Only Knockout's second time taking dick so he says, and already enjoying dick in that ass so much he's calling it pussy. Seen him on other sites as a Top, he's hotter, and sexier playing both roles. He's a sexy little brother and of course I love me some Isaiah, Freaky J was the first to fuck Isaiah so good he had him telling Freaky J "fuck that ass", he's loving dick more than he wants to admit it. Feb 28, 2016
Justen I wish that was me fucking Knockout. That was one of the best scenes I've seen Knockout and Isaiah in. Best flipflop ever. Feb 3, 2016
Donald1000 Well I think Isaiah is not as str8 as wants to be seen. He is really enjoying the sex. He loves that dick and he enjoys the kissing. He has learned to love gay sex. Knockout is laughing for different reasons. He is doing what he always wanted to do because he always wanted to get fucked and he loves to kiss another man because when he was fucking and kissing guys he wondered what it was going to feel like and now he knows and he truly enjoys it. Jan 9, 2016
jbiley10 Knockout needs more scenes. Dec 28, 2015
hotfuck1 I agree, Isaiah doesn't seem to be into kissing guys as they're into him. He definitely needs to work on it more. Other than that... man the scene was Fucking HOT. Knockout was like he wanted to stay in that tight pussy of Isaiah. Dec 27, 2015
Whoopig lol i agree with stldiscreet1 above me. Isaiah is very attractive but that's it, He still seems awkward and detached, even after several scenes. The director def needs to start making him work for his money. why does he always look like he is learning to kiss for the first time. and gives head like a robot. it's mechanical. Knockout is surprisingly more passionate than expected from his work on other sites. but yeah... step it up Isaiah Dec 19, 2015
LexDex19 I am jus so terribly disappointed I had expected the 4th of July early but instead all I got was some sparklers. I do not think that Knockout was matched all too well with that str8 boy who looked as if he was rather be anywhere else than in front of that camera gettin his back broken in. The scene didnt really move me until the guy was on Knockout's back doin him and Knockouts moans were pure bliss I jus imagine them being in mii ear.... Dec 19, 2015
stldiscreet1 I dont wanna be overly critical but man Isaiah if you gone go gay for pay...put some freak in that shit...bring that freak game my dude...and make an extra tip in the process Dec 18, 2015
Bjthickone The chemistry between these two was what made this movie hot! They was so into each other like there were no cameras! Dec 17, 2015
tori478 Love It! Isaiah is one of my favorite on BBA but he still seems zoned out..even during sex and the interview after scene he still will not admit he loves dick...KNOCKOUT do I need to say more Hot, cute and sexy as Fuck,,, Dec 12, 2015
lrigdab Hands down the best scene you have ever filmed i give it a solid 10/10!!! ;-) Dec 11, 2015
klimt27 best scene ever !!!!!!! Dec 2, 2015
thinman69 Those of us who have bottomed know that it sometimes takes much concentration to take such a big dick. Isaiah was most likely trying to stay in a zone. It did seem at times that his "fuck me" moans were for the camera and intended to arouse his partner into an orgasm so the ordeal could be over with. LOL. I still LOVE him and he is by far one of my favorites. Who knew he would be so versatile. SEXY Nov 30, 2015
brandonh93 Isaiah always seem somewhere else when in a scene, like he barely make eye connect and is extremely shut off during the scene compared to other gay for pay models who actually attempt to put on a show.. no offense just because you can give dick and take dick doesn't always make a good scene... Nov 22, 2015
Cobra Isaiah did an awesome job. I'm loving the mix with the gay models and gay for pay models you put together. You NEVER disappoint hot scenes to BBA! Nov 18, 2015
supreme by the way this scene a four nut production ! The highest rating .... Nov 11, 2015
supreme Isaiah has turned into a great power bottom , who knew ? Having said that, Isaiah is still holding back more ,more, more ..... knockout is simply a star ! Nov 11, 2015
mother99 Isaiah is too hot. I love the fact that he doesn't like to kiss....makes it that much hotter to watch. His ass is the best. Nov 2, 2015
buckim I love Isaiah, his velvet eyes and the fur between his legs. I love too much all his videos. Nov 2, 2015
99888wpt Isaiah is not masculine at all he is too ''Feminine'' the only thing I like about this video is super phine Knockout. Nov 1, 2015
Lexxnh3 Awesome! Knockout and Isaiah chemistry is the Bomb! Isaiah was hosing lots of pre-cum! I give this video an A+++. Oct 31, 2015
kapukan2 Isaiah enjoyed eating that azz. Finally allowing himself to let go. He is attracted to men but like many "bi" or bi-curious guys they are afraid to let go. I've had a guy practically attacking my dick, soon as he came in he is pulling my zipper down and on his knees........and he kept insisting he was straight. He would want me to fuck him but kissing was "too gay"! Oct 28, 2015
rizzato why didn't isaiah cum? Oct 28, 2015
chgohydepar1 I'm left (almost) speechless. This pairing was HOT! Somehow I always knew that Isaiah would "come around." uh huh. That kat loves him some dick, and I loves me some him! lol Knockout never fails to deliver with his sexy ass. Lordy, Lordy. Can we get an encore? Oh, somebody please tell Isaiah, it's perfectly fine for him to moan, "fuck me." We will only love him more. Oct 27, 2015
99888wpt Knockout is so Masculine and super sexy, Isaiah is super weak not sexy at all to me, Staxx is the Man and always will be. The sex between Staxx and Knockout was Amazing and Perfection ten plus video. Oct 27, 2015
eholsend Knockout was masterful in the way he led Isaiah to new heights. Best show this year. Oct 27, 2015
kingd02 This was sexy af! Maybe Isaiah shouldnt kiss bc its obvious he doesnt like it. But Isaiah is one of my favs and this is one of my top fav scenes Oct 27, 2015
ShyG93 Omg this scene was so fucking hot Kissing Touching Dick Sucking Ass Eating was hot. When Knockout was fucking Isaiah I got wet the way he was fucking turned me on he took charge and was just pounding that ass good I think Isaiah was loving the dick cause I never heard him tell anybody else to "FUCK ME". Also Isaiah was fucking Knockout good too cause he said "Fuck That Ass" and I heard him call Isaiah "Daddy" so the dick must've been good to him. I wouldn't mind seeing both of them again Michael G TY Oct 26, 2015
latinpiss This is perhaps the hottest video to date! Two amazing black boys with clear chemistry and hot raw sex done just the way it should be! Keep up the great work! Now what was I doing...well, I think I will do it again! Oct 26, 2015
bmoney I love hearing Knockout moan while getting fucked. He's so sexy, in any position. Oct 26, 2015
CAM3BR Wow, Michael you saved the best for last. Isaiah and Knockout are my 2 favs. Always felt Isaiah liked the dick a little too much for a str8 boy. Dude is gorgeous. Knockout is gorgeous too and very likeable. Though I must say his dick is no 'starter', how the hell did a starter like Isaiah take that dick? Oct 25, 2015
dainnoc1 welcome back isaiah great flip-flop with knockout who's starting to turn into a great vers star adding flip flop to his game....... Oct 25, 2015
h1lda74 I always enjoy Knockout. In my opinion, though Isaiah is very attractive, this is the first time that he didn't seem repulsed by what he was doing, or like he didn't want to be there. I give him credit for committing to the scene like a professional. Good job! Oct 25, 2015
jairQ I think Knockout is in love :).....My favorite Isaiah scene. Oct 25, 2015
WillF25 Epic moment right here!!! Oct 25, 2015
princegwa Loved it Knockout has truly turned his game around in this one Oct 25, 2015
matt79699 As always, Isaiah, though astonishingly beautiful, looks like he hates every second of what he's doing. Knockout is also hot as fuck, and his enthusiasm almost makes up for Isaiah's woodenness and his alternating facial expressions of disgust and pain. Sorry, but if they're "too straight," as Isaiah clearly is, it just doesn't work for me. But if the guys--regardless of how they define their sexual orientation--appear to be into it and hot for each other... FIREWORKS!! Oct 25, 2015
JoWilfried ... well done.
Welcome back Isaiah!
Who's next?
Oct 25, 2015
pisces586 Did Isaiah cum? I hope they do another scene together Oct 25, 2015
enigmatic Ok now this makes up for the last update. Shit was hot. Most chemistry I've ever seen Isaiah have and Knockout is better at bottoming than I thought. Keep scenes like this coming. Oct 25, 2015
johnda69 You read my mind and a flip too excellent job BBA!
Much Love,

johnda69 Your Raving Fan.
Oct 25, 2015
SCG91pt I LOVED the way they stripped down and started to discover... very sexy lads! Oct 25, 2015

This scene features the unique and unlikely pairing of one of black gay porn's most talented "tops" with one of BBA's most popular "gay for pay" stars, exploring and expanding each others' boundaries in ways never seen before by their fans!

With the exclusive exception of his recent BBA scenes, Knockout has always worked with professional gay "power bottoms" and never been given the chance to experience a real-life amateur straight boy like Isaiah. For his second bottoming scene, I thought it might be interesting and fun to let the popular gay "porn star" live out his fantasy of having a sexy straight basketball player all to himself for the night, to do with pretty much whatever he wants!

Of course as eager as I was to see Knockout GET FUCKED again for only the second time on camera - and his VERY FIRST TIME taking dick RAW! - I also couldn't wait to see Isaiah back in action again, and the thought of watching him take on the challenge of his BIGGEST DICK yet made me instantly hard.

See for yourself what happens when one of black gay porn's most popular tops gives up his usually "off-limits" ass to one of BBA's hottest "gay for pay" models, and also gets to RAW-FUCK that fresh straight-boy ass in return!

Whether it's the thrilling sight of Isaiah's inexperienced lips stretched wide around Knockout's tree trunk of a dick, or his stoic face buried in another man's ass for only the second time in his life; the shocking sound of Isaiah grunting "FUCK THAT ASS!" over and over while his juicy bubble-butt takes its most intense POUNDING so far....

Or Knockout moaning and cursing and even crying out "TAKE THAT ASS!" as Isaiah's huge, curved dick plunges in and out of his tight, "top-only" ass....

This is both guys like you've NEVER seen them before, in a FULL HOUR of unforgettable flip-flop action that you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Creampies, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Flip-Flop, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Oct 25, 2015 60 min
Photo of Isaiah
Photo of Knockout

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