Coaching Kingston

newtothegame did u guys see kingston ranting and raving on the internet a couple years ago..talkin about he lost his girl because he was EXPOSED on BBA. be careful mike this dude is fuckin crazy. also mike i have a challenge for u if u can get LIL D pornstar u will be the greatest of all time. 4real Sep 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta OMG that would be amazing, right? Lil D's one of my favorite straight male porn stars right now and getting him on BBA would be a dream cum true.
jordanbanks Ross, that guy is my favorite! This scene Kingston was horrible. Ross needs a more assertive Top that can actually fuck! Sep 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta You'll get no argument from me on this one lol. This scene was pretty awful, and only saw the light of day thanks to the global pandemic shutting everything down and leaving us desperate for something to post.
cam6594 Poor Ross. I really felt sorry for him. Oct 23, 2021
jardonm You can say all you want, but Kingston is hot af. The reluctance actually turns me on. Jun 16, 2021
OKinMUC Interesting scene. It provides new insights, since you left some of the awkward parts in. To me, Kingston has some growing to do. BTW: The more I see Ross, the more I like him. I like how his personality is coming through more and more. Cool to see a man who knows how to enjoy the moment, and what it does to (and for) him. For my part, I very much look forward to see more of Ross. May 29, 2021
ACTION7 KINGSTON is hot, Ross was all the way into his fuck game; Kingston brought Ross's bottom game up a few notches. I liked the chemistry between them. Kingston needs to do Dominic's hole too. May 26, 2021
mocombo So the return of BBA content after many months features Kingston? Not at all what I was hoping for or expecting. Frankly I am w-a-y over Kingston's constant references to "straightness". It's very boring. Ross pulls it off so much better. Even understanding all the challenges you have faced over the past year, presenting this scene after such a long absence of new content is disappointing. May 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta This is NOT a new scene. We simply moved all of our pandemic-year content further back in the archives as part of our work on the new site. This was the last regular scene we released in early 2020 before we had to shut down production due to the pandemic. Stay tuned for new content coming this summer. Check out our latest announcement over on the BBA Blog:
dlgaboi love seeing ross take dick I wanna fuck him so bad Apr 11, 2021
MarkDC Kingston CANNOT fuck!!! UGH!!! Aug 24, 2020
ACTION7 both did a good job, they can do a flip flop in the re-do, they both need to ride cumming! Jun 23, 2020
hotfuck1 Nah, flip scene with Kingston and Bandit! :) Jun 19, 2020
conunjrum Perhaps a flip scene with Kingston and King Ant? Jun 15, 2020
Platinum48036 Kingston doesn't turn me on at all Jun 12, 2020
swamp96 Kingston just doesnt do it for me. Ross is great tho. Do what you will with that information. Jun 9, 2020
Devo1010 Yawn. Ross is hot, but Kingston needs to get into it more. I get that this was a long time ago and early on in his process, but still. Thanks for sharing given the pandemic and all, but can't wait for new stuff. Jun 9, 2020
michaelmcf Thanks, Mike. But, you were right. For me, this one's NOT worth downloading. Kudos to Ross, for enduring the assignment (of course) for the money. At this point, Kingston was just a noob too high on drugs to perform. Keep working with him. He could be a real charmer, in time. Jun 9, 2020
11luvme2u But thanks BBA for doing the best you can. Jun 8, 2020
11luvme2u This quarantine needs to be over! I need fresh scenes like Trapp and Justice; The Return of Scotty and Shaun; Dominic and Saint Round 2; Jah and Shameeks; The Reappearing of Apollo, Bromance Orgy with Trapp/Ross-Apollo/ Dominic-Lil Jake/Mar... the possibilities are endless... Jun 8, 2020
Whitneyy Kingston can’t fuck! Tell him to stfu next time with his weak ass commentary! Ross wanted to punch him but was being nice Jun 8, 2020
MrBrown19942 Wow, this video is actually really good, Mike! Jun 8, 2020
rockyp00 Where is Scotty? I miss him Jun 8, 2020
rockyp00 It was not bad at all... Jun 8, 2020
3606tsb72 Ross and Kingston's pre-sex banter, their personalities, handsome faces, and the sex was ... more than I expected, considering Mike's description of what viewers' would see, more than I expected. I would have preferred seeing less ass and more oral but, hey, I know what time it is (so to say). The bruvahs' did their thing regardless. Overstand? GRADE: A- Jun 7, 2020
awj1214 Mike this is actually a pretty good scene. What else u got stashed in that bag. Jun 7, 2020
Docteur I like Ross, wanna see him with Bandit, and also for Apollo to get his "get back" to top Ross. I am not a fan of Kingston at all - he is the most boring model on here next to Rocky, whom by the way needs to bottom. Jun 7, 2020
albany08 Nice scene but in all honesty here I’m tired of Kingston acting shy and like he doesn’t know what’s going on by now. It’s actually quite boring and then he doesn’t get into it enough for me. Matter of a fact his stroke game is weak af. His good looks will only take him so far.... the people want to see him commit to what he’s actually doing. Jun 7, 2020
MichaelGalletta I'm guessing you didn't read the scene description before watching. This was actually Kingston's first shoot back in over a year, before he got some much-needed practice with both Scuba and Dominic. I'm confident he will continue to improve with practice and time.
emiliano69 this reminds me of old bba days when the models got to know each other and the interviews Jun 7, 2020
torirossbeno I love Ross soooooooooooo much, my #2 to Tori. he is so sexy, continue to bring more scenes with him. i love his confidence and then his journey. Jun 7, 2020
conunjrum Always a Ross fan. Perhaps some outtakes with Lil Scrap might work... Jun 7, 2020
homestead does kingston have social media Jun 6, 2020
mdcarmichael Ross will always be my favorite...Wish Kingston was more comfortable with topping! This was OK for me cuz I get to see Ross’s beautiful body and long dick... Jun 6, 2020
leech10x Rosss man... 💦💦💦💦💦 Jun 6, 2020
homestead man kingston so handsome and sexy Jun 6, 2020
simplett nice nice well done Ross love his hair style i miss Trapp tho Jun 6, 2020
Gemini1966 This wasn't all that bad, Mike. Jun 6, 2020
texasbugg this was a good scene from us not getting a new scene cause of c19. now i really think it's time for trapp's mess up on his scenes when i heard about shaun trying to fuck trapp i went wild mike i know u got some scenes that didn't make the cut in some of trapp's scenes like the 1 where bandit fuck trapp i know u got some where u can put a scene together for trapp's fans please. Jun 6, 2020

This weekend we're bringing you a previously unreleased scene that we filmed shortly before production had to shut down due to Covid-19.

This is one of those shoots that started off with a lot of potential, but ultimately didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped. I honestly didn't even plan to release it, but considering the circumstances, I've decided to make a special exception and share it with our loyal subscribers.

Keep in mind this is technically Kingston's first scene back after more than a year, before he got some much-needed practice with both Scuba and Dominic.

It still has its fair share of hot and memorable moments, however, and I know many viewers will enjoy witnessing for themselves what went down when we asked Ross to welcome Kingston back to BBA like only he can!

This scene's hilariously entertaining introduction comes very close to stealing the show as both guys meet for the very first time and try to "break the ice" before the action begins. They bond over their shared Jamaican roots, and Ross expresses shock at discovering just how many freaky females enjoy watching gay porn.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for nearly 40 minutes of unscripted amateur action that includes mutual dick-sucking, a spontaneous "69" initiated by Ross, and of course Ross giving up his juicy bubble-butt to Kingston's big uncut dick!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Director: Michael Galletta, Jamaican Guys, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jun 6, 2020 38 min
Photo of Kingston
Photo of Ross

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