Break My Boy In

Cobra When mentioning the gay ALL-STAR models like Knockout and Blake, I was forgetting all about Young Montanna. This was by far my favorite scene with Tyga. Saint was EVERYTHING in this scene. Sep 18, 2016
zavius01 At 1st I didn't like Saint. Now I'm into him so hard! The way he carries himself is pure man. If he was into me lol I'd date him and see where it goes. LOL! Aug 2, 2016
chrisjm18 Damn... I love Young Montanna Feb 22, 2016
acura8215 soooooo fucking hot yo Dec 4, 2015
Cobra Saint is simply amazing and never disappoints. The next threesum you need to join in Mike so Saint can bottom again. He only seems willing to take your dick but add another hot model and take a break from the camera work lol. Nov 18, 2015
matt79699 Young Montanna is gorgeous, the ass-eating was pretty good...but the video as a whole...not that great. Nov 14, 2015
kapukan2 Saint was totally into this guy Montanna. They had natural chemistry. He did not want to stop eating that ass. More Montanna. Nov 11, 2015
supreme I thought that this pairing was not a good one even with the great Saint and sexy tiger helping out. I thought Saint was not into this guy at all and he was more into tiger , can't wait to see the two of them together ! Nov 11, 2015
99888wpt Young Montanna is super, super phine beautiful chocolate skin nice ass and a big black dick and he tall. Nov 8, 2015
kapukan2 I love how Saint STILL can't admit he is very attracted to men. He is completely bisexual. I've been with many guys who just like that. Love to get down with dudes but just can't admit it. They say I'm "open minded" as they are gagging on your dick. Nov 8, 2015
hall342 that moanin turned me on. It was really hot watching montanna take that dick. Nov 7, 2015
lrigdab1 Young Montanna is pretty cute and this was a pretty hot scene. Would've loved to see Lil Tyga have his phat tempting ass eaten, that needs to happen soon! All in all this update failed to top last week's EXCEPTIONALLY HOT scene with Knockout and Isaiah... Nov 6, 2015
sexyguy young montanna is the real deal i love him Nov 4, 2015
yoooooo Every fucking scene should have doggy style. That's a must. Nov 3, 2015

Lil Tyga has been eager to get behind the camera again ever since his impressive directorial debut several months ago. For this second installment in our new series of scenes filmed and directed by some of the BBA models, Lil Tyga recruited his own potential new star, a casual acquaintance and BBA fan who goes by the nickname Young Montanna.

Standing at 6'1" and weighing a slim 145 pounds, Young Montanna is a cute black boy with a deep, sexy voice and an irresistible smile who likes to smoke weed and "get money."

Less than a week away from his 21st birthday, he has a slim, youthful body covered with at least 32 tattoos and like most skinny black boys from the Midwest, he's hiding a VERY nice surprise between his smooth, slender legs! Not to mention the kind of cute, round ass popping up and out of his sagging shorts that you definitely wouldn't expect from a boy with his build.

Like last time, I turned Lil Tyga loose to film and direct this scene on his own (although I will continue providing feedback and training to help him improve). To help him "break his boy in," Lil Tyga selected Saint, a fellow fan favorite he has always heard a lot about but never met in person or worked with before now.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for Young Montanna's amateur action debut as Lil Tyga directs his fellow BBA veteran through the process of showing our newest recruit the ropes. At one point, Lil Tyga even gets so turned while filming the hot show that he strips out of his clothes, hands the camera to Saint, and jumps into the action to get his own horny hands on the sexy new boy!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Lil Tyga, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Nov 1, 2015 44 min
Photo of Lil Tyga
Lil Tyga
Photo of Saint
Photo of Young Montanna
Young Montanna

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