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Philly77 He is fine as shit and that NY accent is sexy as hell. Oct 8, 2022
eric16 i would luv to see mookiie and kingston fuck each other May 3, 2021
ACTION7 I want Isaiah to top Dominic and Saint Aug 16, 2020
lemmebabysit Montez needs to eat the next nut Aug 10, 2020
jordanb93 No disrespect but can we get back to the action or mix the two because I've been waiting patiently and paying since before the pandemic for more than toys and fingering. Aug 10, 2020
Dualex I must say I was very impressed with Ross and Isaiah. I loved their openness and honesty. Dom, I'm not so sure. He'd give an answer at first then change it whenever challenged by Montez lol... I still love him though. I believe him and Isaiah are G4P, Ross gives me more of a bisexual vibe... One thing for sure they ain't banging with one anoda off cam as per what I sensed. Aug 10, 2020
kcb394 Loved this scene. One of the hottest things about Isaiah is his amazing precum. I hope that in the future you can focus on it a little more. You can see it oozing out while he was taking the dildo it would be great to have seen some close ups of it. He is really the only BBA model that I noticed who has precum and there are some of us that are really turned on by it. Thanks! Aug 10, 2020
Jayden27 Chocolate Dream, aka Isaiah is back in the building! I loved this update! The interview was surprisingly interesting, and thinking back on all of his BBA scenes, I think this is the most I’ve heard him talk! 😂 Let’s get into it!

The Questions🤔

The most shocking thing that I learned from this interview was that Isaiah was married. I also loved the fact that he mentioned that he didn’t care about what people thought about him doing BBA. Another interesting part of this update was his take on bottoming. He mentioned “bathroom pressure,” and I couldn’t agree more. It feels like you need to take a shit to put it bluntly. He also mentioned that bottoming was easier in scenes because he doesn’t have pressure to perform. I never thought of that. It makes sense because, as a G4P model you can just lay there instead of forcing yourself to keep an erection for a model you don’t find attractive. Interesting.

The Dares😈

I died when he called Manny for the phone sex dare! I’m sure Manny enjoyed the view though. I know I did! I, once again, found myself hating Montez in the update! Watching Montez soap Isaiah down in the shower took me back to when you ate him out in the shower. Isaiah was a trooper for taking that huge dildo. I looked at that, and I was like ,”Hell no!” 😂 Of course, the cum shot at the end was 🔥!

Oh yeah, so Isaiah has COVID now? 😂 😂 That’s his excuse for not eating his OWN cum. Cum has vitamins, nutrients, and protein and is totally healthy Isaiah! Bon Appetit! 😂 😂 All jokes aside, Isaiah, thank you for being a good sport and showing the fans, like myself, crazy love. You answered just about every question and executed every dare. You always deliver good performances in your scenes, and your work does not go unnoticed. Thank you!

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, and Isaiah. During this COVID crap, you guys are still bringing us hot shit, and I fuckin’ love it! Thank you!
Aug 9, 2020
Playwithme11 hell yes ive really missed his thick sexy ass, Montez your one lucky MF.hahaha Aug 9, 2020
swamp96 Try to get Apollo for the next one Aug 9, 2020
emiliano69 Yes Isaiah, there needs to be a revenge mike orgy/train scene with all the models that are still in bba that did scenes with mike. Aug 9, 2020
emiliano69 We really need a Q&A with Mike, Montez, and Shax together talking about scenes and models, and behind the scenes events. Aug 9, 2020
Docteur Isaiah is one of my faves. He left some folks off his get back list to top: Saint, Stylez, Shameeks, Rocky in addition to Dominic.
I enjoyed he and Bandit and he and Apollo. An orgy of Bandit, Apollo, Saint and Ross would be hot.
Aug 9, 2020
kevin343 I am sorry. But this interview was boring as hell. Nextttttttt ! C'mon y'all. Aug 8, 2020
11luvme2u I am thoroughly enjoying this series! Isaiah was engaging and a great sport. He looks amazing and that body is still perfect. I definitely look forward to more scenes with Isaiah. Isaiah's ass is legendary. I'd love a scene with Trapp and Isaiah as the bottoms together. That'd be an Ass-Fest. Great questions, great dares... Aug 8, 2020
Phuryous Kevin Hart might be short but he's got a big dick. I have discovered that you might want to think twice when you step to short dudes. I would fight bigger dudes before coming at shorter dudes. Aug 8, 2020
Dualex I love the boy!!! Amazing Q&A Aug 8, 2020

This weekend we're bringing you our longest and most entertaining Q&A session so far.

When we announced that Isaiah would be the next BBA model to participate in this series, the questions immediately began pouring in. Even with a shorter than usual deadline for submissions, we still received more (and better) questions than ever before!

For everyone eager to get to know the notoriously quiet and reserved Isaiah much better, this is an episode you won't want to miss! Join Montez as he sits down for a shockingly candid and illuminating interview with this BBA legend.

Things start to heat up even more when it comes time for Isaiah to complete some of your "dares." Let's just say Montez will be the envy of MANY as he fulfills a few of his own forbidden fantasies as a long-time fan of Isaiah, finally getting his own horny hands on one of BBA's most popular "gay for pay" stars!

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Details: Aug 8, 2020 78 min
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