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kennyg Bring back Drezzy and Maleek. Would like to see Juju with any of the new talent. Rico Manny and Stylez could take a long break. Longing for some more Zeke. Feb 11, 2023
Sageking3 Damn juju fine af bruh. Great model pairing Jan 31, 2023
Malik042NJ1997 AYO I NUTTED IN 2 SECONDS FROM JUST THE HEAD SCENE🥴😍 i want to collab with alot of them Jan 22, 2023
MacheDich I love. A heaven's moment. The final cum is a little disappointing. Stylez would have eat Juju's milk. But the challenge "no fuck" is perfect. Dec 22, 2022
retrokid562 I thought this all oral scene was pretty decent. I would've picked a better dick and ass eater for JuJu first scene with a guy but it was good for what it was...Apollo and JuJu would be a hot first encounter with penetration from JuJu. I hope that scene is in the cards. Dec 3, 2022
macksson7thkid They so pretty and he got JuJu rock and that's what I like I wish Stylez was wearing some jeans while he suck that dick and then see JuJu being barefoot and wearing jeans and receiving A good throat fuck...Show more of the model wearing jeans and barefoot before they give us the best content or even in their profile show at least one picture full picture of them being barefoot and wearing jeans and no shirt and just chilling ... money 🤑 and they may not think they got nice feet but I will continue to pay if I could see them barefoot and wearing jeans and no shirt even if was just that and conversation you should do that Dec 2, 2022
macksson7thkid Stylez so it would be fiya to see him barefoot and wearing jeans and no shirt sucking I would love if I could see all your models barefoot wearing jeans and no could be in the bio Dec 2, 2022
davids Mike, is it possible to bring back Shameeks, Lil Jake, and Dominic to be in a Christmas scene? Nov 29, 2022
Coolrod This is very bad! Stylez was not the right model to pair him with. BBA has really gone downhill! Wow! Nov 29, 2022
queen718 Come On BBA, this scene is definitely not what’s happening. I’ve waited all this time for what exactly? You gotta give us more I feel played subscribing to see nothing. Bring back Stallion or do Bi scenes.
I could see if you was posting more frequently then it wouldn’t really matter but you guys aren’t .
BBA been in business longer than Onlyfans and JFF your scenes should always be better but lately it hasn’t please fix this ASAP and post more frequently..
Nov 28, 2022
Verdade Man, I love the interviews before the models get naked. My friend hates that. But I just love it. How are all of you doing? It is so unique. It is the difference between masked guys having sex and no one knows who they are? I mean, what is the point in that....If we cannot relate to Blake, Manny, Justice, Apollo, Ross, Isaiah, Bandit..Stylez They are refreshing, vibrant guys. Each one, their vibe is so different. Michael, it makes them so unique. Like Ross....He has some nice chest hairs growing, that were not there in early years/ scenes....Love All of the BBA guys so much!!! Thanks Guys! So many amazing, sexy fellas. Nov 26, 2022
Shirly223 Not a fan. Idk these updates have been pretty disappointing tbh lately. I see a lot of potential for a lot of these newer scenes but they end up falling flat, end too soon or the performer isn’t delivering/being directed in a way that would be most pleasuring the audience. It’d be far more interesting to just let the cameras roll even as you’re directing them and watch as they get into it vs trying to stage a scene where they act like they’re into each other. The appeal of the site is that you’ve got these straight guys pushing their boundaries so lean into it and let that always be the storyline. Ask them about the shoot, how they think it’s gonna go, what are they looking forward to or dreading, did you find yourself enjoying it, what are you thinking as you top or bottom, how do you prepare yourself for an upcoming scene, are you ever excited to shoot with a particular scene partner, why or why not. If they need porn on the tv to get aroused show it in the shot, that makes it feel more real. I feel like it’s deviated from that formula you once had. I like the idea of a behind the scenes type of video that incorporates a couple of bloopers and funny moments as they perform. Emphasis on perform, we all know they’re performing so why pretend they’re not. Nov 25, 2022
colormeblk I'm sorry BBA... but to be honest with you .. this was one of the most boring videos you have released ... how many times is Stylez gonna suck his dick?? Damn!! JuJu did nothing but sit back and enjoy... Stylez did all the work... hey if these guys are so straight and don't want to come out of their comfort zone then don't use them!! You should make them watch your website and tell them if you not willing to do all this then don't sign the contract!! Stylez was the wrong person to pair JuJu with... next time use someone with more fire to them like Apollo! Dick sucking and ass eating is not a porn video... it's a teaser... porn has to have FUCKING!!! Juju and Stylez has a fuckable ass and one of them should have been fucked in this scene!! Long time member.... IJS Nov 23, 2022
Coolrod Very boring! Really?? Nov 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta No update this Thanksgiving weekend, but we'll be back with a new update next Thursday 12/1/22. Still not sure about the December/Christmas schedule yet, but we'll post more as soon as we know. Hope everyone enjoys a fun and memorable holiday with family and/or friends! Nov 21, 2022
hairyassholes101 Bring back the real stuff where you interview guys before they start the scene. Y’all are trying too hard to make it look scripted. And what’s the update status on Scotty and Shaun pleasee ??? Nov 21, 2022
kevin343 Seriously thinking about canceling my membership. Keep thinking the next update is gonna be better than the previous one. Have not really seen that Bba banger yet. I have not been pleased with these lack luster updates so far. C'mon Bba let's get back in the game. Nov 20, 2022
chauncey Additional Comment --
After viewing this vid at least 10 more times after initially viewing it I want to say Shax you did an excellent job directing this vid !!!! -- and the camera work is super-great -- there is so much to unpack about this vid -- I'm jealous of JuJu because he is being serviced by my boyfriend Stylez -- I have watched this vid at least 10 times since initially viewing it and It has all the real qualities of a cinematic feature -- this will set a new standard for BBA -- and has become easily my all time fav - it's like I'm in an actual theater viewing this feature film !!!! Great job in the planning, sequencing, and editing of this BBA episode -- Also, the quality setting of the spaces only adds to the fantasy -- upscale is the way to go -- the gentlemen deserve to be featured in high-quality settings -- I want to thank the BBA Administrators Mike, Montez, and Shax for making these types of conscious decisions and choices -- Kudos to all -- the Models and the BBA Administrators -- I'm ready to re-up my annual subscription right NOW !!!!!! BBA 4 Ever!!!
Nov 20, 2022
getdickhoe @pimpinger I second that. Having to wait a whole week for a boring ass Solo or 30 - 45 minutes of oral is the reason why I moved to just buying credits. Give snippets of the history like you did when Kingston got fucked by Dominic. This waiting weeks for a fuck scene is far passed played. Nov 20, 2022
Verdade Man, Stylez been around from the get go. Love you Stylez. Love you JuJu. Stylez, you so sexy. Thanks for breaking JuJu in. So much love to Stylez and JuJu.. Stylez, you got that vibe! That persona! Man Stylez you are so beautiful naked. Juju also. Love both of you so much. Stylez, break it down!!! Nov 18, 2022
Verdade What is Blake Bishop's status with BBA? And Manny? I see on twitter that Blake is more into women these days....and Manny is my all time favorite. Do you still have a good relationship with Blake and Manny? Nov 18, 2022
Verdade I love this. It is like Saint used to walk the guys thru this getting them used to it. It is not going to be dynamic at first. Ask Justice, Manny, Ross,...their first time on BBA. It was awkward and nervous at first. Stylez and JuJu did fine! Thanks to Montez and Shax. Great work. (am I being a suck up?) Love to All. Nov 18, 2022
cam656914 Yea, I enjoyed this but we miss Saint! Nov 18, 2022
Grifd2373 He was sucking dick for 30 mins …. Nov 18, 2022
loverboy02 Now this is way way way BETTER!!! Yes yes Nov 18, 2022
Meatlover There is nothing worse than a film where one person is doing all the work and the other does absolutely nothing. I don’t care how “straight” he is, Juju needed to do something. Stylez did what he should’ve done in his last film, which is suck dick, but i wish his had gotten sucked too along with ass eating and the rest. This was a bore & a snore & Juju has got to step it up or it’ll be yet another new dud y’all are putting in our face and we’ve had too many of them already. Nov 18, 2022
deboer85 JuJu is HOT! let him do cum eating!! Nov 18, 2022
loydstar Man!!! For everyone saying he didn't touch Stylez, hell he's straight so I'm sure he's not going to do all of that BS that they do in staged porn scenes...hell this his 1st scene with another guy !!! Nov 18, 2022
jfhey2 JuJu ass is beautiful. Damn! Nov 18, 2022
hairyassholes101 Finally bba that’s more like it ! more straight boys content like this please !!! Bring back juju 😁 Nov 17, 2022
chauncey Hello BBA -- Now this is a "match made in heaven" for sure I will not get bored watching this scene over and over -- the chemistry is amazing and the action is non-stop and genuine -- Stylez is the surgeon the curator -- he featured moves that will really register with a gay man especially if he is open to being a "verse" . Juju is a feast for the eyes and he elicits an emotional reaction in me because as a gay man who likes to be serviced by another man I put myself in his place and got that exact feeling of joy, pleasure, and excitement. He did not come across as someone who did not know why he was in this scene or as someone who did not want to be there -- I loved it totally -- Juju is already on my list of favs. Mike gave us a warning about JuJu and he was not exaggerating -- JuJu is the "s__t" -- Looking forward to what comes next for him in the world of BBA -- Montez the storyline and direction of the vid is a bomb and the camera work with all those great angles wonderful really spectacular -- all in keeping with Shax's standards - Shax in this vid you are giving us a Master Class !!!! -- kudos galore to you -- I give this vid a 10+++++ -- I will be checking this scene out over and over because there is really a lot to unpack about it -- I don't know -- one night with Stylez can be enough to turn anyone out -- in the real world Juju would be coming to the other side 24/7 -- I have to up my "tongue" game in the bedroom for sure -- thank you Stylez for your professionalism and for being so comfortable inside your skin - Stylez had your own agenda -- you sexed Juju up !!!!! -- Stylez worked it to the max -- and Juju enjoyed every moment of it --the manner in which he came was unexpected but so natural and fitting to how Stylez just worked him over from start to finish -- that may be a BBA first? I would have to stay away from Stylez because I would fall in love with him for sure -- Spectacular job BBA --In closing Juju thank you for giving us such a hot scene as your inaugural debut BBA scene with another model -- thank you for being comfortable enough inside your skin to agree to do what you signed up to do. Juju gave us a scene showing no indication of personal regret. That makes the experience for BBA'ers like me so enjoyable and this scene in my humble opinion fits the definition of enjoyable -- I'm greedy, keep it coming -- I want more, more, more -- from the BBA resident Psycho-Analist / Mike I remembered that / lol -- BTW -I accept the job with much pleasure -- just me - LOL -- Just keep it coming !!! BBA 4Ever Nov 17, 2022
smokey1984 😩 I’m having a hard time with BBA. Not what I was hoping for. I don’t know! I just don’t know. Nov 17, 2022
brianhpotter05 Where’s Saint? I like when he breaks the new boys in. He can suck dick the best and he’s the most charismatic Nov 17, 2022
mocombo Interesting scene. JuJu, who has fantastic presence and attributes, ranges from clearly enjoying it to appearing very bored. At one stage I thought he was going to glance at his watch 🤣 Nov 17, 2022
king2019 Someone mentioned a pairing with JuJu and Stallion, what would they do together? That would be more boring. You can be too straight for bba. Especially when you know what the website is all about. We are paying for this!!! Nov 17, 2022
texasbugg i really hope the haters stay away from this scene they said it would not be no fucking this was a 10plus great job guys i hope his first fuck scene he get to fuck saxgotem 2 thugs together is fire Nov 17, 2022
davidsg another dry video, feel like we need updates with better actors 🙃 Nov 17, 2022
faulknerfan Very nice pairing. I really liked the beginning where there was a little story set up. Two straight guys driving off into the Arroyo or whatever it is and conversing and then there's a little bit of tension and you're thinking will something happen. Didn't really have a chance to give the sex part a thorough look but overall nice pairing and I really really liked the inkling of a bit of a story before the sex started. I wish there could be more of that in porn in general.

I also have to say that I can't think of any other porn site that would go to the trouble of setting up a sex scene the way BBA did here nor would they make it look as cinematic as BBA did here. And I know I've bitched about the look being too cinematic with Shax's work in the past but when you're setting up the sex scene, I think that really works well. Now maybe when it comes to the sex itself, it's still better to be down and dirty, but in general, this update highlights why BBA has always been and can always be head and shoulders above most of the other sites.
Nov 17, 2022
thedialectic Good scene... I think what's been missing from recent scenes is the authenticity and excitement of seeing whether the models really enjoyed it or if it was just a performance. You could tell he liked getting his ass ate at some points but the head seemed to bore him at some times. What made bba so authentic was seeing their real reactions to experiencing gay sex. I wish this video included an exit interview to see what he really thought. However this was a great step in a good direction. 5 stars!!! Nov 17, 2022
RobbySan29 A foreplay scene with no foot fetish parts?? Hmm. 🙃 Nov 17, 2022
nokiyo36 Juju yes my chocolate drop that was hot 🔥 make sure yall keep him don't pressure dude either he has that chocolate star in him and y'all don't be trying to make him take no 🍆 either cause y'all will lose him and ok stylez I 👀 daddy Nov 17, 2022
Zayvayn6 Boring. How many ways to give head. Not exciting at all. Thanks for nothing Nov 17, 2022
Dreadhead9 Is maleek coming back???????????????? Nov 17, 2022
kennyg he could've at least touched the dick, next time Nov 17, 2022
markusg95 Yo that was kool asf. JuJu especially got a NICE, athletic physique and he was looking sexy standing naked in the livingroom. And Stylez, like Blake, can ghost for months or years, and pop up STILL looking good as he did when he first BBA'd. But yea, that JuJu brother, he fire. Now i wanna see him git even more freaky with another dude, it dont hv to be penetration, just some really intimate mutual touching and exploring. I give this vid 9 out of 10. Nov 17, 2022
king2019 He didn't touch Stylez at all. I really expected him to. It was almost boring!!! Hopefully he will get more involved and not be too straight for bba. Nov 17, 2022
Docteur Stylez is one of my faves. He deserved to be pleasured back rather acting like he had picked up a piece of financial trade that wanted to get topped off and his ass ate out. JuJu is very sexy with nice body, but just holding Stylez' head every once in awhile and his shoulders once and slightly rubbing his chest as he jacked off, seems like a waste of the great oral things Stylez did to him. This had promise and Stylez was so excited from sucking this sexy fella he had an erection when they were walking to lay down and even while he was laying flat on his belly sucking JuJu. IMHO he deserved better after all that good head and salad tossing he gave JuJu. The pairing seemed right, but the lack of reciprocation by JuJu messed it up for me. Nov 17, 2022
Shirly223 I'm mad this was his first pairing. It should've been with Ross, Bandit, Justice or Shameeks. Actually almost anyone but Stylez. God bless him but he's boring in every scene Ive ever seen him in Nov 17, 2022
yayaya Ugh I wanted some penetration 🥴 Nov 17, 2022
pimpinger I think yall should consider doing two videos a week to supplement the quality of these videos. You wait a whole week to watch 45 mins of dry oral and ass eating 😒..the new guy is very sexy, but maybe wait to post his video when he ready to fuck. i try to stay in hopes of jahan coming back again and Dominic , but maybe I should just resubscribe when your video quality gets back to like it was.. these videos are boring now and I’m not about to keep spending money to be bored I can do it for free.. this is my last month ✌🏾 Nov 17, 2022
langston35 What a lovely way to start my Thursday!! JuJu is so perfect, he really does not mind showing that pretty hole! Which is unusual for his first scene with a guy. Looking forward to seeing more of him. When he raise his legs and showed that hole and feet it was over for me! Great work guys!! Nov 17, 2022
tfanch66 not a good post, michael. none of the post have been good lately. Nov 17, 2022
Nigerian Please tell me what I'm paying for?!? Nov 17, 2022
MrBrown19942 Stylez definitely enjoyed sucking his dick! You can feel the good energy through these 2, in this video. I love it! Thank you as always, BBA! Amazing. 🙌🏿🔥🔥🤍 Nov 17, 2022
iwanttonut Honestly Stylez got on my nerves he wasn't sucking all the dick his hand was in the way move your damn hand and swallow the WHOLE DICK Nov 17, 2022
islandboy44 really hot scene.......loved Stylez submit which made him submit that booty Nov 16, 2022
cedaniel 10!!! great scene JUJU and Stallion please! Nov 16, 2022

Stylez takes our brand-new recruit JuJu out for a scenic drive to show off his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. But he has more than just a friendly tour in store for his strikingly handsome and supposedly straight special guest.

As the sun starts to set, they pull over to smoke a blunt in a secluded spot by the side of the road. When darkness falls and the two have gotten good and high, Stylez decides to make his move.

"Ain't nobody around," Stylez suggestively shrugs. "We're here. Wassup?"

One thing leads to another and next thing you know we're enjoying an intimate front-row seat for the thrilling show as JuJu lets another man touch and explore his muscular, naked young body, suck his beautiful dick, and even feast on his glorious muscle-butt (including one of the most stunningly PERFECT assholes I've ever seen in my life)!

Let's just say if JEALOUSY was a scene, this would be it. Watching Stylez hungrily devour JuJu will have you dripping with envy while your dick drips with....other things.

Viewers looking for hardcore fucking from JuJu will not find it here in this scene. Unfortunately, he wasn't ready for that just yet (and neither was Stylez). We're going to have to take baby steps with this one. But hopefully the journey will prove to be as breathlessly exciting and enjoyable as this debut guy-on-guy scene.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 17, 2022 43 min
Photo of JuJu
Photo of Stylez

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