The Straight Boy Who Took Down The Top (DIGITALLY REMASTERED)

Sageking3 Love this scene still! 2 of my original bba favs Feb 10, 2023
emiliano69 Young Suspense, so innocent, awkward, and sexy. Aug 30, 2022
BruthMaaan Love this scene! I know I'm late on this comment (prob. years late), but kinda new to BBA - anyway.... just started noticing Eureka today. Dude sexxy as fuck! I'm glad he finally got matched w/ another dude who has personality to match his own! Suspense is sexxy af also. This was a good matchup, a great scene. Those other 3 guys tho... not a good match, no personality and looked like they just wanna hurry and get the hell out. Loved these two though. 10/10! ❤️❤️❤️ Mar 7, 2021
Nonchalant24 Suspense had a nice dick, I liked some of his scenes. Sep 19, 2020
mdcarmichael I forgot how big Suspense’s dick gets when he is fully hard. Eureka felt it too! Sep 11, 2020
timedoesntwait "Remastered" and missing some of the original content from the original post, just FYI Aug 23, 2020
Phuryous Phat asses, big dicks, and huge grins! A bottom is born! Aug 3, 2020
MrBrown19942 When his dick started moving on its own, I was turned on, even more. 🙌🏿😍😍😍 Jul 7, 2020
MrBrown19942 Thank you, BBA! 🙌🏿🔥 Jul 6, 2020
MrBrown19942 Wow. This video is hot! 🙌🏿🔥 Jul 6, 2020
mauricio1234 I really miss Eureka!! He's thick sexy and just that dude Jul 4, 2020
bmoney both eureka & suspense were sexy AF. where the hell are they? I love suspense's fat booty & pretty dick Jul 4, 2020
Duchess Would love to see him come back to BBA Dec 27, 2019
cmebillyc Eureka and Apollo! Mar 8, 2019
cmebillyc Eureka has a perfect ass! Mar 8, 2019
mauricio1234 Eureka is a thick sexy dude. Where is he at? Feb 7, 2018
juan2424 Eureka is beautiful. And when Desire kissn him at the 36:00 min mark u can see E open his mouth wide as he and D did a passionate suction kiss that will git ur dick harder than algebra, lol! Jan 12, 2018
kells88 Eureka is sexy as fuck. Definitely my type of guy. Sexy & thick. Apr 15, 2017
kenny6508 Eureka phat as fuck Jan 22, 2017

Newer members can enjoy this "top to bottom" conquest (one of our earliest attempts at this theme) for the very first time, while older members can rediscover a sentimental fan favorite, newly restored with sharp new picture quality and bright, vivid colors.

When Suspense told me he wanted to see how it feels to fuck another guy in the ass, I decided to treat the horny straight boy to the best piece of ass I could find.

After exhausting all of my options but finding nobody else available, I called up Eureka as a desperate last resort. Despite having one of the thickest and juiciest asses I've ever seen, Eureka has always insisted on being strictly a "top" and remained stubborn in his refusal to get fucked since filming his first scene over a year ago. Even his "fuck-buddy" Dragon informed me in his "Schoolboy Confessions" that my efforts to talk Eureka into taking dick were hopeless!

So when I called Eureka up, I was fully resigned to filming him and Suspense in an "oral-only" scene, and only mentioned the possibility of him "bottoming" as a casual, lighthearted joke. When I heard a long pause on the other end of the line, I realized that BBA history was about to be made!

Turned out that Eureka was trying to get a new car, and after some back-and-forth negotiating he finally agreed to give up his ass in order to earn the money he needed to buy it!

"Economy's bad," he jokes in his pre-action interview.

Witness for yourself Suspense's very first time with a black guy, his first sexual encounter with a guy around his own age, and his first successful attempt at fucking a guy in the ass. But best of all, savor the moment I never thought I'd capture on camera as Eureka finally surrenders his tight "top-only" ass to some eager straight-boy dick!

Eureka gasps and moans and curses like a woman giving birth, but in the end he has no choice but to cling to the futon for dear life, muffle his screams with a pillow, and submit to the vigorous ass-pounding!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jun 21, 2009 48 min
Photo of Eureka
Photo of Suspense

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