Deontrey's New Role

Photo of Deontrey's New Role
nbrown1210 Not only does that handsome Deontrey have the most beautiful asshole but he has gorgeous feet as well! My, my, my. Mar 26, 2024
200water Yes! Deontrey made luv to that hole and made Apollo buss. These dudes always trying to beat it up sometimes a nice good stroke gets the job done Jun 28, 2023
gimmedat13 I agree with cocopop Apollo and Ross is my number 1 dream collab Apr 14, 2023
jerome9 I absolutely love apollo. Does he have any other platforms. Just want to follow him. Nov 17, 2022
cocopop I loved the camera angles, to see Deontrey' dick actually going in and out of that hole was the hottest yet. Mike you must get Apollo and Ross together for a flip flop scene/Apollo' revenge on Ross. That would be hot as hell, those two together after all these years. And watching Apollo nut while getting fucked for the first time was priceless. Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! Apollo getting his revenge on Ross is something I've had on my Bucket List for awhile, and hopefully we can still make it happen one of these days. πŸ˜‰πŸ€ž
kennyg it was all about Apollo in this scene!!!!!! Deontrey should have given him part of his pay, for making him look good Aug 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta You're absolutely right, but I'd say that's true for just about every scene that Apollo is in lol..
HottBlkQT Congratulations are in order for Deontrey, because he's the only guy I've ever seen make Apollo cum from getting fucked. If nothing else, they should be paired together again, because that alone was worth the subscription. Apr 30, 2022
Phuryous Deontrey is a really good kisser and had no qualms with kissing another guy. He also seemed to really respond to light ass play. He might be straight but he's not narrow and seems naturally inquisitive and sexually open-minded. He is a good addition to the fellas. Apr 5, 2022
Peccatis I miss michael in these scenes. imagine michael getting in both these guts?! Mar 17, 2022
tjm133 This is great. Apollo is great and so is Deontrey Mar 9, 2022
11luvme2u One thing I can say about some of the new "young bloods" is that they are making some of the top veteran models have strong orgasms. Apollo. Veteran. Deontrey. Rookie. Apollo exploded. If you remember... Blake. Veteran. Sax. Rookie. Blake exploded. These new guys are nothing to be played with. I can't wait to see their continued growth and evolution working with BBA! Hell even the new bottoms like Slim and Kavii took those big veteran dicks like champs! Great recruiting. Feb 23, 2022
cocopop It's obvious this is the first time Deontrey has had his ass ate, never seen anyone enjoy getting his ass ate this much, I'm loving it.. The chemistry between these two is amazing, to say the least. Feb 18, 2022
mrwhitley1 Hands Down Apollo best scene. Had him screaming that πŸ₯œ πŸ’¦ out.
Mike why did you only do Q/A w Deontrey & Not Apollo getting his 1st nut while bottoming.
That was RUDE AF of you.
Deontrey is great. Def make SURE Apollo get him 1st if He ever decides to bottom.
Also Ross & Apollo must happen!!!
πŸ€” or was Apollo one of the models who said they didn’t wanna work with Ross again, cause Ross def caught a attitude when Apollo was touching him from behind πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”???
Feb 18, 2022
unitedguy18 i think that is the loudest i have ever heard apollo nut. he finally found his dick. shoutout deontrey for falling in love lmaoooo Feb 9, 2022
Meatlover I just hope that Deontrey grows into doing more, like sucking dick at least. He’s good looking and while this didn’t do much for me, I’m glad he went this far to do this much. I give him props for that. Feb 4, 2022
kevonjamar My new favorite model. Love him since first seeing him on the gay show The Scars Our Parents Leave. Sexy as hell, fine as hell, nice dick and ass, sex appeal. Lots of potential. I actually think he might make a better bottom than top. Can't wait to see him go further and try more and open up (figuratively and literally). Jan 28, 2022
mocombo Great scene - thanks. Though it was seemingly shot in the smallest bedroom in the world :). I like Deontrey and it amazes me that some say he looks out of shape. Just how "tight" does one have to be. Geeez. Apollo, well he has always been a favourite of mine and one of the few I never tire of. Jan 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you! And you're absolutely right about that damn room lol. As you may recall from Deontrey's solo, we ran into MAJOR audio interference in the most spacious, comfortable bedroom where I'd planned to do most of the filming. Never before had anything like that happen in all my years of filming! My best guess is that the Wifi router located in the room was causing interference with my camera mic. Anyhow, this left us scrambling to find other locations as far away from that problem as possible. Certainly nothing fancy, but looking back I do think the simplicity of the room ended up being a great fit for this type of scene. Glad you enjoyed the scene.
ef8432 Good scene. I was hoping Blake or Manny got a hold to him first. They really bring the freak out of the guys.

Side note , where is Trapp & Lil Jake?
Jan 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta As much as I love Blake and Manny, I honestly can't imagine anyone possibly doing a better job at helping Deontrey feel comfortable for his first time than Apollo did here.

I will try to provide updates on some of the guys we haven't seen in awhile in a blog post in the near future.
chauncey Hello Mike;
This is Chauncey.
Regarding my earlier testimonial.
You have my permission to repost my comments verbatim on Twitter or in an advertisement.
Personally, I'm not a heavy participant in the social media world even though I'm fully aware of its impact on our daily lives.
It would be an honor and my pleasure if you were to use my testimonial to highlight what BBA means to me as a BBA Veteran.
Keep the thrills coming - I rest my case -- BBA 4Ever -- Chauncey !!!
Jan 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you! Your encouragement and loyal support means the world to us. None of this would be possible without our fans, and I try to remind myself of that every single day.
Docteur This is one of the best most realistic love-making scenes on BBA. I also thought Stylez and Dominic was very good when they flip-flopped and Dominic fucked Stylez better than either Blake Bishop, Saint or Scuba. Apollo is top notch, period! I would love to see a scene where there is sandwhich or even more going on: where someone is getting fucked and the top that is fucking is being fucked while he is fucking. We almost had that on two occasions with Stylez and Blake Bishop: the Xmas scene where Apollo was riding Stylez and Blake Bishop lifted Stylez' legs up and put the head of his dick in his ass; then again when Stylez was fucking Isaiah and Blake Bishop got behind him and inserted his dick in Stylez. A great trio or foursome idea would be: Bandit fucking Scuba, and Apollo fucking Bandit while Bandit is in Scuba; 4some: Apollo receiving Scuba, Stylez in Scuba, Deontrey in Stylez and Dominic in Deontrey. I guess no harm in dreaming, right Michael? LOL Jan 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta No harm in dreaming at all, LOL. As you know, here at BBA we do specialize in making at least SOME dreams come true. πŸ˜‰

Glad you and so many others are loving this scene, it's definitely something special. And thanks as always for the hot suggestions. We'll try to bring more variety and creativity to our threesomes, foursomes, and group scenes in the future.
cocopop @Michael Galletta, I think you're forgetting about Apollo's scene with Dominic, him bottoming. In that scene at the very end Dominic must've hit that spot, his dick got hard without even touching it, you can see it throbbing. I loved your camera work, you could see Deontrey's dick going in that hole every time he hit it. I'm like you, I've never been able to distinguish his acting from pleasure. Surely after five years, he gets some pleasure. Would be nice to see Apollo get his revenge on Ross. Great job guys. Jan 24, 2022
Jlh474747 Would love to see Kingston in one of those gangbang scenes or Scotty where they were the bottom. Although Saxogen or however you spell his name was good in that scene too. Some of them are ready for Double Pen, I think that would have made the Christmas scene better. Or Stallion get fucked. Or forgot the guys name who introduced Kingston he would be good as a bottom with a gangbang. Or Deontrey get that phat ass fucked by Stallion. Jan 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the hot, but mostly unrealistic, requests lol. Deontrey fucked by Stallion, are you serious? The poor guy literally just started his BBA journey and you're already trying to murder him??? Most of our experienced veterans can't even take Stallion yet. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
11luvme2u @daedaeg I totally agree with you that Apollo is an excellent trainer but I can't tell you enough how much I miss Saint. I really hope he returns this year. I'm not going to lie I miss seeing him give head, seeing that sexy bubble booty, his playfulness, positive energy, and his talking...and talking...and talking....LMAO Jan 24, 2022
daedaeg As I said on twitter, this scene is an instant classic. This is by far Apollo's best performance. And he is an excellent trainer. Taking that spot from BBA's official OG and str8 boy trainer, Saint. From the kissing, to the dick sucking, to the fingering, the ass eating, and to the passionate fucking...Everything flowed together flawlessly. And seeing Apollo bust a nut while getting fucked is A1. At first Deontrey looked uneasy. But quickly became at ease thru Apollo's guidance. I can't wait to see more of Deontrey. Jan 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you! I couldn't have said it any better myself. I'm glad you gave a much-deserved shout-out to Saint. Apollo talked about Lil Tyga in the intro to this scene, but you're absolutely right, Saint's influence and training is all over this scene. Saint definitely helped make Apollo the legend he is today.
sexydemon101 It was Apollo for me!!! He just takes dick soooo sexily …. Deontrey kind of boring but he’s new so that makes sense Jan 23, 2022
kennyg first time seeing Apollo climax with a dick in his hot Jan 23, 2022
Queengohma15 I loved this scene, my favorite since the site came back. Deontrey was clearly nervous in the beginning but to me it just made it hotter when he eventually relaxes. I love that he initiated a kiss, and overall I thought him & Apollo had a really nice vibe. Especially loved the end when they were still kissing & caressing each other. A great start from Deontrey, he has so much potential, hope we see a lot more of him. As for Apollo, it goes without saying. His best head game, one of his best bottoming performances imo & to see him finally cum from getting fucked elevates the scene from 'instant classic' to legendary. I really hope this isn't the last we see of him, but if it is, what a hell of a way to go out. Jan 23, 2022
MichaelGalletta Wow, thank you for the enthusiastic feedback! Happy to hear this is your favorite scene since we resumed filming new content last summer. And I agree 100% with that last part. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of Apollo, but if that does end up being the case, what a way to go out! A true legend at the very top of his game.
Jayden27 Shit. I don't even know where to begin. That was fuckin' amazing, and extremely satisfying in so many ways. From Apollo explaining to Deontrey how it can be hard doing the work of a model when it contrasts with who they are as people to Deontrey's smile when Apollo reached his apex--this scene was filled with incredible, hot moments. That was literally everything you could ever want in a scene, and it represents the essence of what BBA is all about. This feature kept me up all.. fuckin'.. night. Let's get into Deontrey's night with the Sex god!

So the action starts out with kissing and leads into one of the hallmarks of an Apollo scene--his oral work. The kisses move down Deontrey's pecan toned skin to his nipples. I have to admit that I had a flashback to 2015's "Apollo's First Time" where Apollo did the same thing to Lil Tyga in his fist scene. Shit was sexy then, and it's sexy AF now. When Apollo was giving Deontrey head, it almost seemed like his dick was going to be soft forever. I thought to myself, "He needs to look at some porn because it's just not happening." Apollo continues to give head and things go further south in the best way possible. Apollo sticks his finger inside of Deontrey's ass to get a taste! At that point, I was like "That's what the fuck I'm talking about taste that shit! Let him see what mouth do in that ass!" That part was FIRE! So fuckin' hot! After he was brick, Deontrey began let loose and enjoy the Sex god. Deontrey's reaction was everything when it came to ass play. It may become a feature that he may enjoy in his future scenes. Apollo had no hesitation, and he even seemingly enjoyed tasting and feasting on Deontrey. Can you blame him? Shit looked delicious. Apollo eating Deontrey's ass was HOT!! The moment was genuine because Deontrey allowed himself to enjoy the sensations of the Sex god's oral work. All of the slurping and licking combined with Deontrey's moans made the moment hotter. I played that shit over and over again. Moments like this are the reason I love Apollo. If you didn't know that he was straight, which we all know that he is, you would swear that he wasn't.

Apollo is still that dude when it comes to bottoming. Also, squats do a body good. Apollo's butt has gotten more toned- those cakes popped all through the scene! Deontrey's stroke game is on point, giving the Sex god every inch of him that he was blessed with. "This yo shit baby! This yours," Apollo, reminding Deontrey he has been granted full access to the best ass in BBA. These two together were a vibe! It was great watching Deontrey feed off of Apollo. He even went as far as to call Apollo "baby" HOT! Watching them cum together was sexy AF. Apollo cum shot was so sexy for many reasons. One, it was a BBA first to see Apollo cum while getting fucked. HOT! I love that sexy grunt and roar that he let out when he released the kids. Two, the camera angles during the part were fire. The camera zoomed in real close right before Apollo's cum shot, and I have to say that the sight of Apollo's legs in the air will never get old! Last, seeing Deontrey smile, appearing to actually enjoy watching Apollo cum was further proof that he actually did enjoy the experience.

In the end, Deontrey was satisfied, but still apprehensive, which is not unexpected. I think it's fair to say that he didn't expect guy-on-guy sex to be pleasurable. Yes, it can be, Deontrey, very enjoyable. He definitely enjoyed it. Honestly, how can you not? He had the Sex god as a costar. Apollo is the fuckin' best! This scene is classic BBA. Introduce a straight guy to gay sex in order to see "how gay they will go". For me, this pairing came as a surprise as BBA has usually paired new G4P models with a gay, bisexual model for their first action scene. This scene; however, was a different case, and it worked nicely, mainly, I believe, because of Apollo's demeanor. He was able to put Deontrey at ease, kind of like what Lil Tyga did for him during his debut. These two had great chemistry and produced, as one reviewer said, magic. There were a lot of full circle moments. Lil Tyga was the one that brought Apollo into the game. Now, Apollo is the coach bringing Deontrey to the G4P world. Who knows? Maybe Deontrey will be a future coach if he continues this journey. Time will tell. Deontrey's new role definitely has given him a "W" with the fans, and rightfully so; he and Apollo provided many moments that will remain etched in the minds of fans long after the scene has concluded. Good shit fellas! Thank you!

Special thanks to Mike, Deontrey, and Apollo. Shit was FIRE, and there is nothing else left to say...
Jan 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta I had a feeling you'd have A LOT to say about this scene lol. Excited to see that you loved it as much as I thought you would. Definitely has the potential to become a new/instant BBA classic! Like you pointed out, it's full of so many unique surprises and unforgettable moments to discover and enjoy over and over again.

The crazy thing about that part where Apollo plays with Deontrey's ass is that it was totally spontaneous and unexpected. I hadn't discussed anything along those lines with either Deontrey or Apollo, so I was pleasantly surprised to see 1) Apollo take the lead like the Master of his craft that he is, especially since that's not exactly something I could direct in the moment without almost certainly prompting Deontrey to resist, and 2) to see Deontrey surrendering in that moment and just going with the flow, at least up to a point (literally). πŸ˜…

Like I said in my summary, it was a dream come true finally getting to see Deontrey do things we've only been able to imagine and dream about before now. As a fan of his work as an actor, I'm sure you can relate!
Readyruk1 Yes Michael, yes!! A star is born. Jan 22, 2022
supreme Excellent in a different way, the chemistry was amazing Apollo owned his trainer status and reclaimed the BBA crown all at the same time. Apollo what a star!...... Deontrey future vers bottom and future lover of Apollo and I am here for it all. Jan 22, 2022
prettyboig Awesome scene… Apollo was perfect for Deontrey. What are some of the web series he played in. Jan 22, 2022
Dualex Body shaming a model is not cool. 'Thick with guts' how rude? We troll the models, scare them off then complain when they're not coming back. Jan 22, 2022
chauncey Mike, I found a need to give this testimonial -- I have been following BBA going back to the days of Beno, Kenny, Dragon members of the BBA Hall of Fame -- and what continues to work so well for many gay guys like myself is the models are real black men who resemble many of the men we see in our immediate communities. They are also the type of men who you wonder about -- do they get down or do they play around. Please stay true to the original focus of BBA -- "Come as you are" is exactly what I want to see -- Men being themselves -- that is what made the scene with Apollo and Deontrey work so well -- If the models are going to appear to be manufactured, or overly done and fabricated - super manicured and overly processed that would eliminate the real reason why BBA is so fucking appealing at least to BBA veterans like myself -- The BBA models are like the guys I see in my neighborhood who I would love to get my hands on with or without a fresh cut or fresh braids -- Mike keep bringing the "Real" because BBA is continuing to allow guys like myself to escape into the world of "What if" -- I rest my case -- BBA4Ever Jan 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you for taking the time to leave such an honest and heartfelt testimonial about what the BBA brand means to you. You hit the nail on the head, and I couldn't have said it any better myself. This is a PERFECT response to that nasty earlier comment.

Do I have your permission to re-post on Twitter and/or use in a BBA advertisement some day lol?
Rayhwk5 soooo is Apollo bi now? I have loved Apollo since his first scene and when he finally bottomed it seem like the flood gates were open and he thoroughly loves dick. Its exciting to see. Loved the scene because of Apollo. Deontrey is cool once he stops being nervous. He just needs some time. Jan 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Apollo has always been a tough one to figure out. It's sometimes hard to know where his acting ends and actual pleasure begins.

Outside of BBA, he's a deeply religious, happily married (to a woman) straight male. But at the same rate, he clearly gets some enjoyment from his guy/guy encounters (for example, the way he was fiending for Bandit in the Christmas scene surprised even me and Montez lol). Then again, his dick is almost always soft or only semi-hard. See what I mean about him being a tough one to figure out? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜…
colormeblk Apollo is the "IT FACTOR" he just has it all... he is the total package!! I just love him...he can handle any situation.... Mike keep him around for a while PLEASE!!! Deontrey did a fantastic job for it to be his first time... there is a lot of potential with him in the future after he gets over being nervous. I think he found out he has a new HOTSPOT on his body during this shoot! LOL he got hard quick when that booty hole was being played with! LOL I love it.. Thank you Michael! Jan 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta You're very welcome! So glad you enjoyed this.

And yes, Apollo definitely helped Deontrey find his new "HOT SPOT"! πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘†πŸ˜…
kevin343 That was fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apollo has always been #1. Deontrey was awesome !!! Jan 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad we finally posted something you actually like lol. Thanks.
miffyb Sorry - why are you changing your models from fit, built, lean guys to thick dudes with guts? Thats no fantasy of mine. It doesn't appear as though I'm alone. Check the β€˜likes’ on the last few videos showcasing these new, out-of-shape guys, they won’t crack 200 i’ll bet. Return to the models that made this site great or risk losing your loyal fans. Thanks for listening Michael. Jan 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to feedback is people who see a couple models or scenes they don't like and immediately jump to melodramatic complaints about us changing our brand, losing our way, betraying what makes BBA great, blah, blah blah.

You're entitled to your opinion, and I respect that guys like Deontrey and presumably Saxgotem aren't your type. But please spare me the ridiculous "changing your models" lecture. Introducing a couple slightly thicker guys among literally HUNDREDS of models with the leaner body type you prefer is hardly a dramatic betrayal of our brand lol.
gimmedat13 A verse scene with Dominic is needed Please! What we gotta pay for the exclusive early drop?!! πŸ‘€ Jan 21, 2022
jerome9 Love love love apollo. Jan 21, 2022
nuttluva40 Lolol, Deontrey is HOTT! but, yea, I never need to see him on Top again......excited to see him bottom Jan 21, 2022
globby This was probably the hottest scene bba has ever done lol. The chemistry between these two was unmatched. I almost feel like they should have a series. Definitely should pair them again Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta I don't know if I'd go THAT far, but I'm flattered that you think so lol. Thank you!
pachulo85 Apollo finally busting a nut while being fucked!?!?! I was sure it wasn't going to happen but wow that was actually pretty fucking epic. Deontrey looks promising. Jan 20, 2022
geech23 Deontrey…this man is beautiful 😍 Jan 20, 2022
chauncey Well Mike this was an excellent pairing -- Apollo and Deontrey -- they were making love and not just having raw sex -- the chemistry between the gentlemen was amazing and really transparent from the onset --- Apollo "turned it out" Deontrey was eyeing Apollo from the very beginning like he was about to become a snack. You could feel that he wanted to learn more about Apollo and when Apollo said something to the effect " Am I taking care of you" I had to put the scene on pause because I started to gag and had to catch my breath it was too fucking sexy -- and when Deontrey said 'yeh" well that is when I knew they were making love and not just having "sex" --- I also enjoy seeing the warm sensitive side of Deontrey when he started kissing Apollo on his back and neck while fucking him -- super sexy and when he touched then held Apollo's dick in an effort to make certain Apollo was being pleasured at the moment that is when I said I have to watch this again -- The caressing and touch during the scenes when they were kissing was fantastic and I was elated to see both gentlemen initiating kissing scenes -- The wrap up with Mike was classic and Mike thank you for asking all the right questions because Deontrey was honest enough to give genuine responses to your questions -- the questions are exactly the questions that were going through my mind -- on a scale of 1-10 -- this scene gets a 10+++ in my book
On stand by for what BBA has in store next for us -- I said I wanted Deontrey's first scene with a guy to be a surprise and this scene provided enough wonderful surprises for me. In closing when Deontrey described Apollo's ass as "wonderful" warm, wet, juicy I was truly done ready for more what comes next has to be a show stopper it is going to be difficult to pun intended "top" this one -- However, Saint, or Blake, or Dominic or Stylez would be perfect they could take Deontrey through the ropes of taking dick for the first time and then flipping and let Deontrey fuck them and Deontrey take that leap and eat some ass for the first time - because he is definitely ready to have his booty "ate" again --- loved it -- I'm greedy, I want more, surprise me again -- Bravo -- BBA4Ever !!!
Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you for this wonderful review, Chauncey. And I'm glad you appreciated my probing interview questions there at the end. πŸ˜‰
maybelater Apollo is by far the best model. He always come with his A game. He don't just be fucking and trying to get it over, he takes his time an genuinely enjoy every aspect of the scene. I enjoyed every scene he has been in. And new guy kudos to you as well, you was open for this new experience and it was obvious you enjoy it. I hope when you ready you let Apollo pop that cherry. He will make love to you not just fuck you. Jan 20, 2022
11luvme2u BBA has delivered once again! What better treat than to see such an amazing pairing. NEW ROLE was a great way to describe this scene because you can't help but associate Deontrey with his role on SCARS OUR PARENTS LEAVE where he plays a straight (but character and to now see him penetrating a tight muscle ass is off the charts sexy. Apollo is more than a personal fitness trainer he's my new favorite BBA trainer. He brought such a warm, welcoming, and positive energy to the room (impeccable southern hospitality). I can't express how elated I am that Apollo is doing more scenes. WE NEED APOLLO! He's so patient and empathetic to newer models. I am NOT tired of seeing him perform and really hope to see him even more in the future. Especially with Stallion! I believe Apollo and Stallion could tap into a level of intensity and chemistry that would be legendary. Is it just me or has Apollo's ass got fatter? The Sex God's regal chiseled body has only got better with time. I'm not going to lie I honestly want to see another 1 on 1 with Apollo and Bandit too. lmao I so enjoy seeing them have sex together. If it's possible can we have another versatile scene with them in the future?

Deontrey is progressing beautifully. You can tell he was nervous at first but with time and anal stimulation his dick rose to the occasion. I would love to be challenged on this point but I truly think Deontrey could deliver strong bottoming scenes. His body seemed to respond well to anal play. I am a total advocate for the "masculine bottom". I hope he opens up to more anal exploration and prostate stimulation. His thick bubbly booty would look amazing on camera jiggling and bouncing back on a rock hard dick. Only time will tell.

This scene has some really hot moments. I really enjoyed hearing Deontrey call Apollo, "baby" and Apollo reciprocated several times. The kissing was definitely a plus. I love when men kiss and put their hands on each other's faces. Just finally seeing Deontrey fuck a man was outstanding in and of itself. Goodness just seeing Apollo's body in all types of shapes, patterns, hell yoga poses was wonderful. THANK YOU SO MUCH MIKE, APOLLO, AND DEONTREY for making my night and delivering such an unforgettable scene. I really enjoyed it.
Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the rave review! I'm glad it did not disappoint. Definitely a dream cum true for those of us who've been watching his character on that excellent web series you mentioned. Almost like the X-rated "Director's Cut," am I right? 😈

You're right about Apollo being the PERFECT partner for Deontrey's first time, for all the reasons you mentioned above. With Deontrey's understandable nervousness, I could see this going a very different way with a less experienced and reassuring scene partner.

I found out later that Apollo had actually pulled Deontrey aside the night before this shoot to talk things over with him, put him at ease, explain how things would go, etc. That really left a positive impression on Deontrey, and he's mentioned it to me several times since then as one of the reasons he thinks this went as well as it did.
natedog89 Apollo was so dramatic in this scene Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Yes, but in all the best ways lol.
Beyy88 I expected more but Apollo did his thing as usual. Jan 20, 2022
cocopop History was recorded today! I've waited 6 long years to see Apollo nut while getting fucked, as he begged for more dick while nutting. He seemed to really enjoy Deontrey's fucking him too. It became obvious from the start, Deontrey had never had his ass eaten before, and you could tell he loved it, he did a good job for his first time. Apollo's nutting scene was hotter than watching Ross nut while getting fucked though. With Blake and Bandit, Blake only had the head in Bandit, so that didn't really count. Deontrey seem really into Apollo. Now you must pair Apollo with Stallion, that would be epic. Hope we continue seeing Apollo, now that he's married. Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks, Cocopop! Thrilled to hear that you loved this epic, history-making scene as much as you did. I agree it's one of the best/hottest "cum from getting fucked" moments I've filmed in a very long time! Apollo's noisy orgasm grunt/yell and Deontrey's cute, almost proud facial reaction made it even ten times hotter.
rawwar21 Man i hate this... in a good way... it gives me false hope that i can find two sexy ass dudes like them to fulfill my fantasies. Love BBA Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Damn, you almost had me there for a split second.... πŸ˜…
Docteur Bravo!!!! Only things that need to happen now are Deontrey sucking dick and taking dick. His kissing is on point and he fucked the cum out of Apollo, a BBA first the veteran Apollo to climax while a penis is in him still pumping, unlike Bandit and Isaiah we really saw the dick in him as he came. Need Deontrey in an orgy. Excellent acquistion Michael. Jan 20, 2022
mcchaz Deontrey is very handsome. Loved seeing his asshole and he looked like he enjoyed the attention it was getting. Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta It's a beauty, ain't it??? 🀀
Dualex I love that!!! The authenticity did it for me. Especially the phone part. Well done Deontrey, he is very sexy and Apollo an excellent tutor. Please bring Stallion for some electric scene with our prince Apollo. Jan 20, 2022
200water I know you lying!!! I have been waiting forever for Apollo to cum while getting fucked. BBA kicking off 2022 with epic scenes. Can’t wait till Scotty and Kingston return! Jan 20, 2022
Shirly223 I really think you should set a couple dollars aside to help get the models groomed better before they shoot or request that they show up with their hair cut, done or shaped up. A $20 hair cut or shape up goes a long way. Apollo lookin rough and please help get Isaiah a new tooth. The homeless look ain’t it. I pray they do well in their personal life but please sell me a fantasy on here and not their struggle. We know their desperate for money but damn Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Nitpicking physical flaws like this is petty and rude and mean-spirited, and in the future will get your comment deleted. Only reason I chose to leave it up this time is because of how ignorant and ridiculous it makes you sound. Neither Apollo nor Isaiah look anything even remotely close to "homeless" in their recent scenes, as evidenced by almost every review other than yours. It really disturbs me sometimes to think about what kind of human being out there in the world thinks it's okay to leave a comment like this smh.
MrBrown19942 Apollo was sucking that dick, like he really missed it. His mouth skills are timeless. πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Jan 20, 2022
glsfz6 Deontreys dick was on brick!!!! new bba icon Jan 20, 2022
MrBrown19942 This entire scene, is amazing! πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ”₯ Jan 20, 2022
djv1234 Thanks Michael for launching Deontrey's first BBA man on man scene with the gorgeous Apollo. It was every thing I wanted it to be and Deontrey is truly a Star in the making. Apollo using his unique skills does so well in helping Deontrey take his first baby steps in this Hot scene. I can't wait for Deontrey to take his next steps at BBA to further his experience and become a fully fledged versatile Star just like Apollo and Dominic etc. The new BBA site is delivering on every aspect!! Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks as always for your encouraging feedback! Glad you've been loving the hot new content we're creating for you.
Kaib Every Scene Apollo does they fall in love with him at the end. Now I want Apollo and STALLION. Jan 20, 2022
Gyptian Apollo really deserves his #1 spot back, simply based off the amount of effort he puts into every one of his scenes. No matter what his assignment is, he manages to make (His Part) authentic and believable as possible. He really commits to providing the fantasy, all while keeping in mind all the little details. For example, Apollo is one of the only top tier models who doesn't just bend over but understands that he has to Arch the back and poke that ass out to make it look good even if it doesn't always feel good... That alone gives him a one up in my book. "LETS Make Apollo #1 Again" I approve this message! Lol Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hear ya! Bandit has a pretty commanding lead, though. But scenes like this one definitely make a compelling argument in favor of your campaign lol.
WSteven Welcome to BBA World Deontrey..!
This scene is really good for a newbie like Deontrey being only his second video clip with BBA.. He acts and moves naturally.. You can tell Deontrey is very nervous on this scene..
Kudos to Apollo who guided Deontrey very well.. You’re still my No. 1 BBA Model..
Overall, this is a good scene..!
Thank you Michael for making this happen.. Are we going to see more on Deontrey’s next role..?
Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Deontrey was definitely nervous, but I found that kind of cute and endearing. I could have edited most of that out, but I wanted viewers to get an honest glimpse at the natural flow of the scene. Like you, I was impressed with how he finally came out of his shell, and hopefully we'll be seeing much more of Deontrey soon! πŸ€žπŸ™
smhard03 Nice. I need that Apollo and Stallion scene ASAP! Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Unfortunately Stallion was unable to join us on this particular production trip, but hopefully Apollo will consider returning again so we'll have a chance to make that epic dream pairing happen at some point in the future. πŸ€žπŸ™
davids After watching this scene, I believe that Apollo was the perfect trainer for Deontrey. I saw Deontrey perform in one web series where he would tease other guys about his sexuality but refuse to go all the way. It felt so good seeing him willing to trust Apollo to guide him to the next level. Great work, Mike. Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! This scene is definitely a special treat for anyone familiar with Deontrey in that particular web series role. (Most of his roles are actually a variation of that character, now that I think about it lol). Glad you enjoyed watching him finally go "all the way" as much as I did!
gimmedat13 Apollo finally came while being fucked πŸ™ŒπŸΎ scene was 10 stars!! Jan 20, 2022
Godfather07 In all the years I have watch Apollo and I have been there from the beginning I have never been disappointed he always give 150% he is beautiful sexy clean cut and verbal and I love him wearing his hair longer he looks younger, He made this scene with his chisel body and his oral skills he is one hot man and I love the fact that he is a kisser all of that being said Deontrey was not up for the challenge he is at a level 3 and Apollo is at a level 15 Deontrey did a fair job but Apollo made the scene. With your newbies I would love to see Apollo and Stallion that is one newbie that I think is up for the challenge. One last thing, for Apollo to come with a dick up his ass somebody found his G-spot, I still give this scene a 9 out of 10 very good job Mike. Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta I don't think it's fair or realistic to expect a model doing his very first full action scene to be at the same level as a veteran "gay for pay" performer like Apollo, with years of experience and dozens of scenes under his belt. But glad you were still able to enjoy the pairing despite the difference in their experience levels.
TennesseeBator See, this is why BBA is the best. Mike gets out of the way and just lets the models produce straight REAL magic. The way NOBODY else could have welcomed Deontrey into the BBA family but "sex God" himself Apollo, I could tell D was real nervous at first but Apollo made him feel comfortable and got him at ease. I loved the shots of D's ass and hole, such good camera work. Then, seeing D finally insert his dick into Apollo was golden, I could tell at the end that they had really created a special moment together and that D was finally relaxed and ready to show out. This is probably going to be one of the best scenes of the year for me and yes, it's still January. Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Wow, that's high praise indeed! Glad you enjoyed this hot scene as much as you did. The natural chemistry between these two guys was above and beyond anything I expected. Apollo proved once again why he's truly one of a kind!

As an actor, Deontrey has starred in countless web series and played dozens of diverse characters over the years. But he's never had a role quite like this!

That's right, our favorite sexy straight actor is finally ready to pick up where he left off with that "other" amateur gay site almost one year ago. But of course this being BBA, he's agreed to do a lot MORE!

"We're gonna do it right!" Deontrey promises with a cocky, seductive smirk near the start of this scene. However, he also admits that he's feeling "all emotions in one" as he tries to mentally prepare himself for his very first FULL-ACTION encounter with another guy.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as returning BBA legend Apollo, inspired by his own training at the hands (and mouth, and ass...) of Lil Tyga many years ago, introduces Deontrey to the unique pleasures of guy-on-guy sex. After all, who better to guide a nervous newbie through his initial "gay for pay" exploration than someone who's already been through the same thing himself?

Viewers hoping for a polished and professional "porn star" right out of the gate would be better off skipping this scene.

But if you're as turned on as I am by the idea of watching every suspenseful, surprising, sometimes awkward but always AUTHENTIC moment of a real-life straight guy's first time going "all the way" with another man (well, as a top at steps), then this will be a dream come true for all of Deontrey's fans who've only been able to IMAGINE him doing all of these things before now.

I tried my best to keep the editing here to a minimum so everyone can fully appreciate Deontrey's experience as it evolves in close to real time, including lots of fun, unscripted surprises along the way.

For example, there's a section early-on where it looked like Deontrey's nerves (and straightness) were starting to get the better of him and I honestly began to worry that the shoot might have to be called off. But veteran pro that he is, Apollo remained patient and calm and eventually figured out a little trick that helped Deontrey "rise" to the occasion. (You'll just have to check out this scene for yourself to discover what that was).

Witness Deontrey's entertaining roller-coaster ride of reactions ranging from "deer in the headlights" disbelief to giddy, wide-eyed amazement at just how damn good another man's tight ass can feel when it's squeezing his dick!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: Jan 20, 2022 55 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Deontrey

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