You Get What You Pay For

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When he gave up his virgin ass to his roommate Kenny, Beno swore it was the first and LAST time he'd let anyone fuck him!

But that hasn't stopped me from drooling over the power-top's ass or dreaming of one day sampling that tight hole for myself! I made sure Beno knew I'd be willing to do whatever it took for the privilege of penetrating that cute muscle-butt! But even with that offer on the table, Beno has stubbornly stuck to his word for several long months and refused to "bottom" again....

But when Beno recently found himself owing the wrong people a large sum of money, he called me up and told me he'd do ANYTHING to earn the quick cash he needed - even if it meant GETTING FUCKED!

Enjoy a front-row seat for this "reality porn" exclusive as I turn the tables on BBA's #1 "top" and finally tame him into submission!

When Beno first showed up for his "audition" over one year ago, I never in a million years thought I'd ever be lucky enough to see this cocky black boy on his hands and knees, gagging on my hard white dick and later GIVING UP HIS ASS! But as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" - and conquering this sweet piece of forbidden ass was worth every penny!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which I ask Beno to explain what he's reluctantly agreed to do in order to earn his biggest paycheck so far.

"I'm gonna let Michael....test me out today," Beno sheepishly explains. "I'm gonna let Michael penetrate me."

It's obvious from his body language and facial expressions that Beno just wants to get the whole ordeal over with. At one point during the interview, I even have to turn off the camera and take a break when Beno seems close to changing his mind!

I ease Beno into things with some deep and passionate kissing.

Next, I bend Beno over my futon and feel up his lean and muscled young body. Then I yank down his jeans to squeeze, smack, and grope the tight little muscle-butt I've been dreaming about fucking for over a year! I even get the humiliated "top" to admit out loud that HIS ASS IS MINE!

"Just for a few hours," he's quick to remind me. "Only what you pay for!"

The sight of Beno's brown butt poking into the air is just too tempting to resist, and in no time at all my face is buried between those firm, flawless cakes! Beno rubs his sweaty ass all over my face as I hungrily feast on his sweet, tight hole.

Don't miss the hot moment when I ask Beno to kiss me right after my face has been shoved in his butt - and he surprises me by agreeing to do it!

By now I'm ready to stick more than just my TONGUE in that fresh thug ass, but first I decide to have some fun with Beno's hot mouth!

Beno gets on his hands and knees and begins sucking my dick. I grab Beno by the back of the head and fuck his warm, wet mouth as he chokes on my cock.

Beno drops to his knees and bobs dutifully up and down on my dick, licking and slurping and even deep-throating it several times. He also sucks on my hairy balls, staring up at me in sullen submission as I smack my dick across his face, lips, and tongue.

I tell Beno to turn around and show off the usually "off-limits" ass I'm about to enjoy.

"You want some of that ass, don't you?" Beno teases in a seductive voice as I stroke my hard dick to his preview of coming attractions. "You LUCKY muthafucka!"

Beno crawls reluctantly onto all fours with his ass in the air and his jeans still bunched around his ankles.

He cries out in pain as I slowly sink my dick into his unbelievably tight little ass....

Keeping in mind this is only Beno's SECOND time trying to "bottom," I fuck him slowly and gently at first.

But the feeling of Beno's near-virgin asshole tightly squeezing my hard white dick is just too damn good to resist, and in no time at all I'm pounding away at the cocky black top's untamed ass! Beno begs for mercy and tries to run from the dick, but his resistance only makes me savor the "conquest" even more!

I grab Beno's hips with both hands and greedily plunder his squishy-warm guts. Eager to break that ass thoroughly in, I fuck Beno on his stomach, side, back, and doggy-style. At one point, I even make Beno ride me!

As I slam in and out of his tight "top-only" butt, Beno growls and curses in pain but never gives up, gradually surrendering his ass to my dick....

I eventually shoot my hot, white cum across Beno's freshly-fucked ass in a symbolic climax.

Next, Beno busts his own creamy "nutt" on my mouth and chin, then uses his dick and fingers to smear the sticky-warm mess all over my lips.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Beno shares his amusing reactions to the day's shoot. Not surprisingly, he promises this is the last time we'll ever see him get "stuck" - no matter how badly he might need the money!

"It's not worth it," he explains. "Bottoming is not for me!"

Beno heads home holding his sore ass with one hand and a large wad of cash in the other.

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Details: Nov 18, 2010 54 min
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