Seducing Shaun

Shaftmanic38 shaun with an ASS like that needs to be DICKED DOWN and right here can tell hes camera shy and nervous Sep 11, 2022
cam6594 He and Scotty had practice while they have been away. Someone opened them both up. They will be more than willing to go to the next level on camera. Sep 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta I sure hope you're right about that! 🤞🙏

Am I wrong for getting turned on by the thought of them getting reluctant "practice" in prison? 😈
alltrue I want him I like the way he is lol Aug 23, 2018
ikonium Love all that hair bro; keep staying 100% natural. Apr 17, 2017
ikonium Shaun, just when I'm expecting to see you taking it to another level with " Blake Bishop " you end up ( AWOL )as they'd say. I hope you're not long in coming back and I hope you keep yourself just as fresh as you were when we last saw you. Wishing you all the best and hope your return will be sooner than expected. It was truly nice to see all parts of you, especially them lovely cakes. Mmmuuah. Apr 17, 2017
Chelton03 His seemingly coy pretense actually added to the turn on. Mar 31, 2017
texasbugg mike when he comes back he will be ripe and ready. Dec 6, 2016
texasbugg this young thug is super hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. he knows he got a super fat assssssssssssss i would love to eat his fat thug ass. Dec 6, 2016
pedwards876 I had a feeling Shaun would be open. He could have stopped you when he felt he was about to nut but he went with it without the video. He took a long time in his first scene but got there much quicker letting you do it. Can't wait for you to eat his ass. Sep 27, 2016
acura8215 I really like how he's nervous but calm at the same time about the whole gay for pay situation. Money would make any straight guy try new things. Sep 11, 2016
jjusj1 This guy is too cool. I like the hell out of him. Want much more of him. He keeps it so real, reminds me of some guys I've been with Please, please get more of him. Sep 10, 2016
yoooooo mike good scene. i have a feeling u mighta ran him away. hope not. Aug 26, 2016
illtown22 Nicely done! He's not quite ready yet tho. You could see the shame set in after he came. Aug 25, 2016
kingfly For some reason I am drawn to this guy... Aug 25, 2016
thuglover Shaun is trade sexy, and I would love to see him get down with another Armando!!! You're doing a great job coaxing him into gay4pay, he curious I definitely see it. Aug 25, 2016
dafootceo Mike this was a good scene, I think the next time he will be ready to go. He put the phone down too quick when you put the lube on his penis! Please pair him with Isaiah or Stephon, he needs someone who doesn't give off the feminine vibe, I also think you could probably get him and Scotty to really experiment with each other. I'm sure they have both considered it since their scene. Shaun was too eager to let Scotty wash/feel up on him. Aug 18, 2016
mrbender You need to put Shaun and Bandit together !! Aug 16, 2016
3606tsb72 Greatly enjoyed this model. I am not an ass-man, so I fast-forwarded to S's dick, which has a lot of M's hand job was masterful. The "Str8" bro loved every minute of it despite trying to act confused...such a good actor. More hand jobs, more showers, more dicks jutting its britches --- and in and out of it, soft & hard, & up close like a clinical exam for we viewers sans cock-blocking, more toilet pissing--shower pissing too, etc. Grade: A- Aug 12, 2016
Kellyboy60 My Oh My ! I thought this scene was HOTT I am a big fan of breaking them DL boys in. I just can not get enough of Shaun.. He is open to trying things and liked it. Please bring him back but ease him into having Gay Sex.... Aug 11, 2016
jowilf 83 likes is not bad at all.. Aug 11, 2016
jujan35 loved it want to see more of him Aug 11, 2016
lovehemboy One of the best video Aug 10, 2016
DJ2016 Getting a chance to see Shaun by himself in a more intimate setting was exhilarating. That body is amazing. I love young dudes with thick nappy pubes. And those big low-hanging balls was a feast for my eyes.

The biggest asset that Shaun possesses? His ass of course! I love small round defined muscled asses on slim dudes. Major weakness! All that hair in that ass crack was icing on the cake. Seriously. I would literally lick and eat that hairy booty hole like it was frosting.
Shaun is a beautiful street dude. If he stared at me with those piercing suspicious eyes I would melt in his hands.

Kudos to you for guiding him to try new things and come out of his shell! Simply put.. Michael keep up the good work! Your artistry is amazing!
Aug 8, 2016
matt796999 Thanks, Michael. I cranked up the volume and it helped a lot. In addition to, "Oh, shit!" I believe I heard, "I'm fixin' (pronounced FI-in) to come!" Very hot! I'm looking forward to hearing him say that when his cock is buried deep in a booty! Aug 8, 2016
matt796999 If only he'd moaned a little or done SOMETHING when he came. Still, I want to fuck that phat ass with my tongue.... Aug 7, 2016
MichaelGalletta Please try watching with headphones and/or turning up your volume and listening very closely next time. You'll notice that Shaun actually says "oh, shit!" several times under his breath as he watches in shock and amazement as the inevitable happens ;). Hope this helps!
pbobsk6 I approached this movie with trepidation after seeing the performances of Scotty and Shaun in their first movie. Man, was I surprised! Michael`s gift in the power of persuasion and his ability to create excitement and to be convincing led Shaun into "unchartered territory." Shaun gave an interesting performance. He`s ready for Level 2 !! Aug 7, 2016
palmers This week was another big "middle finger" to your members. Shaun can't possibly have a fan base large enough to justify pissing off members to showcase him again. He looked uncomfortable the entire episode. You've gotten us accustomed to the sexual interactions of your models and then you become upset when we complain about poor content. You showed alot of potential at the beginning of the year. I hope things get better. Aug 7, 2016
awdatnmd this sucked...this sucked Aug 7, 2016
INDY You got a hot one Michael. The "straight ones" always say they ain't doing nothing but within a month he will be sucking & fucking. Work your magic. How much did you pay that little swindler? HaHa He is definitely a hot number. NO BANDIT but hot. Aug 6, 2016
kelloahj Michael this is A++++++++++++ Aug 6, 2016
kevin321 Cum shot was awesome! He's got potential. If he would just open his mind up. Maybe one of the other models can talk him in to it. You never know. They say never say never. Oh and Michael, please buy that boy some draws. lol Aug 6, 2016
kevin321 Shaun is a cutie. His ass is phat. It's pretty. Looking forward to see how far he will go for gay for pay. He got a cute little body. Aug 6, 2016
cocopop Shaun does have a pretty narrow little ass. body's sexy face ain't much to look up op. For a 18year old kid he has old men feet, ugly with the feet Aug 5, 2016
vuittonlyfe I second two other comments "bring Saint to take him to the next level" and "bring back his friend to see what he'd be willing to do by himself". I think pairing him with someone aggressive would also be great. Want to see him top a guy first before bottoming. Aug 5, 2016
Perriason Yes!!! I knew Shaun would be back a lot sooner than later. I think he is a cutie minus that busted lip & gold grill pullouts. Poor thang is about to get turned out & he don't even know it. Keep up the good work Michael. Try to bring back his friend for a solo to see what he is willing to do by himself. Aug 5, 2016
jowilf I think SHAUN has a fan base here on BBA.. 35 likes is not bad at all. Will watch this scene later. Aug 5, 2016
Peeples38 You need to have Saint turn him out Aug 5, 2016
chgohydepar1 Michael, you have the patience of Job. Aug 5, 2016
fred0914 he really has a nice azz hope he lets someone play with it more Aug 5, 2016
conunjrum Two back to back weeks of questioning why I should renew a membership? This is predictable non-sense with two good weeks and two weak weeks. Aug 5, 2016
jantt2016 Hell yeah!!! Way to go Mike....I love young (18-21) cute thug ass black dudes. They are the SEXIEST of all. I think that Shaun will be open for more next time..You need to suck his cock and eat his ass next time as an agreement to him fucking a female --- to break him in more...then link him with another thug like Saint or Lil Tyga who could explore gay for pay sex with him and talk him into doing more for the fans. Aug 5, 2016
tayshawn3 Shaun is so naturally sexy to me and his ass is nice and fat....I loved how he started to enjoy you jacking him off to the point where he let you finish him off, and his nut shot up plus the way he was looking and his body had tensed up..he enjoyed that more than he wanted to...Great job Michael...the best shot to me was him laying on his stomach looking up at the camera...I just wanted to buss all over his ass, back and face...Can't wait to see him again Aug 5, 2016

Last week, we met a cocky straight boy who stubbornly swore during his solo "audition" that he'd NEVER do anything with a guy - the attitude that most of our straight models have starting out.

This week we're taking things one step further by showing what's possible when a similarly skeptical straight boy returns for a surprising follow-up shoot several weeks later.

Like many viewers who enjoyed the recent unique encounter between straight best friends Scotty and Shaun, I found myself entertained and charmed by Shaun's playful personality and infectious sense of humor, and more than a little obsessed with the sexy young thug's "attention-grabbing" bubble-butt.

Despite Shaun's emphatic insistence that he wasn't willing to do anything "extra gay," I wasted no time inviting him back for a more intimate follow-up session in the hopes of getting better acquainted with the barely-legal black boy and testing his boundaries in a way I wasn't able to do with his more resistant and uncooperative best friend in the very same room.

If nothing else, I wanted to pay closer attention to Shaun's breathtaking butt, including that most private and protected part of his body that he'd kept stingily hidden from view during his "audition" a few weeks ago.

In fact, the ONLY thing Shaun explicitly agreed to do in advance of this shoot was let us look at his ASSHOLE. And every viewer who shares my weakness for fresh 'hood-boy ass will no doubt salivate at the sight of Shaun's hairy ass-crack and tight, virgin hole.

But of course I wasn't content to leave it at that!

Now if you're ONLY interested in hardcore gay action, then this ISN'T the scene or website for you! But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching every suspenseful, surprising, sometimes stressful, and frequently funny moment of my unscripted negotiations with a resistant straight boy, unfolding spontaneously in very close to real time as I slowly seduce him into taking his very first BABY STEPS into the realm of gay experimentation, then this is a REALITY PORN exclusive that you don't want to miss!

See for yourself what leads up to Shaun shaking his head in disbelief and confusion by the end of this scene as he guiltily confesses, "I feel HELLA GAY, bro!"

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 5, 2016 38 min
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Michael Galletta
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