The Puppy and the Tyga #2

juan2424 Lil T is the BEST fukkr on BBA. That nikka be bringing it hard, deep and while he kissn hard and deep! That dude is Bae! Jan 12, 2018
Moses1999 I wish I could meet this cute one. KODY IS SEXY. And it is not always about the sex. This Daddy would indeed treat him right. Come over to Richmond VA. Mar 26, 2017
Jake64 MISSIONARY to the max.... Dec 27, 2015
cam3121 Why didn't Lil Tyga suck Kody's dick? Not cool at all. Dec 27, 2015
MichaelGalletta @kapukan2: The BBA blog switched to a new server a couple weekends ago, but it's still up and running. Please try clearing your cookies, cache, and/or disconnecting and reconnecting your Internet modem and hopefully that should fix the problem for you. Thanks! Dec 23, 2015
kapukan2 Why is the blog not available? It has been unavailable for several weeks. Dec 23, 2015
kapukan2 I would love to see Kody with Apollo or Freaky J. .....or all three together! Dec 20, 2015
happy219 HOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Dec 20, 2015
dainnoc1 great scene great passion between those two -- now its time to get beno's hands on kody now but of course not before u do mike :) Dec 19, 2015
sexyboy513 That's what's good. It was great and they was on point. Dec 18, 2015
chgohydepar1 this was exceptionally hot. when babyboi looked into tyga's eyes while getting smashed, i melted. the kissing turned me the fuck on! hot "work" guys. Dec 17, 2015
Biggum This is a Horrible scene Dec 17, 2015

"He looks JUST LIKE CORY!"

That was the very first thing I heard out of Lil Tyga's mouth when he first came through the door with our newest model Kody shortly after picking him up from the airport.

Even though I hadn't originally planned to pair Lil Tyga with Kody for his first visit, the two of them seemed to have an instant attraction and chemistry and hit it off so well that I knew SOMETHING was going to happen between them - the only question was whether I filmed it or not!

And while a selfish part of me wanted to be the lucky first to sample Kody's sweet mouth and tight ass (with more than just my fingers this time), I also found myself turned on by the idea of turning over the adorably cute "college boy" to a sexy and aggressive older veteran like Tyga. I figured he could take the nervous newbie under his wing almost like an adopted "baby brother" - with benefits!

Even though he had found Kody cute from the start, it wasn't until he asked him to stand up and show off his slim, youthful body that Tyga noticed Kody's surprisingly prominent bubble-butt.

"You got a lot of ass to be a skinny dude!" Lil Tyga exclaims with surprise and growing excitement as he strips the shy boy out of his clothes.

See for yourself what happens when this cute and innocent "puppy" meets the ravenous older "Tyga" for an amateur action debut that you don't want to miss.

Enjoy over thirty minutes of hot and passionate kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and of course Lil Tyga welcoming Kody to the BBA family like only a horny "big brother" can - by aggressively pounding that sweet "baby bro" ass!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Dec 17, 2015 34 min
Photo of Kody
Photo of Lil Tyga
Lil Tyga

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