Roommate's Reward

Dualex I mentioned about Bishop running away but the situation for me is Juju. Being a good top does not mean tossing one's partner around like a rag doll. Don't pair him with Ross or production will be shut down lol Apr 28, 2023
shrimpdikk Is Taz still available? I would love to see him with JuJu. Or Juju with Luh Red even Apr 12, 2023
unitedguy18 Nah JUJU is the sexiest model y'all got. Be careful w/ him Apr 8, 2023
LngstrkeMike88 I can't wait to see more of JuJu in 2023 hopefully; I took this scene for granted when it first uploaded but after watching it for the second time it was pretty hot 🥵 🔥! And by the way, has anybody ever told Blake Bishop that he looks like Kadeem Hardison AKA Dwayne Wayne from A Different World lol? Mar 22, 2023
Playwithme11 JUJU is a goldmine sexy and i bet will be open to try new things. Mar 5, 2023
Dangerboy Blake Bishop can do no wrong! JuJu is mad sexy!! Thank you!!!! Feb 27, 2023
Dualex Wrong bottom. Too much running away. Feb 25, 2023
24markus JuJu and Blake. I'm gonna have wet dreams about this shit. Feb 8, 2023
Dre098 More JuJu and Blake 😮‍💨 Jan 31, 2023
Natsfan64 WELL DAMN....Blake's best bottoming video/my opinion Jan 13, 2023
femvers5 For y’all to be complaining on what they need. Or to say Juju is boring not every man is into kissing. And yet you still watched and bust ya 💦💦. Let’s not be broke critics here. Juju did his thing with that dick and very well might I add. He’s doing a good job WITH HIS COMFORTABILITY Jan 5, 2023
Sageking3 Damn juju is so fuckn sexy bruh Jan 5, 2023
rabidfan77 First off Mike you NEED to let Juju be the DOMINANT top he is and stop trying to get him to “explore” bottoming. He is best as a Dom Top paired with Slim and Kavii. I’ve NEVER seen someone make Blake submit and Juju 🤤🤤 did. Juju needs a bottom that will submit to his choking fetish too. Juju can be the new Dominic an exclusive Top Jan 1, 2023
MichaelGalletta Nobody has brought up bottoming with least not yet lol. No need to panic. The man has barely even TOUCHED a dick yet, let alone put one in his mouth or his ass. We know what we're doing, even though our end goals (pun intended) are clearly different from yours. 😉

Also hate to break it to you, but Dominic was NOT an "exclusive Top." 😜
nokiyo36 This was fire fire keep it going Dec 24, 2022
Jerity41 NOW THIS YOU’RE ON POINT WITH! In my Pheadra voice. 10’s across the board Dec 23, 2022
Docteur Let it be known that JuJu fucked the hell out of Blake Bishop. Would love to see him with Bandit, Ross, Scuba and Isaiah. If he is going to fuck like that, he needs to kiss, suck nipples and suck dick. Additionally I have high hopes that in 2023 we will see the return of Scotty and Shaun; Maleek and Rush and Deontrey and Stylez bottoming like he did with Dominic. Happy Holidays to Michael, Montez and Shax. Dec 23, 2022
DolaDragases Amazing scene.

Wish it was a creampie tho :(
Dec 22, 2022
getdickhoe Good scene! Where is the final update for the year? Dec 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta Please scroll down and look for my announcement from a few days ago. Thanks!
malkezie0 You need some cream pie action happening Dec 21, 2022
malkezie0 When is the next update? Dec 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Please scroll down and look for my announcement from a few days ago. Thanks!
Verdade To Michael, Montez & Shax. Love the Models and sex. The available access to all of these fine men is key. Some are not available at times. Noir Male has their men at scheduled access times. BBA depends on who can make it...or who wants to at the time... It kinda depends on the models...their situations and availability. That is what I like about BBA. It is all up to the models as they want to appear. Not a given, set situation or time. Like Manny or Isaiah...any of these fine men BBA kinda allows them a comfort zone to show up? If and when they can....Am I kinda correct on this? Dec 20, 2022
blktop2002 Blake just Blake anytime anywhere anyhow that is all. Dec 20, 2022
GottiMilk Juju is mid for me but it only takes a Bishop.. then BAM! Dec 20, 2022
hcs1220 He fuck like a Nigga. Keep him! Dec 18, 2022
YoloReckless Where Luh Redd sexy ass at he'd love JuJu Dec 18, 2022
surwinkstha3rd New boy JuJu made Blake Tap out . So Wow He can fuck some Ass. I loved it! yall know i love my #Stallion but #JuJu sure is satisfying my chocolate masc boy desires. Good Scene You guys !!!! Dec 17, 2022
Verdade Love BBA. The new guys are vibrant/sexy I love Blake,Justice, Ross, Manny, Isaiah, Bandit, Stylez, Dominic..These guys are the sexual beauty of the site. I just light up when they are featured. Please let them know they are why we subscribe. Love to the new guys as well. But it is the sexy guys that have been around awhile...they are so very erotic to me. Love you guys. Dec 16, 2022
badizm66 juju is hot but boring , he doesnt kiss or eat, and never returns the forplay , he just likes being pleasure, borrring , would like him and zeke but zeke likes to kiss and touch and stuff, yall need to work wit ju ju to show more affection Dec 16, 2022
tj3174021 Baaaaaaaby!!! (Knocks all the chess pieces off the board…) JUJU IS KING!!!!! Hands down THE BEST TOP PERFORMANCE IN AWHILE….imo.

It was the “finishing move” at 43:43 for me!!!! Lol…and the way he yanked Blake up at 47:25…mylanta!!! Whew it’s definitely giving “we had a time last night.” 🤣🤣 Man S/O to the BBA team for this one! Can we leave JuJu booty alone? Let him be a top. Not everybody need to be flip fucked or sucking dick. Let the man top and stay toppin lbvs. I know some people like the fantasy of the top being taken down, and it is sexy sometimes, but let’s just leave him in this space throwing that big dick and enjoying some nice ass. JuJu and Apollo would BREAK THE FUCKING INTERNET!!! Ciao babes!!!
Dec 16, 2022
nastyscorp10 And just like that, you're back🔥🔥🔥 Juju definitely knows how to use that 🍆 That's the most open (meaning the most intense) I've ever remember seeing Blake bottoming! They did that shit💯👍🏽💪🏾👏🏽 Dec 15, 2022
mrbates Blake is one of the few long time performers in the BBA stable that can ALWAYS be counted on to "BRING IT." Dec 15, 2022
texasbugg damm please let juju fuck bandit what a scene that would be 2 hard core young raw thugs fucking just thinking about it gives me a super hard juju falling in love with bandit good 50 kt gold thug oy pussy damm damm damm damm let him give bandit a royal thug fucking. Dec 15, 2022
lmj623 First time I seen KE really meet his match 🙌🏾 Dec 14, 2022
Scrappyboy60 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 What more can i say? Dec 14, 2022
kpnorthphilly 🔥🔥🔥 After this scene, I think JuJu def makes a great addition to the roster. Would def like to see him more with some of the greats. Dec 14, 2022
chauncey Happy Holidays !!!!! --- BBA Dec 14, 2022
cutie1000 can we get another juju video please or K9. Wheres Bandit?? Dec 13, 2022
midnitefreak More feet action in these scenes I want to see all of their toes please Dec 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for all the rave reviews, everyone! We knew this scene was special when we filmed it, but we're thrilled to see that most of our viewers feel the same way. One for the BBA history books, that's for sure! Will try to reply to more of your feedback and questions soon.

Here's what we announced over on Twitter (@bbaddictionz) regarding our Holiday Schedule: No update this week while the BBA elves work hard behind the scenes to stuff your Christmas stockings with treats. Our Christmas scene will be released on Christmas Eve. No update the following week (out of town for holidays), but back Thursday, January 5th to kick off our first batch of updates for the New Year.
Dec 13, 2022
justme4142 I wonder what a scene would be like with Juju and Zeke too😩 Dec 13, 2022
justme4142 Juju so sexy, had me goin crazy😂. Dec 13, 2022
prettyboig 🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾 loved it… now I wanna see Blake flip him Dec 13, 2022
chauncey Yo Blake, I would have gone to sleep right there cuddling with Juju because he was ready for that -- after you came he asked with sincerity "How do you feel?" Yo man you should have answered the question !!!!!!! -- but you jumped up and ran -- that was love looking you in the eyes and you ran away. Let's do a bit of reflecting here on how the "Greats" do it - After Deontrey fucked Apollo he fell in love because Apollo worked a mojo on him -- He even began referring to Apollo as "Baby" Deontrey was really impressed. After Maleek fucked Apollo he fell in love with Apollo because Apollo worked a Mojo on him. Maleek even said he did not want to leave -- He was happy right there cuddling with Apollo -- Now here goes Juju getting his mind blown by the power of Blake's "Booty". I could tell he was ready to claim that booty as his exclusively. Shitttt I would have answered that trillion-dollar question Juju asked after Blake came -- "How do you feel?" -- Juju was doing what straight men do -- He was attempting to romance Blake by setting the mood -- He wanted to leave his trademark on Blake -- Yeh clearly Juju was blown away by a dose of some man-pussy. Blake -- Blake changed the mood by asking Juju some superficial shit -- I put myself in Juju's shoes and he was ready to claim that booty as his - and hit it again on the spot -- I hear you brother -- Yeh Juju was ready to break daylight all cuddled up with Blake -- Juju is clearly ready for Round 2 after this experience with Blake and we want to see where Round 2 takes us. One thing about Apollo which really works -- Apollo's more memorable scenes always end with him and his scene mate cuddling - and engaging in pillow talk -- that shit is sexy, sexy, sexy -- Hint, hint -- I wanted this scene to end with Juju and Blake cuddling for the night in Juju's bed -- Blake I'm talking to you now -- can't believe you didn't cuddle up with Juju for the night !!!! No way -- you got to be crazy -- LOL --- I know, I know -- I'm getting a bit carried away here -- BBA just keeps it coming - Great work Montez and Shax -- I want more, more, more -- Keep surprising us -- You gave us a warning -- not to miss the ending of this scene - and what Juju agreed to do -- well it did not disappoint. I will be tuning in by appointment -- to all in the BBA-Verse stay safe -- let's keep supporting BBA -- it is the only site where we can see real men that look like the people we see in our everyday experiences of being out or DL in the hood -- I rest my case -- It's BBA 4EVER Dec 12, 2022
blackforest I agree 100 % @Beyy88 Dec 12, 2022
wolfkno I thought Juju had a small dick but I guess he just needed the right inspiration? This scene was phenomenal. Loved every minute of it. Dec 12, 2022
dlking93 I knew he needed Blake lol ik Sax been around lately he would had been great imo too....29:41 made me cum I love that shit so much lol best position...great shoot Blake was lookin sexy and Ju can't deny his body and look hope he sticks around...I think ross would do great with him along with Shameeks Dec 12, 2022
debattx77 Is Blake ok? Not being funny at all but the weight loss has me worried. Dec 12, 2022
Montez If you go back and look through the years, Blake has always been one whose weight fluctuates. He is perfectly healthy and there is no reason for concern, I assure you.
HeyNwkat160 This scene was 🔥. Took me back to my college roommate days and that special n secret "bond" we had that no one knew about. Blake is my dude love watching him. Juju damn he fine n sexy. When Blake was tasting Juju ass and lifted his nutt sack to get to his hole i lost it busted my nutt. 2nd nutt happened when Juju was fucking Blake on his back n Blake moaning. Job well done by both now one of my favorite scenes. Dec 12, 2022
davids Hey guys, don't forget to visit JuJu's profile and vote for him. That's the only way we can bring him up on the profile chart. Dec 11, 2022
Avery235 this was a great pairing juju is so fucking hot and he fucked the shit out of blake they had amazing chemistry juju fine chocolate ass is right behind bandit and ross now my two favorites Dec 11, 2022
theking This Was So Beautiful, JuJu Was Very Comfortable With Blake Which Made It 10x Better!!! Dec 11, 2022
Str8BoyzPlz Omfg... He may be the best top I've ever seen on here. When I say he gave Blake all he could handle, I mean it. I never ask for pairings, but I will make an exception now... Juju w/ Jahan. I've wanted to see someone fuck Jahan the way that Juju did Blake in this video since he came back all thick and shit. If he keep fuckin like this, idgaf about him taking dick. Hell, just let him fuck all the vets.. Omg, him with my favorite, Isaiah.. I'm so excited about this dude. Dec 11, 2022
scrappydoo123 Wish that Shameeks and Jay C was still around to be paired with JuJu. That would have been a hot double chocolate mix rich in flavor. Dec 11, 2022
Akashic1 This scene is 9.9 outta 10. BBA has caught lightning in a bottle, the chemistry was undeniable, JuJu is a star and a freak and a fuck god,don't wait too long to bring him back , he needs an experienced bottom who can handle BBC like Manny , he would shine in a threesome too .But lemme tell you ,the way he dominated Blake, putting him in positions so fluidly and had him tapping out he has a big dick and he definitely knows how to fuck.The student may have outshined the Master was trying to get Blake to eat that Nutt but he was like uh uhh 😭😭😭 if that had happened, I would have exploded.This scene may be my favorite for the yr..A INSTANT CLASSIC!! Dec 11, 2022
Leonides I’m holding my crystals tight manifesting a scene with him stallion and Zeke 🥹 Dec 10, 2022
smokey1984 I wasn’t going to renew my membership, but this one lured me back after reading the comments. I renewed and was glad I did. Now keep this kinda stuff going. No more bullshit! This was 🔥. Mike please don’t deviate and just give us anything, this is what we signed up for. This separates BBA from other sites. Raw talented and fine as fuck dudes. Keep it cuming!!!! Dec 10, 2022
Docteur Need JuJu, Bandit, Scuba, Apollo, and Ross in an all out no hold barred scene, perhaps them all gangbanging Scuba or Ross with everybody kissing and sucking dick. Would love to see Rush, Maleek and Deontrey in a 3some. I am not a fan of Blake Bishop, but he takes dick well and sucks dick very good, but his massive weight loss is scary. I could do without ever seeing Zander, Kingston, Drezzy or Saxgotem again. Finally Stylez needs to be fucked by all those he has fucked like: Apollo and Bandit in particular. Isaiah and JuJu could be hot too as long as JuJu does more. Hopefully the Xmas scene will be fiyahhhhh!!!! Dec 10, 2022
comelaywitme Fire 🔥 scene! Please let juju fuck Sax! Also let juju fuck the #1 Bandit Dec 10, 2022
jasonb09 JuJu is so fine, i Wanna see him suck dick and eat ass Dec 10, 2022
handyzanegood Y’all did something with this one. Top 2! Dec 10, 2022
YoloReckless Damn that was wonderful Dec 10, 2022
pimpinger Finally!!!!! Yal got it right this week! I couldn’t even get through the whole movie! Great job! Let’s keep this going because I was about to unsubscribe this week Dec 10, 2022
Nastynut And scene 🎬 now this was a mf scene!!!! Periodttttt the chemistry is so on point and the fucking….he definitely pounded him like he was supposed to! I literally have no complaints the scene was perfect from start to finish 🤩😍 I hate that JuJu talks like that because he reminds me of an ex that was a fuck boy lol and knew once he turned that sexy voice on for me & looked me in my eyes, I was ready and it was yes daddy 😂 but anywho this video took me down memory lane for a sec the way he fucked Blake and talked to him 🥰 10/10 I highly recommend!!!!! 🤌🏾 Dec 10, 2022
kevbash243 JuJu is Apollo 2.0 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Dec 10, 2022
texasbugg damm i hope u all let him fuck saxgotem he can handle sax i know juju will act badd in sax's asshole 2 thugs fucking sound so fucking hott please make it happen this scene was better than lil jake/mar fucking scene and it take a lot to top lil jake/mar fucking scene juju was loving the feeling Dec 10, 2022
Verdade Just amazing. So erotic and fulfilling for us all. This makes Juju a superstar for all of us. And Blake is always so dynamic and fulfilling with his beautiful, erotic sex. Cannot say enough. I have been a Blake fan forever. Juju and Blake. Gosh guys!!! You are so orgasmic for me. Juju and Blake...such beautiful erotic sex. Man BBA....So much love to JuJu and Blake. Gosh fellas! So very orgasmic. Love you JuJu, and Blake, man you are always the very erotic and orgasmic. Cannot say enough for JuJu and Blake. Love you guys so much!! Dec 9, 2022
lablue I swear I had 2 get a replay when JuJu pulled Bishop across that bed made my night. I thought Bishop was Kingston when he got fucked for the first time. BBA yall did that. Dec 9, 2022
kennyg at least he touched the dick this steps!!!!!! Dec 9, 2022
blacky1 Oh Mike you got your hands full with JuJu he about to take over and the way he lick his lips while stroking Blake yessssssss Dec 9, 2022
texasbugg damm let juju fuck kingston i bet he would love juju big size thug dick Dec 9, 2022
Myke1101 Was Thinking About Canceling My Subscription, Juju & Blake Saved The Day Enjoy it very much good job Dec 9, 2022
texasbugg please more juju fuck what the haters say he is a star in the making if they say something badd they r madd cause he didn't fuck them Dec 9, 2022
daquarius96 5 stars! Juju you did ya thing! Dec 9, 2022
markusg95 This shit made my evening. After watching Argentina beat Netherlands in World Cup futbol, i felt depressed, lol. But Prince JuJu and King Blake saved my evening. JuJu, with his sexy smile, linebacker's physique, and rough sexual energy long stroke to deep stroke Blake's ass so convincingly, that i wanted them to fuck till the early morn, lol. King Blake ALWAYS satisfies as a top or bottom. Best part was when JuJu stood Blake up, wrapped his hand around Blake's neck, and fucked him as Blake lowered his head almost onto JuJu's shoulder and moaned in pain and delight. No BBA topping model has EVER done that position EVER, my FAVORITE of all sex positions. Anyway, this is one of the top rough fucks i ever seen on BBA. Lastly, every time JuJu stepped away from the bed (especially as he gave that cute Victory sign, lol), we got a whiff of his linebacker physique in all its glory, developed neck muscles, chest, abs, etc. Ok. I'm done. 1000 thumbs up!!!!!! Dec 9, 2022
texasbugg damm that's why i love to watch a sexy young thug fuck juju know it was feeling good that he when he said fuck it and started beat that asshole up damm i hope u all got plans to let juju fuck saxgotem i hope he fuck saxgotem juju can tame that thug's asshole sax needs a fucking from juju Dec 9, 2022
BluGod12 This was the perfect balance of old school interview and new school filmography! Also, JuJu did his thing! Dec 9, 2022
iibnasty 🥰🥰 how a top should treat a bottom Dec 9, 2022
Dualex If I were a bottom for Juju I'd arch so good and make sure I don't miss an inch. That piece of meat is just gorgeous. Dec 9, 2022
chauncey HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 9, 2022
maybelater This was good! Juju was fucking not pounding. He was grinding in that ass so nice and Blake was not acting, he was having that dick like a thug! Dec 9, 2022
Dualex Juju has got the right attitude... Dec 9, 2022
Dualex OMG. I enjoyed that scene. Uncle B was great but Apollo would have been faaar better. I loved the head at beginning (where was the consent? Lol), seeing that dick grow. Uncle B needs to learn to arch though for such a beautiful dick but the missionary was hot! Maleek and Juju are my new faves. Dec 9, 2022
VSWboy18 JuJu is a budding star and can fuk fuk. Have we ever seen Blake run and scream this much?? I don't even remember bigger peens making him run like this Dec 9, 2022
colormeblk Juju was better this time... now if we can just get him to suck some dick and maybe kiss a little....I'm not gonna even mention him getting fuck... but maybe hopefully one day... and Bishop should be the first one to get it...cause Juju sure did bust Bishop ass with a hard fuck session! Blake Bishop needs REVENGE!!! Dec 9, 2022
Meatlover Another awful film with JuJu. I need him to do more than fuck, he needs to kiss, he needs to suck dick, he needs to be a participant in these films not just a prop. So he jerked Blake off, big whoop he’s got to actually perform. I’m over JuJu. Smh Dec 9, 2022
Seekingbootee I’d love to see Juju with Stallion. Dec 9, 2022
man12345 Can't wait to see JuJu get dicked down. Dec 9, 2022
hairyassholes101 BBA these are the type of vids everyone has been waiting for !! Y’all should’ve start with this one last week or in the beginning !!! But just watch, next week y’all are gonna tease us again and give us another lame ass annoying update. And honestly, this is the only vid that shax and montez did a very good job on directing. So I’m hoping you guys keep it up with more update like these with new straight (muscular) guys pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Thank you 😪🙏🏻 Dec 9, 2022
eibner please post more deontrey stallion and bandit and make a content or collaboration Dec 9, 2022
burielaaron30 That young bull was clapping those lil cakes. Always loved Blake🔥🔥❤️ But this young man is Gold Dec 9, 2022
mopapper I love when you have real true gut busting hardcore. He was really taking dick! Dec 9, 2022
kennyhova has Blake ever been fucked this hard? i love it. that man is gorgeous and never disappoints. Dec 9, 2022
SilkySlim1986 Best scene of 2022. Great chemistry and performances. JuJu is another stellar find, Michael. Thank you Shax Carter for directing an award-worthy scene. Dec 9, 2022
dfjmusic Now this was good. I am satisfied completely Dec 9, 2022
Shawndaley25 This piece is extremely appealing visually and erotically. Good job team! Dec 9, 2022
SCGuy08 Great from start to finish! Y’all out did yourself with this one Dec 9, 2022
scrappydoo123 JuJu has been to this rodeo before. Love Bishop but he has become kinda too thin. He don't have that nice ass he use to have which was great for taking dick. All in all the video was good. Dec 9, 2022
Docteur The long scripted beginning was a bit too much, but when the action started OMG . Blake Bishop wears the crown of best dick sucker on BBA. His sloppy toppy game on JuJu was off the charts. When JuJu finally fucked him it was as if he was knee deep in that ass with no mercy. One of the best get fucked scenes ever on BBA. Only thing missing was some kissing and nipple sucking. Perhaps if JuJu sticks around he will do even more. One thing for sure is Blake Bishop can say he was thoroughly fucked. Best video on here in quite awhile. Dec 9, 2022
cmas17 Now THAT‼️ Thank you BBA dam! Dec 9, 2022
chgohydeparker This is by far the very best BBA fuck scene in a while. Blake brings his best physical shape and delivers pure boi bussy. Then there's the newbie, Juju, fucking like a freakin pro. Got me wondering, can Bruh handle dick the way he delivers it? Hmmm. As long as there is BBA, I will be a subscriber. One word: SIZZLIN'! Dec 9, 2022
WalkRiver85 Am I the only one who thinks Blake looks a tad Has he lost weight, or am I imagining things? Dec 9, 2022
davids This is a great scene. I love both of these guys. Juju has the prettiest ass. Blake was turned on because he nutted a lot. Dec 9, 2022
mrwhitley1 1st comment was prior to watching…this comment is post watching!

Yo JuJu fucked the shit out of Blake…DAMN…
Who the fuck expected that!!!!
Wtf 😳 I betchu if you asked Blake He’d say He never been fucked like that before.
Post Q&A + Behind the scenes footage is so necessary!!!
Dude went in.

Damn what a debut JuJu!
Dec 8, 2022
FreakTeach Also all the new dudes have actually been 🔥 for the most part! Deontrey, Stallion, Sax, Zander, Elijah, Zeke, and now JuJu! That's actually a great run of new dudes. Just need some better pairings from time to time, turn some of the tops verse like old times, and more consistency and BBA is back. All the elements are there. Now, a personal request I have is for at least one more thicker guy (Jahan or Rico type or even better Big John if anyone's familiar with that non BBA throwback) Dec 8, 2022
FreakTeach Damn Juju was FUCKING fucking! Lol And he fine af too Dec 8, 2022
mrwhitley1 Blake is the Real #1 of BBA.

Blake can make any scene 🔥
***Also when did JuJu 🍆 get so big…see that’s that BlakeBishop effect.
& the chemistry.
See…Bandit is Only #1 because he let Mike fuck & take his “virginity”.

However, Blake is the Real Star 🌟 of BBA
Put some Respect on Blake name…He brought yall out the last slump into the New School of BBA…& he’s clearly gonna help usher you all back in your flow.
Make Blake #1 In appreciation of bringing back BBA!
Dec 8, 2022
retrokid562 OMG, this scene was fire!!! JuJu fuck the living shit out of Blake. He was a beast. I can't wait to see who else he can make tap out! LOL 10/10 Dec 8, 2022
blackforest okay so, I hate to be that person, but this scene didn't do shit for me. Blake is to me one of the hottest BBA models, he responds well to a passionate partner. This Juju guy is clearly here just for his paycheck. Hes just not into it in a way that I can connect or feel like I'm watching a natural scene. It's just a performance to pass time, the connection was missing for me. Sorry !! Dec 8, 2022
misterblack JuJu sizzled in this well-directed production. What a stroke with that beautiful thick organ between his legs. He fucked the shit out of # 3. What a sexy smile. He's luminous and dazzling; love the layout of his body hair. And speaking of hair, what happened to Blake's? He goes from ample pit hair to practically none. Enough about him. JuJu has limitless potential. Can't wait to see him frotting and sucking dick. Please pair him with Zeke if he's still with BBA; looking forward to more hot and cum-producing updates. Happy Holidays gentlemen. Dec 8, 2022
smitechris94 Blake was enjoying every second as he should, toes curled and all :D
Great work BBA Team!
Dec 8, 2022
mocombo Knocked it right out of the park with this one! Dec 8, 2022
maxkev59 BBA owes this dude a BIG ASS BONUS! He fucked Blake B so good and long it made me forget about the cheesy ass music and staged scene & dialogue that preceded it.

Blake Bishop is a TRUE SOLDIER! Give him a BIG ASS BONUS too.
Dec 8, 2022
bigmale This the best scene so far Dec 8, 2022
TennesseeBator Now, this is the BBA I KNOW and LOVE, 10’s across the board. Juju is simply the one to watch and the one who is apart of BBA’s next class. I don’t want to see anyone complain about this one at all, this scene is a winner and Blake continues to bring his A game as always. Dec 8, 2022
unclefesta05 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all I got Dec 8, 2022
blackboi89 Aw yea his young ass worked him Dec 8, 2022
jrummi finallllly (in my Rock voice) we have a strokeworthy scene! just wish there was some kissing and frotting! other than that this was one of the best scenes of the year! Dec 8, 2022
smhard03 Sexy - Love to see Blake. AND Is it just me or does Blake look like he's getting skinnier? I miss thick Blake. Good Scene tho - 8/10! Dec 8, 2022

Fresh off his very first sexual encounter with another male, JuJu finds himself sharing a room with none other than returning fan favorite Blake Bishop.

We tried to go a little "old school" with this one, capturing on camera these two meeting for the very first time and making unscripted small talk to break the ice and get to know one another better.

Later that same night, Blake Bishop wakes up to go to the bathroom, but as he sleepily stumbles his way back to bed, he can't help but notice his new roommate's muscular body sprawled out seductively under the sheets, passed out after a late night partying with some of the other BBA models.

Almost like a man helplessly under hypnosis, Blake can't resist the temptation to reach over for a quick, cautious squeeze of JuJu's thick, dormant manhood through the thin sheets. Next thing he knows, he's eagerly rubbing and stroking and boldly taking out the sleeping straight boy's large dick for a quick taste.

Of course things REALLY get interesting when JuJu wakes up and starts to realize what's happening....

Watch with intense envy as Blake Bishop gets to be the first guy lucky enough to show the new straight dark-skinned Adonis just how damn good another guy's tight and warm ass can feel.

Viewers hoping for a polished and professional "porn star" right out of the gate....will actually be pleasantly surprised by JuJu's impressive action debut as the confident and clearly curious straight boy aggressively pounds that ass like it's his girlfriend's wet pussy. Not what you thought we were going to say, is it? 

Don't cum too soon or you'll miss a sexy bonus surprise near the end, one more "baby step" in what is turning out to be an exciting journey for JuJu!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: Dec 8, 2022 52 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of JuJu

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