The Curiosity Test #2

lilron2 This was hot. J-Long is the kind of raw sexy dude that turns me on. And that ass, OMG, Mike you gotta teach him to bottom. Nice job taking dick Kody. Love to see that hole wink at the end. Sep 19, 2016
princetahji The way Kody took that dick and made him nut was hot. Two sexy models I wouldn't mind seeing often. Sep 15, 2016
KodyFan I thought this movie was good! Kody is so fucking cute, you could almost pair him with anyone. J-Long was so-so in the looks dept. Nice dick, sexy body, just a bit old looking in the face. But their sex was good. Fantastic positions, great angles, as always, and plenty of sexy feet. I'd give it a C+ or B-. Sep 7, 2016
pbobsk6 This movie is a likeable cutie with pleasant surprises. A big asset is its sexually explicit candor, interspersed with snippets of humor. More importantly, it reflects our imperfections, our frailties, our joy in the moments of triumph. Newbie, J Long, explores his bisexuality. Debonair Kody assists him to this end. Again, a cutie pie of a movie that's unique, interesting and worth watching. Sep 6, 2016
timothy J Long has a lot going for himself. Would like to know a little about him. Might be nice to break him in all the way with Saint, Ross or Apollo. Lil Dav would do nicely as well. Good looking and nice body. Sep 4, 2016
Kellyboy60 J Long reminds me of Beno.. Know how to attack an ass! Sep 3, 2016
matt796999 They're both hot. But this scene just doesn't work. Sep 3, 2016
simplet was not too hot on that scene may b another time he has a big dick the top that is but he did not use it to the best of his ability may b if he comes back again he will do much better and make a bottom scream and run Sep 1, 2016
BBWallace This was hot. J-Long bottoming make it happen! Sep 1, 2016
lilmellowyellow The models are attractive. I was very disappointed and bored with this scene. J-Long didn't eat ass, suck dick, take dick or kiss. Shazeer and Kody were interacting more. I did like Kody showing his asshole at the end. I was hoping J-Long would show his asshole too. Sep 1, 2016
mac198726 Honestly it lack passion in the dialogue, I wanted J-long to say to kody give me this ass or something. I know this is J-Long first video, but I think viewers would like to hear that dirty talk. Kody look like he was in pain and not really feeling it in this scene. Mike, I'm not here to complain. Just my honest critique. Sep 1, 2016
chaotic92 i really like j-long and no offense to anyone but i feel like the scene would have been a lot better had it been spice instead of kody but thats my opinion....... it was still a good scene tho Sep 1, 2016

We're keeping things short and simple this holiday weekend with an action-packed encounter between hung new "straight" model J-Long and cute gay "boy next door" Kody.

J-Long tells us that he's bi-curious but has only had ONE experience with a guy before now - an impulsive, drunken late-night hook-up with a guy he met online and says he probably wouldn't even remember or recognize if he passed him on the street.

Unfortunately, I wasn't there to capture that first encounter on camera for the rest of the world to enjoy. But this scene brings you every spontaneous, unscripted moment - presented in pretty close to real time - of J-Long's SECOND time exploring his newfound craving for guy-on-guy sex....

"This is going to be different!" Kody nervously exclaims after getting his first glimpse of J-Long's intimidating NINE INCHES, telling us several times that it's the "biggest he's ever had"!

But the shy gay twink bravely rises to the challenge by giving up his cute bubble-butt to that fresh straight-boy dick, showing the inexperienced but eager new guy just how good another guy's wet mouth and tight ass can feel on his dick!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 1, 2016 25 min
Photo of J-Long
Photo of Kody

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