Bustin' Bigga Rief

jaypablo These scenes from the DL chill spot were great, I wonder how his models are doing now, it would be nice to see a couple of them now and see what they bring to the table. Aug 26, 2023
DLtrucker2021 Damn they ain’t using no lube on the boy! Smh Aug 24, 2023
KNG5TNFN Hey Michael, what "VandolBabe1" suggested is true. Though these guys are no longer around, and your caution with whom you select is key, these are the same type of guys you actually started out with in "St Louis" "Real Hood Type Thugs" whom I believe your hard core fans really want to see. There is nothing better satisfying sexually than to see these thugboys getting really turned out! You're in New York now, and I'm seeing some really hot boys on the street in Brooklyn, and I bet we've got some good ones in Queens and the boogie down Bronx eh. Jul 29, 2023
VandolBabe1 No wheezing! Lol the guy said he has asthma 🤣. The dick will give u asthma, arthritis, weak back, make u stamma all that shit! Lol 😂 I love bigga rief! Micheal tell us about these old actors, if ur in search for them or what? Or they're lost forever, I know the director is dead but are the actors gone along with him? It would be good to catch some of these guys up. That dude from Jamaica too that Kidd one! Skinny Kidd or something. Let us know what's up Micheal! Feb 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta These scenes were filmed almost a decade ago. The guys are long gone and probably look very different now. Also, considering the tragic and still unsolved mystery behind the DL Chil Spot CEO's murder, I was never comfortable pursuing or working with any of his models after his death. Sorry to disappoint you. At least we have these unique scenes to enjoy for many years to cum!
deevy333 horrible narrative...totally distractive....bigga saved this Jul 7, 2020
17mn56gh Michael I think you should reconsider and give bigga rief a call because he's it man please # bigga rief come back he seem like a cool dude Michael. Feb 14, 2020
islandboy44 I'm in love with him.......wonder what happen to him? bring him back........ he had me dying with laughter when he couldn't take it anymore and said he has asthma lmao........smokey gave it to him though Nov 30, 2019
Chelton03 Bigga Rief got it all !!! Nice slim moderately muscular tanned body. With hair in all the right places from head to toe. All that with those sexy nipples and super cool thuggish way make my heart throb, big time. As a person that normally likes a good solo, I must give props to the Director of Photography and Cameraman for filming it in a way to properly showcase these three gifted men. Sometimes I felt like I was right there with them. Good Work to all !!! Apr 4, 2017

After his training sessions with the DL Chill Spot CEO and Murda, Bigga Rief was ready to prove to the CEO that he'll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get paid - even if that means GIVING UP HIS ASS!

See for yourself what happens when Murda brings over Smokey to help him bust open the new boy's sweet cherry!

Watch as Smokey and Murda turn this cute light-skinned thug into their personal "bitch" just like they would in prison - stuffing him with dick at both ends and stretching his tight boy-pussy open!

Bigga Rief gasps and groans and begs Smokey for mercy, his entire body literally SHAKING as he's pinned to the bed and "taken down" by the muscular "top."

"Just think about the money!" Murda tells Bigga Rief, trying his best to coach the traumatized teen through an "initiation" similar to the one he recently had to go through himself....

WARNING: This scene is NOT for the easily offended! If you're only interested in sweet and mutual love-making, then this ISN'T the scene for you! What you will witness in this scene are the intense and unscripted reactions of a young "DL" thug being fucked in his ass for the VERY FIRST TIME, reactions which might shock and disturb some sensitive viewers.

In fact, this cocky young thug from the streets is almost reduced to tears at one point during this shoot, whimpering like a wounded puppy as he finally surrenders his tight virgin ass and "loses his manhood" with the whole world watching!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Condom, DL Chill Spot, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jul 31, 2012 35 min
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Bigga Rief
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