How To Tame A Top

tacobell2023 Javion was about to take the dick from Joshua but I think Beno should have been replaced with a better bottom. If Beno did not ask for a break, Javion would have been taking dick. It killed me right at the moment Javion was about to accept the dick Beno could not be a good bottom.😭😭😭😭 Jan 26, 2023
daddydaddy Javion is sexy. I miss him Nov 23, 2021
emiliano69 Javion the truth. Sexy ass. Sep 5, 2021
emiliano69 forgot about this scene. it was hot af. if they had all versed it would be one of the top scenes. May 31, 2020
kells88 Love anything & everything that involves Beno! Mar 26, 2019
blackkey It is certainly a pleasure to see Javion suck cock and almost been fucked! I suppose in part 2 we will see him spreading his legs. He is certainly a great top, but it is always nice to see a hard-boiled top take a big cock up his ass from time to time, with class and style, naturally. Dec 26, 2017
yulebrenner Joshua wanted Javion bad! I dont know why he was faking so hard. I think the fact that Javion was in the room made Joshua even hornier. Mar 12, 2017
texasbugg mike could u please pair (joshua/javion) together u know joshua will let javion fuck for the right pay i could see javion wanted to fuck joshua real he fell in love with joshua fat sexy assssssssssssssssssss. please mike try to make it happen and how they was kissing that was super hotttttttttttt. they both was blessed with bodys and dicks from the gods. Jan 23, 2017
tjm133 Great scene especially the cum in the mouth for Beno. Joshua and Javion are very cute. They had a lot of sperm for the cum eating and facial. Jan 15, 2017
chgohydepar1 Beno, MARRY MEEEEEEEEE! Dec 16, 2016
sleepaea07 Whatever happened to Javion? Dec 9, 2016
maxkev1 My favorite BBA scene ... tied with Jamaican Cherry Swap. I watch both on the regular!! Aug 4, 2016
kalani ... Javion is the business. Jun 9, 2016
cocopop I'm with you brandonh93, look like javion wanted that dick. joshua pretending he didn't want javion. that javion is one sexy, fine beautiful brother. hate we never got to see him take a dick. joshua in a later scene gave up that ass though. Apr 24, 2016
brandonh93 It would be super sexy and interesting if javion and joshua did a scene together. Mar 27, 2016

When Beno first showed up for his solo audition, he was like a wild young stallion that needed to be tamed. He insisted that he was "strictly a top" and refused to suck dick or let anyone fuck him. "You definitely won't ever see me get fucked!" he declared with cocky assurance from the very beginning. "TRUST ME!"

Over the past two years, Beno's story has turned into one of the most surprising and satisfying "conquests" I've ever captured on camera! We've seen Beno gag and choke and spit every few minutes when he first tried sucking dick. We've watched in disbelief as he finally gave up his anal virginity. And even after swearing that he would never "bottom" again, we've seen Beno come back and let me sample that cute muscle-butt for myself!

Now witness the shocking "grand finale" in the taming of Beno as brand-new models Joshua and Javion basically turn him into their "bitch" by TAG-TEAMING his tight little ass! And don't miss the unforgettable climax when both boys DRENCH Beno's face with their cum and even give him his first mouthful of "nutt"! It's Beno like you've NEVER seen him before, in what will surely go down as one of the unlikeliest threesomes in BBA history!

You're probably wondering how I turned this wicked fantasy of mine into reality? Long story short, Beno owed me a lot of money and when no other "bottoms" were available for the new "tops" to fuck, I offered this scene to Beno as an opportunity to pay off his debt all at once!

The scene begins with me interviewing Joshua and Javion while Beno waits patiently in the other room. Joshua shares a few thoughts about his solo audition, and we get a brief introduction to Javion, a very sexy and BRAVE new model who's agreed to jump right into this threesome for his very first scene!

I eventually bring Beno out and introduce him to the new models for the very first time.

He crawls reluctantly onto the bed between the two "tops" who look like hungry lions about to pounce on their prey. It's actually kind of funny the way they can't seem to keep their hands off of Beno. Beno just looks at me with a sheepish smile as if thinking, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?!?"

"Now don't get it wrong," Beno warns his eager new co-stars. "I just started this bottoming shit, so y'all gonna have to take it easy!"

Without even waiting for the interview to end, the new boys start kissing and pawing at Beno like curious children playing with a new toy.

Next thing you know, clothes are flying off, hard dicks are being pulled out, and less than ten minutes after meeting for the very first time, these three complete strangers are participating in a hot, freaky THREESOME!

There's lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-sucking, dick-swallowing, and ass-eating as these three hot and horny black boys explore each others' bodies for the very first time! And not to worry - all three of these self-declared "tops" end up with a dick in their mouths before the day's over!

Highlights from the threesome include:

Javion burying his face in Beno's ass while Beno bravely deep-throats all TEN INCHES of Joshua's dick!

Beno worshiping Javion's beautiful (and equally impressive) dick while Javion kisses Joshua with the same tongue that just seconds earlier was lapping hungrily at Beno's sweet ass!

And my personal favorite - Beno down on his knees, taking turns slobbering on his co-stars' big dicks! At one point, he even sucks both dicks at the same time!

"I'm gettin' paid a lot of money!" Beno reminds his co-stars between mouthfuls of dick - clearly trying to convince them (and probably himself) that despite all appearances to the contrary, he's still nobody's "bottom"!

Of course that claim is a lot harder to make when Joshua and Javion roll on condoms and take turns DEEP-FUCKING Beno's tight ass!

Beno's reactions to the whole experience seem to alternate between two extremes. Most of the time, he growls and curses in pain as his ass is repeatedly violated by dicks so big they could scare away even the most eager and experienced "bottoms"!

There are moments, however, scattered throughout when Beno actually moans with PLEASURE and begs for more! Could it actually be possible that some small part of Beno is beginning to ENJOY being fucked in the ass?!?

Whether Beno's howling in pain or begging for more, it's hot as hell seeing his cute little butt - kept strictly "off limits" for such a tragically long time - finally stretched open and "broken in" by two dicks as big as these! It's also funny the way both Joshua and Javion keep trying to fuck EACH OTHER when they're not fucking Beno!

If anyone had told me when I first met Beno that one day I'd be lucky enough to film the cocky "top" on his back with his legs in the air, stuffed with dick at both ends, I'd have sworn they had lost their mind! I guess you could say this scene is sort of like a Bigfoot or UFO sighting - something rare and exciting that we'll most likely never see again!

When Beno simply can't take any more dick, Joshua and Javion blast huge, messy "nutts" all over Beno's face and even leave him with a mouthful of cum!

His face still dripping with warm, slimy cum, Beno pumps out his own creamy "nutt" onto his stomach.

The scene concludes with brief closing comments from Joshua and Javion while Beno cleans up in the shower.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Threesome/Group Sex, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jul 25, 2011 47 min
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