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davids I wish he would come back. This guy is so sexy Jun 2, 2024
DizzyD Wow!! I love him!! Wish he could come back though it’s been years so I’m sure he looks different May 18, 2024
mopapper This model was a huge loss for the site. Bring him back Feb 10, 2024
davids Michael, please bring Lil Scrap back as a special guest. Jun 24, 2023
daddy825 Michael bring him back!!!!! Jun 16, 2023
mjg4life89 Bring him back PLEASE‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Jan 2, 2023
Pocatel I would give Lil Scrap a big thumbs up if he didn't wear that hat. The hat gives him a different look that can never be as good as without it. What is he hiding? Oct 2, 2022
redjedis Yep bring him back Mike, I wanna see him with Stallion. Aug 1, 2022
LukeNasty0416 Omg!! Bring him back please Mike!!! 😭😭😭 Nov 24, 2021
juan24 Lil Scrap a nice looking dude, especially without that hat. Nice physique. Nice manicured hands. Plus he got some nice, NICE looking feet. Yep, he sexy asf. I wrestled in hiskool too for a brief, brief minute but i still got game, so i wanna wrestle socks...with oil...till we bust on each other. Oct 2, 2021
mdcarmichael Hadn’t watched Lil Scrap in a while...I miss seeing his long and fat dick! Jul 3, 2021
teddy29 please bring him back!!! Apr 12, 2021
mdcarmichael I return to watch Lil Scrap when I need to get my dick up to quickly get off...He’s so fuckin’ sexy! Aug 18, 2020
badboy29 I need his info...I wanna make him my boyfriend seriously...i'm in love! ......ill take good care of him..ask him if he's interested....we can exchange info. Apr 3, 2020
mdcarmichael Just watched him again. I’m not big on extended interviews, but I liked his stories. He has a beautiful cock when both soft and hard. Could do some real damage with that thing shoving it in and out of me! Aug 31, 2019
mdcarmichael I watch Lil Scrap over and over. His pretty BBC is amazing! May 4, 2019
blkyn1911 Yo M i k e!!!!! Can you please bring back lil scrap? Feb 19, 2019
shasta10 mike please bring back lil scrap Dec 27, 2018
dclpn57 Sexy and very good w/ playing (teasing) to the camera. Jun 16, 2018
mdcarmichael Lil Scrap- Thick long cock! I love when he licks on his fat dickhead. Wish he would have tasted his cum! Apr 12, 2018
starks105 OMG OMG OMG THE NEW LOVE OF MY LIFE Feb 12, 2018
BigDick7031 I would love to be with him. Ask him if he is interested in fucking a fan? Oct 26, 2017
bbamtr The camera guy should of put the cam on a tripod and helped lil scrap out in the shower. ;) Sep 28, 2017
jockyo69 Lil Scrap is sexy as hell! Aug 29, 2017
texasbugg what ever happen to lil scrap damm i was really looking for mike to pair lil scrap with majesty damm them two would look good together both of them with that cream skin mike could u please tell if lil scrap will be back. cause we do fall in love with a lot of models cause u have the best looking thugs and all your thugs r the good thugs only looking to make money and that's why i don't mind spending my money to watch these super hottttttt thugs.mike please bring back lil scrap and majesty please. Jun 16, 2017
texasbugg LIL SCRAP is pure gold i wish he could fuck (TAZ) cause taz got that pretty thug face i want to see a big dick fuck taz. lil scrap when r u coming back? damm i miss lil scrap mike i know u got a lot on your list who wants to make money lil scrap it has been a while for him we want BIG DADDY SCRAP. Mar 30, 2017
texasbugg mike is there anyway that u could bring in dayday to take on lil scrap? mike that would take BBA to the moon. (LIL SCRAP VS DAYDAY). Dec 7, 2016
texasbugg Lil Scrap AKA (YOUR ROYAL BADNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.) super freak, pot of gold, i love him cause he is not stuck on himself and he knows he was blessed from the gods. Dec 7, 2016
texasbugg mike i don't know how u found lil scrap he is so real nothing fake about him. mike u struck gold for real with him. Dec 6, 2016
texasbugg damm mike please hook him up with apollo. i can see apollo fucking. he is super hott Nov 27, 2016
boys2men I'm A Leo I love Cancers I Would Love to Eat LiL Scrap Ass Nov 18, 2016
3606tsb72 Kudos. A great new model and you filmed him utilizing many erotic elements ie., an interview, dick jutting in underwear, cock close ups, j/o, ass, showering and pissing (in the toilet). If you become consistent and ALWAYS incorporate something to appeal to various audiences -- covering your bases, we will come back for MORE OF THE SAME. This visually compelling, dramatic film proves a point: You're really not an "amateur" nor should u aspire 2 b. Mike, more of the same, PLEASE. Thanks. Nov 13, 2016
h1lda74 By far one of the best interviews I've seen. To hear about his sexual evolution was cool! Nice looking too! Nov 2, 2016
unitedguy18 i want him bad like real bad Oct 24, 2016
cocopop Mike, you need to hurry up and get this little bruh some dick, I suggest Bandit, or Apollo he's been missing too long. He's a great catch. Oct 21, 2016
jowilf As of 10.20.16
LIL SCRAP just hit the century mark in 2 weeks? ... amazing!
Oct 20, 2016
Coolrod He needs to take off that hat! Oct 20, 2016
nastybuttclean Him and Saint...he's a cute lil thing. Oct 18, 2016
jowilf As of 10.13.16
201 likes and still counting..
The hottest part of this scene..
LIL SCRAP licked and kissed his dick!
Oct 13, 2016
Justen Love to see him get fucked. Nice bubble butt. Oct 13, 2016
lilmellowyellow Lil Scrap is an attractive model with a nice hairy asshole. Thanks for the ass shots. However, I wish there were more asshole angle shots. Shaun, Armando, Shazeer, Saint and Lil Scrap can go for it. I hope the next scene will have kissing, licking, sucking, and flip-flop action. Thanks Michael for providing raw and young men of color models. Oct 11, 2016
2611974 Apollo and Lil Scrap - has to be the scene Mike! Oct 10, 2016
green971 Very charming! Let him dominate Saint. Oct 10, 2016
oxigyne I would love to see him paired with Bandit Oct 10, 2016
Delong60 Lil Scrap Just telling it real.. He wants to BOTTOM... But Who? Oct 9, 2016
MxxxMxxx I've been with BBA for awhile, and he is now my new favorite! We have to see more of him! Oct 9, 2016
jowilf 155th member who liked this solo scene..
WHAT MORE CAN I SAY.. BBA have a star in the making.. LIL SCRAP ROCKS!
Oct 9, 2016
mrbates Please have him make love to Diego. Oct 8, 2016
teekayye Hoping for a Lil Scrap and Apollo scene before I reincarnate Oct 7, 2016
matt796999 He's truly beautiful. I have no doubt that eventually we'll see him get fucked, and that it will be be AMAZING. No doubt whatsoever. God knows Michael wants to fuck him!!! Oct 7, 2016
retrokid562 I'm loving this kid just alone on his interview. He's real down to earth. I can't wait to see more of him. He's BBA material...his first partner should be a full bottom who can take dick, like King (which I would love to see his chocolate self be back) or some other experienced bottom guy to start off then to our known stars like Apollo or BDB. Oct 7, 2016
jaye82471 you should pair him with Diego Oct 7, 2016
hines1983 I would like to see more of him!!! Oct 7, 2016
lilron2 He had me as soon as I saw those sexy feet and big, low-hangin balls. But then he pulled out that long, flaccid dick and teased us. Then he jumped in the shower. OMG!! When you did the closeup of that tight, hairy asshole, I lost it. When he finally got that monster hard I was thoroughly impressed. It was so big and heavy. Then he licked the tip! I agree with getdickhoe, please put him with Bandit ASAP and see what happens. Oct 7, 2016
kelloahj I feel as if his time as a top is coming to an end... Idk Mike, please let him stay top? It'll be dope to see him and Diego, Bandit, or Shaun... I think Diego would be a good choice! Or if him and Bandit/Shaun flipped since they all have never been penetrated (not that I want to see him penetrated). Lol but good one tho Mike. Oct 7, 2016
Brownskin7521 Sexy man, pair with Young Montanna or Diego Oct 7, 2016
wzupkanye21 As soon as I saw his picture when I came on the site I was instantly attracted!! I would literally marry this dude and be in love even if I have to be cheated on cuz he can't keep his dick in his pants!! I would just play Keisha Cole every day and cry until he apologizes and promises to do right YASSSS!!! Oct 7, 2016
cocopop This bro has it all going for him, the total package. That smile is priceless, sexiest model to come through since Bandit. Yea that ass looks like it's never been fucked, can't wait to see him lose his virginity. Oct 7, 2016
loeprofyle A star is born! Bravo! Oct 7, 2016
chgohydepar1 lil scrap is A FREAK, and he is ready to please. we have a keeper here. hella yes! im not gonna play psychic, but babyboi is already primed for action, w/his sexy ass. Oct 6, 2016
yoooooo mike, you should pair him with diego Oct 6, 2016
handithere2 He's hott. Great confidence and smile. Easy going. Oct 6, 2016
kingd02 DAMN HE'S FINE!!!! AND THAT DICK! Oct 6, 2016
buckim Magnifique ! Ce joli garçon a un sexe très beau et des fesses appétissantes. Bravo aussi au cameraman qui nous offre des gros plans de tous ces trésors. J'attends le prochain rendez-vous avec Lil Scrap très impatiemment. Oct 6, 2016
nastybuttclean Oh hell let's get saint apollo on lil dude stat. 😍 Oct 6, 2016
Aquaman500 Glad to see a new face who's attractive and not coerced to perform. Great come up! Oct 6, 2016
Kollegeguy4u YESSSSSSSS MIKE!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I love him already... He is like Tay's replacement.. In my eyes... Biggest dick yet!!! Please pair him with Isaiah!! Or Shaun when he gets out. Oct 6, 2016
djdrama U did it mike u fucking did it loving lil scrap now get him n a action scene n I think I'll continue my subscription for da following year just to make sure I don't miss one video wit him in it ugh u restored my faith in bba Oct 6, 2016
getdickhoe He talk too much but he fine as fuck. You need to put him and Bandit together and Don't Say Shit. Just let them do what they do. Shit would be fire. Oct 6, 2016
aaronililp2 he's so fucking sexy Oct 6, 2016

Here at BBA, we're always on the hunt for fresh faces and exciting new amateur talent. This week we're introducing Lil Scrap, one of our most promising recent discoveries who will be making his action debut on the site very soon.

Lil Scrap is a confident and outgoing 19-year-old from the Midwest (he actually attended the same high school as me) who enjoys playing sports, going to the gym, and having sex every chance he gets! Like a surprising number of "straight" boys his age, Lil Scrap has a refreshingly laid-back "sex is sex" attitude and admits to enjoying sex with both women AND men!

(Don't miss the shocking story about Lil Scrap's initial seduction into the world of guy-on-guy sex by his own best friend's FATHER!).

Standing at just 5'6", this "scrappy" former high school wrestler's nickname is both perfectly fitting and highly misleading. Let's just say there's not much "lil" about him other than his height, in the front OR the back!

Lil Scrap discovered as early as middle school that he was blessed with an above-average-sized penis when a nude pic he'd casually "sexted" to his girlfriend ended up spreading like wildfire to everyone in his school, to the point that even his teachers and male friends were seeing the pic and telling him that he should become a "porn star" when he grows up!

Lucky for us, Lil Scrap is finally all grown up and ready to take their advice! Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for his exclusive solo debut as he introduces himself to BBA's viewers and slowly strips out of his clothes to show off every inch of his tempting teen body for the VERY FIRST TIME - including the prized package that once had his entire school talking!

Unlike a lot of our more nervous and reluctant new straight models lately, Lil Scrap turns out to be an impressively confident and natural performer, seductively taunting and teasing his potential new fans with a playful, cocky charm that you really have to experience for yourself....

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions
Details: Oct 6, 2016 43 min
Photo of Lil Scrap
Lil Scrap

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