Draining Denzel

Photo of Draining Denzel
baddest22 When you going to bring back. K9? Oct 5, 2023
Montez Hoping K9 can return in the near future.
MrBrown19942 Woo! This scene gets me hot and bothered, everytime. Damn. May 15, 2023
DrakoVVS love the top, manny is a good bottom May 7, 2023
chauncey BBA'ers Happy Spring !!!! - Now let's get to it -- This vid is real big boy shit and I loved it for that purpose alone - No "twink" oriented stuff -- I prefer to see grown men going at it -- But to each, his own - These two gentlemen really enjoyed doing this scene - Manny Killa is always the smooth one and sexy asf -- no regrets - let it all hang out gaysexing -- He always says the right thing at the right time -- very natural -- Manny Killa wants you to enjoy feasting on his luscious body !!!! - I love seeing him in action - Denzel is just the whole package -- sexy, bright, handsome, willing to "stretch" his boundaries -- he has no second thoughts about his sexual preferences -- Makes the vid that much more enjoyable -- This time Denzel gave us a more thorough tour of his ass - Horray !! -- I'm more of a lay-back and let me-do-the-work kind of gay guy - and surely that booty on Denzel looks really appealing right about now / and he knows it / lol-- I think he considers his booty to be his greatest sexual asset - and he is right -- All Denzel would have to do is lie there and enjoy the service -- I love me a Butch Queen with a phat ass -- and it's chocolate too -- Now enough of the dreaming -- Let's proceed - Shax and Montez please continue to let your creative juices flow so you can give us some more delicious scenes in the future -- In closing BBA Just keep it coming -- I want more - It's BBA 4Ever From the BBA-Verse - This is Chauncey !! Apr 15, 2023
unitedguy18 Denzel is so hot. Wish he was taller Apr 13, 2023
dotunrh A good scene ruined by bad vocals. Cannot watch this scene without muting the sound. If only the moans and groans here were half as authentic as when Manny bottomed for Kingston or Bandit! It is not like Manny cannot take a big one nor is it like he does not enjoy bottoming. Bad and obviously fake vocals ruin scenes! Apr 7, 2023
terbernt Wow, I just keep revisiting his clip. I hope there's more Manny content to come. Mar 30, 2023
emiliano69 I have to agree with @tootin2. All the excessive and loud moaning seemed very extra and all the "daddy"s...but maybe the dick was just that good. Manny has taken bigger dicks much easier, but big dick and good dick can be 2 very different things Mar 29, 2023
emiliano69 Denzel is the truth. Great pairing, which would have been a great 3sum wit Blake. I can definitely see Denzel topping Blake, Sky, and K9. I would like to see a scene with Manny and Sky as well, they definitely had chemistry in the past. Mar 29, 2023
24markus I agree Mike. Flylikebird is trippin. All these new models in the past year makes me wonder if he is talking about ANOTHER site, lol, and is just confused, lol. The new models are as exciting to watch as the veterans fr. And we love it when you pair them up with each other. BBA now and forever. Mar 4, 2023
supreme Clearly Denzel was reallly attracted to & more comfortable with Manny ...what a great scene Mar 1, 2023
Dangerboy Amazing!!! Manny is a jack-of-all-trade and Denzel is the man!! Thank you!! Feb 27, 2023
mjg4life89 I really want to see more cream pie videos Feb 25, 2023
Bigboy69 How about Denzel and Zeke in a scene. Feb 22, 2023
blackforest Denzel can do no wrong for me, and I love love Manny. But unfortunately, this scene fell short, it wasn't organic. It just felt choreographed and for that reason it just didn't do it for me beyond one nut. Maybe you should consider doing away with those initial interviews, make the scenes feel more realistic. Feb 17, 2023
supreme I agree with Jayden27 ...... Feb 17, 2023
flylikebird1 I have been apart of the bba team for yrs..but a revamped roster is needed..asap..and basically have been watching the same roster over and over..and maybe get bk to what made people chose bba...authenticity is definitely lacking.. Feb 16, 2023
MichaelGalletta While we've always welcomed honest, constructive feedback, it's really hard to take your comment seriously when it's this completely detached from reality. The irony that you're complaining about "the same roster over and over" on a scene literally featuring a BRAND-NEW MODEL. 🤦‍♂️😂

Prior to that, it was another new-ish model (K9) bottoming on camera for the very first time. Before that, it was an epic Christmas orgy showcasing much-requested returning special guests not seen on the site in many years. Prior to that, it was another BRAND-NEW MODEL (JuJu). You get the idea....

If you don't like the models or scenes, just say so. But you lose all credibility when you start complaining about things that are blatantly and provably untrue.
Meatlover This was amazing. I got what I was hoping for and Denzel finally sucked dick and it was as sexy as I knew it would be. That alone made the film worthwhile. The fucking was sensational and I loved seeing Manny back on BBA. I can’t wait for the next film and I hope it’s as hot, if not hotter than this! Feb 15, 2023
tootin2 Have they been instructed to make crazy noise? It’s annoying when it’s fake. Manny never carried on like that Feb 15, 2023
scrappydoo123 What happened to Shameeks Feb 15, 2023
Jayden27 Well fam, it’s been a long time since I did one of these…so let me show y’all some love real quick!

Denzel’s hot performance with Rico made me glad for his return, and It's great to see Manny again after a long absence. At first, I wasn’t sure how this scene was going to turn out as both models seemed to just be present for a job instead of giving off the feeling of being attracted to one another. Once “Magic Mouth” Manny, as Wynton endearingly calls him, started giving Denzel head, the vibe began to heighten. Manny’s oral skills are superior. Denzel’s dick is hard within seconds—showcasing the evidence of the “magic mouth”. After removing clothes, the two began to passionately kiss—that shit was hot! Denzel begins to work his way down Manny’s anatomy, to the envy of some BBA fans. At this point, it’s clear that the two models are clearly enjoying each other; it’s the first indication of this as they exchange small talk with smiles. Denzel makes his debut at giving head, and from the looks of it, Manny may have some competition. Denzel showcases great technique as Manny “grows” inside his mouth. Denzel took his time and put care into this art—good shit! The ass eating was hot AF. Denzel was tearing Manny ass up! 😂 It was so good Manny, at first, couldn’t even suck Denzel’s dick to “complete” the 69. I can’t blame Denzel though because Manny’s ass and hole looked tasty AF!

The oral shit is done. It’s time to fuck now! The fucking was lit! Manny has proven himself to be one of the best bottoms on the site as he had no trouble receiving Denzel. Denzel definitely knows how to fuck! His stroke game is lit, and definitely put in some work as evidenced by the sweat. I’m not gonna lie; I was not mad at the sweat as we got a closer look at all the muscles, especially those pecs. I was ready to jump in the scene and lick him and his ass myself. BBA, if you all ever need some assistance you can just let me—nevermind, I digress, back to the review! LMAO!

They fucked—now it’s time to cum. The cum shots were hot. Watching Denzel lick the cum off of Manny’s face made me think of another costar of Manny’s in a previous scene that did the same thing. Shouts out to Scuba. I wonder what a Denzel/Scuba scene would be like though? Anyway, Manny’s cum shot on Denzel’s ass had me jealous as hell. I know Manny wanted to dive in that shit! 😂 I do hope we get to see Denzel explore the “final frontier” of bottoming one day—but for now, we’ll enjoy this journey, LOL!

Special thanks to Mike, Manny, Shax, Montez, and Denzel. This shit was so good, and I do hope we get to see both of these kings again soon. That was a damn good time! I can’t wait to see what’s to cum!
Feb 15, 2023
natedog89 Where is Saint?! He is absolutely missed. Feb 15, 2023
Verdade Manny is my all time favorite. He just is!! The little light brush of hairs all over his body (so much love to Justice) Love BBA so much. So much love to Manny. I beat off to Manny daily. I am a member of his onlyfans. Manny has the "It" factor... So much love to Blake, Ross, Justice....I masturbate to you guys in rotation every few days. Manny, Blake, Justice,Ross,Isaiah. Thanks to Montez and Shax for the camera and lighting... All of the new guys also. Rico is so orgasmic.. So many thanks and so much love to everyone Hard to explain how very orgasmic you guys all are. Michael, please thank Montez and Shax for me. Manny,Blake,Justice, Ross,Stylez....You guys are so beautifully orgasmic. I run out of words. So much love! BBA!!!! Feb 14, 2023
bbadic92 Scene get worse and worse Feb 13, 2023
Dope88 omgggg.

Denzel is gonna slut bandit out once they link up
Feb 13, 2023
Carryd2 My favourite thing to see. Manny get fucked to high heaven Feb 13, 2023
Beau Almost perfect. This was Mac hot. Denzel should have sucked Manny off. That would have made it perfect. We need part 2 of this. They had real chemistry Feb 12, 2023
D-Money25 My favorite past time is seeing Manny Killa suck dick. He’s so skilled at it. Denzel is also a good top. Please don’t make him bottom. Feb 12, 2023
Docteur Would be great to see Bandit with Denzel and K9 in an all out 3some. Bandit and Apollo are in a tie for second place at most time taking dick on here, 20 times each. Isaiah is #1 with 21 times. Blake Bishop 15x. Need Stylez to bottom more. Also need Maleek, Rush and Deontrey to come back. Feb 12, 2023
Raiden54 I am loving Denzel more and more and make me wanna sign up to be a model just to do a scene with his fine chocolate ass. Denzel is showing more of his passion for sex what he can do. I hope to see him with some other model like Zeke, Dominic, Kavii, or Slim. A threesome with him doing two bottoms like Kavii and Slim would be HoTT or pair him with a verse and a bttm. Would love more guys on the gay and bi side doing more scenes. Feb 12, 2023
rclark Denzel needs to flip scene with Apollo. Their matching masculine energies and beautiful physique would make a hot scene. Feb 12, 2023
Quan2500 I wanna see Bandit and Dominic Feb 12, 2023
kissing98 PLEASE PAIR WITH SHAMEEKS!!! A hot make out and love making would be the best BBA SCENE EVER!!! Feb 11, 2023
maybelater There's nothing more sexy than seeing a man that don't look like he suck dick, sucking dick! That was my favorite 😍 part. That dude looked hellava good sucking that dick. That's where I bust my first nut, watching him give so much attention to Manny dick. Feb 11, 2023
SCGuy08 I enjoyed this pairing! Manny’s moans of pleasure will have you on edge ready to blow. Feb 11, 2023
jaypablo Omg, that was so hot, love Denzel, I wanna see more of that butt and him bottom, manny was loving that pounding, his moans were priceless, great pair, they both showed great chemistry with each other. Feb 11, 2023
thabiggest I’m in love with Denzel Feb 11, 2023
acg0924 I would love to see Denzel with Blake Bishop 🥰 also let’s get Denzel on the bottom ASAP Feb 11, 2023
kendol Not attracted to Manny or Stylez wish it was different pairings also because these new guys are attractive. I also don't like how Rico or Jahan look with dreads. Not taking shots just stating my opinion I think Michael doing a good job. I'd like to see deontrey Feb 10, 2023
MarkozDiaz I never comment but please pair him with apollo or zeke!!! Feb 10, 2023
chucke1 Manny Killa def not the best partner for beautiful Denzel but Denzel is toooooooo HOT! Feb 10, 2023
Sageking3 Ayyeee! Another Denzel joint! Feb 10, 2023
blkfinemale To the videographers and directors, Manny’s feet are too nice for you not to include them more in your production.. Remember some of your viewers appreciate attractive feet. Feb 10, 2023
smhard03 Perfection! Next I need Denzel and Apollo!!! That chemistry would be A1!!! Feb 9, 2023
champ53 HOT! What a perfect match! Feb 9, 2023
24markus Denzel be looking sexy af when yawl got the cam on him when he fukn and sweating like crazy! MannyKilla got that ass tore up too. That was hot all the way around! Feb 9, 2023
shoeman59 Denzel,is it! However,his pairing hasn't given him the best debut. Rico,and Manny just not it..just my opinion. I think that Apollo or Stylez would've been more fitting. I'm waiting to see some of the likings like...Stallion,Kingston,Maleek,and Apollo to name a few. Let's get back to great scenes,Mike please!! Feb 9, 2023
yonerk 🔥🔥🔥👌 amazing I need more of Denzel Feb 9, 2023
Nutcannon Just wow! Holy wow! This scene was it. Yep that was gold. Need more. Bottoming time is now. Feb 9, 2023
WestBatman Denzel is everything! More more more! Feb 9, 2023
gimmedat13 We need a Denzel bottom scene ASAP!!!!!!!!! Feb 9, 2023
Dre098 Manny moans were everything 🥵 Feb 9, 2023
Akashic1 Superstar!!! He puts enthusiasm in his strokes, you saw how he did Rico, put him in a threesome next, because all that masculine sexiness cannot be contained. MAKE MINE BBA!!! Feb 9, 2023
MacheDich Manny Killa is not the best partner for beautiful Denzel. This video lacks imagination and I expected better. Why does MK seem to suffer so much when Denzel penetrates it? Instead, it should radiate pleasure! Feb 9, 2023
Seekingbootee I hope to one day see Denzel with K9, Juju, and Stallion in a four way flip flop. Feb 9, 2023
colormeblk Now I must say... this is one of the best sessions in a long time... HOTT HOTT and super HOTT... both guys were fantastic!! Denzel took it to another level with his performance, he forgot all about the cameras and lost himself in the sexual atmosphere!! That's how you do it boyeeeee!!! Now all Denzel has to do is Bottom and BBA you have found you another SUPER STAR!!! Match Denzel with some one that has high energy cause Denzel is a NATURAL FREAK! Apollo would be PERFECT, he has the body, the face and the freakness energy!! Let it be a VERS THANG!!! That would be the SCENE OF THE YEAR!! Looking forward to see it and to see DENZEL AGAIN!!! Manny ... I love too but D. is the new kid on the block!!! Feb 9, 2023
kennyg the cum scene was 5 star!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 9, 2023
whatuwant I loved this!🔥🔥🔥 Great chemistry Feb 9, 2023
romack767 There has got to be a part 2. Awesome scene glad to see Manny back one on one. Denzel is top notch......Manny gotta have them cakes the chemistry is there a very good pairing Feb 9, 2023
justreal07 Damn that was so extremely hot! 🥵 The chemistry between Manny and Denzel was electric! Absolutely loved this video hats off to Manny and Denzel for an outstanding job!! Thumbs up to the director another BBA classic! Feb 8, 2023
dbrit87 Wow Denzel is so sexy he needs to be paired with the same energy like Apollo, Stallion or Dom Feb 8, 2023
bigred4 Denzel’s lips wrapped around a fat dick and fat butt …I hope his bottoming scene will be with someone who can give him that work! If he sticks around, he will be a top model Feb 8, 2023
smitechris94 Found a new appreciation for Manny Killa. Great Great, Great, Great, Scene!
Thank you Michael!
Feb 8, 2023
rj982272 New Favorite!!!!!!!!! Feb 8, 2023
TennesseeBator Once again, BBA is showing everyone what a hot streak looks like. Denzel is the one to watch, it’s something about the way he eats and fingers an ass that sends chills down my spine, it’s almost like watching a straight man eat pussy and how it's just a MASTER at it. Manny brought his A-game, as always, and it was so good to see him take that BBA rookie dick. Thank you all for including frot in this scene and thank you to the guys for keeping those pubes intact and not shaving. 11/10, this is going to be a BBA classic, no doubt. Feb 8, 2023
misterblack What a great pairing! I've always loved Manny and Denzel was quite an addition to the site. Both have hard, muscular bodies with hair in the right places: curling around their navel and lower stomachs, accentuating tight ass cheeks, and glistening in their groins. The sight of their beautiful nipples kept my dick jumping and Manny's moans were an extreme turn on. My favorite visual was Denzel pressing into Manny with Manny's right leg in the air and his thick manhood flopping about. Another BBA winner. I really hope to see those sexy tops Stallion & Maleek return, along with Zeke and Deontrey. Feb 8, 2023
TMT_DMV Denzel is the truth. And this pairing with Manny was top flight. I wanna see him and juju next - kissing, grinding, and sucking. Feb 8, 2023
terbernt Thank you, Manny, yessir. I've been waiting, quite patiently I might add. 2023 looking promising. Feb 8, 2023
Docteur Denzel with Bandit in a flip flop and all out sex would be hot. Him with Apollo or Isaiah would be nice too. This was not a good pairing for me as I am not a Manny Killa fan. Also some bad editing as he was sucking Manny Killa and was without socks, and then after that he was sucking him with socks on lol. Denzel a keeper. Still hoping to see Rush come back and Maleek. Feb 8, 2023
turner95 I mean… this scene was flawless.. manny was phenomenal, sexier than ever. The new guy is great as well Feb 8, 2023
mocombo Nice! Manny is always welcome and Denzel is dynamite! Hopefully he doesn’t disappear after 3 scenes like some of your recent discoveries. Is Michael still around BBA? We don’t seem to see or hear of him much these days. Feb 8, 2023
woodbba Now that was HOT from start to finish!! Feb 8, 2023

This weekend we're bringing you the much-requested return of our up-and-cumming new BBA superstar-in-training Denzel, paired with none other than fan favorite Manny Killa, making his long-awaited one-on-one comeback for the first time since production shut down due to the pandemic.

Having proven time and time again that there's no dick too big for his generously deep throat or tight ass, and also being from Denzel's hometown of the south side of Chicago, Manny was a natural choice to show this muscular, bi-curious former Marine how we do things here at BBA - including guiding the new recruit as he graduates to a couple exciting new "firsts" and further explores his freaky bisexual side.

Enjoy a front-row seat for this steamy action-packed session that includes tons of tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating, plus Denzel aggressively drilling Manny's smooth muscle-butt until he's thoroughly "drained" in one of the hottest surprise climaxes we've filmed in awhile!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Feb 9, 2023 51 min
Photo of Denzel
Photo of Manny Killa
Manny Killa

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