Introducing: Taz


Pocatel Taz is great looking and he can talk well under pressure. That's a good recipe for making money doing what ever he wants. It would be a treat to see him come back, even though it would be 6 years later, and I suspect we want him back more than he would want to come back. Oct 26, 2022
jaypablo Taz is a hottie, would like to see him in something now Apr 16, 2022
mdcarmichael I like Taz...Nice smile. Pretty dick. A load to swallow... Jun 23, 2020
bekele attractive, intelligent and confident. hope the fear is gone now and he is finding the joys of 'male bonding' Jun 24, 2018
texasbugg lil scrap i know he is looking at this young man's hole and hoping mike call him to fuck taz. cause taz got looks that looks better than some real girls i have seen taz is very very handsome smooth face i know lil scrap will toss his salad to fuck him. Jan 8, 2017
texasbugg mike please hook him up with lil scrap or bandit. he just need the right dick to open him up cause he got a super nice ass like a ball he can go a long way at bba. Dec 6, 2016
3606tsb72 Handsome model. And I would have enjoyed him more if I saw more dick. I get ass Would u consider a compromise affording you a way to incorporate more dick/dick close-ups AND even more ass? Compartmentalizing interviews separately from J/O & action scenes / for each scene menus allowing us to select ORAL, ANAL, INTERVIEW; and the choice to include interviews, or not, when downloading or cloud-sourcing. Thanks. Nov 13, 2016
bmoney sexy lil dude with a pretty hole. nice body too. i luv his nipples Oct 30, 2016
whyatt12 I think he may prove to be a decent add on. He lowkey cute Oct 30, 2016
princetahji Nice addition to the roster Mike i think he will go far with bba if he wants to. I can't wait to see him in action. Oct 27, 2016
hozie5555 No, No, No to this model Oct 25, 2016
blksung nice feet....and he is so adorable. he is the Perfect twink to bottom Oct 23, 2016
rajah24 i cant wait to see him in gay action omgggg my new fav Oct 22, 2016
pbobsk6 @KodyFan Had to laugh out loudly @ the comment regarding the Cocodorm "models." Now that's just too funny!! LOL. Oct 22, 2016
KodyFan He's a little rough around the edges but I'd do him!! Lol. I'll give him one thing, he's got a nice tight hole. Doesn't look all busted out like them Cocodorm hoes! Lol. Would love to see him getting banged by Saint or Lil Tyga! Oct 22, 2016
pbobsk6 A work in progress! Another great video that made my day, the inclusion of Taz on BBA. Indeed, a welcomed addition to the fall roster. His humor kept me laughing. Yet, beneath the tension & jokes rest a richer layer exhibiting the traits of previous models. Herein lies Diego's confidence, Noah's adaptability, Armando's unrelenting persona & Saint's dynamic energy and determination. Mentor this one with utmost care, as he evolves on BBA. All The Best. Oct 22, 2016
CL05ETFR3AK Very handsome could work with Shazeer Oct 22, 2016
MxxxMxxx My initial comment was "next"...but it was too short. All in all, he seems cool...BUT he is gayer than he is admitting. Oct 22, 2016
simplet he a bottom I don't care what he say his ass hole is well shave and his ass hole open well like one of the comments say he too girly but its nice to c him come back and get fucked by scrap Oct 21, 2016
Coolrod He was very attractive but kind of weird. What was up with all the laughing? He is not straight but perhaps bisexual. He is soft too! Oct 21, 2016
man12345 mike you should have licked that booty and sucked on that stick! LOL Oct 21, 2016
detrini1 Gosh I'm in love. Not only with the way he looks, but the way he speaks Oct 21, 2016
chgohydepar1 such a pretty young boi...yesssss. Oct 20, 2016
loeprofyle There is nothing appealing about this model. His demeanor is feminine, his looks are subpar and the frequent feminine, nervous laughing is just not what BBA is all about. If we never see this model would be too soon. Otherwise, Mike please keep up the great work with additions like Lil Scrap, Stylez and pairing them with other popular models. #NoMoreTaz Oct 20, 2016
kelloahj He's very pretty .. lol like for real. Gorgeous smile and everything. Oct 20, 2016

Anyone who shares my weakness for skinny black twinks with that innocent "boy next door" look should enjoy this latest addition to our Fall line-up of fresh faces.

Taz is a cute and shy "college boy" with a slim runner's body (he ran track in high school) and beautiful smile who will be making his action debut on the site very soon.

Taz admits that he's a "big nerd" who enjoys video-games, anime, and comic books in his free time. But he's quick to clarify that he's more of a "Kid Cudi/Pharrell-type person" who also likes to have fun and party.

A full-time college student struggling to pay his rent and tuition, Taz recently got into a car accident that totaled his car and took his financial situation from bad to worse. That's how he ended up being referred to us by a BBA fan who told him that we were looking for new models and might be able to help. Understandably skeptical and reluctant at first, Taz quickly changed his mind when he heard exactly how much money he could make by doing amateur porn!

Like a lot of horny black boys his age, Taz likes to tease his many social media followers by posting sexy, half-naked pics of himself. But now he's taking things to a shocking new level by leaving NOTHING to the imagination and exposing EVERYTHING for the world to see....

Taz's "audition" starts off with an entertaining interview to get better acquainted with this irresistibly cute "college boy" shortly after meeting him for the very first time. This includes a funny story about him losing his virginity to his older sister's best friend when he was only 13 years old!

My interview with Taz takes an intriguing turn and starts to feel more like a therapy session when the complicated subject of his sexuality comes up. Taz admits that he's "bi-curious" but becomes visibly uncomfortable and embarrassed when talking about his attraction to and limited experimentation with guys. I have my own theories about Taz's true sexuality, but I'll let you watch his interview and decide for yourself!

There's lots of goofy, embarrassed laughter when the time finally comes for Taz to take off his clothes and share his naked body with the world for the VERY FIRST TIME.

"I can't believe I'm doing this for real!" he exclaims in dazed disbelief as he slowly works up the courage to step out of his clothes and expose EVERY INCH of his sexy young body, including a surprisingly thick, tempting ass for such a slim guy!

And just wait until Taz throws those skinny legs in the air to show off his tight, young ASSHOLE for us to salivate over!

Taz still seems pretty nervous and uncomfortable with me in the room, so I decide to set the camera up on the tripod and give him some privacy....

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Solo/Auditions
Details: Oct 20, 2016 43 min
Photo of Taz

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