Quarantine Chronicles #1

Natsfan64 Teddy's Thighs...🔥asf May 9, 2022
demanding Ross #1 in my book - full package, Jah sexy voice will make you go crazy, and Teddy nutt was everything Mar 14, 2022
jws1960 Ross wins...Jah is hot...but I LOVE Teddy...not so much for the performance...I just LOVE Teddy!! Almost lost it when he was legs up!!😍 Dec 15, 2020
11luvme2u @RossBBA. Ross is such a strong "asset" at BBA. lol He is a true star. Next scene, though, I really hope Ross takes it to the next level with some passionate kissing!!! Come on Ross...Do it for the fans! lol May 27, 2020
RossBBA Hey everyone glad to know you all loved the video and could feel my tight ass as u exploded. Maybe I got something of a surprise for y’all…depends 😏 lol. May 20, 2020
MichaelGalletta Our "Quarantine Chronicles" series has officially come to an end. Now that you’ve had a chance to watch & evaluate all 15 submissions, it’s up to YOU to choose the winners! Head on over to the BBA Blog to cast your votes:


Winners will be revealed on Twitter next Saturday, May 23, 2020.
May 16, 2020
rdunnhall Oh yea, Ross for the win, freaky ass nigga May 8, 2020
rdunnhall I hope Ross goes back to a low fade. He still handsome but the low fade looked right on him. He became my biggest crush on here when I actually paid his scenes some attention. I was in the comments asking to please bring him back lol May 8, 2020
Thz1895 teddy (love him, wish he'll b back for more vids), then ross then jah....but all were gud May 7, 2020
blkarmani2 Awesome, ready to see Ross back in the game with Manny or Jah. Want to see what Jah can do with that booty but has to be a real fucker - Saint Blake Bishop, Manny on a good scene - May 4, 2020
Aj9193265 Teddy Jah then Ross Apr 29, 2020
Aj9193265 The winner should be Teddy & those thighs 🤩 Apr 29, 2020
1fineous The winner for sure is Ross. He was really into that cucumber. LOL!!! Apr 26, 2020
aebwood I busted that nutt so fast seeing him choke on that veg!!! Im just saying im glad Ross is back! He's everything I knew he'd be. He takes the whole thing. Apr 25, 2020
ccf8385 Ross, Jah, then Teddy Apr 24, 2020
Blackncute For me, Jah first place, Teddy second place and Ross a distant 3rd. Apr 24, 2020
dreadboi9 My baby Ross for damn sho! Ross put the most effort into pleasing the fans and Then jah last teddy Apr 23, 2020
duwayne ok ross hands down the winner Apr 23, 2020
Shirly223 Ross Hands down #1 but Teddy's the sexiest. Apr 22, 2020
edgellent030 1st place-Teddy sexy af! I hope he comes back for more scenes. Him and Justice would be a good pairing
2nd place- Ross, The cumcumber play was cute and a good idea.
3rd place- Jah, also sexy af and would pair well with Justice. The shower scene was hot.
Apr 22, 2020
Dualex Thank you 11luvme2u We call it cucumber here. I had to figure out 'who' Zuch was 🙈. Went on the models search without any success. Thank God Google for clarity 😜😂... Apr 21, 2020
Nutcannon Ross first place idc idc idc Ross sold went for the gold lol No seriously Ross is definitely my number 1 pick. It's hard picking between Jah and Teddy because I'm a go getter for cumshots and I feel Teddy had the best and best view when it came to that but Jah gave extensive views with an ok pay off at the end. Hmm That's hard I'll let BBA community choose 2nd and 3rd. Apr 21, 2020
Gemini1966 Ross wins this hands down, then Jah and lastly Teddy. Apr 21, 2020
11luvme2u To be honest, I don't know if it was a zucchini or an English cucumber? lol Apr 20, 2020
colormeblk 1.Ross first place

2nd place Jah

3rd place Teddy
Apr 20, 2020
Jayden27 I learned three things from this update. One, Jah is sexy AF. Two, Teddy ass is glorious! Lastly, Ross is STILL a freak! I enjoyed all three of these models. Let’s get into it!

I. Jah

Jah’s magnetic charisma is enough to pull anyone in alone. With his baritone voice and killer smile, he can soften the hearts of the most resistant people. I enjoyed watching him pleasure himself in his truck. Watching the video carefully, viewers will notice that people actually passed by his truck while Jah was playing in the back. The best part is that Jah didn’t give a fuck—the show carried on. As he got more into his experience, Jah stripped out of every article of clothing to reveal his athletic, flawless, chocolate body. The finishing touch was him eating his cum, after finishing on the side of his building. I love watching guys swallow their cum! Jah was great! I. Enjoyed. Him.

II. Teddy

Loved Teddy! His solo progressed from simple, to sexy, to steamy, then sizzling! We began with watching him perform basic calisthenics to watching him execute flexible, freaky naughty exercises. Teddy gave viewers a nice sight of his glorious ass through those silk boxers while performing squats. My favorite part was watching Teddy lift his legs up, use of his arms hold one leg in the air, while using his fingers from his free hand to finger himself. The view of his ass at this angle would have any ass connoisseur licking their screens! 😂 At that point, I began to wonder, “Why hasn’t he done more scenes again?” The end of the scene shows us Teddy glazing his couch with cum. I do hope that we get to see another model glaze Teddy’s cakes with cum one day. Jah maybe?

III. Ross

Three words: Forever. A. Freak. Freakiness knows no boundaries when it comes to this man, and I am absolutely here for it! His authenticity in discussing “pandemic life” and finding sexual satisfaction with prostate stimulation were a nice addition. Any time I see Ross in a scene I smile because I know that shenanigans will ensue! I enjoyed him and his costar, the zucchini. The most rewarding thing about watching him as a performer is that he is comfortable with himself enough to explore and test sexual boundaries. He reminds all of us freaks out there that being absolutely disgusting can be a clear path to some of the most satisfying, sensational sex ever. He came, and so did I.

Special thanks to Mike, Jah, Teddy, and Ross for this update. Can’t wait to see what’s next!
Apr 20, 2020
michaelmcf AH, SHIT, what a great idea this QUARANTINE CHRONICLES Contest is. It's a bad-ass business decision too, where I was prepared to hunker down with all of my Shax Carter-directed downloads. I'm taking a 1st-time look at Jah right now, and I'm loving his swag. I might not get to Ross & Teddy until tomorrow or the next day. More Later! Apr 20, 2020
Docteur Ross wins, it would be nice to see him in an orgy where he bottoms for Bandit, Isaiah and Apollo. Apr 20, 2020
ACTION7 ROSS and JUSTICE would make a good match; both are expanding and creative. Apr 20, 2020
sally5555 Well guys, That was very HOTTTT. Hope you do this format again. It works!! Ross wins! Apr 20, 2020
kapukan2 I'm giving it a thumbs up for Ross! When this quarantine is over, I hope we see a lot more Ross. Apr 20, 2020
dcstudnw Yeah, got to go with Ross, Jah, then Teddy Apr 20, 2020
bmoney All 3 did a great job but Ross put that extra in. So my vote 1)Ross 2)Jah 3)Teddy Apr 20, 2020
bigmick9 I'LL VOTE FOR ROSS HE SEXY AS HELL Apr 19, 2020
pimusique Ross, Jah, Teddy....hands down. Apr 19, 2020
theview143 Ross hands down, Jah is still sexy as fuck, Teddy dick was pretty as fuck to me and the load was awesome can't wait to see what #2 will give. Apr 19, 2020
cocopop Good to see Teddy again, he's even more sexy now than his first appearance. Maybe he'll come back and do more scenes. Apr 19, 2020
papatiggger 1.Ross 2.Jah 3.Teddy Apr 19, 2020
august829 1.Ross 2.Jah 3.Teddy Apr 19, 2020
Dualex You've had some serious solos all throughout the years. Hopefully technology will get em back to us. Been digging n got quite a few: Samuel, Dillon (huge top), Colin, Jamal (one of the best BBA come shots), Tarzan, Jaye Johnson, Trae, Caesar, Lil Scrap, Eureka, Stephon, Young Spazz (DL Chill), AB, Ricky, and Cordell. Wud luv to c sum of em on that Covid-19 concept... Apr 19, 2020
Dualex Right... Thx Miss Rona 4 allowing BBA 2 bless us again! This one tops it all. My vote 🥁 3: Jah, cute, nice smile but I just can't get into him. 2: Teddy, OMG, when he opened up I got real hard, those 🍑 need to be worked, been seeing him around as a top but I wouldn't mind seeing Justice beat that. Perfect match as they're both tall. My #1: sexy Ross, 1st 4 engaging w/ us then going da extra mile. He really came out of his shell. Gr8 contents again. Tk God for technology 👌🏾 Apr 19, 2020
Devo1010 Ross wins it, but nice videos from Teddy and Jah. Welcome back Teddy! Apr 19, 2020
cocopop The oscar, without a doubt goes to Ross, best performer, best action scene, best personality, the old Ross is back. His back up performer, the zucchini was envied by all. He wanted that grand prize, he the str84pay model outdid the openly gay models. Jah would be my second choice, then Teddy. Apr 19, 2020
MrBrown19942 Jah wins , everything. Lol. I love him so much. 🙌🏿😍😍😍 Apr 19, 2020
Phuryous Ross really went for the gold! Teddy is even cuter and sexier and he isn't as stingy with the ass this time. I really wanna see him bottom now with someone like Blake or Justice. Apr 19, 2020
faulknerfan “Chronicles” was nice work. Better quality video than expected, and three nice, not over-used, models. But my preliminary vote goes to the uncredited surprise performer. I write of course about the zucchini, known in the business as “Zuke.” I was impressed with his length, girth, pleasing symmetry, and especially with his ability to maintain an erection, even in the cramped spaces of Ross’s vehicle. THIS is a performer! Even better, Zuke comes from a large and randy Italian family, some better endowed than others but all ready to perform at a moment’s notice! However, since Zuke was uncredited I assume viewers can vote only for the named performers and so my vote will have to go to Zuke’s scene partner, Ross, who remains sexy as hell and is also a performer who gives his all. Not to take anything away from the exquisitely handsome Jah who was equally hot but lacked the advantage of having Zuke as a partner. The middle guy was also nice but was constrained by a boring background. Since solo scenes by definition run the risk of becoming tedious quickly it's very helpful to have some interesting background scenery to spice things up. Jah and Ross did that better. But overall, a very nice effort! Apr 19, 2020
Coolrod Ross, Jah, Teddy in that order! Ross and that cucumber was hot! Where is my boy Big Dick Bandit????? I miss that big red dick and slim body! Apr 19, 2020
texasbugg ross made me go back to watch his old scene he took this scene to being locked up loved it. Apr 19, 2020
Qbabykp03 Ross did that. That was the best solo I've seen. Wish I was the cucumber. Apr 19, 2020
sexclarino09 Ross got my vote right now Apr 19, 2020
Nonchalant24 Jah is so cute and that dick is pretty. Ross looks like he's been working out, his body is nice. Apr 19, 2020
kelma10 Easy win for Ross and his tricks..... That was hot.
Ross seems to me that he's become fully a member of the LGBT community after his stay in prison.
I am sure experiencing here just before being sent on an all male stay for so long probably got him to try much more once locked up.
Cause he used to be so reticent and now you can truly think he loves his ass being fucked. His confidence and comfort with anal stimulation during his j/o is not that of a str8 man.
Apr 19, 2020
damon8 ~ Ross stuck that cucumber 🥒 up his butt, 😳 so he wins 😀 Apr 19, 2020
chgohydeparker Ross, Ross, Ross...1st, 2nd AND fucking 3rd place!! Apr 19, 2020
Beau Hands down. Ross wins. Apr 18, 2020
extreme7 1 ross
2 teddy
3 Jah.
Apr 18, 2020
11luvme2u I'M TELLING YOU WHEN THESE BOYS GET BACK TO BBA BUSINESS IN PERSON AFTER A CRAZY SEASON LIKE THIS...!!! There is going to be some legendary porn produced at BBA. Just watch. Apr 18, 2020
11luvme2u Well damn...these are not only entertainers but creators! This is some seriously hot solo action. It's 1AM so I'll comment more later. As of right now I have to say: 1-Ross 2-Jah 3-Teddy. They were all hot but overall Ross gave me the most overall satisfaction. Jah was stellar as well. Teddy was awesome too definitely with those legs up. Ross and Jah definitely need to be paired together. Can anybody agree with me that Ross has SERIOUSLY grown as a performer?? OMG!! Apr 18, 2020

While production is paused due to COVID-19, we asked several BBA models, past and present, to take us behind the scenes of their lives during these difficult times.

As an added incentive and for a little extra fun, we decided to turn it into a solo competition and let you the viewer determine the winners:

2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500

Join some of your favorite BBA models as they practice safe "social distancing" and entertain you from home in these "quarantine chronicles."

After watching and evaluating all 15 submissions, head on over to the BBA Blog to cast your votes:


Winners will be revealed on Twitter next Saturday, May 23, 2020.

Categories: Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Finger-Fucking, Gay/Bisexual, Outdoors, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Apr 19, 2020 58 min
Photo of Jah
Photo of Ross
Photo of Teddy

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