Straight From Jamaica: Training T-Jay

CL05ETFR3AK Ok Michael this was a good scene but will there be any more scenes coming from that island especially with those two boys "Skinny Kid" & "D-Rock"??? Feb 11, 2017

T-Jay is a 21-year-old Jamaican guy who enjoys playing sports and hanging out with his friends. Even though he’s straight with a girlfriend at home, this beefy light-skinned stud has skeptically agreed – for the right price – to try sex with a guy for the very first time!

Enjoy a front-row seat for another exclusive “gay for pay” encounter from the Islands as my Jamaican photographer brings back his muscular and well-endowed assistant Devon to help break down the new straight boy’s boundaries and introduce him to guy-on-guy sex!

The scene begins with a brief introduction to T-Jay, who admits that he’s feeling apprehensive about doing his first “boy on boy” scene.

“I’m a nervous wreck!” T-Jay candidly confesses at the start of the scene. “I just want to get it over with, you know?”

My Jamaican photographer calls in his assistant Devon – a muscular Jamaican guy in his mid-30’s (who insisted on wearing a mask throughout this scene) – to “inspect” the stocky straight guy and take over from there.

T-Jay stands nervously next to Devon as the horny older gay man eagerly strips him out of his clothes and begins groping his tense, naked body. Devon tugs on T-Jay’s big uncut dick and spins him around to admire and squeeze his thick bubble-butt.

Trying his best to put the nervous straight boy at ease, Devon drops to his knees and begins worshiping T-Jay’s beautiful dick – even DEEP-THROATING it several times as T-Jay grabs him by the back of the head and begins thrusting in and out of his mouth.

Devon later lies down with his head hanging backwards over the edge of the bed while T-Jay buries his dick in the back of his throat. Things REALLY begin to get interesting when Devon yanks down his jeans and begins moving his own huge dick closer and closer to T-Jay’s face….

“Jesus Christ!” T-Jay mutters under his breath, shaking his head in stunned disbelief as he works up the nerve to put a dick in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME!

He slowly slides his thick, juicy lips over the head of Devon’s huge dick and proceeds to give the kind of stiff and reluctant blowjob that makes watching straight boys suck dick so much fun!

A true first-timer, T-Jay can’t go very deep or keep Devon’s dick in his mouth for long, but just seeing this straight Jamaican stud with another man’s dick stuffed in his mouth is definitely one of this scene’s highlights!

Devon bends over a chair with his ass in the air as T-Jay begins rubbing it all over with oil.

T-Jay’s dick grows hard in spite of itself as he slides it up and down the warm, slippery crack of Devon’s round, juicy ass.

Devon leads T-Jay to the bed, where he helps T-Jay roll on a condom and then slowly sits on the straight boy’s dick. T-Jay seems skeptical and reluctant at first, uncertain how to react as his dick slowly enters another man’s ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME! But his skepticism is soon replaced by natural instinct and undeniable pleasure, and in no time at all he is pounding Devon’s ass like it’s his girlfriend’s tight pussy!

T-Jay slams in and out of Devon with increasingly urgent and eager thrusts, even TAKING OFF THE CONDOM and fucking him RAW until he accidentally CUMS while still inside Devon’s ass!

My favorite part of this scene comes when Devon TURNS THE TABLES on this beefy straight jock by having some fun with his tight VIRGIN ass!

First, Devon bends T-Jay over a chair to get a better look at that nice bubble-butt. He gropes, spanks, and squeezes those thick double-mounds of enticing butt-flesh, roughly spreading those hairy cheeks apart to examine the tiny pink hole hidden within.

After squirting lube up and down the tight crack of the straight boy’s ass, Devon pokes his greedy fingers against that tight virgin hole, even forcing one of them inside to finger-pop T-Jay’s cherry! He thrusts it in and out with horny excitement as T-Jay winces and groans in response.

The action later moves to the bed, where Devon begins sliding his huge, hard dick up and down the tight, hairy crack of T-Jay’s butt. He pokes and prods at that tight virgin hole until it finally gives way and his dick slips inside!

T-Jay just lies there in embarrassed submission, gasping and groaning and clenching his ass-cheeks together as Devon’s RAW DICK splits open his thick, juicy ass!

T-Jay can’t take much more than the head of Devon’s large dick, but Devon still enjoys poking that tight hole so much that he suddenly can’t hold off any longer and busts a nice, creamy “nutt” all over that ass.

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Details: Mar 3, 2012 38 min
Photo of Devon
Photo of T-Jay

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