New Year's Showdown: The Afterparty

markus28 Apollo made Mar's day and Christmas. You can easily tell that Mar wanted Apollo, maybe even craved him. Body and eyes don't lie. One of the BEST vids ever. Oct 26, 2023
MrBrown19942 This scene will never get old. Damn, their chemistry is really hot during this scene. Jul 25, 2023
IslandboiAtl when we gonna get to see Mar fuck Apollo Oct 14, 2022
IslandboiAtl So hot when are we gonna see see them again with Mar as the top or even a full vers scene Jun 8, 2022
MrBrown19942 Listen, Apollo and Mar made love, during this scene! My heart skips a beat, every time I watch this scene. 😍🤍🔥 May 11, 2022
IslandboiAtl are we ever gonna get to see Mar fuck Apollo Nov 22, 2021
juan24 Well, there is ONE comment i can make and that is that BOTH these dudes HAVE VERY NICE, MUSCULARLY TONED PHYSIQUES. Its like they have just 5% body fat. So, watching them go at it from a distant cam, you can see their muscles pulsate (is that the right word?) with each movement of their bodies. Mar has a large, toned upper body that leads to a crazy thin waist, making his physique sexy asf. And Apollo? He just perfect. He built like a solid African prince. I always smh whenever i see him in a vid. Ok. Let me calm down, hahaha. I love nice physique bc i workout too. And BBA has got more than a few dudes (actually MANY) with really nice physiques. Sep 15, 2021
juan24 After all the positive comments already made, there is nothing for me to add. It is THAT hot. Sep 15, 2021
poppycock one of the Best scenes on this site!!! This is truly a great pairing!!! Chemistry is on point!!! Aug 3, 2021
bigchop24 It’s the FROT for me! One of my fav scenes!!! Jul 26, 2021
KNG5TNFN When is "Mar" coming back though???? Oct 19, 2019
teerexx if ever there was a BBA award, I would say and the award goes to APOLLO, so thank you for the many nuts you gave me LOL, My dick gets hard just by the way you look at muthafuckers, Mar baby your on your way I love that look of lust in your eyes too it sexy as fuck, those lips and your dick. Damn boy best wishes to all your endeavors Jul 23, 2018
teerexx To Apollo, I know you won't see this but have no shame in your game. I want to thank you for the challenges you've put yourself thru for the sake of your fans. Bruh you are a sexual beast not just because your body is tight as fuck but you always bring this swag to the table, its this balance you seem to have of control and vulnerability that you bring to your sex game that is pure fire, your smile and the way you look at muthafucker when you say come here and get this. Jul 23, 2018
squidlydiddly i'm a Mar fan...very passionate May 15, 2018
cocopop Apollo, being the performer you are your absolutely two best scenes yet have been with Saint and Isaiah. Those were classic Apollo scenes, where both you and your co-models brought the passion, chemistry and love making. If ever was a time I believed you actually were enjoying getting fucked. That's the Apollo I came to love. Love to see a reunion with these two, after a show down with Bandit. Mar 7, 2018
Wiccan107 So hot...lets see Apollo take on Migo! Mar 4, 2018
mdcarmichael They don’t flip cuz Apollo can’t handle all of Mar’s 9” prick. Great cumshot though when Mar spurts everywhere! Feb 28, 2018
mdcarmichael Damn! I am so into Mar...He is just so genuine and sexy. For those of us who like a long, uncut cock, Mar is our boi! I’d love to see Mar paired with Bandit... Feb 28, 2018
cocopop Damm Apollo, this new Apollo too dam quiet, make some noise talk some shit. like you use to. I'm your all time fan, but you seem different since the scene with Rico. Feb 25, 2018
Moses1999 I love MAR as a sexy bottom. Love to eat that ass and suck and clean his uncut soft dick. His ass looks perfect. AND APOLLO is so sexy with that nice body . I love to eat his ass for days and I hope its after his gym workout or basketballing. Send them my way. Feb 18, 2018
ndigoboy When is Mar gonna start topping? Feb 17, 2018
cocopop @blackforest, The Blake scene was hot, but the Isaiah and Apollo scene was classic Apollo at his best. Then he and Saint. I agree he's less vocal than usual, less romancing the camera which is good more focused. Apollo love your less camera romancing, but that vocal is what I come to expect. By the way I could use a fitness trainer here in Houston LOL. Jan 27, 2018
cocopop Damm Apollo you sure looked sexy at the end with legs in the air, Mar's dick sliding in and out. Somewhat disappointed this wasn't a flip flop, hope to see more scenes like you did with Isaiah that was the hottest ever. Jan 25, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK "Gimmie the man with the wikedest slam" lol, if this boy "Mar" has Jamaican roots ?? He making some waves right now yo, even if he's only just sporting those "TATTOOS" on his chest he's making a good impression on me. I'm reeling over his entire body and actions at this moment!! What a find! From the first video he had me with those lips & beautiful body! Apollo was consumed with him this was well done. 😎👍👍👏👏👏 Jan 25, 2018
Damon7 ~ Apollo needs to bottom only. Jan 21, 2018
kevin343 I am deeply in LOVE with Mar ! I love his toned body. That uncut dick turns me all the way on. His facial expressions are irresistible ! Apollo and Mar together was electrical. I can't wait to see what you have in store next for Mar. Oh, I am in LOVE with those lips! Especially that bottom lip. Getting ready to bust a nut on this HOTTTTTT video as we speak. Jan 20, 2018
eleco1 Mar is definitely a rising star... disappointed that he bottomed again... definitely wanted to see him bang out Apollo... I prefer Apollo as a bottom... maybe we can get a follow up where Mar and Stylez take turns topping Isaiah and Apollo... Jan 18, 2018
3606tsb72 B-minus. LOVE those men. For making scenes "jump out," the director MUST restrict the number of long- and wide-shot, and physically place the camera closer to the action and dicks - for more than a few seconds, as pacing SHOULD err on the leisurely side. Scenes now appear one-dimensional, a mistake "newbies" often make. Placing the camera closer to the men and dicks WILL render them larger-than-life, hence more compelling, and, as important, more erotic. Jan 18, 2018
cocopop Dammm, Apollo fucked that ass like he hadn't had any in years. Jan 18, 2018
blackforest This scene was definitely better than the first one, but still not the kind of stuff I have come to expect from Apollo. Watch Apollo and Blake or Stephon and you will understand what I am talking about - The Chemistry is insane. This scene is one you may nut once to, but probably not multiple times. By the way I like Mar and I think he can do more. For me this scene was just okay. Jan 16, 2018
StonedMountain What a wonderfully steamy show by Apollo and Mar. The wonderful kissing and intimacy, the way Apollo sucked his dick and balls and ate the pretty ass and fucked him hard was beautiful. Yeah I love Mar. Jan 16, 2018
jujan35 I am ready to see Mar top, him and Rico would be a good one. Loving Mar. Jan 16, 2018
cocopop @ToriFan, I thought it was just me with the sound but the action more than made up for it. You might change up the positions. Jan 16, 2018
ToriFan I forgot one thing. Tell the new director to tell the models they must SPEAK UP. I could barely hear the conversation between Apollo and Mar. Jan 16, 2018
ToriFan I like this new format, especially the interviews. I have a question for Apollo. He seems to be so comfortable with the gay for pay. Is there any sexual thing with a man that is kinda exciting?

Mar is a blooming gold star in BBA. I love his gap, his big hairy dick and his pretty toes. He's on my radar.... of course never to replace Tori and Dragon... but you know.

Do I see a reunion between Apollo & Isaiah?
Jan 16, 2018
adam2268 I just can’t get enough of Apollo! SIMPLY GORGEOUS head to toe! Jan 15, 2018
texasbugg MAR babyboi your work was better than some of the ones who say they r pros damm i keep jacking off on this damm this is some good fucking i told u this was mike's baby he has an eye for some good everyone was thinking that apollo/manny killa was going to be a better fucking it was good but mar/apollo was a 10plus mar u got some good ass babyboi i will wait on bandit to open that asshole that's a pretty asshole mar please give it to bandit u a good babyboi realtalk mar. Jan 15, 2018
princegwa I thought it was going to be a flip as well. But anyway it is still a very hot video. Watching Mar slide his dick in at the end was way too hot. My only concern is when guys start on BBA as a bottom they don’t usually top. Please don’t do this with Mar. I really want to see if he knows how to use all that dick He is carrying. Jan 15, 2018
GetDatShit mike this scene was hot always good to see Apollo I cant wait to see Apollo and Bandit omg to see Bandit big dick fuck Apollo mike that be hot ass fuck but keep up the good work your website is fuckin awesome Jan 15, 2018
Docteur I am not a fan of Mar at all. I am a fan of Apollo. What needs to happen is #1 Apollo and #2 Bandit. Also an orgy where Saint, who breaks everyone else in get to be the meat thrown in the lion's den to Isaiah, Apollo and Trapp . Also still hoping for an all out 3some with Scotty, Shaun and Trapp, with everyone sucking each other, eating each other's asses, kissing and all taking each others dicks. Jan 15, 2018
Jayden27 To Shax – this was awesome! You did your thing! Fuck the haters because they don’t do what you do how you do it! Keep shining bro!

Apollo - Apollo is like a drug. You watch his scenes, you get your high, and you’re hooked. You continue to come back for more. I’ve been watching this dude for THREE years, and his scenes are STILL good! That’s why he’s remained #1. I hope we get more from him in 2018.

Well Mike, I think I have rambled enough…lol! You guys deserved the love! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store. Meanwhile, I’m going to watch Apollo and Mar again.

‘Til the next BBA ‘high’,

Jan 15, 2018
Jayden27 One word: FIRE! Mar and Apollo together was straight up hot! The foreplay was LIT!! Both of these guys are oral wizards! Everything from the French kissing, the tongue wrestling and down to the licking in general. I don’t think there was one part on either body that didn’t get touched! It was hot how Apollo took his time while kissing every inch of Mar. Mar’s reaction was priceless.

The grinding on the bed was hot as hell! The shots of Apollo on top were so hot! I really loved it when he turned over and Mar was on top! It is also clear that both of these gentlemen loved to be used as takeout. lol! Mar is great to look at , and his moans are seductive. I enjoyed watching Mar because he is not only a great performer, but it is so addictive to watch his face and body react when he is being pleasured. I think you need to edit that collage you made of Apollo’s sex faces and add some from this scene because they were great!

Mar wins best bottom for me! He was great. I enjoyed listening to his moans. The shots of them while they were fucking were great! This scene was so good that I didn’t want it to end. I was hoping there was a part 3 where Mar would get to top Apollo, but Manny probably caused some pain there…just a wild guess. Maybe we can reunite these two one day and see that.

Mar is awesome, and I hope he decides to stick around the BBA zone for a while. I want more.
Jan 15, 2018
debattxx Apollo at his best!!!! I can't wait to see more of him. Jan 14, 2018
hozie7777 Excellent start to the New Year. Movie was beautifully filmed and action was hot! Jan 14, 2018
Godfather07 Apollo can do a scene with a scare crow and it would be sexy, he is one sexy MF you should have him giving lessons to other models, I love him with Saint and Isaiah I was glad to hear him say what he said about the 3 models, he made both of these scenes worth watching he really needs to give Manny some lessons, good scene could have been excellent scene with Trapp or maybe Teddy, thanks Mike you have come a long way. Jan 14, 2018
sarahc Hottest video on the site! Came 3x before the end. Jan 14, 2018
hhsmith506 now that is a great stroke. can't wait until bandit can take dick like that. Jan 14, 2018
blksung My imaginary hubby, Apollo, is back and he brought 10 of my favorite things with him......his toes!!!! Welcome back baby!! Jan 14, 2018
texasbugg DAMM mar u got some good ass and that asshole is tight i hope no haters say this asshole is busted apollo was enjoying himself apollo welcome back i miss u for real i hope u r paired with trapp in 2018 i know u want some of trapp ass apollo he got a diamond for a asshole u did a good job and mike see just like the fans mar u was holding that leg i was fucked up when i saw that damm u can really bend your body u can flex damm i want to see more of that mar realtalk mar with your bad self. Jan 14, 2018
bandit4true I thought this was going to be a flip?? I enjoyed it anyway but Mar got to start using that dick. Jan 14, 2018
simplett nice apollo did his work that new guy is hotter than manny he is cute is he from Jamaica he can take dick nice black but I would like to c mar fuck manny or apollo Jan 14, 2018
buckim Thank you for this present. I especially enjoy long kisses and long ass-eating. I like too balls eating, but I think these plays appear not enough. I love most of all final cum-eating, the moment when the boys, alternately, wait, mouth open the final cream. Actually, my preferred models are Scotty, Stylez and Saint for his inextinguishable appetite for semen...
I am a long time customer of gay porn, and BBA is yet the number one for me.
Kisses for boys and for Michael G. from a french fan.
Jan 14, 2018
texasbugg Mar i really hope to see more of u in 2018 i wish mike could find u a young (COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER) every time i bust on u mar i always put in my mind that the thug who is fucking u is a football player i for one know a football player will try and fuck u everyday if u let him mike i know u got some sexy young football players on your list u can pair with mar one time mike they stay full of cum they r super hott nutted just once mike a football player please t.u. mike realtalk. Jan 14, 2018
BigDick7031 i loved watching the bottom slide his dick into apollo at the end. Jan 14, 2018
h1lda74 So THAT'S what it's like to be made love to by Apollo! Stunningly beautiful! Jan 14, 2018
tayshawn3 Love this scene...their beautiful brown skin on top of each other was a site to every minute of the ass eating and the moaning that Mar was doing while having it done and when he Apollo was sliding in and out of him...10's for this scene Jan 14, 2018
texasbugg APOLLO babyboi u really put that (OAKWOOD) in mar's life and here's to prove that hater wrong who said apollo couldn't stay hard if he took a pill r if mar asshole was just so good cause it was tight apollo u/mar should be lovers cause u both was feelin each damm that was some good fucking mar i'm happy u came back by the way do u cause haters will not put (CAVEMAN MONEY) which is two rocks in your pocket mar haters makes it badd for every one bandit need to fuck u mar openuup realtalk. Jan 14, 2018
romack767 So much better. Mar is well liked and it was good to see him put his dick in Apollo if only for a moment. Both models had a chemistry. Mar has great potential can't wait to see more of him in the future. Apollo is always the best him and Jan 14, 2018
1luvme2u Now that was better!!! Amazing chemistry. Perfect pairing. This site has come a long way. Jan 14, 2018
da1ndet I loved the chemistry between Mar and Apollo it was clear that they were both into each other and wanted to rock each other’s world! I look forward to more mar! Thank you for a great start to 2018 and that unexpected move by Mar at the end sent me into eruption!! Jan 14, 2018
da1ndet I can appreciate every muscle fiber and beautiful inch of skin on his virtually hairless body without any ink blotches! Kudos to you Apollo for preserving your gifted temple! #ApolloFan Jan 14, 2018
da1ndet This is what I have been waiting for. The first video ended abruptly, I guess to pave the way for this SMASH! This was a hit from start to finish. I enjoyed the interview with Apollo at the beginning. I love his spirit! Also, I enjoyed another aspect of Apollo “No Tattoos!” I didn’t realize that his lack of ink is an attraction for me. Jan 14, 2018
estwick !@#$% The haters....Apollo is just awesome ! Jan 14, 2018
juan2424 Last time. Apollo a god. In a class all his own. Jan 14, 2018
juan2424 OMG! This is the hottest BBA vid EVER. That's all I got to say. That's it. Too hot for porn. They was gettn busy like they was in their private bedroom. Shit was tooooo hot even for BBA, lol! Jan 13, 2018
stmarks13 Super hot but please get Apollo and Saint back together. They're amazing together. Jan 13, 2018
vctime I've never seen more romance and chemistry in a performance. When is the wedding? Jan 13, 2018
kidon7000 wow very nice!!! I hope the next scene Mar is the top. Jan 13, 2018
akaladd No sox, no caps, no blasting music. Just sweet stroking and making out. Thanks Mike. Jan 13, 2018
chgohydepar1 two sexy and beautiful men + Apollo's improved stroke game + a foot fetish treat + big dicks + physical chemistry and compatibility = PERFECTION, oops, did I mention the passionate kissing, damn the kissing! Jan 13, 2018

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year, we've paired two of our hottest and most popular new models with BBA's most popular "gay for pay" star, finally making his surprise return after nearly a year!

After surrendering his flawless bubble-butt to sexy newcomer Manny Killa's massive dick in Part One of BBA's first-ever New Year's special, Apollo was still horny and eager to bury his dick deep in some tight, warm ass of his own.

And after enjoying the show mainly as a voyeur, Mar was excited and ready to sample BBA's #1 star for himself....even if that meant giving up his own tight track-star ass to the sculpted straight boy!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this sensual and steamy encounter as Apollo and Mar bring in the New Year the right way with plenty of passionate tongue-kissing, toe-tasting, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and hot bareback fucking!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Jan 13, 2018 40 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Mar

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