Revenge Is Sweet

ericbb Now that's chemistry Jul 11, 2022
turner95 Trapp’s dick looks so good in Ross’ hole Jun 3, 2022
vinrod79 I need more Trapp in my life. Apr 29, 2022
ACTION7 Ross needs to take Trapp OUT TO LUNCH. Feb 19, 2022
trance man I just love watching Ross take that bootyhole opens up and grips these dicks Oct 25, 2021
griz85 Need more of them their vibe is nice. Not fake Aug 22, 2021
ACTION7 ROSS, U liked that shit too much! Jun 6, 2021
MarkDC the constant muting was getting annoying....let us hear the direction. I rather that than mute Jul 13, 2020
mdcarmichael Ross is my favorite all-time BBA guy...but Trapp totally took my attention in this scene. His fat dick pushing up in Ross’s hole is so incredibly hot! Jun 28, 2020
androgyny757 this my new favorite! Apr 10, 2020
cocopop Trapp seemed to be more into Ross, more freakier than with any other model, the interaction between the two was hot. I know they've done a scene before, he took that ass, made it his', overall Ross seemed to enjoy giving it up. I've waited a long time to see this happen, Ross giving up that ass, well worth the wait. Great scene guys. Jan 12, 2020
cocopop Mike please pair Ross and Bandit in a flip flop scene, the two my dick stays hard boys. Maybe Ross can show Bandit how to J/O, nut while getting fucked. That shit turns me on to see BBA models doing, and to see two str8 gay4pay guys dicks stay hard is even hotter. With one actually nutting while bottoming. Then a Ross and Dominic flip flop scene would be hot, then Bandit' revenge on Dominic. Jan 12, 2020
emiliano69 trapp got in that thang and ross laid it out for him. i would love to see ross and rocky flip flop and trapp and jah flip flop Jan 6, 2020
ACTION7 TRAPP is TOP OF THE MONTH; he thoroughly satisfied ROSS'S instincts. Dec 13, 2019
ericbb Sexually fluid best describes the's a more up-to-date term rather than the titles i.e. gay,straight, or bi Dec 9, 2019
ericbb These two are the most masculine performers since Saint....great chemistry....not over the top but hot....they seem comfortable with themselves..actually enjoying themselves..Best video since D Rock and Skinnykid Dec 9, 2019
notmark1 The fact that Ross look just like Lakeith Stanfield 😍 Dec 5, 2019
Maloliomal Yo rematch with Blake would be the next move with ole boy Dec 4, 2019
cocopop That dam Trapp, know he can suck some dick for a str8 boy, from the first time sucking, til now he's only improved. Ross has some serious work to do to get there. Dec 1, 2019
cocopop That dam Ross takes dick better than Dominic, after only his second try, then again he may get practice at home. He's already let us know he likes playing in his ass off camera. Few more tries he'll be an excellent bottom. Poor Dominic, even after 4 tries, struggles, even though it took Bandit 4 years bottoming to finally begin enjoying it. Nov 23, 2019
truebluefreak1 ROSS is the true BBA LEGEND!! WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM AND BANDIT IN A FLIP FLOP SCENE!! Nov 23, 2019
truebluefreak1 Ross's cum shot was sexy as hell. I love how he jacked his dick and came as he watched his own ass get fucked. Nov 23, 2019
tonejo Ross phat ass and how his hole took that dick was nice! Nov 16, 2019
ktatwcc2016 this was great. I want to see Apollo get his revenge. Nov 12, 2019
truebluefreak1 Ross is definitely a returning star that’s about to dominate BBA Nov 10, 2019
truebluefreak1 That pretty pussy open. I need that nigga on this fat dick Nov 10, 2019
cocopop @pachulo85, I second that comment, felt the same way when it came to Ross, and when it comes to scenes with Ross/Apollo, and Ross/Blake, flip/flop scenes. Hopefully during the upcoming Xmas scene. Love how this str8 boy can J/O while being fucked, and then cum, that shits hot. Wish Bandit would try it, hell Blake is the only gay guy to accomplish that skill, that I can remember. Nov 9, 2019
dee1224 Now this what im talking about, best porn since scrappy and spice, thick dicks and tight holes, need more like this ... bring scrappy back, let him get in ross and trapp, would be epic. Nov 8, 2019
pachulo85 Mike I just want to say thanks for not giving up on Ross. I knew from his video with Blake that he would be an awesome bottom...Let Blake and Apollo get their turns too, he owes Apollo for the xmas party scene. Nov 8, 2019
Whitney Ross does kiss! Just hasn’t in this film! He looks amazing and bootyhole is fucking PERFECTION! I’d FLOOD his gutts Nov 8, 2019
truebluefreak1 Ross sexy as fuck coming back. He got that six pack cut body back in no time Nov 7, 2019
Josh5940 started out slow but very very nice fucking just missing the kisses ross has lost that fat he gained in jail and looks amazing trapp sexy but needs a last thing please ask ross to speak louder barely hear him talking in confessions. Nov 6, 2019
LemanR1980 Great job by Ross as a bottom. But this scene was a little disappointing that Trapp's booty went a full a scene virtually unmolested. I understand that this was a "revenge" scene. But Trapp's booty is an asset that should be exploited in every scene that he appears. His booty is BBA's masterpiece. IMHO Nov 6, 2019
WeatherMan You did it AGAIN! The scenes just keep getting better and better. Ross has come back stronger than EVER! Nov 6, 2019
kevin343 Hell fuckin yeah! Ross took dat dick Nov 5, 2019
texasbugg trapp u r fucking so good/raw mike got to let u fuck jah 1 thing trapp jah like to kiss i can see him now sucking on your fatt lips damm that will be a scene i hope it be the xmas scene trapp damm u did a wonderful job fucking ross/dominic/bandit damm mike put u/jah together i will have to take a shot(TRAPP U R NOW THE POPEYE'S SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH OF BBA/USA)EVERY1 WANTS A TASTE OF TRAPP'S SPICY DICK)NOW TRAPP U FEED THAT DICK GOOD KEEP IT OILED UP/PUT IT ON ICE SOMETIME. Nov 5, 2019
Dualex Watched this again. I'm a kiss lover but this was not needed. Ross is a freak and that was just enough, him spitting whilst Trapp was digging really turned me on. Him trying to fuck himself was grand. What happened to him? He's just not the same person.
Trapp is really turned on by him. I just can't think of any let down apart from the fact that the come shot was weak.
Not sure what to expect with BBA now. Hard to top this one. Bring Tarzan and Travis back please?
Nov 5, 2019
IsaiahFan Now this scene is neck and neck with Trapp's scene with Dominic! I never noticed how thick his dick really is until I saw how he was dicking Ross down. I’m enjoying watching Trapp being a verbal top in these past few scenes, Ross got exactly everything he did to Trapp and I enjoy seeing him take dick as revenge lol. I give this scene a 10/10

Ps: the nutt I busted to this scene was out of this world lol
Nov 5, 2019
wblackstud Good to see Ross back glad you let sexy ass Trapp break him in. Still waiting to see somebody give Bandit a good foot job that would make my year.
Are you going to ever bring Beno and Tori back???
Nov 5, 2019
ChrisGills This scene was hot, but the only thing Ross hasn't done on camera is eat ass or passionately kiss his scene partner. I think he should go for it with his next scene partner. Nov 5, 2019
Docteur Ross needs to kiss and show more passion. I wanna see him fucked by Bandit. Pretty good scene though indeed. Nov 5, 2019
VSWboy18 Trapp definitely won the weekend. Had er'body on that Trapp dikk. How Rico and Scotty are still ahead of him makes no sense to me. They aint done shyt in 2+ years on the site. Trapp should be Top 5. Ross looking sexy as ever. Glad he's back. Dom, Bandit & Ross loved getting that Trapp thug dick. Written all ova their face... they didn't have to say a word... LOL Nov 5, 2019
kidon7700 Damn Ross' ass looks amazing. Nice job on this one. Nov 4, 2019
cocopop Trapp, he too has what it takes to be competitive as well, loved his verbal shit talking to Ross, which was missing with him and Dominic scene together, hell I could hardly hear what he was saying, maybe the chemistry with Ross was better. He tore that ass up though, Ross being the first str8 boy while being fucked, J/O and cum twice once with Saint, hell ain't seen any gay models accomplish this. Bandit, take a page from Ross, I've seen Bandit J/O while sucking, not while being fucked. Nov 4, 2019
cocopop Bandit, Apollo, watch your back, these two are after your crown! Long before Bandit took the #1 spot, I envisioned Ross being Apollo's future competition. I think I have been proven right, now he said he wants "to do some thing out the box" for his fans, I'd say let your fans see you kiss your next model. Way he laid there on his back with his one leg up and spread was awesome, dude has flexibility, him trying to put his dick in his own ass was priceless. Mike was a great scene. Nov 4, 2019
Jayden27 Revenge is sweet. Very sweet indeed. I never thought a day would come where we would see Ross bottom at all. Now we’ve seen him bottom twice. Kudos to BBA! Let’s get into it!

I. Trapp and Ross Outside.
“Imma take care of you” -Trapp
Love the surroundings! I’m a country dude from the south, and the scenery reminded me of my first time which happened outside. The conversation about accents was hilarious! The oral work was good. I enjoyed watching Ross’ expressions, and hearing his moans, and the shots of his washboard abs didn’t hurt either. The wide shot of Trapp squatting to give Ross head was nice. However, no offense, Trapp, with his pants around his ankles in that shot, looked like he getting ready to take a shit. 😂😂 Maybe just tight shots only next time.

II. Ross and Trapp Inside.
“You a nasty freak ain’t you?” -Trapp
The scene got even hotter when the two entered the bedroom. I loved how Ross grabbed Trapp roughly. One of the best moments is when Ross squeezed Trapp’s cakes. That shit was nice! Orally, Trapp handled his shit!! He sucked the hell out of Ross’ dick! Ross’ moans and verbal commands like, “Suck that fuckin’ dick!”, made the scene more arousing. The moans from both Ross and Trapp were hot!
Trapp not only handled Ross’ dick though. The ass-eating stole the show! There was not one area left untouched. Trapp licked and teased Ross with the tip of his tongue from his dick to Ross’ ass crack! At this point, Ross shows off his flexibility—he spreads his legs even more! Watching this, I was soooo jealous! Spit was everywhere! Loved seeing the spit trailing down Ross’ ass cheeks. It’s a sign of wet, sloppy, good-ass sex!

III. Trapp Inside of Ross.
“That was..a lot to take” -Ross
Trapp carefully slides into Ross. Ross moaned, groaned, and cussed up something serious. He even ran away at one point. However, kudos to Ross because he did all he could, and gave a wonderful performance for the fans. I love the fact that Trapp was being patient and easy on him from the start. His demeanor, I believe, helped Ross get through the scene. Cum shots were great. Ross seemed like he was either drained or can’t cum well when bottoming. Good shit fellas!

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Trapp and Ross! This scene was a great time!
Nov 4, 2019
Louis351 Now that's some good ass and dick. Nice work. Nov 4, 2019
leech10x I can’t breathe... my heart wasn’t ready for this... my head... AND MY HEAD... wasn't READY!!!!!!! 😩 Nov 4, 2019
11luvme2u Jah seems to like thuggish masculine men and I think Jah will make it his business to make sure he pleases this dreadhead "straight" boy. I am definitely looking forward to that day. Trapp definitely got his revenge. Special shout out to Mike for that transition from the window to Trapp's beautiful chocolate ass. I said, "Got damn Trapp!" Ross, you did the damn thing bro! Trapp, you're headed to top 3! Keep up the great work. Halloween 2019 was super sizzly at BBA! Nov 4, 2019
11luvme2u Trapp is on fire! If he is not on the top 3 list by next year I'll be shocked. Trapp seems to be very helpful to a director because he coaches his scene partner and makes sure the camera person gets good shots. Trapp is a very good top. Even though that ass is a good commodity, that dick is just as good. He has a nice rhythmic stroke. I am very excited to see him paired with Apollo, Isaiah, Shameeks, and especially Jah and Justice. Ross's passion unleashed a new level of freak in Trapp. Nov 4, 2019
11luvme2u Sexy slim toned Ross is back and upgraded! His physique is an eye pleaser and oral skills have without a doubt improved. He looks like he really enjoys sex in general and likes to receive pleasure. I was especially glad to see that bubbly personality and humor which initially attracted us to him. I love to hear him express himself and you can tell he is enjoying most of the experience. I was very impressed with the bottoming. Trapp's dick looked so good stretching that tight hole. Nov 4, 2019
11luvme2u You might not like chemistry in science but you have to love it in porn!! Ross and Trapp definitely are a great pair and blend well together on camera. THE CAMERA WORK ON THIS SCENE WAS EXCEPTIONALLY OUTSTANDING!! GREAT JOB MIKE! The opening background nature imagery was beautiful and highlighted the beauty of both performers. Ross and Trapp are both very attractive men. Sex outdoors is very exciting because of the risk factor involved. BBA is definitely upgrading the variety! NICE! Nov 4, 2019
dreadboi9 Best vid in a min more of Ross bottoming please and yes Nov 4, 2019
texasbugg damm trapp u r really showing how good your dick is damm u got good dick plus a juicy 48kt gold ass hole what more can u ask for now u got to fuck scuba now that's some good young thug ass i still want to see more of bandit fucking trapp u know that big dick was feeling so good i saw u when u close your eyes that when bandit hit that spot bandit was watching his dick going in/out of your 48kt gold hole u got them gold walls inside your hole also i want to see u layingonyourbacktakingbanditsdick Nov 4, 2019
ACTION7 I love seeing ROSS taken care of n so many ways; Trapp handled that like fine china....... Nov 4, 2019
texasbugg i always knew trapp had some good dick that feel good inside any1's hole trapp i never get enough of looking at your sexy body this was a super sexy hotttttttttt scene damm ross your hole is so juicy/tight it's gold inside that mike i really love the way u r doing the new scenes raw/ciose up of the dick inside the hole when u all did the outside by the tree it took me back when i pull my pants down behind a big tree bended over let a thug dick me down mike keep it up love u all so much. Nov 4, 2019
mrwhitley1 Ross and Trapp are Stone Cold THREATS!!! Bandit, and Apollo should feel threatened, as holders of the #1 spot neither of them have ever captivated the screen like Trapp and Ross do. In their own way, Yes...but NO ONE on the site is as authentic!!! Please more scenes with Ross, and Trapp!!!!
They are ⭐️
Nov 4, 2019
chgohydeparker I LOVE Ross! Thick Ross, Fit Ross, I LOVE YOU. Nov 4, 2019
Dualex Shameeks and Ross are my top T2B. They totally surrendered and made sure their partners enjoyed the scene too. Wud love to see them paired up btw. Nov 3, 2019
damon8 ~ so from the look of things it’s a safe assumption that Ross was being fed entirely too much starch and carbohydrates in jail. Those bastards 🤬.
He looks nice now. 👍🏼
Nov 3, 2019
teddy189 GREAT SCENE! I came so hard with Ross and Trapp Nov 3, 2019
Beau Nice scene. Glad you got Ross and Trapp back together. Nov 3, 2019
Godfather07 Trapp is always on point he so sexy he is always a 10 plus one sexy MF he knows what to say and do, Ross on the other hand does a good job but he will never get a 10 from me because he never kisses he will suck a mans dick but wont kiss what up with that. When Trapp is on his stomach and that big beautiful ass of his just made my dick hard, Trapp you one fine thug nigga, keep a thug working and show his ass and show that ass hole. Nov 3, 2019
Dualex Ross!! 😲😲😲 Shocking, absolutely shocking!!! Nov 3, 2019
cash121 Either Ross is a very good actor... or he genuinely enjoyed this... he was rock hard throughout... Nov 3, 2019

It's been over six months since we last saw Ross finally let another guy fuck him on camera for the very first time.

That epic "take-down" has quickly become one of our most popular scenes of the year, naturally making viewers want to see Ross return and give up those sweet honey-brown cakes once again.  

Our recent Halloween special reunited Ross with Trapp for the first time since their unforgettable encounter earlier this year, and provided the perfect opportunity for them to take care of some unfinished business.

Both of these sexy straight stars are hanging outside on a sunny Fall day following our Halloween shoot. They joke around about being city boys dropped in the middle of nowhere, playfully argue about New York City versus Saint Louis slang, and reminisce about their first scene together earlier this year.

The flirtatious back and forth eventually leads to a candid confession from Trapp regarding the one-sided nature of their previous encounter.

"I'm trying to see what THAT'S like!" Trapp teases Ross in a sexy, seductive voice, sounding not all that different from how he probably pursues many females.

"Sound fair," Ross shrugs in sheepish surrender, visibly nervous but with a hint of curious anticipation. "I'm going to go ahead and let you see what it's like."

There's a palpable sexual tension between these two that is both hot and funny to watch, and both are so eager to pick back up where they left off that they jump into the foreplay right there OUTSIDE - another fun and exciting BBA "first"!

Don't miss one of our most-requested "reunions" of 2019, jam-packed with sexy "gay for pay" action that includes noisy dick-sucking, sloppy-wet ass-eating, and of course some long overdue RAW "revenge" fucking.

You'll have to judge for yourself, but I think it's fair to say that the old expression "revenge is sweet" proves to be true for BOTH guys before the day's over!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Outdoors, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Nov 3, 2019 43 min
Photo of Ross
Photo of Trapp

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