Introducing: D-Rel

D-Rel is a sexy straight boy who enjoys playing basketball, running track, lifting weights, and fucking girls. He just turned 18 and recently finished his freshman year in college. Like a lot of black boys his age, he tries to act cocky and tough but deep down he's just a goofy, hyper, fun-loving kid with out-of-control hormones and pussy on the brain 24⁄7.

When he first contacted me about doing a video, he made sure I knew he was "strictly straight" and that he "didn't want no gay niggas touchin' him sexually." He was only interested in guy⁄girl scenes, but agreed to do this solo "audition" in the hopes that I'd hire him for some straight scenes later on.

Enjoy a front-row seat as this cute black teenager strips out of his clothes and shows off his naked young body for the very first time on camera! D-Rel might be inexperienced and even somewhat homophobic, but he sure isn't shy in front of the camera and ends up putting on one hell of a hot and memorable show!

From the second D-Rel walked through my door, my heart began racing a mile a minute. I've known many hot black boys throughout my life, too many even to count, but rarely do I fall as desperately and irrationally in lust and infatuation as I have with D-Rel! I could hardly wait to begin his interview so I could find out as much about this sexy boy as I possibly could....

We begin with a brief discussion of the fact that D-Rel is actually friends with Suspense - an interesting bit of information I didn't discover until a few minutes before filming began! It turns out they went to the same high school and now attend the same college. I quickly realized, however, that D-Rel seemed to be under the impression that Suspense has only performed in STRAIGHT scenes, and decided it wasn't my place to "out" Suspense to his friend.

D-Rel shares some amusing (and arousing!) stories about his sexual escapades, including the story about how he lost his virginity just a year earlier. He also tells a hilarious story about climbing through a bedroom window to fuck an older neighbor girl while she talked to her BOYFRIEND on the phone - with her parents and younger siblings asleep in the same house!

D-Rel discusses his favorite sexual positions and female body parts with the kind of hyper enthusiasm you'd expect from a horny teenage boy. It's especially entertaining to hear him talk about eating pussy like he's a gourmet chef discussing his favorite dish.

When I nervously bring up the subject of gay sex, D-Rel explains that being hit on by a friend when he was younger is the closest he's ever come to a homosexual encounter. He says he's never tried anything with another guy nor had any curiosity or desire to do so. He even admits that he thinks he might be a "homophobe." When I ask him to explain, however, he clarifies that he's okay with gay people "as long as they don't come on to him." I promise to keep things professional, and he assures me he'll be able to handle getting naked and jacking off with a gay cameraman in the very same room.

Impatient to find out what he's hiding under his clothes, I tell D-Rel to stand against the wall and coach him through his first porn "audition."

For a self-proclaimed "homophobe," D-Rel seems surprisingly confident and cooperative. He obeys my instructions without hesitation, taking off one piece of clothing at a time in a seductive and maddening striptease. He shows off his toned, athletic body with the cockiness of a natural exhibitionist, taunting me⁄us as if to say, "I know you want this, but you can't have it!"

If I had this kid's looks, I'd be a little cocky too! From his firm, round muscle-butt to the impressive piece of meat hanging between his legs, D-Rel's body is breathtaking and screenshots simply can't do it justice. But it's D-Rel's face that I find the most devastatingly irresistible - the large, expressive eyes, juicy-thick lips, cute, Obama-like ears, and that smile that lights up the room!

You might notice that I'm more nervous than usual throughout this scene. I was so smitten by this boy's beauty and charm, and so thrilled that he was showing off his naked body so generously to an older gay white guy like me, that it was all I could do not to pass out from the excitement or turn into a blubbering idiot!

Once he's completely naked, I move in to get some nice close-up shots of D-Rel's dick, balls, and ass. You won't want to miss the heart-stopping "will-he-or-won't-he" moment when I work up the nerve to ask D-Rel to bend over and show off his asshole!

I finally shut up while D-Rel stretches out on my futon and jacks off to a porn flick showing a black female being gangbanged by a group of white men. D-Rel gives what is probably the best solo performance I've filmed so far, showing off his body and stroking his spectacular dick in a variety of hot positions.

The hottest part of the scene (in my opinion) comes when I spontaneously ask D-Rel to "talk dirty," first to the viewers at home, then later to an imaginary female between his legs. D-Rel takes my naughty encouragement and runs with it, taunting and teasing his new fans and proving once again why unscripted porn is the best! The horny straight boy obviously does this with his FEMALE viewers in mind, but it's still hot as hell to imagine he's actually talking to us!

After D-Rel finally busts a hot, creamy "nutt," I ask him to share his reactions to his "audition" and then film him as he gets dressed and ready to leave.

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 18, 2009 84 min
Photo of D-Rel

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