Straight From Jamaica: Deno

mdcarmichael If you like young, cute, black boys with LONG, FAT uncut cocks...Deno is for you! May 30, 2020

This is the second in a new series of scenes filmed exclusively for BBA by a guest photographer living in Jamaica. His first effort was such a success that I wasted no time asking him for a "sequel," eager to see what other sexy Jamaican studs he could find....

Our guest photographer's latest "discovery" is Deno, a cute straight boy from one of Jamaica's more rural areas who likes to listen to music, play soccer, and chase after girls every chance he gets! Don't let Deno's boyish looks fool you - this Jamaican kid is all grown up where it counts!

When Deno decided to make some extra money by showing off his naked young body, he probably never imagined doing what he gets asked to do in this scene! A few days before the shoot, I asked the photographer in Jamaica to try something a little bit different and "test the waters" with this new straight boy by using a LOLLIPOP and POPSICLE as "props"....

See for yourself what happens when this straight Jamaican boy gets asked to tease his gay American audience in some unique and exciting ways!

The scene begins with a brief series of questions and answers to get better acquainted with Deno.

Deno shares a story about losing his virginity when he was only 10 years old! He also answers questions on a variety of other topics including his favorite sexual position, his favorite part of the female body, and the person he'd want to have sex with if he could choose from anyone in the world. Deno's thick (but sexy) Jamaican accent is so difficult to understand that I've provided SUBTITLES for most of his answers.

Next, we get to watch as Deno participates in an erotic photoshoot....

As the cameras start flashing, Deno looks slightly overwhelmed by the whole experience - almost like he's wondering what the hell did he just get himself into?!? When he turns around to give us our first teasing glimpse of a firm bubble-butt popping out of his sagging jeans, I couldn't wait to find out what happened next!

Things start to get interesting when Deno pulls a lollipop out of his pocket and unwraps it. He sticks it in his mouth and starts rubbing it across his lips and tongue. As he slowly strips out of his clothes, he slides the sticky lollipop seductively down his smooth, dark chest....

Deno bends over a nearby chair and slowly pulls down his boxer-briefs to show off one of the most tempting young asses I've seen in awhile! It's one of those round black-boy butts that just begs (or dares?) to be squeezed, licked, and FUCKED! Surely God was playing some kind of cruel, sadistic joke by giving an ass like that to a STRAIGHT boy!

Things REALLY begin heating up when the cameraman instructs Deno to rub the lollipop on one of his ass-cheeks (causing a hilarious misunderstanding that makes me laugh out loud every time!).

Deno seems tense and uncooperative at first, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. But for me, the nervousness and reluctance is part of what makes a scene like this so exciting to watch! After all, it's not every day we get to see a cute Jamaican straight boy like Deno being "corrupted" before our very eyes!

Watch as Deno reluctantly obeys the director's orders to move the lollipop closer and closer to the crack of his ass....

I don't want to spoil any more of the details from this part of the scene, other than to say that it's truly one of the most UNIQUE and EROTIC solo sessions I've seen in awhile! Just as he did with Diondre, the cameraman pays plenty of attention to the Jamaican boy's butt, including some nice close-up shots of Deno's BEAUTIFUL asshole!

When it's time for Deno to start stroking his DICK while watching straight porn, he grows a bit more verbal and confident. And when you see what this Jamaican kid's packin', I think you will understand why! Let's just say that when it comes to describing what's swinging between Deno's legs, the expression "hung like a horse" is more like a statement of fact than a figure of speech!

The "can't miss" climax of this scene, however, comes when Deno walks over to the freezer and gets out a frozen POPSICLE for more freaky fun!

If the sight of this straight Jamaican boy's thick lips wrapped tightly around the frozen popsicle doesn't give you an instant hard-on, then surely the next part will do the trick when he slowly and seductively starts sliding it in and out of his mouth! As the frozen treat starts melting in the afternoon heat, Deno rubs it across his nipples and all over his chest, then shoves it back in his mouth for more intensely erotic sucking as he plays with his dick....

With his legs thrown high and wide in the air to show off his tight virgin hole, Deno pounds away at his thick uncut dick until he squeezes out a creamy "nutt" onto the side of his leg.

We follow Deno to the bathroom, where he takes a soapy, sensual bath to clean up after his "sticky" session. Then he shares a couple brief closing comments about his reactions to the day's shoot.

The scene concludes with a couple minutes of "bonus footage" from Deno's shoot, including some naked push-ups and "squats."

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Details: Apr 24, 2011 33 min
Photo of Deno

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