Quarantine Chronicles #4: Blast From The Past

8701doc I love me some BENO Dec 1, 2022
markusse gosh i miss beno...he sexier than ever now Jun 8, 2022
sweetsam @benobba bring yo butt back please Mar 23, 2022
waddup09 Bring beno.back..................... Dec 7, 2021
cam6594 Bring Beno back! We need some aggression on these azzes! Sep 4, 2021
NUBIANSTUDDD71 All Three Of Them Are Now Grown N SEXY!!! I Would Love To See Beno In A Threesome With Scotty And Dominic Or Isaiah And Bandit, Or Jay C, The Possibilities Are ENDLESS!!! Michael Please Bring Back Beno, Cory And Dragon, These BBA Faves Are Just What You Need To Revitalize The Brand!!! 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jul 18, 2021
Gambitsjoke im in GA for you Cory!!!! Jun 9, 2020
Gambitsjoke Cory is and always will be BAAAEEEEEE Jun 9, 2020
duwayne if u bring beno back tell him dont shave the hair on his ass May 17, 2020
MichaelGalletta Our "Quarantine Chronicles" series has officially come to an end. Now that you’ve had a chance to watch & evaluate all 15 submissions, it’s up to YOU to choose the winners! Head on over to the BBA Blog to cast your votes:


Winners will be revealed on Twitter next Saturday, May 23, 2020.
May 16, 2020
romack767 Cory did come thru with body. He just need to bring on his sexiness. His sexiness didn't come thru with the ugly underwear. I love him and I am very proud that he went and got his education........much love for Cory. May 16, 2020
romack767 Cory was not at his best. What thru him off was the underwear. he was known to wear sexy underwear where u could see that nice ass. Those boxers didn't have any sex appeal. I would like to see him back though. He needs the work since he has lost his job. Beno held his own. They have both matured. May 15, 2020
emiliano69 Cory came through with the body May 14, 2020
BenoBBA @JohnS43: Due to legal reasoning unable to disclose my location so in order to find me you have to do some soul-searching. That will actually be hot if you're able to find me here in California but I love you though and thanks for being a loyal fan. May 13, 2020
JohnS43 Hey, Beno ... it was great to see you back! Where in CA are you located now? May 13, 2020
BenoBBA This is Beno the man himself. Looking for me to come back vote for me rock for me and you'll get me. I know some of yall want to see the new badass Beno and that I am. New swag and everything. Ill give the haters something to really hate about all of my fans group up and ask for me and let me come show you I can really f*** your brains out and leave you with my seeds of cum to smother in or maybe even milk a nigga. A much nastier hotter Beno is what you need and I'm here to deliver. I miss all of my fans I miss you all dearly I love you all and be safe during this pandemic and let's make this Beno Bounce Back happen. Get your freak on. And don't forget to vote for me as your final three. May 12, 2020
rdunnhall I hope I get to see my baby Bandit before my membership ends. Please hurry with him. May 9, 2020
romack767 Well I noticed no one took the time to congratulate Cory on graduating college. Those of us that has watched him on BBA know the shy little kid. I for one am proud of him being able to accomplish his goal. Sorry he is not working. I wish he would come back and do a flip scene with Staxx those two had chemistry. But he can hold his own. Would love to see him back. He's not the little twink anymore. May 7, 2020
Dualex How low some 1 can get? To come on here, thinking it's okay to hide behind ones keyboard and call another fellow human unattractive? Have you thought about their mental state especially in these times of uncertainty? #bekind May 7, 2020
JohnS43 I'd love to see Rico again. May 6, 2020
princegwa It was good seeing Beno and Cory again. It would be real hot if Lil Dav and D Rel were to get in on this as well. Thanks Mike during this quarantine BBA is still keeping it hot!!!! May 6, 2020
Gambitsjoke Cory for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!! May 6, 2020
bradson9 Personally this is the worst of all the previous so far with the most unattractive guys as well, well extremely surprised based on how many people comment on how they like Beno...! I really can't see the appeal at all. every single guy in the last year or so looks much better than him. May 6, 2020
IslandboiAtl would love to see Cory and Mar together in a vers scene May 5, 2020
SexyKidd12 BENO is ready to come back, let him bring the fire back.... they won't see it coming May 4, 2020
blkarmani2 You have to bring Beno back and let Saint get a chance at him, tbt May 4, 2020
Salcedolover Beno might not be the hottest model BBA ever had, but he is definitely the one who seems like he'd be the most fun to have sex with. May 4, 2020
mocombo Porn with purpose here at BBA! Sex and social messages all in one. I like it! Great to see these three again too. May 4, 2020
kevin343 Yes, Where is Kenny Now! It would be nice to see him. He was one of my favorites when I first subscribed to this site. Michael make that happen for us. May 4, 2020
dush cory 1 dragon 2 beno 3 May 4, 2020
ACTION7 SAINT's best bottoming scene was with BENO May 3, 2020
terbernt I feel we're inching and closer to Bandit bts. Just another week or so. I hope its near exclusively Bandit (like 40 minutes of him) I'm ready. I give up on D-REL ever returning. May 3, 2020
mrwhitley1 Y’all got some fuckin nerve 5 points!!!!!
They can have superpowers, that’s too much!!!
It should be 3 points flat!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT STANDARD CONTENT for this site, no need to act like it is for shits n giggles either.
You got Me on the 1st one, 😠 I’ll take that L (but no more)
Cute series and the effort is much appreciated but lower the credits.
May 3, 2020
yesyesno Bring og Beno back ASAP May 3, 2020
leech10x BENO!!!! Man this quarantine chronicles challenge has folks coming out the woodwork! I love it!!! May 2, 2020
crazyface11 My favorites will always be Isaiah and BANDIT (#1 forever), but cory and kenny were what originally brought me here many years ago!! I still remember when a barely legal Cory was making me horny as all hell!! PLEASE BRING CORY BACK EVEN AFTER THE QUARANTINE IS DONE!!! May 2, 2020
swamp96 See if you could get Kenny, that would be groundbreaking. May 2, 2020
ericbb This industry gets a lot of flack and criticism....some warranted most not...a lot of judgement from a lot of hypocrites.... But I'm glad you reached back to look after some of your stars who started with y'all May 2, 2020
Dualex This one was a shocking surprise to me. Lord, they've changed. Okay let's vote... 3/Cory, 2/Dragon, 1/Beno... May 2, 2020
focus75 Dam Beno is sexy as FUCK...Hope he can cum do a few scenes when this pandemic is over!!!! May 2, 2020
duwayne fly beno in for a scene please mike May 2, 2020

While production is paused due to COVID-19, we asked several BBA models, past and present, to take us behind the scenes of their lives during these difficult times.

As an added incentive and for a little extra fun, we decided to turn it into a solo competition and let you the viewer determine the winners:

2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500

This weekend's special edition features three iconic BBA stars we haven't seen or heard from in a very long time.

Join Cory, Dragon, and Beno as they practice safe "social distancing" and entertain you from home in these "quarantine chronicles."

After watching and evaluating all 15 submissions, head on over to the BBA Blog to cast your votes:


Winners will be revealed on Twitter next Saturday, May 23, 2020.

Categories: Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Gay/Bisexual, Outdoors, Solo/Auditions
Details: May 2, 2020 47 min
Photo of Beno
Photo of Cory
Photo of Dragon

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