Trapp's First Time

emiliano69 Redd did that. He should've got some ass too.

Jun 10, 2023
TSWIFT727 Trapp fine asfffff 😍 Oct 27, 2018
ACTION7 I'd like to see TRAPP top SAINT in the near future. Jul 5, 2018
texasbugg DAMM trapp i love the way u fuck babyboi your moves plus that sexy fine body of yours keep me going back to bust a nut on your scenes man u r so real i will always push for mike to let u do another scene and that walk u got u will always be hott thug in the city damm i know u should be getting off paper soon then u can go on road trips with mike/the other bba models man u should like that name trapp cause u trapp a person into liking u trapp u r a very good thug keep your head up high. May 21, 2018
texasbugg DAMM SIR TRAPP i just love looking in your face while u r fucking i love how real u r and this gets me all the time there is no faking with u babyboi keep doing what u r doing u r doing a great job and u will always be a pure thug with a very nasty low sexy walk damm u fine as fuck i know u got a lot of people watching u walk i really want to see u/scotty r u/shaun fuck trapp u didn't see it but i did shaun was feelin u bro go back and watch the end when u take your dick out his mouth. Apr 13, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP u look so good when u r fucking i be looking at lil redd like he is scotty they both r handsome sexy /young and red pretty thugs u/scotty look so super hott together damm i hope u/scotty get to fuck money talks. Mar 21, 2018
texasbugg DAMM SIR TRAPP i fucking love the way your body moves while u r fucking someone i will say it again damm u r so fucking fine to be a hott thug u r still a hot thug in the city i knew the first time i saw your ass that it was soft trapp that's not a bad thing and it will not make u look soft u r just sexy as fuck and i love that u don't try to have a big head about how sexy u r trapp keep up the good work u catch on very fast and u will go a long way at bba cause of it damm u r so hott trappsexy. Feb 19, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) babyboi u/i both did time before i know how it is when u bust a nutt cause when u r on lock there is nothing to do but eat,sleep,and jack off so when busted inside lil redd i know that feelings trapp trapp u get fuck u still going to be a thug cause that's how u came to bba as a thug just like bandit trapp check out bandit scene trapp bandit still a thug and is #3 with bba fans trapp fuck what others think about u know who u r on look who put money on your books? Dec 5, 2017
GetDatShit dam I cant wait to see trapp get his ass fucked mike dam I love trapp tite ass booty shit I hope to see that shit soon Dec 5, 2017
jjusj1 Trapp and Bandit would make a hell of an act. Just to hear the two of them moaning. Yes, Trapp it time to give up the ass, I know you will enjoy it as I do. Dec 1, 2017
jmann123456789 mike needs to fuck trapp Nov 25, 2017
estwick Trapp getting fucked, even Mike could not pull that off !!! Nov 23, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP i remember when i was on lock and i was a ssi that's a inmate that cleans up the runs, one day i was mopping on 4 row and i pass by this cell and there was two thugs in there fucking like two doggs the thug who was on the bottom he was a very loud thug was always fighting he would get fucked it's how u carry yourself trapp u started out as a thug trapp u will stay a thug and i'm not saying this for u to let someone fuck u just the way u carry yourself u r still a thug real talk sir trapp. Nov 15, 2017
lablue Trapp is ready to get fucked he just frontin 4 camera but he is still a thug no matter what. Yes I am ready to see u get it. I like ur videos cuz ur reaction is honest to the fullest. Nov 12, 2017
lhlyrec TRAPP come on mannnn, this is your married daddy for the past 2 yrs.
But my dick has never been as hard for her as you make it for you. YYYEEEEESSSS I want to fuck you bad as hell, so since i can't you know I want to SEE you get fucked... this one didn't do it for me, it started out hot when I saw you being turned on, and when your legs went up in the air, but you didn't flop, and my dick come on baby, pleeeaase...Oh yea, and when you do moan for me.
Nov 9, 2017
dat44boi both of these dudes are sexy as fuck. Keep both of them Nov 9, 2017
cam3121 Is Luh Redd gonna be the official pin cushion for all the newbies to BBA? When is he gonna get back with dudes who will suck his dick and he can fuck again? If he must bottom can he get with a top who will suck his dick? Luh Redd deserves better and Trapp needs to suck dick again cause he was great at it with Shaun and Scotty. There's potential that's waiting to get tapped, pun intended lol Nov 9, 2017
downtofuck Shaun ass is too fat he need to be fucked too! i would like to see that next too Nov 7, 2017
downtofuck man im ready to see Luh Redd get gangbanged!!!!!!! That needs to happen like asap. The only two video i would be happy to see next is Scotty fucking Shaun and Luh Redd getting gang banged. Nov 7, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) babyboi l'm so fuc_kin_ happy look like the fans win cause one thing a true thug will never do is go back on his word cause it will make him look like a fake thug and staying true to his word is written in the thug code trapp u know i'm right and a true thug will always say if i don't have money one thing i will always have and that's my (WORD). trapp i don't have to school u i'm putting this out so other fans plus mike will know the codes of true thugs live by (REALTALK) Nov 6, 2017
baxter265 Bottom, oh yea. Make it Bandit Nov 5, 2017
ljb2005 TRAPP!!!!!! I'm here for it! He definitely needs to bottom...with anyone other than Mike or Saint. Tyga would be perfect. His dick isn't all that big, but his performance would be epic with Trapp. Nov 5, 2017
texasbugg BREAKING NEWS: NOV 5, 2017 show/tell pulls out ahead of breaking bandit (Show/Tell-559) (Breaking Bandit-555) so trapp this should tell u how much the fans love u and no matter what u do u r still going to have your thug card so this should take a lot off your mind now trapp u said in the shower a thug will never get fucked u r thinking back to 1999 it's a new breed of thugs in 2017 trapp i get off on u everyday i stay high getting off on u with that body that was blessed from the bodygods. dammufine Nov 5, 2017
supreme okay , its time for trapp to bottom for shaun , or saint ...he's ready! Nov 5, 2017
pisces586 Trapp and Kayden for a flip flop is hot. I cannot watch or stomach if Saint is the first to fuck Trapp. I am tired of seeing Saint top, wanna see him get fucked more Nov 5, 2017
Docteur Trapp with Bandit in a flip flop would be super hot. He needs to be fucked. A threesome would be nice too, with Trapp, Bandit and hopefully free from jail Scotty and flip flopping. Nov 4, 2017
ACTION7 SAINT mad cause he wanna be with TRAPP for da FLIP FLOP freak fest Nov 4, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP babyboi i will always talk for u i will not let no one throw u under the bus cause i watch deep u put a lot into your scene to please your fans after seeing u dance with your feet off the ground trapp if u stop walking sexy/nasty i will throw u under the bus cause u would be faking trapp i really hope mike let u do a scene with (KAYDEN) cause he is a super hott young sexy thug the way he was putting dick in (LIL REDD) they should be freeworld lovers cause they look good together realtalk. Nov 4, 2017
simplett how mike reading all these comments it would b good for trap to take dick but let him do it off camera first and then on bba but the ideal person would b saint Nov 4, 2017
Bone1152 I wanna see somebody put something in Trapp's booty. :) Nov 4, 2017
jvonburns I loved it. Trapp you are everything to me. You did damn good for your 1st time. I would love to see you take dick for the 1st time. Luh Redd is a keeper as well. Great video. Nov 4, 2017
pilgrimboy44 Trapp!!!! FIVE STARS Nov 4, 2017
loeprofyle Hot scene from Trapp.

I say lets see a scene with Trapp and Lil Scrap. Not only do their names rhyme, but Lil Scrap has been MIA. He left us all hanging with dick in hand. smh. Somebody give us/me a Lil Scrap update.
Nov 4, 2017
texasbugg LIL REDD please forgive me we r all stuck on trapp and it takes two to do a scene lil redd u was hott now u really need a big dick thug to get up in that lil ass hole of yours lil redd i can tell u just will not let anyone in lil gold hole trapp really enjoyed fucking u the thug in him will never really let him tell it that is just part of being a thug that's the thug code i want to see u and bandit fuck (REDD PRETTY BOI VS REDD SEXYTHUG) lil redd u r for picking u r to hott tohandletocoldtohold Nov 4, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP now u can put a tat on the top of your back saying (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) TRAPP i never saw u dance with feet off the ground but i saw it now when u was dancing sitting in lil redd face when lil redd ask u if it feel good? u answered yessssssss trapp the way u said yesss i had to replay it damm trapp that was a sexy thug yes u made me melt like a stick of butter. trapp babyboi if u let someone freak that hole u will feel at ease with a true thug who has done it before bandit realtalk trapp. Nov 4, 2017
Bigguum Luv Trapp..he's ready for it and will take it like a champ..should be with Isaiah, Bandit, or Blake..not Apollo, cant stay hard..Luh Redd ok, lil too twinkish for my taste..Trapp first time should have been verse wit one of the above.. Nov 4, 2017
zhiva1 Keep Trapp around, my membership stays in tack. I love this little dude, foreal. And yes, it's time Trapp. You know it's time. So come on and give up them cakes, we know you will enjoy yourself. Trapp, thanks so much for keeping us entertained like you do. You are actually bringing this site back to its hey day with its original models. It's what we come to expect. Keep doing you, and we will continue to make you our #1 fan. Nov 4, 2017
avan7742 Yes. It doesn't change who you are. If you consider yourself a thug, then once you let Isaiah fuck you, you will still be a THUG. I really like your attitude about this lifestyle. You're a very handsome individual with a really good attitude. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get that money. Nov 3, 2017
1luvme2u Good scene. I wish they had better chemistry. Trapp with Apollo or Isaiah (or both) would probably be hot. Lol Nov 3, 2017
user1234 APOLLO & TRAPP FLIP FLOP!!! Nov 3, 2017
sexyguy Trapp is a bottom and wants that tap Nov 3, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP babyboi u got it wrong u can still keep your thug card and get fucked trapp this is 2017 u know who u r u know u r pure thug trapp that ass hole is so fucking pretty after u get fucked it will close right back up cause it is super tight i know bandit is in the background waiting on that call to do a scene with u damm trapp just do it one time i have put so many babies in u u should have about 200 babies trapp them moans when lil redd was eatin your ass was not fake that was feelin good to u. Nov 3, 2017
mccane68 I love me some Trapp. He should remain a top only. Nov 3, 2017
Lildopefreak FUCK I LOVE TRAPP!!! MY ALL TIME FAVE!!! He need to go ahead and let Apollo hit that RAW! Nov 3, 2017
texasbugg Trapp awhile back i had made a statement saying (YOUR ASS HOLE IS SO PRETTY) that u should put it in a picture frame. now when u was letting lil redd suck your nutts and u was playing with lil redd dick your ass hole was sitting there nice and puffy like in a picture frame. TRAPP now think of the young thugs on lock getting (8SOUPS/bag coffee) for their ass hole u will be getting top dolla for that 18k gold ass hole u got man my thug is doing ten years i know he is fucking around he stillathugrealtalk Nov 3, 2017
simplett trapp did well keep it up man wanna c u some more I did not pay my monthly subscription bill but when I look I saw trapp on here I paid it immediately so I can c my nigga trapp in action was good trapp keep up the good dick come back soon because of u on here mike making lots of money Nov 2, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) damm u got my head all fucked up cause i love a thug all my life i had me a thug cause after he is done it's back to thugin trapp that is pure gold your ass hole i stay smoked out when i see you damm u fine trapp when u walk downtown u got that sexy low nasty thug walk i know u have been told a lot of times that u walk nasty trapp keep that nasty walk and thank u for keeping that one leg up trapp give that ass to bandit a big dick will not hurt u a small dick will. Nov 2, 2017
chgohydepar1 Trapp is ready for THE DICK. Period. Nov 2, 2017
WeatherMan Trapp is a star. He is a very essential piece to the new wave models of the BBA brand. He has an amazing amount of sex appeal and he knows what it takes to make a good scene. The viewers can tell that he really wants to make the scene the best scene. I was impressed by his chemistry with Luh Redd and his scene is much better than Shaun's. Speaking of the homeboys, I hope you bless the BBA viewers with a scene with ALL three of the homeboys when Scotty is released from jail. Either Scotty is going to have to fuck something or the two dread heads are going to have show Scotty what they have learned while he was away, BOTH of those scenes would be hot. Nov 2, 2017
texasbugg SIR TRAPP babyboi man i'm so happy i busted two nutts back/back (TRAPP-AKA-HOTTT THUG IN THE CITY) trapp man u got your thug card no one can take that away from u trapp talk to (BANDIT) he will not let no one take his thug card man i'm your NUMBER 1 fan and don't look at it as getting fucked it's (FREAKING) i vote u freak with bandit another thug will take it easy with u i love me some trapp u will always be 10000000000% pure thug trapp this was super hott thanks babyboi u come a long way trapp. Nov 2, 2017
jahzlewis yo i wanna see trapp get fucked by Bandit Nov 2, 2017
Funnyboy23 A1 fucking scene Michael. And yes, Trapp still needs to get fucked. I could tell from his scene with Saint that he's curious to try it out. I could see Trapp being vers/vers top. And Luh Redd did the damn thang. I'm definitely feeling him as the 'straight boys' bottom'. Nov 2, 2017

Last month we finally got to see Shaun fuck a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME. Now it's his boy Trapp's turn to take the same leap and discover for himself what all this fuss about gay sex is about.

Luh Redd will once again be the envy of many as he gets to DEEP-THROAT the straight thug's big dick and hungrily feast on that amazing ass.

After enjoying Luh Redd's impressive oral and ass-eating skills, Trapp is finally ready to let the world watch as he fucks a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME!

He tentatively pokes his hard, RAW dick between Luh Redd's juicy, brown cakes until it slowly sinks into that tight, warm boy-ass....

See for yourself what leads up to a stunned and suspicious Trapp finally realizing, "I think y'all tryin' to turn me GAY!" by the end of this scene.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Creampies, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 2, 2017 42 min
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Luh Redd
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