From Top To Bottom

jaypablo Love Beno, would love to see him again in the future. Sep 18, 2022
Seymour As always, Beno is A-#1 when it comes to mounting a man. I just wish we could get Beno back for some more topping scenes. His movements in and out sideways and round and round just make him the best fucker yet in BBA. Apr 19, 2019
Seymour Very hot scene. The only thing I would have liked more is if Joshua had been completely nude throughout the scene. By that I mean that I would have preferred that his shoes and undershirt would have been off from the very beginning of the scene. But it was hot nevertheless. Beno is truly one hot fucker and Joshua did his part as a virgin having his cherry popped for the first time. Thanks for the scene. Jun 7, 2017
texasbugg joshua needs a good size dick to get up in that ass hole beno was just hitting the tip of that hole and joshua knew that beno would not go too far deep cause he knew all that ass would stop it. mike joshua needs a big dick to get in that fat asssssssssssssssssssssssss. Jan 23, 2017
tjm133 Joshua seems to really enjoy the fucking he received. He had a hard on during the scene even before he came with a prick in him. Bring him back. Beno is always great. Jan 14, 2017
texasbugg him and lil scrap would be a good match r bandit joshua is so fucking fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he knows it tooooooooooo. Dec 6, 2016
texasbugg please pair joshua with tay, let tay open that gold ass hole. Dec 3, 2016
chgohydepar1 Damn. Damn. Damn. Sizzlin'! Nov 2, 2016
bjliscious1 bring joshua back!!!! Jun 5, 2016
3606tsb72 Beno's one I hadn't had the good fortune of seeing here in awhile, and that has to change, Michael, ASAP, like yesterday, my good man. It's just not right that u keep us waiting so long like this. And, oh, how I enjoy seeing his most delightful pink-headed, copper-shafted, silky-haired dang-A-lang. My only gripe is we cock-philes don't get to see enough of their magnificent members sooner, for longer periods. May 9, 2016
3606tsb72 I enjoyed watching both men for their good-looks, cut and uncut, soft and hard kielbasas, how they interacted with each other both during the interview and when sexually-engaged. Joshua's too phyne for words, tall, young, gifted and Black, dark Black (like I likes it!), and his voice could coax a nutt out of anyone having the pleasure of hearing it. What a sexy brother-man, y'ass lawd...and pass the vaseline.

Mike done done better here than many of his former scenes.
May 9, 2016

Have you ever noticed how it's always the straight boys and "tops" who seem to have the most flawless and fuckable asses? Or is it simply that their stubborn refusal to get fucked makes their virgin backsides all the more enticing to an ass-fiend like me - the "forbidden fruit" that dares to be plucked?

Joshua is the perfect example of a cocky black "top" who has one of the most breathtaking asses I've ever seen, yet tragically insists on keeping it off-limits! Needless to say, I've been drooling over that beautiful black ass since Joshua first showed up for his solo audition, and dreaming of the day I might actually be lucky enough to see it GET FUCKED!

It hasn't been easy OR cheap, but I finally offered Joshua enough cash to turn the cocky "top" into a reluctant "bottom" - at least for one day! Being almost as ass-crazed as me, Beno has been begging to fuck Joshua ever since their first scene together - so it only seemed fitting that he be the one to turn the tables on the big-dicked "top" and finally take his anal virginity!

It's a "reality porn" exclusive you don't want to miss as yet another sexy black "top" lets the whole world watch as his cherry gets popped!

Joshua and Beno sit side by side on the bed, reunited for the first time since their memorable first encounter together.

When I ask Joshua to explain what he's reluctantly agreed to do in this scene, he's too embarrassed to discuss it in detail and insists that he only changed his mind about getting fucked because "that paper's right."

"That nigga know he want this dick!" Beno teases his latest prey. "It's MY turn now!"

It's funny to watch the obvious chemistry from their first scene together carry over into this second scene as both guys joke around and flirt with each other....

I ask an embarrassed Joshua to flip over onto his stomach and show off the amazing ass that earned him the nickname "Cakes On Deck."

"That's what I'm talkin' about!" Beno exclaims, practically licking his lips in horny anticipation as he yanks down Joshua's boxers to grope, squeeze, and spank the eye-catching, high-curving, gravity-defying ass that has been tragically kept off-limits until now. "That's a phat-ass booty!"

The action starts off with some slow and sensual foreplay as both boys enjoy getting reacquainted. Beno proves once again that he's turned into quite the sensitive and passionate lover in recent months by sucking on Joshua's nipples and neck, then slowly kissing his way down that smooth, dark-skinned body to swallow up the boy's massive dick!

This naturally evolves into a hot "69" as Beno thrusts in and out of Joshua's warm, wet mouth while continuing to gulp down his partner's huge dick....

Joshua's dick-sucking skills are pretty much what you'd expect from an inexperienced "top," but that doesn't stop Beno from giving the newbie some much-needed practice! He grabs Joshua by the back of the head and slides his dick in between those full, pretty lips, stretching open the boy's tense, weary mouth while groping and admiring the beautiful ass he knows he'll be sampling just a few minutes later!

Unable to resist the temptation of those shiny-smooth twin slopes of ebony flesh, Beno flips Joshua onto his stomach and dives in for an eager first taste of the new boy's ass!

There's lots of noisy, sloppy-wet ass-eating as Beno greedily devours that sweet VIRGIN hole, prepping it for the penetration to come with his warm saliva and probing tongue.

"I think he ready for some dick!" Beno finally declares, looking like an excited little kid about to unwrap his very first gift on Christmas morning....

"You gonna have to push hella slow!" Joshua warns as he lies on his back with his legs in the air and bravely braces against the invasion to come.

Beno pokes the head of his dick against Joshua's tight, tiny hole, gently but insistently pushing past its stubbornly sealed entrance as his dick finally forces its way inside - popping yet another top's cherry!

Joshua gasps and groans in a deep, sexy voice as his asshole stretches to accommodate another man's dick for the very first time.

"I got you!" Beno whispers, leaning down to stifle Joshua's cries with a tender kiss.

Beno is the most patient I've ever seen him in this scene - I wonder if going through the same thing himself has turned him into a more sensitive and sympathetic "top"? He stretches open Joshua's tight virgin ass with slow and steady strokes, determined to break that ass in the right way!

Beno later confesses that Joshua's ass is the TIGHTEST he's ever fucked, and says there's no doubt in his mind that it was true VIRGIN ass! Considering the way he has to stop or slow down several times just to keep from cumming too soon, I'm pretty confident he's telling the truth!

As a result, Beno can't really SMASH that ass like he might with a more eager and experienced "bottom" - but he still manages to enjoy that "off-limits" ass in a variety of exciting positions! There's even a hot, funny moment when Beno and Joshua actually fuck in front of a window overlooking our city's skyline and most famous landmark!

Finally seeing that perfect bubble-butt split open by a rock-hard dick is truly a sight to behold, and I'm careful to capture this unlikely "conquest" with some nice close-up shots!

All of this leads up to a surprising climax you don't want to miss!

Like anyone giving up his ass for the very first time, Joshua is understandably tense and resistant at first. But Beno slowly works his magic on the skeptical "top," eventually POUNDING that tight virgin ass until Joshua is actually moaning and begging for more!

When Beno can't hold off any longer, he yanks his hard dick out of Joshua's warm ass, rips off the condom, and splatters a hot, creamy load all over the conquered top's ass! This is only the second time Beno's been able to cum while in the act of fucking! (The first was when he popped Kenny's cherry.)

Just moments later, Joshua blasts his own impressive "nutt" across his stomach and chest - with Beno's dick still buried in his ass!

The scene concludes with a brief interview in which both guys share their honest and amusing reactions to the video-shoot.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Tops Taken Down
Details: Oct 3, 2011 48 min
Photo of Beno
Photo of Joshua

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