The Fuck-Buddy Vs. The Thug: The Fuck-Buddy

2hott4ya This scene is sexy as hell I’m shocked it didn’t get more love! Jun 27, 2022
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emiliano69 this was a love connection...or lust connection May 23, 2020
Jahanfav Great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 13, 2019
swvegas I'm sorry, these two are definitely damn ugly. This is the best you can do? Jul 23, 2018
mdcarmichael Dragon deep throating Eureka’s long, black cock over and over is so hot...Then he nuts twice with that big dick shoved up his tight ass! Mar 2, 2018
juan2424 2 beautifully thick, fat ass bodies in one video? Omg! Has to be one of the best scenes in BBA history! And I aint even attracted to thick dudes, lol! But I am now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially if they got fat, running back asses, lol! Jan 12, 2018
crazy14u Eureka is definitely a sexy guy would love to see him again May 22, 2017

There's nothing like the thrill of a ''one-night stand,'' that eager and sometimes clumsy discovery of a complete stranger's body. But sometimes there's nothing better than a hot, intimate encounter with that special ''friend with benefits.'' Enjoy a front-row seat as the cute ''schoolboy'' Dragon experiences both of these sexual extremes: You already saw him get his ass pounded by the sexy young thug Shyne in "The Fuck-Buddy Vs. The Thug: The Thug." Now watch as he brings over his close friend and ''fuck buddy'' Eureka for their very first porn-shoot together!

Eureka is a masculine, bisexual ''top'' with a great personality and a muscular, tattooed body. He played football and ran track in high school, and hopes to join the Air Force in the near future. While Dragon is in the shower, I interview him briefly on camera. He confesses to being a little nervous and reluctant about doing the whole porn thing, but says he figures he should try it at least once to see how he likes it.

When Dragon joins Eureka on the futon, it's cute the way they can hardly keep their hands off each other. Dragon slowly undresses his friend, and I nearly drop the camera when I get my first look at Eureka's big dick. Never one to be outdone, Dragon stuffs the entire thing in his mouth and treats both Eureka and his fans watching at home to some truly masterful deep-throating action!

Next, Eureka drops to his knees and does his best to return the favor. He's clearly not as skilled or experienced as Dragon, but his eagerness to satisfy his friend is obvious and he earns an ''A'' for effort.

Next, he pushes Dragon's legs into the air and dives in for a taste of his buddy's sweet hole. After getting it nice and wet, he flips Dragon onto his stomach and buries his face between those beautiful brown cakes for more hot and hungry ass-eating.

It's not long before Eureka's poking his huge dick against Dragon's tight, tiny asshole.

''PLEASE go slow!'' Dragon begs as he bites into his pillow. ''I value my insides!''

Eureka is gentle but persistent as he sinks his cock balls-deep into Dragon's guts and begins pumping in and out like it's the best piece of ass he's ever had....

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Aug 26, 2008 63 min
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