Craving Kingston

emiliano69 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jun 16, 2023
freddy222 Nice feet!!!! Do king ants feet next time. Jan 28, 2023
freddy222 Nice feet worship. Sexy. Aug 25, 2022
MrBrown19942 I really enjoyed this scene, honestly. 👏🏿🔥❤️❤️ Nov 23, 2021
cam6594 The fart was so funny! Aug 20, 2021
b8homie Kingston can butt blast in my face whenever. No. Cap. Mar 16, 2021
Timmy1 A whole mess!!!!! Why even waste money on a scene like this??? Jul 28, 2019
Musta0000 Great Scene. Like the old BBA scenes and the reason I still visit this site! Aug 6, 2018
romack767 I AGREE with JONALEX lets get back to our Star Bandit APOLLO Isaiah.....we have a relationship with them they have given us so much of themselves....they love their fans Jul 28, 2018
hines1983 Kingston is so boring to look at!!! Jul 8, 2018
jonalex Sorry Michael, but that scene was disappointing. Kingston is not that interesting, and King Ant is way too much in his attitude and manners (too fem for a bi guy). Now that you got all these porn stars and instagram celebrities on BBA , can we go back with the traditional models!? Like Apollo, Isaiah, Stylez, Saint, Mar etc... because with them we can build a connection that we will never have with all those straight porn stars and other celebrities that do one scene and then disappear! Jul 7, 2018
StonedMountain I loved the Kingston-King Ant show. Very subtle. Cute idea to cover Kingston’s face so we could not see his real feelings, supposedly disgust, as Ant kissed and caressed him. But I noticed as Ant kissed his neck Kingston’s dick got hard. 😜

When guys come in as friends you really wonder how close the friendship, for instance they might be fuck buddies but just pretending to be straight/bi just to play along with the script. Not sure about these guys, but they are cute and appealing and I dearly hope it ends by Christmas with Ant fucking Kingston within an inch of his life! 🙄. Love Ant's big bone, would love to put my tongue down his throat.

Nice concept well executed.
Jul 6, 2018
keithpartridge King Ant is a good addition to BBA. A backside view of his naked body while sucking cock would have been great! Kingston, not to my liking in particular, but having straight guys do gay things is awesome!!! Glad to see some non-erect cocks as well. I think they are sexier that way. Most sites only show erections! Thumbs Up! Keep showing more of them. Jul 5, 2018
BlueBunny When I first saw King Ant then his friend almost immediately knew we were going to get a scene of these two guys together, and I was right. But this was awful. For King Ant to say he's not one for drama, but was just on Instagram arguing with a retired porn star tells another side of the story. And as far as Kingston goes I'm sorry I still don't believe he straight, and I don't believe this was the first time they did something together. This was just the first time it was on camera. Jul 4, 2018
rem124 Kingston is a character lol I'll leave it at that... Jul 2, 2018
supreme 2- out of five nuts Jul 1, 2018
peepthis89 Great job Mike. This video had an old school BBA feel to it. Those who don't like it are entitled to their opinion. However, I think that they don't get what BBA is all about. Plus unlike them, I think Kingston totally enjoyed it. A lot of first timers just don't want to show how much they're truly enjoying it. That's what I like about BBA, it's so real. Jun 30, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK Hey Mike! Brush your shoulder off! Now proceed..... smh like I always say "people will always be people" can't please everybody, they dont know the amount of work and patience it takes to get this much cooperation from a STRAIGHT YOUNG MALE...... I mean you're changing their whole concept of sex and giving them an experience of a lifetime........for those who dont understand this is the essence of BBA's mantra take it or leave it! Jun 29, 2018
texasguy77 I must agree with one thing that 3606tsb72 said, why didn't you have Ant remove his boxers during the video? Certainly would have given us something else to look at as well. Jun 29, 2018
princexxchar im reading comments and a good amount is saying the same thing im saying. BUT to each his own, or our own, absolutely. I hear where your coming from @MichaelGalletta. However, we prefer the models that actually seems like they wanna be there and not seem repulsed. our preference. no biggie though. not every scene is gunna be perfect. pretty much every model is amazing that yall got recently. *waits for ANY other one of them* Jun 29, 2018
marj1030 yeah kingston is pretty wack. can you please get models that at least attempt to enjoy the act of sex with a man. like there's no fantasy here. he seemed repulsed even when king ant worked his ass off. Jun 28, 2018
3606tsb72 Compared to Mike's last work with Manny Killa & Jay C this was a HUGE letdown. I enjoyed King Ant's (KAs) fat dick. BUT NO...KAs private's aren't even shown. the 1000th power. A gay film with 2 males HAS TO show their dicks, and for more than an eye-blink. Kingston's just ok...nothing special 2 look at. And for you gay-hating brothers who put so called "str8" men on pedal stools: Get a life, or die trying, and learn to love yo'selfs. Jun 28, 2018
oneloveme2u Michael. You know what you're doing!! Just keep doing what you're doing. Jun 28, 2018
texasbugg WOW i really can't see why some members r saying this young thug was 1 of the worst scenes this young thug went from pussy to letting a man suck on his dick/eat his ass please prove to others that u all came out your mother's pussy messing with a boi stop hating cause it wasn't u all getting at him every first time thug i got with that's how they act like he did now if your first time thug told u it was his first time and he didn't act like that then he just lie to u that wasn't his first time. Jun 28, 2018
freakycoach This was hot af. The slow and deliberate seduction of this youngin was on point! I thought this was extremely real and what I'd like to see more of from the site. He licked all over this dude which is usually missing. If we go back to more of this, I can see going monthly instead of credits. Great job. Jun 28, 2018
MichaelGalletta @princexxchar: You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but please understand that these types of scenes with inexperienced and reluctant straight boys are a very core part of the BBA brand and will continue being featured as long as BBA is around. And comparing Kingston to Scotty and Shaun is actually quite a compliment considering they're two of BBA's most popular models of all time, and in high demand to this day.
What you criticize as being "completely unprofessional and reluctant" is actually seen and enjoyed by many of us as unscripted and authentic. In fact, I specifically directed Kingston NOT to fake anything during this shoot, and instead let me capture on camera his spontaneous reactions to this first time experience with his slightly older bisexual friend. I wouldn't want it any other way!
Jun 27, 2018
princexxchar i see Kingston being another scotty and shaun, completely unprofessional and so reluctant. i know this scene has been shoot and stashed ever since yall went to North Carolina, but hopefully when a new video is shot with King he'll be paired with someone better cuz honestly i dont care to see another kingston video. im good on him. we could skip the several videos of him working up to getting fucked and move on to another one of the new sexy models cuz theres several. Jun 27, 2018
princexxchar i keep it real. ONE OF THE WORST PAIRINGS. King Ant is amazing, his vibe, aura, energy, passion, and devotion to the job. Kingston though, the COMPLETE opposite. I cant stand someone who doesnt wanna be there or acts like it. That reluctant shit is annoying and unprofessional. Its a paid job, fuck it, fake it till you make it. King needs to be paired with someone more professional or someone fully in the lifestyle like manny since he likes light skin. Jun 27, 2018
kevin343 I did not even get aroused . sorry. Where is Mar and his fine sexy ass ? Jun 27, 2018
dv6000 king ant is very passionate and extremely sexy, we would love to see him bottom, he definitely knows how to bring fire to the bedroom. in the future please pair him up with 'willing' sexual boys so that the true chemical equation can balance... he's very sensual and i feel this pair up did not bring out the best in him.... pair him up with comfortable guys so that his skills can shine... he would be great in a verse scene or on the bottom..i love you king ant Jun 27, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK Slow and steady wins the race! Kingston is a freak he loved that rim job and he did alot for a first timer I'm impressed Mike always does the best break downs, and that sexy ass King Ant is to die for! Cant wait to see him give up that booty! Would love to see him with Jay C now thats a pairing that'll be blazing........😎😎 Jun 26, 2018
Docteur One of the worst ever BBA pairings, sorry :-( Jun 26, 2018
detrini1 I loooooved this. Want to see so much more of Kingston ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️ Jun 26, 2018
texasbugg KING ANT babyboi i really love the way u took yur time with the young thug babyboi i love seeing young sexy hott handsome thugs use what they was blessed with to make that paper this was an (A PLUS) scene kingston u will be back and sucking dick don't stop u from being a man babyboi some thugs that's on lock now wish they could be out here sucking a dick for mike what he pays top dollar babyboi u r a moneymaker the fans want more from u cause u got that pretty pink asshole damm that is hott. Jun 26, 2018
badizm66 terrible scene, worst ive seen, Kingston was uncomfortable the whole time, put king together with someone who's into what he doin Jun 26, 2018
WeatherMan Good update tonight Mike! I cannot wait to see Kingston develop more and more into the world of “gay for pay”, I hope you take it slow with him and slowly ease him into everything. I don’t know how fans will react to this scene but I thought it was a natural progression scene and very sexy and real. Jun 26, 2018
blksung King Ant is a sucker for "light skin". No judgment on what he likes, but I could do a history lesson on the implications on that. BUT this is not the forum for that. LOL!! This is why I typically skip past the interviews- some of the things that the models say can be turn-offs, and thats ok. Not EVERY model is for EVERYbody. Anyway, I liked the scene itself. One thing I will agree with Ant on, is that Kingston had some great looking hands and feet. Nicely trimmed. Great job Mike! Jun 26, 2018
texasbugg KINGSTON babyboi that was not a fart king ant was blowing air into that colon that colon got full and it pushed that air out when someone do that they watched a lot of kung fu movies (THAT"S CALLED THE BLOW FISH MOVE) where your asshole was looking like blow fish easy to blow air into them moans that was hott kingston might as well come back and let king ant in that thug asshole cause i fucked up i couldn't put my boxers back on but take a picture of that pink hole cause the freaks want to see it fucked. Jun 25, 2018
oneloveme2u Great scene. King Ant is very articulate. Kingston definitely will want more of him. King Ant is very seductive and sexually advanced. Would love to see him be versatile in the future. I want to see King Ant with Trapp, Jay C (bottoming)...with Travis, Isaiah, Mar (topping)...Mike, your site is a great treat after a stressful work week. Thxxx Jun 25, 2018
texasbugg KINGSTON (THIS IS A WORD TO THE WISE) u young babyboi that is how u take out your (HATERS) (HITTING A HOMERUN) going for the (WIN) there is nothing left for them to talk about i said all this to say job well done babyboi ive been fucking young thugs all my life after our sex was over they would go home climb in the bed with they girlfriend babyboi it's just freaking with another thug (SEXUALITY IS ALL U EVER NEED, SEXUALITY U GOT TO LET YOUR BODY BE FREE) GREAT JOB SIR KINGSTON PRETTYPINKASSHOLE. Jun 25, 2018

We first met Kingston through his new friend King Ant during our recent visit to Charlotte, North Carolina. When King Ant heard that we were looking for new models, he immediately thought of the "down on his luck" straight boy from Jamaica he'd met a couple months earlier.

With Kingston having just recently moved to the city and fallen on hard times, and with no friends or family in the area for support, King Ant had taken him under his wing as a kind of new "baby brother." And of course when Kingston heard about the kind of money King Ant was making from his new "modeling" gig, he wanted to know how he could do the same thing!

Kingston initially told us that he was only open to doing solo and guy⁄girl scenes. But with barely a penny in his pocket at the time, he didn't need a whole lot of convincing before agreeing to give our better-compensated "guy-on-guy" option a try.

Luckily, he was in very good hands with our rising new star King Ant, who despite being a bisexual "top" has already proven that he not only doesn't mind but clearly ENJOYS sucking dick. And after drooling over his younger friend's slim, light-skinned body for several weeks (while also being careful to respect Kingston's boundaries), King Ant was more than happy to start indulging his forbidden fantasies and help us begin the process of "turning out" his straight "lil bro"!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the hot show as Kingston takes his first "baby steps" into "gay for pay" porn by letting another man touch his naked body, worship his pretty feet, suck his big uncut dick, and even LICK his tight, virgin ass for the VERY FIRST TIME.

If you're turned on by the idea of watching every unscripted, unpredictable moment of a cocky Jamaican teen's first blowjob and rimjob from a guy, and not just any guy but his older bisexual mentor and friend, unfolding spontaneously in very close to real time, then this is a "reality porn" exclusive you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Jamaican Guys, Oral-Only, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Jun 25, 2018 43 min
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King Ant
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