Beno's Boy Toy

Beno, D

cam6594 Bring Beno back for a couple of scenes! Sep 1, 2021
DBackMariner wait all this time for Beno's return and...this?? did i miss something? condoms? who is this other person?? this is ghastly. May 4, 2019
MichaelGalletta Yes, you very much DID miss something lol. This was filmed nearly a decade ago, around the same time most of Beno's other scenes were filmed. The Blue Futon and condoms should have been your first clue. Not sure where you got the idea that this was a new scene.
Moses1999 I agree with TJM133. BRING BACK D, AND BENO is the MAN!!! Apr 22, 2017
tjm133 D is very cute. Beno is great as always. D should be brought back Feb 20, 2017

D is a cute gay boy from Beno’s neighborhood that he’s been lusting after from a distance for awhile now. The only thing stopping Beno from smashin’ D’s tempting young ass has been the fact that the boy was still technically “jailbait.”

Lucky for us, D finally turned 18 just a few weeks ago, and agreed to let me capture on camera his first time getting fucked by Beno! There’s plenty of passionate tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, butt-licking, and ASS-FUCKING when Beno finally gets his hands on this barely-legal kid from his ‘hood and turns him into his very own “boy toy”!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which Beno tells us how long he’s been wanting to fuck D’s barely-legal ass.

“I’m really gonna enjoy it – I’m just lettin’ you know!” Beno warns us with a horny grin on his face.

The action kicks off with some passionate kissing.

Despite being brand-new to amateur porn, D is surprisingly confident and uninhibited on camera. I think it’s fair to say he’s been wanting Beno as badly as Beno’s been wanting him! Beno even laughs and has to tell the horny teen to slow down!

It doesn’t take long before Beno’s yanking down D’s boxers to get a better look at the 18-year-old’s round, tempting ass.

“DAMN, nigga, you got a phat-ass booty!” Beno exclaims, clearly eager to sample the goods for himself.

But first Beno takes some time to enjoy his co-star’s hot mouth! Beno grabs D by the hair with both hands and shoves his dick deep in the back of the teenager’s throat.

And D doesn’t back down from the challenge! He treats Beno to an enthusiastic, sloppy-wet blowjob – sucking and slobbering and deep-throating the older guy’s dick as it repeatedly slams in and out of his mouth.

Beno even kneels over D and aggressively fucks his mouth – breaking every so often to smack his spit-soaked dick against the embarrassed boy’s face.

Next, Beno pushes D’s legs into the air and dives in for a taste of that fresh teen-boy ass. Based on the way Beno laps hungrily at his buddy’s tight hole, I guess it must have tasted pretty damn good!

There’s a generous amount of eager ass-licking action in a variety of hot positions – including some nice close-up shots of D’s pretty asshole!

“You know how long I’ve been waitin’ to do this?” Beno asks excitedly as he prepares to fuck his young friend for the very first time.

D struggles at first to take Beno’s dick, but with a little bit of patience and effort, Beno’s eventually able to pry that ass open and begin beatin’ that boy-pussy up!

In no time at all, Beno’s slamming in and out of D’s ass like a wild beast. This is classic Beno in his natural habitat – aggressive, verbal, and demanding maximum pleasure from this fresh piece of forbidden ass!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Condom, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Rough Sex
Details: Jul 23, 2010 48 min
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