Conquering Kingston

misterblack This is one of my top 10 BBA videos of all time. Highlights: Dominic parting Kingston's deliciously hairy cheeks and dipping his tongue into that ass as we see a heavenly view of Kingston's balls and uncut dick from below; Dominic massaging Kingston's asshole then finger fucking him; Dominic laying Kingston on his side and gliding his penis through those brown tufts and into that sweet ass. I loved how gentle Dominic was with an obviously anxious partner, taking care not to hurt him; kissing him on the back. The moans and exclamations coming out of Kingston were an incredible turn on. Also loved the cum shots by both men and laughed at Kingston running into the bathroom to wash. The ending interview was super sensuous as well. Seeing their relaxed organs (cum on Kingston's balls) as they bantered made me hard again. It's been over a year. Can we see Kingston again? Nov 7, 2023
duke19 Mike!!!! Where is Kingston???? I’ve been waiting on his return 😩😩 Jun 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta We're still in touch with Kingston and hope to work with him again soon.
jaypablo I loved seeing Kingston get stretched, it was hot to see him open up the way he did. Mar 31, 2022
sexydemon101 Kingston took that dick too well for it to have been his first time honey…. Do y’all remember your first time bottoming?!?! I was running from that dick. No way he ain’t played with that ass before Feb 2, 2022
MichaelGalletta Did we watch the same scene??? He was running and screaming like a demon-possessed man in a horror movie throughout most of the scene lol.
cam6594 Mike are we ever gonna see Kingston again? Dec 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta We're still in communication with Kingston and hope to work with him again in early 2022.
jacejd I want to see Kingston get fucked by either Apollo, Stephon, Bandit, Trapp, or Scuba... Sep 23, 2021
cam6594 @michaelgalletta thanks for the explanation, and keep up the good work! Aug 30, 2021
cam6594 The scene was great. However this was not Kingston's first time bottoming. See the way his hole opened up after the toy. It was his first time on camera. It was great seeing him animated and hopefully the energy will continue. Dominic is growing better as a performer! Thanks Mike! Aug 19, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed this scene, despite your skepticism lol. Kingston was nervous as hell in the days leading up to this shoot, and we had him practicing with small butt-plugs in preparation for his big "take-down" on camera. That is probably why his hole opened up after taking the toy.
ACTION7 kingston AND saint, ISAIAH, or Bandit, or Trapp..... Jul 6, 2021
brownboyd I would like to see new video 2021 Jun 9, 2021
dlgaboi yes them moans from him taking dick with that pink pretty hairy hole Apr 14, 2021
ken1jim I want to.see.Kingston bottom more with bigger dicks. Apr 2, 2021
ACTION7 Dominic made Kingston love every minute of being loved by a man and the dick, now it's time to return the favor. They crushin on each other, lovin that shit! Jun 28, 2020
hotfuck1 Kingston should bottom more often as he was fucking enjoying that Dominic's dick. Smoking hot! May 17, 2020
homestead nice good looking dudes May 13, 2020
Cecil191172 i cant stop watching this video ... i never thought kingston would give that ass up ,,, awesome : May 8, 2020
Phuryous That moment when you first discover you like nipple play Apr 27, 2020
ACTION7 TELL ME, at 45:57 is KINGSTON actually throwing that ass to Dominic, fucking back in unison? What happens when good dick meets good ass? Apr 23, 2020
iamdiego i think Dominic is the sexiest one of the site.. i love how he becomes his character when its time to fuck. hes amazing. and his body is everything! Apr 22, 2020
Dualex Did Dominic really say 'your lips are nice and sexy??' Get out of here 😂... I miss his shorter hair though, he's been looking very rough recently & seems to have lost muscle mass. BBA please treat him good.
Not really a fan of Kingston or a top to bottom transition scenes but since the 1 he did with Manny and Bandit, which really turned me on, I kinda look fwd to seeing him in more submissive roles. Good scene but too much shouting. Dominic performed much better when he lost his virginity...
Apr 8, 2020
Dualex @11luvme2u... That Christmas kiss with Apollo was the only time I've seen Dominic's tongue in some1 else's mouth. He probably knew it was coming so he made sure he gave his all. It was a 3 minute kiss I shall never forget. I've got chills just typing about it🤣💋Even the next 2 scenes they filmed together his kisses were just lip smacking (I can see Apollo's frustration lol) up until now... How frustrating 😩 Apr 8, 2020
florida they are handsome together lol Apr 7, 2020
11luvme2u Error on my part. I have seen Dominic kiss that good... Who can ever forget that EPIC kiss between Dominic and Apollo at the Christmas Party? A BBA Classic. I have no doubt after this quarantine nightmare is over BBA performers will be looking for that extra money and will be back strong to deliver some of the best scenes we've ever seen. I can't wait! Apr 5, 2020
ACTION7 I know when a black man is enjoying good dick, and this scene is it! Apr 5, 2020
11luvme2u I don't know how some of you, with all due respect, expect Kingston to handle these huge dicks like Blake and Manny. He's just starting to bottom. He has to ease his way up to those monsters. Dominic was a great choice because his dick is the perfect size. Also, like Saint (who I dearly miss seeing), Dominic has a nice personality. Lastly, Dominic is undeniably attractive which even a straight boy can't deny. I think this was a very smart pairing. Apr 5, 2020
Dualex @hotfuck1 that comment with Manny is hilarious. As per Rocky, nah, I don't miss him, he can rest at home. I'm finding tops taken down exciting however I don't actually see the fuss about it... Not every top HAS to become a versatile top... Apr 5, 2020
jjusj100 Great scene, I think this is Dominic best work. I had no idea he could be so tender. can't wait to see more of Him, I love Kingston pillow-talk. Apr 5, 2020
KNG5TNFN In scene 37:43 when "Dominic" said "you takin this real good" I find that to be true! It seems like "Kingston" was home practicing with "King Ant" for this yo! 😎 Cause "King Ant" can take some dick! Well its what you said "practice becomes perfect" 😉 he'll be back! Now Mike I think its "Rocky's" turn now! Apr 4, 2020
stldiscreet1 I wasn't going to come in but after reading the one members CLASSLESS and immature comments, I wanted to share that for me I loved the scene... it was classic and TRUE to the theme of what this site is all about. I really think Kingston did an awesome job and me being a big Blake fan, I initially felt Blake would've been better at breaking Kingston in... BUT my hat's off to Dominic. Great, Hot, Sexy Scene guys. Apr 3, 2020
hotfuck1 Okay lets see Kingston take Manny Killa's Monster! Apr 3, 2020
lemmebabysit It's time for Kingston to get that mouth flooded. Idc who does it. lol Apr 3, 2020
IsaiahFan Everything about this scene was perfect and Dominic did a great job breaking in Kingston, Kingston you’ll be back getting fucked again hope you shut that big mouth of yours next time lol.

Stylez vs Kingston sounds good to me.

When Kingston put his head in the pillow screaming I was like yes nigga take that dick 😂 . This scene reminds me a lot of Stylez vs Blake idk why maybe I’m not alone here.

Anyways. I give this scene a solid 10/10
Apr 2, 2020
MichaelGalletta @gdr1gdr1: It's not "mean-spirited" or "Trumpian" to ask you not to insult our models, or the many viewers who happened to enjoy this very popular scene. If you can't express your opinion in a respectful and constructive way, please don't say anything at all. Thanks. Apr 1, 2020
gdr1gdr1 I Am Still In Shock And Sincerely Too Angered By Your Mean Spirited/Trumpian Response To My Review, That I Will Refrain From Making Any Further Comment For Fear That I May Say Something I May Regret! Apr 1, 2020
gdr1gdr1 Michael, I Hardly Think My Comments Were Immature Nor Arrogant. Just Because You Obviously Have Some Sort Of Affection For This Man, And You Feel You Have An Obligation To Jump To His Defense, Gives You No Right To Insult One Of Your Customers In This Manner! I Have Read Many Comments by BBA followers Insulting Models That I Shuttered at And Felt Were Out Of Hand On Your Site. Never Have I Read Where You Edited Their Comments And Have Come Back With Such Anger Mean Spiritedness! Apr 1, 2020
MichaelGalletta @gdr1gdr1: Seems a bit arrogant for you to suggest that every viewer who disagrees with you is "delusional" or that I'm "wasting your money" by featuring a model you personally dislike. I'm obviously not going to be able to satisfy every viewer with every model and scene. Just read through these comments and you'll see that MANY viewers are LOVING this scene.

If you don't like a particular model, just skip his scenes and wait for the models more to your liking. There's really no need for you to come on here and hurl immature insults at them (the worst of which I edited out of your comments). Kingston offered a public and heartfelt apology for his rant OVER A YEAR AGO. His words were poorly chosen but his anger at the messy gay viewer trying to fuck up his personal life was more than justified.
Apr 1, 2020
gdr1gdr1 In Closing I Would Be Remiss If I Did Not Single Out, And Laud Gorgeous Dominic For A Valiant Performance With An Unworthy Co-star In This Failed Porn Flop. I Certainly Hope Mike Has Gotten His "Kingston Obsession" Out Of His System, And Will Realize That BBA Money Is Better Spent With Procurement Of Top Quality Models That Are At The Very Least, Gay Friendly And Not Mocking Of Gay People. During These Unbelievable Times, I Hope Everyone Stays Safe And Hopeful Of Better Times Ahead! Apr 1, 2020
gdr1gdr1 Why Mike Continues To Waste Our Money We Pay BBA Every Month On This Obnoxious Character Is Troubling. Mike, Please Spend Our Money To Try To Get Back Top Quality Models Like Jah, And Try To Lure New Hot Internet Sensations Like Aj AceAubrey, For Example. I Thought The BBA Was On Track With The Brilliant Introduction Of Hottie Lil Jake, And The Return Of BBA Favorites Blake, Scuba And Mars. Then, Out Of Left Field You Throw Us This Kingston! Apr 1, 2020
gdr1gdr1 Well Put mrbates, I Could Not Agree More! I Think You Boys And Girls Have Been Cooped Up Too Long During This 👺trump Virus👺Crisis And Have Lost Your Minds...Desperately Undersexed And Horny You Have Developed Delusional Judgement That Is Contradicted By Reality And Rational Argument Regarding This Unappealing And Arrogant Homophobe, Who Calls Himself Kingston! I Continue To Be Mystified By Mike's Obsession With This Obnoxious Ass! Apr 1, 2020
countingto9 @docteur i agree about kingston but add rocky to the list too. this ok coulda been better Apr 1, 2020
mrbates Kingston's coy routine regarding gay sex hasn't aged well. It was cute in the beginning (i guess). Now, it's just hugely annoying and seems staged. Mar 31, 2020
Jayden27 It’s LIT! Kingston FINALLY gave up the booty! I have to admit that I didn’t think this would be a scene that we’d ever see. However, BBA teaches us two things: “Never say never” and most importantly, that “a young black ass is a terrible thing to waste!” This scene is tried and true to the ever so classic, “final-frontier” BBA experience. Allow me to show y’all some love real quick!

I. The Oral Show

Dominic’s oral skills continue to improve with each scene! (Side note: for the peeps complaining about all the Dominic scenes lately. SPEAK FOR YA DAMN SELF!! He’s one of BBA’s best offerings, and I could watch Dominic EVERY week!) Now, let’s go back to the scene. 😂 I didn’t know what to make of Kingston’s reaction. It was hard to tell whether he was enjoying Dominic or if he was just completely disgusted, and refused to allow himself to enjoy the experience . I could tell he enjoyed Dominic licking his nipples. After that, I was confused. However, from what we could see, he didn’t run away. Is it fair to say a combination of both? 😂  Kingston giving Dominic a blow job was LIT! For limited experience, he did very well.

II. The Fuck Show

Loved this whole sequence! This part of the scene really showcased the strength of this pairing. Dominic was great as the coach in this one! Btw: He’s really awesome in these scenes! His acting is more believable! I loved the fact Dominic walked Kingston through different levels (ie: fingers, toy, then dick). He took his time and allowed Kingston to adjust and exercised patience, which Kingston definitely needed. Kingston’s reactions were priceless and honest. Bottoming is not for everyone! Kingston did a damn good job for his first experience. Kudos!

III. The Cum Show

Dominic’s cum shot was nice as usual. I was really surprised to see Kingston take a facial. Nevertheless, no complaints—it was hot AF. Let’s talk about how QUICK and THOROUGH he cleaned his face after that nut though!! I died laughing! Kingston’s cum shot was awesome as well. I loved watching Dominic lick Kingston until the nut came. It almost appeared that Kingston enjoyed Dominic during that part. Is it true? Who knows. I’ll just continue to get drunk off of that fantasy as it makes that part of the scene even hotter!

IV: The Post Show

The conversation was funny. Dominic driving the conversation showcases how much he’s grown as a performer. Good shit! Kingston was definitely glad the scene was over, and he was probably in pain from being fucked, which is why the convo was probably scant at times. I loved Kingston’s honest, candid reaction. Bottoming is NOT great the first time. Porn often promotes this absurdity. It actually feels weird AF, and this scene captured that truth to a “T”. This scene was classic BBA, and it was beautifully done!

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Dominic, and BBA’s newest bottom, Kingston! Kingston states that a second time bottoming is a no-go huh? He said that the first time too.🤔BBA, didn’t you all just recently teach us that “Practice Makes Perfect”? 😉 With that said, Kingston, can we get an encore? We want more! 😈 Honestly, if Kingston sticks around, and “perfects his practice”, he could be a potential top ten competitor. Only time will tell.
Mar 31, 2020
bbamtr2 Should of asked kingston how intense was the orgasm as anal. Mar 31, 2020
Docteur Thumbs down. I am not a Kingston fan, Hope he disappears for a long time. Waiting for Bandit to fuck Scuba in a wild flip-flop, perhaps a threesome adding Isaiah. Also would love to see Rocky get fucked as he is the only one of the newer ones to have not been fucked yet. Mar 30, 2020
Theone5 love kingston hairy ass was the best i have seen Mar 30, 2020
Theone5 hot as hell good action love all of it Mar 30, 2020
thinman1961 Dominic was quite respectable. A great first choice. This was a hot one! Now, on to Blake Bishop REALLY showing Kingston how its done. Mar 30, 2020
mrbates Saint would have cracked that hole open RIGHT AND he would have been passionate throughout. I bet Kingston got to pick which horse he wanted from the stable. Mar 30, 2020
mjc1369 @MichaelGalletta thank you for the correction!! Mar 30, 2020
vic2424 They kiss like the two str8 bois they are. Mar 30, 2020
smhard03 Yup.... Kingston needs to get fucked more!!! I vote for Blake to be his number 2! Mar 30, 2020
badizm66 wow just terrible, Kingston and those faces like the tongue was hurting or didn't feel good , or like he wasn't enjoyin it Mar 29, 2020
greenhung11 A great showing from Dominic! Also surprised by how well Kingston took it. Deliciously verbal. Would be hot to see him with Bandit or Beno Mar 29, 2020
Bellyboyblues This scene was really good, but had the top been Saint this scene would've been perfect to me. Kingston only deserves it hard & rough & Saint woulda made that shit happen. LOL!!! Good scene still tho. Mar 29, 2020
texasbugg kingston u got to give that hole up again i can't stop busting on this scene dominic u really out did yourself in this scene it was really feeling good to u u was not faking nothing in this scene the kissing was so sexy kingston can't fake it he was feeling dominic for real dominic dick was just the right fit for kingston's hole that ass was tight/juicy/wet/pink kingston u got to come back getting fucked don't make u gay i have fucked so many young thugs who had girlfriends igivethisscenea50plus Mar 29, 2020
mrwhitley1 I have to say Kingston‘s response to Dominic saying “the only time it felt good was when he was not inside of me" was brilliant, genius even. He actually did an amazing job taking a dick I honestly think he liked, cause he definitely felt it, but if he doesn’t bottom again it’ll make perfect sense and almost be respectable, but stupid too.
Porn stars should just stay focused on the money and executing the scene. I don’t understand why he was expecting it to feel so great. He wanted romance.
Mar 29, 2020
man12345 Great you know I love this, but I just don't like the facial stuff. Seem like an extra touch of humiliation. Mar 29, 2020
tnookii Am i the only one thinking bandit should have did it Mar 29, 2020
mocombo Hmm well now this "shock" is over can we get some more Lil Jake, Scuba and Shameeks please. Oh and behind the scenes too! Mar 29, 2020
texasbugg kingston i don't know if u smoked some good weed whatever u did it help u make this scene a masterpiece of 2020 kingston that golden 48kt dick of dominic was feeling so fucking good kingston u still a young thug when dominic was biting on your neck thats when u started to melt like a stick of butter dominic u r like the wine saying getting better with time dominic kingston that ass belongs to u u was the first your dick will always be remember by kingston bbaworldwide2020greatjob Mar 29, 2020
blueryrsun I would love to see Kingston get double penetrated Mar 29, 2020
damon8 ~ OMG stick a sock 🧦 in that nigga’s mouth next time. All that damn yelling. The phrase “STFU” kept coming to mind. What ever happened to the take it like a man code? Mar 29, 2020
batman2025 Oh and Kingston is amazing ! Mar 29, 2020
batman2025 It was Fantastic! And I'm just on the first half lol Mar 29, 2020
jaydee4071 damn .... this is one of the best scenes to me.... kingston is already sexy af.... every scene i kept looking at that ass he has sitting fat .... i don't know if he like bottoming but them moans made me bust 3 back to back.... i wish that was me giving him some chocolate dick.... dominic is fine but something about kingston being a bottom in this scene turn me the fuck on..... damn..... hope thats not the only time he bottom ..... Mar 28, 2020
KingDrewski I was trying to enjoy it; but i couldn't stop weeakkkkk! lol!!! Mar 28, 2020
Mar 28, 2020
ACTION7 Dominic's ass eating skills blew Kingston's mind; next they can do a wild FLIP FLOP at the next level. Mar 28, 2020
debattx77 This did not disappoint. Hearing Kingston moan and Telling Dominic to fuck his ass sent me over the edge!!! Especially towards the end when Kingston started throwing his ass back to Dominic. This just might be my favorite scene to Date!!! Mar 28, 2020
Readyruk What I hoped would have been a really hot scene by two of BBA's hotter actors really was painful to watch with Kingston squealing his way through the entirety of the scene. I actually started feeling sympathetic towards him early on. Luckily he realized the endgame was of greater value than the "journey" to get there. Mar 28, 2020
kevin343 This was Whack! A waste of time. No chemistry. Pairing was way off. Kingston No. Disappointed! BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 28, 2020
Godfather07 Wherever you found Kingston you need to take him back to where you found him he is not a gay for pay actor please don't bring him back, he also need to get his ass shaved. Mar 28, 2020
emiliano69 A for effort. both guys did great putting in work. that was a lot of cum dominic. that booty look good kingston. some of the dialogue was too unauthentic. dom was eating that ass up too, i wish he would have swallowed. Mar 28, 2020
vctime A Star is born! I need more of that from Kingston. He just has to get used to it. He did a great job! Mar 28, 2020
11luvme2u Michael, you did that! If this scene doesn't get at least 500 likes I'll be shocked. Dominic, thanks for your patience. You are beautiful inside and out. Kingston, much respect to you. You gave the fans what we wanted and looked amazing doing it. Mar 28, 2020
11luvme2u Kingston did an excellent job!! He did way better than I thought he would. He's slowly but surely maturing in his own way. With patience and dedication, he could DEFINITELY grow to be an OUTSTANDING performer if he chooses to continue. I definitely think this scene will "blow up the internet". That Jamaican straight boy took that dick and gave the fans all the theatrics we wanted. Oh he'll back back for more. If he took it that good the first time then I can imagine after a few more tries. Mar 28, 2020
11luvme2u This is a BBA Classic! Goofy Sexy ass Kingston did a great job. He is without a doubt one handsome man. Pairing him with Prince Dominic was an excellent choice. This was a case of the Student becoming the Teacher. Each One Teach One!
Dominic has grown so much as a performer with his confidence and overall sexual skills. He's engaged and enjoyable to watch. I don't think I've ever seen Dominic kiss that good. Great job there. He was patient with Kingston which was definitely helpful.
Mar 28, 2020
WeatherMan This is what the BBA brand is ALL about right here: taking straight boys and making them gay for pay models. This scene is going to go down as one of my favorites in BBA history because Kingston was clearly nervous but he still performed and I think he did a good job, all things considered. Dom was very good at breaking him in with the toy play, anal and the facial was the cherry on top of the cake. I hope Kingston comes back and does another bottoming scene or gets some sweet revenge on Dom, congrats Mike and BBA on such a good scene, keep pumping them out. Mar 28, 2020
mjc1369 He enjoyed that dick with his dramatic ass, played it up for the cameras. He didn't run to the sink when Bandit and Manny cummed all on his face and lips. I enjoyed the scene and i know we will be seeing more of him. Dominic wore that ass out and gave him an official welcome to BBA!! Mar 28, 2020
MichaelGalletta This was actually Kingston's FIRST "facial" and I personally believe his reaction was spontaneous and sincere. Manny and Bandit came on his CHEST, not his face. Huge difference lol.
cash121 OH. MY. GOD. Legendary scene. Mar 28, 2020
Dualex 'Again I wanna say thank you for letting me open you up for the next ones to come' 🤣... Baby Do loves throwing shades 😂...
He was as nervous as Kingston at first then took his time.... I do not believe this was Kingston's first time.... but I quite liked this performance and I'm sure he'll improve. Give Kingston Justice next.
Lastly, is it me or did Do study his personal trainer debut video? The positions were quite similar and he seemed to be doing exactly what Apollo was doing... Pleasant scene.
Mar 28, 2020
aebwood Been waiting all week for this Mar 28, 2020
jardonm oh wow, this is everything that BBA stands for.... Mar 28, 2020
room121 Kingston you took dick like a champ...welcome to the family! ;-) Mar 28, 2020
texasbugg wowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooo i'll be back later can't move too weak. Mar 28, 2020
chucke1 EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 28, 2020

This is one of those scenes I honestly wasn't sure I could ever make happen!

Ever since I was first introduced to Kingston almost two years ago, I've been dreaming of the day we might finally get to see a big, hard dick plunging in and out of his cute muscle-butt.

But turning this dream into a reality proved to be a lot harder than I thought. Unfortunately taking another man's dick up his tight, virgin ass was a line the cocky Jamaican straight boy has been stubbornly refusing to cross for nearly TWO YEARS - regardless of how much money I offered!

"That would degrade me as a man," he'd repeat over and over. "I don't care how much money in the world someone can give me, I'm not putting a dick in my ass!"

Of course the more defiant and obstinate Kingston would get, the more patient and persistent I became. There's a reason the expression "Never Say Never!" has become a tried and true mantra around here.

When Kingston finally texted me out of the blue late one night, telling me he was going through some hard times, and proposing an absurdly high amount that MIGHT make him change his mind, I couldn't help but smile to myself and begin counting down the days: Yes, even cocky Kingston's virgin ass had a price!

Skip ahead two months later: "Sometimes I gotta do what I gotta do to survive," a resigned and embarrassed Kingston tells the viewers at home. "I'm about to TAKE IT IN THE ASS for the first time!"

Dominic is the lucky BBA "top" assigned the enviable task of popping Kingston's sweet cherry. It's been almost exactly one year since Dominic was the one in Kingston's place, with Apollo walking HIM through his first bottoming scene. So he can easily relate to the fear and anxiety that accompany a big step like this, as he follows admirably in Apollo's footsteps by coaching Kingston through his first time.

"I'm gonna take my time," Dominic calmly reassures an understandably terrified Kingston. "In the BEGINNING!" he adds with a slightly sadistic smile.

Watch as this once-defiant straight boy resorts to doing just about EVERYTHING he swore he'd never do for a huge amount of cash - including kissing, sucking dick, and most shocking of all, finally BENDING OVER and GETTING FUCKED for the very first time!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Jamaican Guys, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down, Toys/Dildos
Details: Mar 28, 2020 56 min
Photo of Dominic
Photo of Kingston

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