Dominic In Demand

freddy222 Love those feet Dominic!!! Jan 28, 2023
freddy222 Best job king ant overall. Jan 27, 2022
Phuryous They are both hott AF 🥓🔥
He kinda lusted after Bandit but it looks like King Ant might be a little smitten with Dom (I def can't blame him tho)
Aug 7, 2020
ghound58 Bring back king ant! Dec 29, 2019
Lamplighter King is a romantic in bed, these guys need to hold him, make the little gestures. Aug 20, 2019
Dualex King Ant is hilarious!! Such a comedian Jan 15, 2019
retrokid562 It was a great scene. Seeing Dominic getting his ass ate was one of the best parts and his ass is simply need to be broken in by this year (2019). Jan 2, 2019
princetahji Hot scene. Dominic seems very open minded and willing. King Ant should bottom or verse more often in his scenes. He gives the top what they want it seems. Nov 14, 2018
cocopop Mike, Dominic and Apollo for sure, can you make it happen? By the way, where is Apollo? Nov 9, 2018
texasbugg MIKE u have been at this too long u like i see that dominic is ready to take some dick he wasn't acting when king-ant was eating his ass that was feelin good for real him/kingston would be a scene where u all could take 2 weeks off cause that would be a bust a nut a day 2 times a day where we members would have to build back up some more cum i really hope dominic is the thug to open kingston's gold thug hole for the first time dominic would make kingston melt like a stickofbutter. Nov 9, 2018
Mika69 FUCK! Dominic is BAE! Come at me daddy haha.. I want to see more videossss pleaseeee haha Nov 9, 2018
MarcNegron Dominic has certainly cum a long way! So much more relaxed and porn star quality to him in this video. Would be fire to pair him with Apollo to move him along on his journey of exploration. Great job Mike and thank you! Nov 8, 2018
da1ndet Loved it.... great scene.. please pair Apollo and Dominic. Apollo would be amazing in taking Dominic to the next level full flip/flop!!! Keep up the good work BBA! Nov 5, 2018
Memphis1325 I nutted before half of the scene, that was a first and I swear I was feeling the scene very strong. Nov 4, 2018
SanFran12 No...just no. I wonder what would happen if this website had a thumbs-down icon to click on to show your opinion (without any words at all). Nov 3, 2018
tyrone1030 lol ant was always taking gud dick lol .. i love D tho he koo Nov 3, 2018
mrcwilliams1940 2 thumbs up for this hot scene between 2 cute/handsome studs. Dominic slowly coming out his shell and hopefully be ready to take it to the next level (whatever that might be??). King Ant you are a freak having fun from head to toes (that's what I'm talking about!!) and taking that pounding from Dominic was awesome! That head game (dick/ass) was awesome too! Dominic great job and King Ant (stay freaky you sexy stud) awesome. Nov 2, 2018
suthanheat Almost forgot; loving that foot action; so damn hot!!!!!!! Nov 2, 2018
suthanheat Its time for Dominic to step it up; kissing, sucking dick and giving up dat azz!!!! Can't wait......I just love King Ant! Nov 2, 2018
Nutcannon Since they keep teasing it. Once he finally kisses I want FULL ON SLOW MOTION!! Oct 29, 2018
hines1983 10s across the board!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Love it!! Oct 29, 2018
cocopop @Jayden27, Could it be? Dominic doing scenes with another site he learned to relax more, show his emotions even more. His first time topping, he tried too hard to show he wasn't enjoying himself. Mike if you're going to pay him all that money, after 3 scenes, time to take it to the next level. I loved how he played with Justice's dick, but Justice stopped him. Come on Dominic, take it to the next level. Great scene Mike. Pair him with Apollo. Oct 29, 2018
niteheat69 ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oct 29, 2018
tyrone1030 he was taking D lil dick like butter. cant wait to see D give up that sexy booty tho lol Oct 29, 2018
tyrone1030 Ant is fully gay he aint no top wearing a jock strap lol.. he dont turn me on at all. but D is the man Oct 29, 2018
Docteur Pretty good. King Ant and he, best pairing for King Ant. Need Mikey and Dominic to flip flop and do it all. Oct 29, 2018
kapukan2 Apollo will Bring Dominic out of his shell. You can bring Trapp and King Ant into the mix. Oct 29, 2018
kapukan2 Hot scene, Dominic is HOT, bring him back....but if Dominic is not going to suck Dick or eat azz he def. needs to kiss passionately. If he's not going to Kiss, he def. needs to suck dick or eat azz. I am seeing a DL married Dominant black top man, he doesn't suck dick but kisses passionately and eats azz . Oct 29, 2018
Jayden27 King Ant’s wish became Dominic’s command, and it fulfilled a desire of BBA Land! Cheesy, I know. LOL! But you all get the picture. This scene was 🔥!! Great to see Dominic back! Both models did a good job—they were great to watch! Dominic was more talkative this time around..good stuff!

There were parts of this scene during the ass eating that reminded me of Apollo and Cordell. Dominic and King Ant clearly enjoyed themselves! The moans that were coming from Dominic alone were nut-worthy.

Watching Dominic pound King Ant-priceless! He was pounding like no tomorrow!! His facial expressions and lip biting was a big hint to the pleasure he was receiving. I normally am not a fan of the angles viewing the nutsacks while the models are sexing, but I loved it this time. That was a BEAUTIFUL view from below! Of course, these models look good from any angle. The dialogue was 🔥too. My favorite part was when Dominic said, “It’s wet as fuck!”. At that point, I said to myself, “He’s gotten LOST in that ass! LOL!!” After watching Dominic in this scene, I say as I did last time, he enjoyed that shit! I did too!! 💯

BBA keep serving up the hotness. I’m lovin’ this shit!
Oct 28, 2018
WeatherMan Mike, I have got to hand it to you for SEVERAL reasons. First of all, you brought something out of Dominic that hasn't been captured YET at BBA: his wild side. I have kind of been on the fence about him as a performer. Yes, he is a beautiful guy with the body of an Adonis, that cannot be disputed at all. But, this time, he really proved himself as a performer and he actually seemed confident and interested in King Ant, who continues to do amazing work and is probably going to be one of the BBA go-to models. The credit also goes to Dom for seeking other work while not with BBA because he came back on a mission and ready to prove he has got what it takes. Thank you man for pairing these two up together. But, now, it's time for Dom to take the next step and suck a dick and eat an ass and he will be so improved. He could be a BBA all-star if he keeps performing how he performed in this scene, this was a turning point for him. Oct 28, 2018
CLOSETFREAQU3 Great scene soooo sensual. Wish they couldve kissed though that wouldve made it extra extra for me. Oct 28, 2018
3606tsb72 Mike's fooling no one but himself if he thinks, like some commenters, that D's performances are on par with Bandit and Apollo, that he's str8, like me, that he has skills worth repeating in another BBA video, and that his dick's worthy of more than his right-hand. I'm convinced those smitten are blinded by his looks and couldn't care about the intricacies of sexual performance and his underwhelming genitalia. Now I said it. Oct 28, 2018
texasbugg I will not take nothing from dominic he has a body that was blessed by the gods i can't wait to see a nice size dick go in that pretty 48kt gold thug ass hole that hole is ripe if he like how it was feeling when king ant was tossing that salad he is going to love how it feels when he got a 10in dick in that gold hole i really hope trapp is watching this scene so he can ask mike to let him do a scene with dominic 2 great bodys together what more could we ask for trapp please come backbabyboiluvu Oct 28, 2018
mistatx Did he say are u all the way in...LOL Oct 28, 2018
mauricio1234 I need some more from sexy Dominic!! Oct 27, 2018
dp1992 King Ant always seem drunk or high, and it's not sexually attractive in his scenes especially with attractive guys like Dominic and Bandit. If he's going to be drunk or high please pair him with a lower scale model. Oct 27, 2018
tamaki09 Dominic fine asf but no chemistry and Ant needs someone that is more sexual and sensual Oct 27, 2018
bobminny I enjoyed the special chemistry between the two of them. Put Bandit in there with them, and lets see what happen. Oct 27, 2018
texasbugg NOW that king ant is giving up the ass he should shave the hair off his face so that we can really get a look at the baby face he is hiding under all that hair plus he will look younger he could do it 1 time if he don't like the look let it grow look at how handsome dominic is without all that hair on his face his scene was a 10 plus it's just too much hair on his face the hair on his head is real sexy i love how dominic was pulling king ant's hair while he was beating that ass up(DOMINICFUCKTRAPPGOLDHOLE) Oct 27, 2018
bandit4true King truly loving dick Oct 27, 2018
downtofuck Ant like Dom... he want to cuff that i can tell Oct 27, 2018
downtofuck fuck teach these bottoms to stop talking so damn much. shit is so annoying. video was cute though. but fuck. Oct 27, 2018
texasbugg THIS was a 9 plus i love that dominic has open up a lot more there r no words for king ant he really showed that he is about his paper now dominic got to break out of the shell meaning if he comes back he needs to kiss/suck a lil dick he is handsome/body that don't stop u from doing more hell number 1 bandit do it all and he is handsome/sexy/great body/super size dick/hard thug now it's time for him to take some dick in that fat pretty ass he needs a bandit size dick that's a lot of thugass. Oct 27, 2018
wzupkanye21 I'm a Pisces and we LOVE Capricorn men! I can honestly say Dominic got turned out and turned on. It had to be an outer body experience for him. King Ant has him questioning his whole life! Lol. King Ant definitely set the bar! Well done. Oct 27, 2018
bbsndc Very, very hot! Loved the foot worship! King Ant needs to have his pretty feet worshipped! Oct 26, 2018
onelovemetoyou Loved the scene. King Ant did his thing in this one. Dominic was comfortable and seemed to enjoy Ant's seductive side. Dominic and Apollo will be a great holiday treat. Nice job on this one Mike! You're the man and enjoyed the interview portion. Oct 26, 2018
hozie8888 Dominic does it for me every time! Oct 26, 2018
ACTION7 Mike, tell Dominic I wanna marry him but I'm kinda shy. Oct 26, 2018
Godfather07 This was HOT, I think you found your new Saint, King, he was outstanding, Dominic was much better enjoyed him he was a 6 he has got to kiss and give some head on his way to getting fuck, over all this was very good. Dominic is eye candy he looks sooo good. Mike so glad you are back to your roots, was the lighting darker than it should have been. Great scene!!!! Still missing Isaiah!! Oct 26, 2018
ThatGuy2017 I swear to you not I only renewed my membership to see Trapp and then I forgot to cancel it and I was about to tonight because these last few scenes have been terrible to me and Trapp hasn't been on this site however this scene was great to me. Both wanted to be in it and they had good chemistry and a good fuck.. Do more of these type scenes. Oct 26, 2018

It's been a couple months since we last worked with Dominic. As many of you are already aware, he ​recently did a few scenes for another company, without our knowledge while he was waiting for more work from us. But he's finally back where he belongs here at BBA, this time with a little more experience under his belt and looking better than ever!

With his breathtaking good looks and almost impossibly perfect physique, Dominic is easily one of the hottest guys we've filmed since Apollo, and we weren't about to let him get away that easily. We're proud and excited to announce his much-requested return to the BBA roster as our newest EXCLUSIVE/VIP model!

To welcome Dominic back to the BBA family, we've paired him with King Ant, another popular and upcoming BBA star who specifically requested him by name - even agreeing to give up his tight, near-virgin ass once again if we could make his dream scene come true.

​Since this was also my first time meeting and working with Dominic directly, we start with an in-depth interview in which Dominic reflects on his "gay for pay" adventures so far, discusses the "blindfold backlash" and his initial performance anxiety, and addresses the "elephant in the room" of his recent non-BBA scenes.

Dominic is later joined by King Ant, who is clearly (and understandably) smitten with the muscular black Adonis sitting next to him on the bed. Nervous small talk about their zodiac signs and tattoos helps break the ice and leads into the surprisingly steamy encounter that follows.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for nearly a FULL HOUR of hot amateur action that includes dick-sucking, ass-eating, toe-sucking, and of course Dominic picking up where Bandit left off by thoroughly "breaking in" King Ant's tight, tempting ass.

​Dominic's recent "practice" apart from BBA might actually be a blessing in disguise, because this time he clearly has something to prove and delivers a far more confident and verbal performance than we got from him last time.

"I'm about to make that ass mine!" Dominic teases King Ant in his deep, sexy voice, and boy, does he deliver on that promise! He grabs King Ant by the hair and mouth-fucks his thick, sexy lips. He even lets King Ant eagerly feast on his own thick, tasty butt before sliding his hard, RAW dick deep inside the bisexual top's tight, formerly off-limits ass....​

Looks to me like Dominic is slowly but surely starting to​ come out of his shell as he explores and enjoys the kind of freaky and forbidden guy-on-guy sex his ​clueless​ girlfriend just can't provide!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: Oct 26, 2018 51 min
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King Ant

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